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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

The addictive cartoon comes to the Game Boy, but is it worth playing?

Pokemon, that cartoon featuring Ash and Pikachu comes to the Game Boy. But, is it worth playing?

Well, the answer depends largely on how many other people you can play Pokemon with (via Link Cable). The less people, the less fun it is. The game cannot stay together in a single-player enviroment. Not only will you be bored beyond belief because of the simple game mechanics, but you'll find yourself searching for other players at your (insert name of your hangout here) so you can trade for that one Pokemon on your Pokedex.

However, if you have a lot of people to play with, this game has to be nothing but excellent. You will find yourself trading and fighting other players for that quest for getting all 150 Pokemon. The Fun Factor is increased highly when you have other players advising you on what to get for them so they can give you what you want.

The shipping of the game was ingenious by Nintendo. The game can be bought in any of 2 versions, Blue or Red. The versions have different Pokemon in each of them, so you depend on other players to get the Pokemon you want. This somewhat forces you to have other players to trade and fight with.

But, enough of that, lets get to the basics of the game, Graphics, Sound, Control, and Fun Factor.

The graphics are very much left to be desired. But it is a Game Boy, so you have to be somewhat not so harsh rating it. If you have a GB Color or Super Game Boy, you'll like to the change of palette everytime you enter a new area. The Pokemon are also nicely pictured in their respective forms. However, that's about it for graphics since there is not else appealing.

The sound can be only described as OK. The only sound in the game worth talking about is the music. The music changes a lot and you can't get hooked on any one. However, the music is good for the Game Boy and the boss music has to be some of the best. The sounds the Pokemon make are just squeals and screams, they have no point and I think game would be better without them.

Control is pretty easy to figure out. Very simple, a new player can figure it out after some time. I don't have to say about it except that it is easy.

The fun factor again depends highly on the amount of people you can trade and fight with. The less you have, the less fun it be for you since you can never get all 150 Pokemon and you'll find the game boring till the bitter end.

But, do I recomment this game? Well, I liked it since I had many people to talk to about it and trade with. If you are a lone trainer in the world of Pokemon, I suggest you skip until you can find others to play with.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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