Review by GLocke

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

The most addictive game ever

The only game that has 4 versions of the original game, a pinball version, a photography version, and 2 games compatiable with the original. The only game that has a cartoon (up to episode 100!), a comic book, and a great card game. The only game that has a TON of merchandise. Is it worth playing? Most definitely!

Graphics (7/10):
Not too great, but up to par with game boy. Some cute monsters (Dratini), but mostly ugly ones (if I look at Jynx one more time I'm going to get angry).

Sound (7/10):
Annoying sounds, but good music. The Pokémon have a few cute sounds (Pikachu), but mostly they're annoying (if I hear Jynx one more time I'm going to get angry). Some tunes get repitive (Viridian City) but some just get better (Gym leader battles!)!

Challenge (10/10):
Simple to beat the game (through the Elite Four), challenging to get all 150 (my last was Vitreebel, for some reason), extremely tough to get an unbeatable team. Much better if you have a few people to play with (I have at least four).

Play Control (10/10):
Standard RPG format. Nothing much to say here.

Game Play (10/10):
Now THIS is where Pokémon shines! It is boring until you get to Viridian Forest to defeat trainers and start to get some badges in Pewter City, and it goes uphill from there! Trust me, if you have some friends to play with (like I do) you won't put this game down for a long time!

Buy or Rent:
Buy, of course! You won't be able to train 6 immortal Pokémon and destroy ALL of your friends 100 times through in just 3-7 days! You also can't catch all 150 Pokémon in even a MONTH!

Overall (10/10):
This game are great. Most of its sequels and merchandise is great. Buy it, watch the cartoon a few hundred times, join the Pokémon obsession... you know you want to!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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