Review by Psycho Penguin

Reviewed: 03/14/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Gotta catch them all!

Out of all the things in my life, there were very few things that has ever bewildered me more than the success of Pokemon. Okay I gotta admit the game boy games are pretty good, but the fad has gotten way out of hand. Lunch boxes. Waffle makers. The list goes on and on. But enough about my personal feelings on the fad named Pokemon. The fad had to start somewhere, and it started with two Game Boy games called Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. The fad had hit Japan intensely but Nintendo didnt know if the idea would be a success in America or not. Regardless, they released Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue in America, and the rest is history. The two Pokemon games are fairly addictive, but they have hardly any replay value since there is nothing else to do after ''catching them all''. Its a good game, but the lack of replay value hurts it in the long run.

Graphics (7.1/10): It's a Game Boy game, a portable system with less power than the NES, so dont expect amazing graphics or anything. But the graphics are pretty decent, the Pokemon have their own unique design so they're easy to tell apart. The backgrounds are pretty nicely designed too, and the character designs are pretty good. Regardless of how they look, it is a Game Boy game, so do not expect wonderful graphics.

Music/Sound (5.4/10): Rarely has there been a Game Boy game with outstanding music. Pokemon has good sound effects but the music is pretty annoying, especially that darn battle theme. The boss battke theme is better but it still doesnt help.

Gameplay/Control (8.1/10): Okay the gameplay in this game is very addicting because the whole object of the game is to collect all 150 (151?) pokemon. To get them all, you will need to trade with someone with the opposite game color as you, via gamelink. The gameplay is addicting but the lack of replay value hurts.

Replay Value: Very Low
Challenge: High

Overall (7.4/10): Addicitng but no replay value equals a solid rental.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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