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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

This is a reason to buy a GameBoy

I know what are you thinking, "this guy is completely insane, sending this review at this day and age", and I don´t believe that this faq will help me to win the review contest but there was two reasons to write this :1-(and the main reason): I bought a GameBoyColor only to play this game (I never had a GameBoy), 2-I obtained the game 3 weeks ago (here, in Venezuela, the pokémania has just begun,and I can`t find the game easily).

The Pokémon phenomenon is amazing (cards, toys,etc..) and, I must confess, I bought Pokemon (and the GameBoy) atracted by the TV show (who could resist pikachu`s cuteness?)but, now, I know why this game caused this madness; leaving aside the Pokémon phenomenon (and the fact that I`m a pikachu`s fan) I`ll concentrate in the game, so, let`s start:

Gameplay: 10 (and it deserves a 30):The basic premise is this: collect Pokémon ,train them and fight the gym`s leaders to make to the pokémon league (and be a better trainer than Gary); it can sound boring, the game is not very hard (and easy neither),but it`s extremely addictive, in adition,there are many zones with extra games (like the game`s corner and the safari zone (my favorite)).The game starts boring, but when you take the oak`s parcel back to the professor, the fun begins.

Graphics: 6:If you are looking for extraordinary graphics you are very WRONG, buy Zelda 64 or Final Fantasy VII, the game´s graphics are very simple, in 2-D, and even Link`s Awakening has more stuning graphics.You look Ash above, in aerial perspective. The pokémon seen in front looks well but the pokémon you are controlling , seen behind , look pixelated and strange. The animations are very basic and , about the battles, more of the same; very simple.

Sound: 8: The field and battle music can be repetitive, but the gym`s leader music is cool! you can hear the music without turn off the volume.

Control: 10 : They respond well, and, when you find the bike, Ash will move faster.

Story: 5: The black point of the game. The story is straightforward.There are no twist and turns like Final Fantasy ,and lacks in drama.

Replayability :10 ( and it deserves a 20): it`s difficult to find all the pokémons in a version the first time you play so you have to play more times to find the 139 pokémons in a version, in addition , there are pokémons that only evolves if you trade them with a friend via cable link; and, there are pokémons that only exist in one version so you HAVE to trade with your friend to collect the remaining pokémons.If you have all the 150 pokémons ,and you are bored,you can battle with your friend to see who`s best.Another thing: you can beat the game with any pokémon party, so if you are tired of your group, try with other pokémons!.

Final Note :10:It`s, for me, the best GameBoy game in history.So, If you like RPGs and you have a GameBoy,RUN AND BUY IT!!,and if you don`t have a Game Boy, this is a good excuse to buy this system, and, again, BUY THIS GAME!!!(I don`t know if anyone cares this, my favorite pokémons are Pikachu Kadabra and Machoke).

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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