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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

The best Gameboy game ever!!!

Pokemon is a cute little game cramed with 150+ monsters you can fight, capture, train, and battle with. Despite the unrealistic graphics the gameboy has this game is one of the coolest games, it's kinda like a puzzle/RPG. I heard a lot about this game but didn't really know the premise until I saw it.

GRAPHICS 4/10- You can see what you're doing but the gameboy doesn't deliver color which is a real downer. Despite the graphics though you'll be hooked and will play it over and over and over, even if you're not a fan of RPG's!!!

CONTROL 9/10- The controls are simple and easy to learn, this makes the game a lot more fun for video game amatures and novices.

SOUND 8/10- Even though the gameboy isn't known for quality sound, The cute little melodies will have you humming along in no time.

STORY 9/10- This is one original story and its really cool. If only Pokemon were real. You start as a young boy from Pallet town and you start on a great adventure to catch pokemon and become the #1 Pokemon Master. Many other trainers stand in your way including hometown rival Gary which you fight numerous times. The plot can become boring but only if you let it!

REPLAY 9/10- So there's no optional stuff, the game is so catchy you'll play it again and again, Guarenteed!!!

OVERALL 8/10- This is the best game ever to conquer the Gameboy!! the fun characters, cheerful melodies, and funky story will keep you occupied for hours and hours trust me it is one game that will never die. Besides who couldn't like Pikachu!!!!!!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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