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Reviewed: 03/27/01 | Updated: 03/27/01

Promotion through cartoons is NOT GOOD... but it's still a pretty good game.

I heard of Pokémon from Japan and some cool peoples on the Internet. I figured that it'd never sell that much here, and would simply be a nice simple game. It looked very interesting, in fact. I WAS WRONG. It was a very nice game, but unfortunately, the cartoon came too, bringing so much promotion and popularity it wasn't even funny. It nearly removed my interest in Pokémon. But nevertheless, it's a good game. And here's some reason why.

Though they aren't the greatest graphics around, you can't expect much from Game Boy crap. It looks much better on the Super Game Boy and Pokémon Stadium, though. It has much better colors, which adds to the graphics muchly. Still, though, it's not that great of quality. It has simpleness beyond Final Fantasy II-and that was supposed to be an NES game. Score down 1 for Pokémon.

I'm not going to kid you here. The music sucks royally. Not so much that you will immediately moan and groan, but enough to get you to very quickly turn off the speakers and put on a CD. Blah. However, the sound effects, while simple, aren't nearly as bad and somewhat add to the game's feel. This may be enough to convince you to keep the sound on, but probably not. Much better if played on Stadium or Super Game Boy, as before, because let's face it: The Game Boy's speakers are blah.

I am no longer reviewing Play Control for RPGs, because they all control the same. Rather, I am simply saying that there's nothing special, but there's no problems with the Play Control.

GAME PLAY (28/30)
Its moment to shine, right here. Most RPGs deliver here, and so does Pokémon. The game is exceptionally fun through most of the game, and it is especially fun in multiplayer, where you can test your Pokémon training skills against other people. Though playing through the game over and over is not very fun, it is fun the first time through. You will also enjoy training up your Pokémon so you may battle your friends better. You may get bored doing this repeatedly, but Dodrio Mode on Pokémon Stadium (4* as fast) helps that out immensely. The battles themselves aren't fun unless you have similar levels and experience as the opponent, which is when the game is super and is why Multiplayer is so superior to the regular game.

CHALLENGE: In Game (4/7)
Eh. The game itself is not hard if you level up nicely in the beginning. I have beaten it many times over with no problem whatsoever. It can be tough if you don't take any time to build a team of equal-powered creatures, but where is the fun in that? There is none. Thus, I would NOT recommend playing through the game over and over.

CHALLENGE: Multiplayer (8/8)
Wonderful. Simply wonderful. If you have smart opponents, you will get an immense challenge from them and have fun even if you do end up losing. If you have stupid opponents, it will be fun to LAUGH IN THE FACE of their crap. Either way, you will have an immense amount of enjoyment, tough or not.

If you have friends to play the game with, you will play the game nonstop, trying to train your Pokémon to be better than your opponent's Pokémon. If you don't have friends who play, you will be bored with it after one time through. However, there are A LOT of people who play, so you will probably know lots of people who play. Make sure you do, and you will get great replay out of this game.

If you are a teenager or even a preteen, you should probably know that this game has an immense hatred going around between that age group. If you are a preteen or teenager, you had BETTER find somebody to play with in your age group IMMEDIATELY to stick with, or else you will get nonstop ridicule from other people.
Anybody who's anybody knows that there is a cartoon about this game as well. BEWARE THE CARTOON. The cartoon brought the game a mass following of little kiddies who are just dying to battle you with their Pikachooz* and Bwastoys*. This is NOT a good thing, people. Avoid these idiots at all costs.

OVERALL (66/80) (82.5%) (remove 10% for problems: 72.5%) (7/10
You will definitely enjoy the game if you have peers to play the game with. If you do so, you will play the game many times over. Make sure you do, though. If you don't have peers to play the game with, you will be bored with it after two days of it. Be careful.

*: Steriotypical impression of little brats who play the game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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