Review by JHealy

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Fun but it gets tiring.....

Pokemon is a game where the object is to catch all 150, well, pokemon. I picked up this game on emulation, and I liked it, a little. There are great things abut this game, but also some glaring flaws.

Graphics - 5/10
The graphics are pretty decent for a Game Boy game. Its in color and reminds me of an 8-bit RPG. However, I will never give a gameboyu game a good score in graphics becuase gameboy graphics suck, plain and simple.

Music/Sound - 0/10
I had to turn the sound off it was so annoying. I played the entire time with no sound. It was a lot better that way. The music is just repetitive, and that got annoying too.

Concept - 8/10
I did not like the underlying story, but the concept of having to catch 150 different Pokemon is a good one, IMHO. But please read on, becuase there is yet another problem with this game.

Gameplay - 6/10
The actual process of playing the game is ok, but a bit simplistic. You walk in the grass to fight pokemon, talk to people to fight trainers. When you're in town, you go heal your guys, then go to the store, and head out again. Sometimes you have to go to the gym. That's really simple as far as I'm concerned.

Replay Value - 2/10
Nintendo put several things in the game FORCING you to pay again. This does not fly with me as replay value. There are only two good reasons to replay this game. The first is Mewtwo and the second is Mew. I absolutely hate the way they make you trade to get other pokemon. This means you have to have a friend who has the other game. What if you dont have that? What if the game bombed and only a few people got the game? This strategy would leave Nintendo dead in the water. Another probelm with this is that if you get the game on emulation, most emulators don't let you link two different games at once.

Overall, this game can be fun, but I got tired of it quick.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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