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"The game that earned Nintendo millions of dollars!"

I’m not a Pokémon fan, Pokémaniac, crazy of Pokémon or whatever words you wish to use to describe a person who is mad on Pokémon. I don’t really understand why my friends keep bragging about it and talk about it but until I played it, I just get interested in these strange creatures despite many critics the game received from other players. Also, Nintendo earned millions of dollars through just a simple release of these games.

Graphics – 9
The graphics, which are the most essential part in every game, looks fine on this portable game. It has nice touches and neat dots that makes the characters, backgrounds, trees and others looks really great. If you use a Gameboy Color, then the difference is even clearer as it brightens up the screen and, you can identify your Pokémon’s health points and type (as in plant type, fire, water and etc.).

Music – 8
Every part of this game is given simple background music with all sorts of tunes. Some are perfectly eerie if played in midnight and enlighten your life if played in the morning. The sound effects sound normal; nothing really special that will trigger you up. Overall, the music section is just nice for a Gameboy game.

Gameplay – 9
You start the game as Ash Ketchum, the main character of Pokémon games and cartoons and his life-long rival, Gary Oak. The thieves and gangsters of Pokémon, Team Rocket will attack and disturb you a lot from time to time. This game is clearly stated as RPG because you can interact with people just like Final Fantasy.

Battling with other trainers could never be the same. Your Pokémon’s power and attack increases as it gains more experience points and can learn more new moves as its level increases. Pokémon can also evolve as they are in certain level or use special items like Thunder Stone, Leaf Stone, Water Stone and Fire Stone.

Of course, to fill up the automatic Pokémon Encyclopedia belonging to Professor Oak (PokéDex), you can fight with enemies in lots of areas and to catch them, you’ll need a Poké Ball, Great Ball and beyond. Certain Pokémon need to be traded with other people in the game or either with your friend through Link Cable.

Okay, there are four types of Pokémon versions (excluding the Gold and Silver), Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. Blue and Red versions are exactly the same types except that there are different Pokémon that is not ‘catchable’ or existed in the game which means, you have to trade it with your friends through link cable. Green is the Japanese version and there’s no difference at all except that you can get a secret Pokémon and it’s totally dubbed in Japanese texts. The Yellow version of Pokémon starts off with Pikachu in the beginning of the game and the storyline will be just a bit different and the two Rocket members, Jesse and James will be in the game.

You can actually travel city to city as you gain more and more items and Pokémon but what is the actual mission? You have to win by filling up the PokéDex with 150 Pokémon (151, to be exact) and get the Pokémon Master title by defeating your last and only enemy and rival. Almost in every town, there will be a Gym leader and when you succeeded in defeating him or her, you will earn a Badge that will raise the Pokémon’s stats a little and let Pokémon up to certain level to obey you. Cool, huh?

The best aspect of the game is you can battle with your friends, just like Sonic Adventure’s Chao. The more powerful and strong the Pokémon is, the more chances it can finish off your friend’s. It really depends on how you train and raise up your Pokémon, well, almost like a virtual pet.

Replay Value – 7
There may be many things that you may have missed so you might as well play all over again or continue from the previous save file (yes, you can still play the game after finishing the whole game). Raise your whole team of Pokémon if you want, whether the weak or the strong one. Best of all, you can always fight with your friend’s anytime you want.

Overall – 9
There, Pokémon is still liked by scores of children and people all over the world. Get one for yourself and try it for a while. You’ll be as interested as me once you play it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/13/00, Updated 06/13/00

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