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"I got the Pokemon blues!"

Gotta Catch em all are the key words to remind you of Pokemon Blue. In this classical voyage you are the main character whom goes by the name of Ash, the same as in which who is the main character for the cartoon series too. You have the good old Gary as your adversary in this game as also in the series too. You will run into your favorite bad guys in the whole world… who would have ever guessed…..TEAM ROCKET. As you skirmish your way through the gym leaders your main goal is to be the Pokemon master. Also to catch every Pokemon in the world, good luck and enjoy the game.

Graphics 9
the graphics deserve a 10. Though it is for game boy the original, the graphics look perfect to the extent of the game boys screen. The characters all kind of look the same, but there are the main gym leaders in which have there own look for they are diverse in each gym. The Pokemon are detailed to the very last speck on there little poke bodies. Each town has its own color to it I guess is what you would say. In the towns there are of course buildings and people roaming around and sometimes you might see a Pokemon or two. The moves that the Pokemon learn also have graphics which are probably the better half out of it. Certain moves will flash the whole screen with bright colors, and others will be a horn driving into your enemies. The characters you fight through the game have better graphics when you’re in battle. The only bad thing about the graphics that really is annoying is there is a lot of color changing when you enter another town. The screen will flash from a yellow to a dark purple and that gets very annoying. Other than that this game has the better of the graphics for a gameboy.

Game play 10
Starting out with the choice of a Pokemon you click and you start your adventure fighting Gary. In this game you get to wonder around with you 6 Pokemon that you can bring with you and level up to fight against the next gym leader to prove you’re praiseworthy to gain a badge. When obtaining all the badges it is enough to let the main building know you are ready to fight the unsurpassed Pokemon masters known as the Elite Four. It is a good idea to make sure you level up your Pokemon a lot because the Gym leaders can be a bit exasperating. Another thing to look out for is that each Pokemon has a weakness, so if you might lose to a leader or a person on the side of the road find out what their Pokemon’s weakness is and sure enough you will come over top and be the victor. The battling is by far the best feature in this game making sure that you can make the enemy go down with your hard trained Pokemon will show them who is boss. A well deserved victory, go out and enjoy your self.

Sound 8
Even for the game boy this little cartridge has a soundtrack on it. The music in each town is alright for this being a game boy game. The Pokemon even make noises and they all have their own unique noise. The characters don’t talk on this game unfortunately; well I mean you can’t hear them. The Pokemon in this game seem to make weird robot sounds or machines, but of course this is gameboy so it would be too much to expect a lot out of them. The music in the battles picks up whenever you fight a trainer, having it speed up lets you know you are in for a tough fight, so be prepared for the almighty orchestra. For as short the sound the game makes, it’s better than having no sounds at all. The sound couldn’t have been any better I think because it is a very old game but they make the most of it.

Story 8
Starting out as Ash is fun when you watched the show because now you get to go through his adventures in a game and you too can be the ultimate Pokemon master. You start out in a quiet little town called Pallet town and of course your mom is nagging you not to leave the house and become a real man. You go to meat professor Oak and get your first Pokemon which you get to choose from the following: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirttle. Choose one and begin your adventure, don’t forget that you gotta catch them all. You will run into a pest which is one of the main foes you run into a lot in the game, and that of course is Gary. We all remember Gary; he was the cocky fellow who thought he could win everything and beat ash at becoming the Pokemon master. Little did he know that Ash Catchem was going to become the best Pokemon trainer there ever was, and it is your job to make sure that happens. So go out and make something of yourself.

Graphics 9/10
Game Play 10/10
Sound 8/10
Story 8/10

Overall rating 10/10

I enjoyed this game a lot so hopefully you can enjoy the epic adventures of Pokemon. Don’t forget to also try Pokemon Red which is the same except there are 4 Pokemon on there that you can’t get on Blue and vise versa. I think no matter how old you are from a certain point of view this game is fun. You get to catch all the Pokemon and raise them as your own. Becoming the Pokemon master is your ultimate goal, what couldn’t be more fun than that. It would be wise to keep this game away from little kids because you never know when they might mess up your gameboy and that would be a very bad thing. Enjoy your training cause it will be an exhausting time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/20/04

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