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"This is the one thing that is making the gameboy live longer."

Pokemon {aka Pocket Monsters}Finally comes to the US well it came out a while ago I didnt play it then cause I wasnt interested in it.But I am but one thing I hate are those companys trying so hard to copy of it {Monster Rantcher,Dragon Seeds, Jade Cocoon,Monster Seeds,and the crappyest one of all Digimon!Ok now to the review.

Graphics 9/10

If you dont have a color gameboy get one even tho this game isnt GB color compatibal it does put bit of color in it.And the reason you shouldent use an orginal GB because it makes your eyes hurt when you look at the gray color of the screen to long.But the the graphics are good the pokemon look a bit wierd but when Pokemon yellow comes out they will be better drawn.And when you do a attack the animation is good.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is great the object is to catch all 151 pokemon and trying to get 8 badges and you have to go threw caves and puzzles and all sorts of things.And the battle system is good but it does get a bit fustrating when you walk a few steps and then you battle then after that a few steps then battle then again then again then again!But they are worth it at times cause you can teach your pokemon new moves and gain there levels.And some pokemon to cacth are not on the version you might have so you would have to trade with someone who has the pokemon your looking for.And also some pokemon require a fossel and sometimes you can screw up the whole game.

Sound 9/10

Well the sound and music are good the music is catchy youll probably be huming it and the sound is great all of the pokemon have a certain sound for them.

Replay 9/10

After beating the game there is still stuff to do like catch all of the pokemon you missed and the the 150th pokemon Mewtwo.If you have a gameshark you can get Mew.

Overall 9/10

This game is great better than those other rip off gotta catch em all games.Everyone who has a gameboy should buy this game or wait for pokemon yellow.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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