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"You will keep playing it....But, you will be bored by the plot."

This game is defintely not a GOOD RPG. It has a boring plot, but the thing that keeps this game alive is basically the replay value. So, what is so good about the replay value? Well - let's see....If you want to experience the ultimate Pokemon challenge, you will have to catch 150 of these little beasties, which is very hard, but not rewarding in any way and is a waste of your precious time, unless you absolutely have to catch 150 Pokemon for some reason!

Storyline 4/10

First let me start off and tell you how boring the plot is. You are Ash, a 10-year old boy from Pallet Town who is off become the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time. This is VERY, VERY boring. It will not get you interested and hooked into the game like RPGs are supposed to. Plus, to follow up this joke of a storyline is no action and no FUN! The whole game is just some cartoon crap.

Graphics 9/10

Considering it's GameBoy......the Graphics are good. Plus, the developers went above and beyond GameBoy standards to make the

Controls 10/10

Yes - of course, as with any GameBoy game, the controls are so easy to use, you won't even have to read the instruction booklet to find out what to do.

Sound/Music 3/10

Aw, god...Have I ever heard such music that is so annoying? It is probably the most annoying music in the whole live world! You might wanna keep the volume down to mute during this whole game, or you might take the risk of having your GameBoy busted up by you because of the very annoying music (you can't stand it anymore!). The Sound F/X are very cheesy. Pokemon calls all sound the same except little Pokemon, such as Rattata, sound a little bit more smaller than the big ones. Yeah, big difference....

Replay Value 8/10

What saves this game from hitting the 1 mark on the scale? The Replay value! Yes, you will probably play this game over and over again spending precious time of your life looking for 150 Pokemon! It sound silly, but, many people will waste their time doing that. Hell - even I did that! But, I couldn't do it and ended up using Gameshark to get them all. So, yes, even after you beat this game, you will continue to play it and look for all the pokemon....unfortunately.

Overall 7/10

Even though I was not pleased with this game, it deserves a 7. It's true. If I look beyond what I think of the game, I find that I actually liked it...a little bit. The only reason some people don't like is that it's stupid. Some maybe true, but anybody who gives this game below a 7, should rethink....does it really deserve that?

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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