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"Great innovation done badly"

OK, I know Pokemon has been done many times, but I can't believe it got so many high numbers. This game, in my opinion, deserves a 3, but well, its my opinion. I have my reasons why.

Graphics 8/10
This is a Gameboy. Don't expect detailed FMVs or anything. Each Pokemon can be easily distinguished from one another. This is also Super Gameboy compatible to give the game a more colorful feeling. But it takes more than that to make it a great game.

Controls 9/10
Gameboy controls aren't difficult. I can't say much here. But sometimes, they can be somewhat slow and annoying.

Plot 1/10
I hate plots that only takes one sentence to summarize! I know, I know, this is a Gameboy. I at least expect for a Gameboy game to have at least 2 sentences. This only takes one. Here goes: "You are a boy named Ash that wants to be a Pokemon master." That is pathetically about it. You don't know why he wants to be a master, there's no reason why he would want to become a master, there's nothing that would actually make him go becoming one except plain old curiousity. Can I at least have some cheesy reason like "his fater died becoming one" or something? Or just for fame or fortune or to know that you surpass people at something. Gary seems to have more of a reason of trying to beat you than you just being "curious."

Sound 6/10
There is a lot of reused music here. From walking to every town to Pokemon Gyms to battle music to outside music, not much music you hear just once. I know, don't judge too harshly, this is a Gameboy game. But music that's reused over and over makes me yawn alot. Even Pokemon moves sounds are reused. Can I have some variety here please? But, at least they can fit where they belong. Lavender Town Tower has spooky, eerie type of music. The final battle music, well, has a sort of doomsday, failure meets doom sort of music.

Gameplay 2/10
OK, I really hated this part. This has the traditional "move every two steps to be attacked." I barely survive caverns because of this. And I really hate how I'm just walking to trying to reach another town just to be attacked over and over. I heard myself scream alot, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP IT!" Another thing I don't understand is why I can't capture Pokemon while they're fainted? It makes it more difficult once you see an extremely rare Pokemon and accidently kill it from a power move or run out of Pokeballs from throwing 50 balls at it (had to for the birds of prey). Another thing that annoys me is why isn't there variety? It's impossible to see just 2 types of Pokemon to dwell in one gigantic part of Pokemon island. The first few lands were infested with rats and birds, while a forest is infested with bugs. The Safari had many Pokemon unavailable anywhere else! Is that a little realistic, to say the least? This is a fictional game, but I know when I look outside my window, I see more than rats and birds. And most Pokemon are either one of a kind, extremely rare, or you make on your own. Less than half you can actually catch easily in the wild. I found myself looking for hours for a Kangaskhan. And you most be asking, "how about the cool trading system and battles you can do with you good old Pokemon buddies." Yes, that's good if you actually can find some. I was interested in the game from watching the show. I was like, cool, I can capture animals to use to beat other people, aand I have about 150 to chose from! Boy, I was sure wrong. Not many people in my neck of the woods play Pokemon and at my age of 15, it's a little embarrassing as well. And if this can be used for two players, can they at least cut the cheating? I worked hard to get my best Pokemon to raise up to level 50 (took 100+) with no codes at all. I was beaten easily by this guy that used the "Cinnabar multiply Rare Candies cheat." I stopped playing after that. There's even the "Missingno" cheat to completely mess some's game when trading it. So many glitches to help you cheat, so why cheat when playing with another person. That completely defeats the purpose of Pokemon. "To be the very best" can be easily done with codes and glitches. The makers should cut that out.

OK, that's all I have to say about this. If you can actually find someone that doesn't cheat, buy this game and compete with him/her. And if you have a lot of patience and want to go to the challenge of "catching em all" then by all means, get this game. But this game's primary purpose is to fight/trade/play with your friends. But with all the codes, cheating, and glitches out there, it can sure be easy to win. That's why I hated this game so much. It's WAY to easy to cheat and be good and WAY to hard to be good from playing fair.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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