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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Mediocre, Decent.

Well since I got a Gameboy (Around 4 months ago) and a Pokemon Blue cartridge, I thought it was gonna be so much fun it could stray me off my two main activities - The PSX and the PC. But guess what? I was totally wrong. Pokemon really sucks now, at least, after you like beat the game you just wander around catching those critters. No big deal.

Gameplay: All right, here's where the game shines the most. First of all, what's keeping me from kicking the game into the bin is that there's LINK CABLE play!! That, is the coolest concept of all Pokemon concepts. Heck, try playing through the game - Are there any mini-games? I couldn't think of one now but I'm pretty sure there's none. So to avoid total boredom (And probably commiting suicide ^_^) you have these Link Cables which cost me $20 / $19.95 in NZ (New Zealand, for those of you nitwits) and at first, I thought "Great, none of my friends has the GUTS to bring their Gameboy to school" and then, my little cousin comes along and what you see? Me kicking serious little cousin ass! Bwa hahahahahaha... Anyway, the other sections... The Badge system is quite cool - My little cousin's Lv 52 Charizard won't obey him and he's... Okay, I'll stop picking on my little cousin. 8 / 10 on Link Cable, 1 / 10 on Badges system, and 1 / 10 on the others.

Controls: Left button makes your character (I REFUSE TO CALL HIM ASH LIKE MOST GUYS DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even called my character Toilet) move left, etc. The A button is the Accept button and the B button is the Cancellation button. Simple and easy as pie. If you don't understand that, why don't you go get mental help?0 / 10 (Well, it's too easy to figure out)

Music/Graphics: Well, the sound in this game are HORRIBLE. They're those Gameboy traumas that I have - They just sound screechy and isn't even really great tho. I just throw the volume to minimal to save my AAA Batteries which cost me around $6. The Graphics... I can't comment. The Tileset-based graphics are pretty decent and boring, and the Super Game Boy version isn't too good either (Just a few colors).2 / 10 on music, 3 / 10 on Graphics. What about the 5 rest, you ask? Well maybe you can submit that to another game. Like FF6, or Seiken Densetsu 3 ^_^

Story: Well the story just plain sucks. You're _main character name_, a seemingly no-brained, mute boy from Pallet Town, the town of Owl Pellets *j/k* and you and some other kids (Well, just one, which is _rival name_) that prof. Oak sends out to become Pokemon masters. And what's the chance of that? next to nothing, if you ask me. But since, Nintendo designed it for you to become a Pokemon Master, well it's real possible. And why do you know there's no chances of running into a thief, or getting crashed by a truck, or drowning in sea, etc. etc. etc.? Well since Nintendo probably had an insurance for lucky you ^_^ Anyways, the story doesn't evolve at any stage as you just wander aimlessly around the world without your mom or dad and without sleep for days just to collect all 8 badges, join in the league and win... Now that I'm finished, can I have my bag of aspirins please?1 / 10 Overall: Pokemon is decent, but not good either. It's just your daily munch of goodies, you see? Once you finish it, you don't even want to touch it.

5 / 10 *Well I would've given it a 0 or -#*

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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