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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JVu

    Version: 7.0 | Updated: 11/10/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon FAQ
    Version 6.5
    Written in Wordpad (best viewed in full screen, using wordpad)
    The latest revisions of this faq are at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Jimmy Vu <laeophie@aol.com>
    Table of Contents
    Revision Notes
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Pokemon Descriptions
    The Gym Leaders and the Elite Four
    Catching the Rare Pokemon
    Battle Chart
    The Best Team
    The Worst Pokemon
    Technical Machines
    Attack Ratings
    Stat Ratings
    The Six Moon Stones
    Mew Rumors
    Getting Missingno.
    Future Games
    Pokémon Profiles
    Revision Notes
    7.0      Nov. 10, 1999      Hi... It's been about five months since I've updated, so I think
                                it's time to start it up again.  I'll have information on Yellow
                                in the next version.  I've changed my e-mail address too, if you
    6.5      May, 29, 1999      Mini-update.
    6.5      May. 9, 1999       Added "Stat Ratings".  Probably my last update...  However, I may
                                add a listing of best defense, speed, HP, etc.
    6.0      Apr. 2, 1999       Added what's best for every Pokémon, along with some research.
                                Also added Pokémon Profiles section.  This section is very odd
                                and is a filler space, but... it is kind of interesting.  Submit
                                a profile if you like.  It has little to do with the game.
    5.5      Mar. 4, 1999       A sentence here and there, nothing major.  I forgot to mention, I
                                have written a Mario Party FAQ now.  Can someone send me a list
                                of all the Pokédex entries?  I've been thinking about it but I
                                don't have much free time.  I'll give you credit for it.  Never
                                mind, the people who would spend the time doing that are probably
                                writing FAQs themselves.
    5.5      Mar. 3, 1999       Haven't updated in a long time, but there's a few mistakes and
                                odd updates here and there.
    5.0      Jan. 20, 1999      I keep on getting an urge to correct mistakes in the FAQ.  I added
                                some stuff to most of the sections, but nothing really that major.
                                Metroid Moo allowed me to use his Abilities list.
    4.6      Jan. 17, 1999      More corrections.  I also found out I was missing two TMs...
    4.51     Jan. 13, 1999      Added minor corrections.  I considered putting in where to find             each
                                TM, but I'm not sure myself where to find some.  I've changed my
                                mind, you can ask me questions again.  I put in a "future pokemon
                                games" section, but this is probably the final update.
    4.5      Jan. 11, 1999      The final version of the FAQ!  It's been a fun four and a half
                                weeks, but the time has come to stop updating.  You can still put
                                this FAQ on your websites.  Stop sending me questions, all the
                                questions I have received could have been answered by reading the
                                FAQ.  Note: You are not allowed to change this FAQ or claim that
                                you made this.  I worked hard on this and won't allow anyone to
                                steal this, even though I am not updating.  Look for a Pokemon 2
                                FAQ when it's released!  That's it. 
    4.0      Jan. 3,  1999      I updated several sections.  I updated slightly in the Pokemon
                                descriptions section, but not much.  I'll be fully completed within
                                a week, so send in your submissions as soon as possible!
                                _Please_ stop sending me the truck rumor, or ask how to use Cut or
                                Flash.  Many of your questions are answered in the FAQ, which is
                                now over 100 K.  If you see the word FINAL next to a section, that
                                section will no longer be updated.
    3.5      Jan. 1,  1999      Big update today, especially in the Pokemon Abilities section now
                                that I got the Player's Guide.
    3.0      Dec. 23, 1998      Taking a break. I probably won't update until next year...
    3.0      Dec. 20, 1998      All around update.  Added stuff to almost every section!
    2.5      Dec. 17, 1998      I added some stuff to the TM section. I also put up a frequently
                                asked questions section.  I'll organize the FAQ in the next
                                I still haven't gotten any more info on Abilities, so that will
                                be put on hold.  An update here and there (mostly in the pokemon
                                descriptions section), but nothing major.
    2.0      Dec. 15, 1998      I added the Gary section and some stuff to the descriptions.  I
                                basically added something to each part of this FAQ.  I also put in
                                a TM section.  Later I'll put where to get them once I get
                                permission from someone who knows.  Since I don't have the strategy
                                guide, I'm going to have trouble writing down the abilities.  Any
    1.5      Dec. 13, 1998      I added what moves the first nine pokemon learn.  I'll put the
                                rest up in a week or two.
    1.0      Dec. 12, 1998      Five hours later.  Added a battle chart and the walkthrough.
                                Don't have much of a life, do I?                              
    0.5      Dec. 12, 1998      I added more to the pokemon descriptions.  A walkthrough will
                                be coming soon.
    0.0      Dec. 10, 1998      First release!  This is the first (and probably only)
                                FAQ that I've written.  Wrote Pokémon descriptions
                                and I decided to skip all of the items and stuff that's
                                already in the instruction booklet.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Where do you catch the starting pokemon?
    A: You can't.
    Q: My friend says you can.
    A: Your friend's a filthy liar.
    Q: So how can me and my friend get all three starters?
    A: Have one of you start a new game.  Have that person start with Bulbasaur, then trade when
    you get the chance.  The same friend now starts over again.  This time, have him/her start
    with Squirtle and trade again.  Then, with Charmander.  Repeat until you have two Squirtles,
    two Bulbasaurs, and one Charmander.  The friend then can start over again with Charmander.
    Give him/her a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle.
    Q: How do you beat the Ghost pokemon in the Pokemon Tower?
    A: You need the Silph Scope.  Check the Walkthrough.
    Q: How do I fight the pokemon that blocks the way to Fuchsia City?
    A: You need the Pokéflute.  You get it at the top of Pokemon Tower.
    Q: Where's Mew?
    A: You can get him with a Gameshark.  There's no other way.
    Q: What do the Helix and Dome Fossils do?
    A: They allow you to get either Kabuto or Omanyte.
    Q: How do you get to the Power Plant?
    A: It's close to Cerulean City.  Directly east of it, you'll find a river.  Surf down the river
    and you'll find it.
    Q: Where do you get more Master Balls?
    A: You only get one.
    Q: How do you get to the Unknown Dungeon?
    A: In the area where you get Abra, Surf south.  You'll find the cave, but you can only enter it
    if you beat the Elite Four.
    Q: I beat Brock/Misty.  How do I use Flash/Cut?
    A: YOU CANNOT USE THOSE ABILITIES UNTIL YOU FIND THE HMs.  I have been asked this question over
    and over again, I'm getting sick of being asked that.
          Forced evolutions (using Stones) usually result in that pokemon not learning any new
    moves, so wait until your pokemon has learned all of its moves.  There are exceptions, such as
    Eevee and his evolutions.
          Pokemon that don't completely change into a new form such as Squirtle learn the same moves
    in all of its stages.  Pokemon that completely change are Metapod into Butterfree, Kakuna into
    Beedrill, Venonat into Venomoth, Magikarp into Gyarados, etc.  These pokemon learn new
    abilities once they evolve.
    	Evolved Pokemon that learn the same abilities as their old form usually learn abilites
    later, but always have higher stats.
          Level 7:  Weedle into Kakuna; Level 10: Kakuna into Beedrill
          Level 7:  Caterpie into Metapod; Level 10: Metapod into Butterfree
          Level 16: Charmander into Charmeleon; Level 36: Charmeleon into Charizard
          Level 16: Bulbasaur into Ivysaur; Level 32: Ivysaur into Venusaur
          Level 16: Squirtle into Wartortle; Level 36: Wartortle into Blastoise
          Level 16: Nidoran female into Nidorina; Moon Stone: Nidorina into Nidoqueen
          Level 16: Abra into Kadabra; Trade: Kadabra into Alakazam
          Level 16: Nidoran male into Nidorino; Moon Stone: Nidorino into Nidoking
          Level 18: Pidgey into Pidgeotto; Level 36: Pidgeotto into Pidgeot
          Level 20: Spearow into Fearow
          Level 20: Magikarp into Gyarados
          Level 20: Rattata into Raticate
          Level 21: Bellsprout into Weepinbell; Leaf Stone: Weepinbell into Victreebel
          Level 22: Ekans into Arbok
          Level 22: Sandshew into Sandslash
          Level 22: Zubat into Golbat
          Level 22: Oddish into Gloom; Leaf Stone: Gloom into Vileplume
          Level 24: Paras into Parasect
          Level 25: Poliwag into Poliwhirl; Water Stone: Poliwhirl into Poliwrath
          Level 25: Geodude into Graveler; Trade: Graveler into Golem
          Level 25: Gastly into Haunter; Trade: Haunter into Gengar
          Level 26: Diglett into Dugtrio
          Level 26: Drowzee into Hypno
          Level 28: Meowth into Persian
          Level 28: Mankey into Primeape
          Level 28: Machop into Machoke; Trade: Machoke into Machamp
          Level 28: Krabby into Kingler
          Level 28: Cubone into Marowak
          Level 30: Tentacool into Tentacruel
          Level 30: Magnemite into Magneton
          Level 30: Voltorb into Electrode
          Level 30: Dratini into Dragonair; Level 55: Dragonair into Dragonite
          Level 31: Venonat into Venomoth
          Level 31: Doduo into Dodrio
          Level 32: Horsea into Seadra
          Level 33: Psyduck into Golduck
          Level 33: Goldeen into Seaking
          Level 34: Seel into Dewgong
          Level 35: Koffing into Weezing
          Level 37: Slowpoke into Slowbro
          Level 38: Grimer into Muk
          Level 40: Ponyta into Rapidash
          Level 40: Omanyte into Omastar
          Level 40: Kabuto into Kabutops
          Level 42: Rhyhorn into Rhydon
          Fire Stone: Vulpix into Ninetails
          Fire Stone: Growlithe into Arcanine
          Leaf Stone: Exeggcute into Exeggutor
          Moon Stone: Clefairy into Clefable
          Moon Stone: Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff
          Thunder Stone: Pikachu into Raichu
          Water Stone: Shellder into Cloyster
          Water Stone: Staryu into Starmie
          Fire Stone: Eevee into Flareon
          Water Stone: Eevee into Vaporeon
          Thunder Stone: Eevee into Jolteon
          Trade: Kadabra into Alakazam
          Trade: Machoke into Machamp
          Trade: Graveler into Golem
          Trade: Haunter into Gengar
    Pokemon Descriptions
    000 Missingno.          This glitch pokemon sucks in many ways, even at level 80, but is cool
                            and has _very_ high attack power.  It's Bird/Normal type.  The bird
                            type probably was the precursor to the Flying type.  Find it near the
                            Seafoam Islands.  There's also a trick to give you infinite items
                            using Missingno., but I don't know it.
    001 Bulbasaur           The starting pokémon are each powerful in their own element.  Bulbasaur
    002 Ivysaur             is the best to start out with because he will do well against Brock
    003 Venusaur            and Misty.  Squirtle will do well against Brock only.  Charmander's
    004 Charmander          the toughest to start out with because he won't make a dent in Brock
    005 Charmeleon          and Misty's pokemon.  The only gym leader he'll do good against is
    006 Charizard           Erika.  THERE IS NO WAY TO CATCH THESE POKEMON.  All of these pokemon
    007 Squirtle            are in the top 25.  To all those idiots who e-mail me saying you
    008 Wartortle           can catch them, you're wrong.
    009 Blastoise
    010 Caterpie            Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, and Kakuna are all pretty much worthless,
    011 Metapod             but Butterfree and Beedrill are quite useful later on.  You can catch
    012 Butterfree          Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, and Kakuna in the Viridian Forest.
    013 Weedle              Butterfree has Grass and Psychic attacks while Beedrill has Poison and
    014 Kakuna              Bug attacks.  Butterfree and Beedrill cannot be caught.
    015 Beedrill
    016 Pidgey              These are pokemon you'll run into throughout the game (except for
    017 Pidgeotto           Pidgeot).  They can be strong if you train them hard, and are easily
    018 Pidgeot             caught.  Nothing very special, but pretty helpful early in the game.
    019 Rattata             You'll want a Pidgey and Rattata in the beginning.
    020 Raticate
    021 Spearow 
    022 Fearow
    023 Ekans               Only in the Red version.  Pretty decent poison pokemon, they can be
    024 Arbok               found after Mt. Moon and in several other places.  They suffer from
                            low defense and are easily defeated.
    025 Pikachu             Everyone's favorite, Pikachu, isn't so bad, but he has low defense and
    026 Raichu              HP.  He'll do well against Misty.  Find him in the Viridian Forest.
                            Much better than Magnemite and Voltorb, but not as good as Zapdos and
                            Jolteon.  He's also common in the Power Plant.  Raichu's one of the
                            best Pokémon.  Just make sure you don't evolve Pikachu until he learns
    027 Sandshrew           Only in the Blue version.  Strong Ground pokemon, can be found in the
    028 Sandslash           same places as Ekans or Arbok would be.  Teach this Pokémon
    029 Nidoran(Female)     A group of poison pokemon.  Not that great, but Nidoqueen and Nidoqueen
    030 Nidorina            are ok.  Find Nidoran male and female west of Viridian City.  All except
    031 Nidoqueen           Nidoqueen and Nidoking can be found in the Safari Zone.  They mainly
    032 Nidoran(Male)       rely on physical attacks.  If you evolve Nidorina and Nidorino very
    033 Nidorino            early, they will learn Thrash, but it's better to wait.
    034 Nidoking 
    035 Clefairy            Find them in Mt. Moon.  They pretty hard to find.  Don't evolve 
    036 Clefable            Clefairy until he gets to at least lvl 33, he'll learn Metronome.  It's
                            a risky attack, but can be your only hope in desperate situations.
    037 Vulpix              Only in Blue version.  Pretty weak fire pokemon, but they learn
    038 Ninetails           Flamethrower early and have good special.  Find them east of Celadon 
                            City and in the Cinnabar Mansion.  Blue Version's best hope against
                            Erika if you don't have Charmander.
    039 Jigglypuff          They are helpful in Mt. Moon with their Sleep ability.  They have high
    040 Wigglytuff          HP but low defense, so it balances out.  Jigglypuff are found before Mt.
                            Moon.  The lower the enemy's level, the more accurate Sing is.  Later
                            in the game, they lose their worth.
    041 Zubat               Zubat isn't very useful, but Golbat is powerful.  They are in all caves.
    042 Golbat              Very annoying because of Confuse Ray.  Are very vulnerable however.
                            Even the weakest electric, ice, or psychic attack might kill them.
    043 Oddish              Only in Red version.  Pretty good Plant Pokemon.  Gloom learns 
    044 Gloom               Solarbeam at lvl 52, so wait before you evolve him.  Found in various
    045 Vileplume           places, first of which is north of Cerulean City.  They have Solarbeam
                            and Petal Dance, a continuous attack that's similar to Thrash.
                            Solarbeam is actually not as good as Razor Leaf because you can use
                            Razor Leaf more times and it doesn't have to charge, and is also
                            almost as strong.  These Pokémon are extremely slow.
    046 Paras               Bug/Grass.  One of the only pokemon who has a true advantage over the
    047 Parasect            powerful Psychic pokemon.  Other than that, pretty weak.  Found in
                            Mt. Moon and the Safari Zone and Unknown Dungeon.  Parasect and Paras
                            are slower than Oddish, Gloom, and Vileplume.
    048 Venonat             Weak Bug/Poison pokemon.  Venomoth has some powerful Psychic attacks
    049 Venomoth            however.  Venonat can be found east of Fuchsia, while Venomoth is
                            found in Victory Road and the Unknown Dungeon.  Venomoth isn't as good
                            as Butterfree because of its poison type...
    050 Diglett             They suffer from HP deficiency but are strong.  They can only be found
    051 Dugtrio             in Digglett's Cave.  In statistics, they are weaker than Sandshrew and
                            Sandslash, but they have Dig and Earthquake.  They are also very fast.
    052 Meowth              Only in the Blue version.  Pick one up if you can, it's pretty decent.
    053 Persian             Find them north of Vermillion and in many other places.  They only have
                            physical attacks.  Pay Day will get you money when you need it,
    054 Psyduck             Psyduck is extremely weak, but Golduck isn't too shabby.  Fish for
    055 Golduck             Psyduck in the Safari Zone.  Like most water pokemon, these ducks
                            learn Hydro Pump.
    056 Mankey              Only in the Red version.  Not all that great.  Found in the same places
    057 Primeape            Meowth would be, and just as easy to catch.  For some reason, these
                            have low defense and HP.  You'd think Fighting would excel in these
    058 Growlithe           Only in the Red version.  Stronger than Vulpix, but Vulpix learns
    059 Arcanine            Flamethrower much earlier.  Found in the same places Vulpix would be.
                            Learns fewer attacks and relies on physical strength.
    060 Poliwag             Average water/psychic pokemon.  There are plenty of better water
    061 Poliwhirl           pokemon though.  Fish for them near Pallet Town.  Poliwrath is part
    062 Poliwrath           fighting, but doesn't learn any fighting attacks.
    063 Abra                Abra is useless, but Kadabra and Alakazam can be one of the most	
    064 Kadabra             powerful pokemon in the game.  Find Abra north of Cerulean.  Kadabra
    065 Alakazam            can only be found in Unknown Dungeon.  Alakazam is a top 25 pokemon.
    066 Machop              They would be excellent pokemon if it weren't for the fact that 
    067 Machoke             fighting pokemon aren't that good.  Found in various caves.
    068 Machamp
    069 Bellsprout          Only in Blue version.  Not bad, but IMO Oddish---Vileplume is much
    070 Weepinbell          better.  Found in same places Oddish or Gloom would be.  They also
    071 Victreebel          have one advantage over Oddish---Vileplume: They have Razor Leaf.
                            They are also faster.
    072 Tentacool           Average water/poison pokemon.   You can find them in many places.
    073 Tentacruel          Fairly easy to catch.  Nothing special and not very good.  They do
                            have a defensive advantage over grass Pokémon, though.
    074 Geodude             Good Rock pokemon.  Catch a Geodude in caves.  The bad part: Rock type
    075 Graveler            pokemon have a lot of weaknesses (Water, Fighting, Grass, Ice, etc.)
    076 Golem               Find Graveler on Victory Road.
    077 Ponyta              The strongest and fastest fire pokemon in the game.  Be sure to get one
    078 Rapidash            at the Cinnabar Mansion.  Teach Fire Blast to Rapidash.  They also have
                            good attack power, but have low defense and HP.  Use these to catch
    079 Slowpoke            Average Water/Psychic/Ice pokemon.  Fish for them in the Safari Zone
    080 Slowbro             and many other places.  Obviously, Slowpoke and Slowbro are the
                            slowest Pokémon in the game.
    081 Magnemite           Weak Electric pokemon.  Pick one up at the Power Plant, they won't put
    082 Magneton            up much of a fight.  Don't waste your time on this crap pokemon.
                            Catch them for the pokedex and immediately dump them.
    083 Farfetch'd          Trade for a Spearow in Vermillion City.  Is weak at first but has good
                            all around stats and attacks.  You only get one of these.  It can learn
                            Fly and Cut, but Slash is its best attack.
    084 Doduo               Doduo has low HP but is powerful.  You can find these pretty much
    085 Dodrio              everywhere.  Dodrio can be found in the Unknown Dungeon.  Good
                            attackers and are similar to Rattata and Raticate stat-wise.
    086 Seel                Seel's an ok water pokemon and Dewgong is a strong water/ice pokemon.
    087 Dewgong             Found at the Seafoam Islands.  You can catch it with a Great Ball, but
                            use an Ultra Ball for an easy catch.
    088 Grimer              Easier to find in the Blue version.  They're at the Cinnabar Mansion.
    089 Muk                 Not too strong, but poison can be annoying.  As all Poison Pokémon,
                            they are very easy to kill.
    090 Shellder            Shellder sucks, but Cloyster's not that bad.  Fish for him in 
    091 Cloyster            Vermillion city.  Both have high defense, but are extra vulnerable to
                            super effective attacks.  Spike Cannon is very annoying.
    092 Gastly              The only Ghost pokemon in the game and very useful.  They're everywhere
    093 Haunter             in the Pokemon Tower.  They don't have very many good attacks however.
    094 Gengar              VERY ANNOYING.  Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and Confuse Ray make these
                            pokemon the most frustrating in the game.  Night Shade is very
                            useful and deals decent damage.
    095 Onix                Can be found in various caves.  Catch one if you can, if not, no big.
                            It's difficult to catch with only a Poké Ball.  The bad thing about
                            this Pokemon is that it is weak (attack-wise) and doesn't learn
                            special attacks, so Onix has basically no offensive power.
    096 Drowzee             Drowzee can only be found east of Celadon City.  High-level Hypnos
    097 Hypno               can be found in the Unknown Dungeon.  Great Psychic pokemon.  Teach
                            Dream Eater to it.  Since they have Hypnosis, they are capable of
                            beating even Alakazam.
    098 Krabby              Krabby isn't too great at first, but is good once he learns Vicegrip.
    099 Kingler             Fish for him on Silence Bridge (the long way to Fuchsia).  They have
                            the patented Crab Hammer attack.
    100 Voltorb             I never use these, but if you want them to sacrifice themselves to
    101 Electrode           beat the enemy, be my guest.  Voltorb can be found before Rock Tunnel.
                            Almost as terrible as Magnemite, and is also found in the Power Plant.
                            The only advantage: Electrode, by using Explosion, is your best bet
                            against powerful psychic Pokemon, and is very fast.
    102 Exeggcute           Exeggcute can only be found in the Safari Zone.  If you build it up,
    103 Exeggutor           it can become a strong pokemon.  Easy to catch.  Exeggcutor is a very
                            powerful Plant/Psychic pokemon.  Teach Exeggcutor Solarbeam.
    104 Cubone              Cubone can be found in Pokemon Tower, but it's easier to just catch
    105 Marowak             a Marowak in Victory Road or Unknown Dungeon.  They're ground pokemon
                            for some reason, and have the patented Bonemerang attack.  Cubone is
                            my personal favorite.  Bone Club and Bonemerang are very strong
    106 Hitmonlee           One of your two choices after you beat all of the trainers in the
    107 Hitmonchan          fighting dojo.  Both are good fighting pokemon, and are in the top
                            25.  Hitmonlee has many unique kicking attacks, but when they miss,
                            Hitmonlee will take minor damage.
    108 Likitung            Don't know about this one, haven't gotten it yet.  Trade a Slowbro for
                            it west of Fuchsia City.  Doesn't look that good though, and looks
                            kind of stupid.
    109 Koffing             Easier to find in the Red version.  Annoying to fight against, but
    110 Weezing             only average when you're using them.  Found in the Cinnabar Mansion.
    111 Rhyhorn             One of the best Rock pokemon.  You can find Rhyhorns in the Safari Zone
    112 Rhydon              and Rhydons in the Unknown Dungeon.  Not too difficult to catch.
                            Very susceptible to water though, it'll die in one Bubblebeam.
                            Suffers from a lack of an offense.
    113 Chansey             Safari Zone and Unknown Dungeon only.  Has low DF and AT, but can be
                            be powerful if you teach it a special move.  Really hard to catch in
                            both places.  If you get one, give it lots of Carbos, Irons, and
                            Proteins.  I did this and now it's one of my most powerful pokemon,
                            with decent AT and DF (36 and 45) at only level 60!  Now it's at
                            level 100 and has over six hundred HP!  Teaching Chansey powerful
                            TMs can make it unstoppable.  I suggest Bide, Counter, Solarbeam,
                            Bubblebeam, Thunder, and obviously Softboiled.
    114 Tangela             One of few pure Grass pokemon, it'll come in handy. Trade for it or
                            catch it south of Pallet Town.  This requires an Ultra Ball to catch.
                            Has very annoying "wrapping" attacks.  Mega Drain is put to good
                            use on this Pokemon.
    115 Kangaskhan          Throw baits and balls to catch it in the Safari Zone.  Pretty good.
                            It's equally hard to catch as it is to find.  It has some strong
                            attacks.  Kangaskahn has high HP, Defense, and Attack, but has low
                            Speed and Special.  The only Pokemon with Dizzy Punch.
    116 Horsea              The rest of the numerous water pokemon.  These are probably the best
    117 Seadra              ones IMO.  Not too hard to find.  Goldeen can be found on Silence 
    118 Goldeen             Bridge and Fuchsia, Staryu can be found in the Seafoam Islands and
    119 Seaking             south of Cinnabar.  Same with Horsea.  None are too difficult to catch.
    120 Staryu              They're collecting dust in Box 2, only at level 30, so I wouldn't know
    121 Starmie             much about them.  Seaking does have its patented Waterfall attack.
                            All are fast and good attackers.  Teach surf to them if you want.
    122 Mr. Mime            An above average psychic pokemon.  Trade Abra for it past Diglett's
                            cave.  You only get one of these.  Some people really like this one.
                            Mine's only at level 30, so I wouldn't know.
    123 Scyther             Strong, fast, but not very versatile... It only has two attacks that
                            cause damage.  Only in Red version, at the Safari Zone.  Tough to
                            catch though.
    124 Jynx                Ugly mermaid ice pokemon.  Trade a Poliwhirl for one in Cerulean.  It
                            has Lovely Kiss, (only Jynx has it), but all it is is an inaccurate
                            sleeping attack.  Ice Punch and Thrash will come in handy.  You only
                            get one of these.  This Pokemon is very underrated.
    125 Electabuzz          Only in Red version, it's at the Power Plant.  A little hard to catch.
                            Haven't gotten this one yet (I have the Blue version), but my friend
                            says it's very powerful.  This Pokemon is fast and strong.
    126 Magmar              A fiery duck with two bulging.... bulges on its head.  Not bad. Only
                            in Blue version at Cinnabar Mansion.  You'll need an Ultra Ball to catch
                            it.  An average Fire pokemon.
    127 Pinsir              Only in Blue version.  A strong Bug pokemon and similar to Scyther.
                            Also found in the Safari Zone.  Very hard to catch, throw one rock
                            and then a ball, with luck it won't run away.  You can also buy Pinsir 
                            at the Rocket Game Corner.  Not as good as Scyther, though.
    128 Tauros              The hardest Safari Zone pokemon to catch.  It's kinda disappointing
                            once you catch it however, as it doesn't have any great attacks.  One
                            of the pokemon I don't have yet.  Now I do, and it's not half bad.
    129 Magikarp            Magikarp is one of the weakest pokemon in the game, but Gyarados is one
    130 Gyarados            of the strongest.  Magikarp are easily caught but you can't catch 
                            Gyarados.  Gyarados is resistant to Grass because it's part Flying.
                            The only thing that it's weak against is Electric.  Gyarados is one of
                            top 25 pokemon.  Note: Right before Mt. Moon, a man will offer you a
                            Magikarp for $500.  This is a ripoff, you can easily catch Magikarp
                            with the Old Rod.  Gyarados will easily crush most Pokemon.
    131 Lapras              You get this one after beating Gary in the Silph Co.  Very powerful,
                            but it starts at level 15.  A top 25 pokemon.  You only get one of
                            these.  It has high HP, Defense, Attack, and Special.  This Pokemon
                            is also very underrated and is just as good but not better than
    132 Ditto               Becomes the pokemon it fights and learns its moves.  Better in theory
                            than in real life though, as it usually dies in one hit because of its
                            low HP.  Found at the Pokemon League HQ, east of Fuchsia, and in the
                            Unknown Dungeon.  Annoying to fight against, and it doesn't give you
                            very much experience.  Can't learn any TMs.
    133 Eevee               Eevee's transformations are some of the best of their elements.  The
    134 Vaporeon            best is Jolteon, because there are less Electric pokemon in the game
    135 Jolteon             than the numerous Water and Fire pokemon.  You find Eevee at the back
    136 Flareon             of Game Freaks Inc. in Celadon City.  Jolteon is one of few pokemon
                            that has a true advantage over Psychics.  All are top 25 pokemon.  You
                            only get one Eevee.  Each evolved form of Eevee has distinct high
                            and low points.  Vaporeon has high HP and Special, but low Attack and
                            Speed.  Jolteon has high Speed and Special, but low Attack , Defense,
                            and HP.  Flareon has high Attack and Defense (?), but low Speed.  Each
                            learn many abilities.  Jolteon is best with Thunder, Thundershock,
                            Doublekick and Pin Missile.
    137 Porygon             Can only be bought at the Game Corner.  Not worth its price, but is ok
                            if you spend time building it up.  Has a variety of attacks.
    138 Omanite             You get these pokemon at the lab in Cinnabar by giving your fossils
    139 Omastar             to the scientists there.  Pretty good.  Aerodactyl is a top 25 pokemon.
    140 Kabuto              You only get one of each.  Aerodactyl learns Hyper Beam and Kabutops
    141 Kabutops            is a very strong attacker.  Omanyte's the odd one out.
    142 Aerodactyl
    143 Snorlax             Four of the five rare pokemon and difficult to catch.  The hardest to
    144 Articuno            catch is Snorlax because you won't have access to Ultra Balls.  Later
    145 Zapdos              I'll put up a section on the rare birds.  Articuno is found in the
    146 Moltres             Seafoam Islands, Zapdos in the Power Plant, and Moltres in Victory Road.
                            Snorlax is strong and has some devastating attacks.  Articuno is by
                            far the best Ice pokemon and has extremely powerful attacks.  Zapdos
                            is also the best of its kind (except for maybe Jolteon).  The odd one
                            out it Moltres, who really sucks.  All are in the top 25.  You can only
                            get one of each.  Moltres can be very powerful if you teach it Fire
    147 Dratini             Dratini is the only one you can catch (it's in the Safari Zone).
    148 Dragonair           Dratini is pretty weak but Dragonair and Dragonite are a few of the
    149 Dragonite           best pokemon in the game.  Dratini is a little hard to catch, but
                            eventually you'll catch it.  Dragonite is one of the top 25 pokemon.
                            These pokemon are the most difficult to build up and require a lot of
                            patience, but it will pay off in the end.  In statistics, Dragonite
                            is almost equal to Mewtwo.
    150 Mewtwo              The perfect pokemon.  Save your Master Ball for this one.  His stats
                            are very high and he has powerful attacks.  He's at the Unknown Dungeon.
                            A shoe-in for strongest pokemon.  You can only get one of these.  I
                            recommend you don't use Mewtwo in battle, as your friends will say he
                            is cheap.
    151 Mew                 Only a rumor, but you can get it with a Gameshark and he also shows
                            up in the Pokedex as a new species.  Send any rumors to me if you like
                            (except for the truck one, I've heard that one a billion times).
                            Apparently, Nintendo will give 151 people Mew.  Of course, you could
                            just use Gameshark...  It has stats that equal Mewtwo!  I got mine from
                            a friend with GS, it's VERY POWERFUL.
    Rumored (but untrue) Pokemon
          Pikablu - Don't believe the idiot websites that post rumors on how to get this one.
                    Even using a gameshark, PIKABLU DOES NOT EXIST IN POKEMON RED AND BLUE.  It
                    is in Pokemon Gold and Silver, however.
          Mysterio - Someone from my school has a website saying how to catch this, but it also
                     isn't true.  The whole ROM has been searched and this Pokemon has not been
          There are probably more, but rest assured, they are also untrue.
          Here are the moves each Pokémon learn.  One note: if you just caught a level 2 Pokémon
    and it gains two levels, it will not learn the move it should learn from the level it skips.
    On the right side is a recommended move combination for each Pokémon maximum evolution.  If
    you don't like it, try something else.  And TMs are included.
          Abilities                                 Recommended Combo
          Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Growl (Normal)
                Leech Seed - Level 7 (Grass)
                Vine Whip - Level 13 (Grass)
                Poison Powder - Level 20 (Poison)
                Razor Leaf - Level 27 (Grass)
                Growth - Level 34 (Grass)
                Sleep Powder - Level 41 (Grass)
                Solar Beam - Level 48 (Grass)
          Ivysaur (Grass/Poison)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Growl (Normal)
                Leech Seed (Grass)
                Vine Whip - Level 13 (Grass)
                Poison Powder - Level 22 (Poison)
                Razor Leaf - Level 30 (Grass)
                Growth - Level 38 (Grass)
                Sleep Powder - Level 46 (Grass)
                Solar Beam - Level 54 (Grass)
          Venusaur (Grass/Poison)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Razor Leaf
                Growl (Normal)                      Sleep Powder
                Leech Seed (Grass)                  Leech Seed
                Vine Whip (Grass)                   Solar Beam
                Poison Powder (Poison)
                Razor Leaf (Grass)
                Growth - Level 43 (Grass)
                Sleep Powder - Level 55 (Grass)
                Solar Beam - Level 65 (Grass)
          Charmander (Fire)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Growl (Normal)
                Ember - Level 9 (Fire)
                Leer - Level 15 (Normal)
                Rage - Level 22 (Normal)
                Slash - Level 30 (Normal)
                Flamethrower - Level 38 (Fire)
                Fire Spin - Level 46 (Fire)
          Charmeleon (Fire)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Growl (Normal)
                Ember (Fire)
                Leer - Level 15 (Normal)
                Rage - Level 24 (Normal)
                Slash - Level 33 (Normal)
                Flamethrower - Level 42 (Fire)
                Fire Spin - Level 56 (Fire)
          Charizard (Fire)
                Scratch (Normal)                    Slash
                Growl (Normal)                      Fire Blast
                Ember (Fire)                        Fire Spin
                Leer (Normal)                       Flamethrower
                Rage (Normal)
                Slash - Level 36 (Normal)
                Flamethrower - Level 46 (Fire)
                Fire Spin - Level 55 (Fire)
          Squirtle (Water)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Tail Whip (Normal)
                Bubble - Level 8 (Water)
                Water Gun - Level 15 (Water)
                Bite - Level 22 (Normal)
                Withdraw - Level 28 (Water)
                Skull Bash - Level 35 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 42 (Water)
          Wartortle (Water)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Tail Whip (Normal)
                Bubble (Water)
                Water Gun - Level 15 (Water)
                Bite - Level 24 (Normal)
                Withdraw - Level 31 (Water)
                Skull Bash - Level 39 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 47 (Water)
          Blastoise (Water)                         Bite
                Tackle (Normal)                     Withdraw
                Tail Whip (Normal)                  Bubblebeam
                Bubble (Water)                      Hydro Pump
                Water Gun (Water)
                Bite - Level 24 (Normal)
                Withdraw - Level 42 (Water)
                Hydro Pump - Level 52 (Water)               
          Caterpie (Bug)
                Tackle (Normal)
                String Shot (Bug)
          Metapod (can keep Tackle and String Shot from Caterpie stage) (Bug)
                Harden (Normal)
          Butterfree (Bug/Flying)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Tackle
                String Shot (Bug)                   Psybeam
                Confusion - Level 12 (Psychic)      Psychic
                Poison Powder - Level 15 (Poison)   Sleep Powder
                Stun Spore - Level 16 (Grass)
                Sleep Powder - Level 17 (Grass)
                Supersonic - Level 21 (Normal)
                Whirlwind - Level 26 (Normal)
                Psybeam - Level 32 (Psychic)
          Weedle (Bug/Poison)
                Poison Sting (Poison)
                String Shot (Bug)
          Kakuna (can keep Poison Sting and String Shot from Weedle stage) (Bug/Poison)
                Harden (Normal)
          Beedrill (Bug/Poison)
                Poison Sting (Poison)               Fury Attack
                String Shot (Bug)                   Twineedle
                Fury Attack - Level 12 (Normal)     Pin Missile
                Focus Energy - Level 16 (Normal)    Poison Sting
                Twineedle - Level 20 (Bug)
                Rage - Level 25 (Normal)
                Pin Missile - Level 30 (Bug)
                Agility - Level 35 (Psychic)
          Pidgey (Normal/Flying)
                Gust (Normal)
                Sand Attack - Level 5 (Normal)
                Quick Attack - Level 12 (Normal)
                Whirlwind - Level 19 (Normal)
                Wing Attack - Level 28 (Flying)
                Agility - Level 36 (Psychic)
                Mirror Move - Level 44 (Flying)
          Pidgeotto (Normal/Flying)
                Gust (Normal)
                Sand Attack (Normal)
                Quick Attack (Normal)
                Whirlwind - Level 21 (Normal)
                Wing Attack - Level 31 (Flying)
                Agility - Level 40 (Psychic)
                Mirror Move - Level 49 (Flying)
          Pidgeot (Normal/Flying)
                Gust (Normal)                       Fly
                Sand Attack (Normal)                Wing Attack
                Quick Attack (Normal)               Quick Attack
                Whirlwind (Normal)                  Mirror Move
                Wing Attack (Flying)
                Agility - Level 44 (Psychic)
                Mirror Move - Level 54 (Flying)
          Rattata (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Tail Whip (Normal)
                Quick Attack - Level 7 (Normal)
                Hyper Fang - Level 14 (Normal)
                Focus Energy - Level 23 (Normal)
                Super Fang - Level 34 (Normal)
          Raticate (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Body Slam
                Tail Whip (Normal)                  Hyper Fang
                Quick Attack (Normal)               Quick Attack
                Hyper Fang - Level 14 (Normal)      Super Fang
                Focus Energy - Level 27 (Normal)
                Super Fang - Level 41 (Normal)
          Spearow (Normal/Flying)
               Peck (Flying)
               Growl (Normal)
               Leer - Level 9 (Normal)
               Fury Attack - Level 15 (Normal)
               Mirror Move - Level 27 (Flying)
               Drill Peck - Level 29 (Flying)
               Agility - Level 36 (Psychic)
          Fearow (Normal/Flying)
                Peck (Flying)                       Peck
                Growl (Normal)                      Fly
                Leer (Normal)                       Mirror Move
                Fury Attack (Normal)                Drill Peck
                Mirror Move - Level 25 (Flying)
                Drill Peck - Level 34 (Flying)
                Agility - Level 43 (Psychic)
          Ekans (Poison)
                Wrap (Normal)
                Leer (Normal)
                Poison Sting - Level 10 (Poison)
                Bite - Level 17 (Normal)
                Glare - Level 24 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 31 (Normal)
                Acid - Level 38 (Poison)
          Arbok (Poison)
                Wrap (Normal)                       Bite
                Leer (Normal)                       Poison Sting
                Poison Sting (Poison)               Screech
                Bite - Level 17 (Normal)            Acid
                Glare - Level 27 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 36 (Normal)
                Acid - level 47 (Poison)
          Pikachu (Electric)
                Thundershock (Electric)
                Growl (Normal)
                Thunderwave - Level 9 (Electric)
                Quick Attack - Level 16 (Normal)
                Swift - Level 26 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 33 (Psychic)
                Thunder - Level 43 (Electric)
          Raichu (Electric)
                Thundershock                        Swift
                Growl                               Thundershock
                Thunderwave                         Thunderbolt
                Quick Attack                        Thunder
          Sandshrew (Ground)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Sand Attack - Level 10 (Normal)
                Slash - Level 17 (Normal)
                Poison Sting - Level 24 (Poison)
                Swift - Level 31 (Normal)
                Fury Swipes - Level 38 (Normal)
          Sandslash (Ground)
                Scratch (Normal)                    Slash
                Sand Attack (Normal)                Swift
                Slash (Normal)                      Fury Swipes
                Poison Sting - Level 27 (Poison)    Earthquake
                Swift - Level 36 (Normal)
                Fury Swipes - Level 47 (Normal)
          Nidoran Female (Poison)
                Growl (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Scratch - Level 8 (Normal)
                Poison Sting - Level 14 (Poison)
                Tail Whip - Level 21 (Normal)
                Bite - Level 29 (Normal)
                Fury Swipes - Level 36 (Normal)
                Double Kick - Level 43 (Fighting)
          Nidorina (Poison)
                Growl (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Poison Sting - Level 14 (Poison)
                Tail Whip - Level 23 (Normal)
                Bite - Level 32 (Normal)
                Fury Swipes - Level 41 (Normal)
                Double Kick - Level 50 (Fighting)
          Nidoqueen (Ground/Poison)
                Growl (Normal)                      Bite
                Tackle (Normal)                     Scratch
                Tail Whip (Normal)                  Double Kick
                Poison Sting - Level 14 (Poison)    Thrash
                Thrash - Level 23 (Normal)
          Nidoran Male (Poison)
                Leer (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Horn Attack - Level 8 (Normal)
                Poison Sting - Level 14 (Poison)
                Focus Energy - Level 21 (Normal)
                Fury Attack - Level 29 (Normal)
                Horn Drill - Level 36 (Normal)
                Double Kick - Level 43 (Fighting)
                Leer (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Horn Attack (Normal)
                Poison Sting (Poison)
                Focus Energy - Level 23 (Normal)     
                Fury Attack - Level 32 (Normal)
                Horn Drill - Level 41 (Normal)
                Double Kick - Level 50 (Fighting)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Horn Attack
                Horn Attack (Normal)                Fury Attack
                Poison Sting (Poison)               Horn Drill
                Thrash - Level 23 (Normal)          Double Kick
          Clefairy (Normal)
                Pound (Normal)
                Growl (Normal)
                Sing - Level 13 (Normal)
                Double Slap - Level 18 (Normal)
                Minimize - Level 24 (Psychic)
                Metronome - Level 31 (Normal)
                Defense Curl - Level 39 (Normal)
                Light Screen - Level 48 (Psychic)
          Clefable (Normal)
                Sing (Normal)                       Pound
                Doubleslap (Normal)                 Minimize
                Minimize (Psychic)                  Light Screen
                Metronome (Normal)                  Metronome
          Vulpix (Fire)
                Ember (Fire)
                Tail Whip (Normal)
                Quick Attack - Level 16 (Normal)
                Roar - Level 21 (Normal)
                Confuse Ray - Level 28 (Ghost)
                Flamethrower - Level 35 (Fire)
                Fire Spin - Level 42 (Fire)
          Ninetails (Fire)
                Ember (Fire)                        Ember
                Tail Whip (Normal)                  Confuse Ray
                Quick Attack (Normal)               Quick Attack
                Roar (Normal)                       Flamethrower
          Jigglypuff (Normal)
                Sing (Normal)
                Pound - Level 9 (Normal)
                Disable - Level 14 (Psychic)
                Defense Curl - Level 19 (Normal)
                Doubleslap - Level 24 (Normal)
                Rest - Level 29 (Psychic)
                Body Slam - Level 34 (Normal)
                Double Edge - Level 39 (Normal)
          Wigglytuff (Normal)
                Sing (Normal)                       Body Slam
                Disable (Psychic)                   Double-edge
                Defense Curl (Normal)               Rest
                Double Slap (Normal)                Mimic
          Zubat (Poison/Flying)
                Leech Life (Bug)
                Supersonic - Level 10 (Normal)
                Bite - Level 15 (Normal)
                Confuse Ray - Level 21 (Ghost)
                Wing Attack - Level 28 (Flying)
                Haze - Level 36 (Ice)
          Golbat (Poison/Flying)
                Leech Life (Bug)                    Bite
                Supersonic (Normal)                 Confuse Ray
                Bite (Normal)                       Wing Attack
                Confuse Ray (Ghost)                 Leech Life
                Wing Attack - Level 32 (Flying)
                Haze - Level 43 (Haze)
          Oddish (Grass/Poison)
                Absorb (Grass)
                Poison Powder - Level 15 (Poison)
                Stun Spore - Level 17 (Grass)
                Sleep Powder - Level 19 (Grass)
                Acid - Level 24 (Poison)
                Petal Dance - Level 33 (Grass)
                Solar Beam - Level 46 (Grass)
          Gloom (Grass/Poison)
                Absorb (Grass)
                Poison Powder (Poison)
                Stun Spore (Grass)
                Sleep Powder (Grass)
                Acid - Level 28 (Poison)
                Petal Dance - Level 38 (Grass)
                Solar Beam - Level 52 (Grass)
          Vileplume (Grass/Poison)
                Absorb (Grass)                      Acid
                Poison Powder (Poison)              Petal Dance
                Stun Spore (Grass)                  Solar Beam
                Sleep Powder (Grass)                Sleep Powder
          Paras (Bug/Grass)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Stun Spore - Level 13 (Grass)
                Leech Life - Level 20 (Bug)
                Spore - Level 27 (Grass)
                Slash - Level 34 (Normal)
                Growth - Level 41 (Grass)
          Parasect (Bug/Grass)
                Scratch (Normal)                    Slash
                Stun Spore (Grass)                  Spore
                Leech Life (Bug)                    Leech Life
                Spore - Level 30 (Grass)            Stun Spore
                Slash - Level 39 (Normal)
                Growth - Level 48 (Grass)
          Venonat (Bug/Poison)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Disable (Normal)
                Poison Powder - Level 24 (Poison)
                Leech Life - Level 27 (Bug)
                Stun Spore - Level 30 (Grass)
                Psybeam - Level 35 (Psychic)
                Sleep Powder - Level 38 (Grass)
                Psychic - Level 43 (Psychic)
          Venomoth (Bug/Poison)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Tackle
                Disable (Normal)                    Psychic
                Poison Powder (Poison)              Leech Life
                Leech Life (Bug)                    Sleep Powder
                Stun Spore (Grass)
                Psybeam - Level 38 (Psychic)
                Sleep Powder - Level 43 (Grass)
                Psychic - Level 50 (Psychic)
          Diglett (Ground)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Growl - Level 15 (Normal)
                Dig - Level 19 (Ground)
                Sand Attack - Level 24 (Normal)
                Slash - Level 31 (Normal)
                Earthquake - Level 40 (Ground)
          Dugtrio (Ground)
                Scratch (Normal)                    Slash
                Growl (Normal)                      Scratch
                Dig (Ground)                        Dig
                Sand Attack (Normal)                Earthquake
                Slash - Level 31 (Normal)
                Earthquake - Level 40 (Ground)
          Meowth (Normal)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Growl (Normal)
                Bite - Level 12 (Normal)
                Pay Day - Level 17 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 24 (Normal)
                Fury Swipes - Level 33 (Normal)
                Slash - Level 44 (Normal)
          Persian (Normal)
                Scratch (Normal)                    Bite
                Growl (Normal)                      Slash
                Bite (Normal)                       Pay Day
                Pay Day (Normal)                    Screech
                Screech (Normal)
                Fury Swipes - Level 37 (Normal)
                Slash - Level 51 (Normal)
          Psyduck (Water)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Tail Whip - Level 28 (Normal)
                Disable - Level 31 (Psychic)
                Confusion - Level 36 (Psychic)
                Fury Swipes - Level 43 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 52 (Water)
          Golduck (Water)
                Scratch (Normal)                    Scratch
                Tail Whip (Normal)                  Confusion
                Disable (Psychic)                   Fury Swipes
                Confusion - Level 39 (Psychic)      Hydro Pump
                Fury Swipes - Level 48 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 59 (Water)
          Mankey (Fighting)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Leer (Normal)
                Karate Chop - Level 15 (Normal)
                Fury Attack - Level 21 (Normal)
                Focus Energy - Level 27 (Normal)
                Seismic Toss - Level 33 (Fighting)
                Thrash - Level 39 (Normal)
          Primeape (Fighting)
                Scratch (Normal)                    Karate Chop
                Leer (Normal)                       Fury Attack
                Karate Chop (Normal)                Thrash
                Fury Attack (Normal)                Seismic Toss
                Focus Energy (Normal)
                Seismic Toss - Level 37 (Fighting)
                Thrash - Level 46 (Normal)
          Growlithe (Fire)
                Bite (Normal)
                Roar (Normal)
                Ember - Level 18 (Fire)
                Leer - Level 23 (Normal)
                Take Down - Level 30 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 39 (Psychic)
                Flamethrower - Level 50 (Fire)
          Arcanine (Fire)
                Roar (Normal)                       Bite
                Ember (Fire)                        Ember
                Leer (Normal)                       Take Down
                Take Down (Normal)                  Flamethrower
          Poliwag (Water)
                Bubble (Water)
                Hypnosis - Level 16 (Psychic)
                Water Gun - Level 19 (Water)
                Doubleslap - Level 25 (Normal)
                Body Slam - Level 31 (Normal)
                Amnesia - Level 38 (Psychic)
                Hydro Pump - Level 45 (Water)
          Poliwhirl (Water/Psychic)
                Bubble (Water)
                Hypnosis (Psychic)
                Water Gun (Water)
                Doubleslap - Level 26 (Normal)
                Body Slam - Level 33 (Normal)
                Amnesia - Level 41 (Psychic)
                Hydro Pump - Level 49 (Water)
          Poliwrath (Water/Fighting)                Body Slam
                Hypnosis (Psychic)                  Hypnosis
                Water Gun (Water)                   Water Gun
                Doubleslap (Normal)                 Hydro Pump
                Body Slam (Normal)
          Abra (Psychic)
                Teleport (Psychic)
          Kadabra (Psychic)
                Teleport (Psychic)
                Confusion (Psychic)
                Disable - Level 20 (Psychic)
                Psybeam - Level 27 (Psychic)
                Recover - Level 31 (Psychic)
                Psychic - Level 38 (Psychic)
                Reflect - Level 42 (Psychic)
          Alakazam (Psychic)
                Teleport (Psychic)                  Psybeam
                Confusion (Psychic)                 Psychic
                Disable - Level 20 (Psychic)        Recover
                Psybeam - Level 27 (Psychic)        Reflect
                Recover - Level 31 (Psychic)
                Psychic - Level 38 (Psychic)
                Reflect - Level 42 (Psychic)
          Machop (Fighting)
                Karate Chop (Normal)
                Low Kick - Level 20 (Fighting)
                Leer - Level 25 (Normal)
                Focus Energy - Level 32 (Normal)
                Seismic Toss - Level 39 (Fighting)
                Submission - Level 46 (Fighting)
          Machoke (Fighting)
                Karate Chop (Normal)
                Low Kick (Fighting)
                Leer (Normal)
                Focus Energy - Level 36 (Normal)
                Seismic Toss - Level 44 (Fighting)
                Submission - Level 52 (Fighting)
          Machamp (Fighting)
                Karate Chop (Normal)                Karate Chop
                Low Kick (Fighting)                 Low Kick
                Leer (Normal)                       Seismic Toss
                Focus Energy - Level 36 (Normal)    Submission
                Seismic Toss - Level 44 (Fighting)
                Submission - Level 52 (Fighting)
          Bellsprout (Grass/Poison)
                Vine Whip (Grass)
                Growth (Grass)
                Wrap - Level 13 (Normal)
                Poison Powder - Level 15 (Poison)
                Sleep Powder - Level 18 (Grass)
                Stun Spore - Level 21 (Grass)
                Acid - Level 26 (Poison)
                Razor Leaf - Level 33 (Grass)
                Slam - Level 42 (Normal)
          Weepinbell (Grass/Poison)
                Vine Whip (Grass)
                Growth (Grass)
                Wrap (Normal)
                Poison Powder (Grass)
                Sleep Powder (Grass)
                Stun Spore - Level 23 (Grass)
                Acid - Level 29 (Poison)
                Razor Leaf - Level 38 (Grass)
                Slam - Level 49 (Normal)
          Victreebell (Grass/Poison)
                Wrap (Normal)                       Slam
                Poison Powder (Grass)               Razor Leaf
                Sleep Powder (Grass)                Acid
                                                    Sleep Powder
          Tentacool (Water/Poison)
                Acid (Poison)
                Supersonic - Level 7 (Normal)
                Wrap - Level 13 (Normal)
                Poison Sting - Level 18 (Poison)
                Water Gun - Level 22 (Water)
                Constrict - Level 27 (Normal)
                Barrier - Level 33 (Psychic)
                Screech - Level 40 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 48 (Water)
          Tentacruel (Water/Poison)
                Acid (Poison)                       Acid
                Supersonic - Level 7 (Normal)       Water Gun
                Wrap - Level 13 (Normal)            Barrier
                Poison Sting - Level 18 (Poison)    Hydro Pump
                Water Gun - Level 22 (Water)
                Constrict - Level 27 (Normal)
                Barrier - Level 33 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 40 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 48 (Water)
          Geodude (Rock/Ground)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Defense Curl - Level 7 (Normal)
                Rock Throw - Level 13 (Rock)
                Self Destruct - Level 18 (Normal)
                Harden - Level 22 (Normal)
                Earthquake - Level 27 (Ground)
                Explosion - Level 33 (Normal)
          Graveler (Rock/Ground)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Defense Curl (Normal)
                Rock Throw (Rock)
                Self Destruct (Normal)
                Harden - Level 29 (Normal)
                Earthquake - Level 36 (Ground)
                Explosion - Level 43 (Normal)
          Golem (Rock/Ground)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Rock Throw
                Defense Curl (Normal)               Earthquake
                Rock Throw (Rock)                   Tackle
                Self Destruct (Normal)              Explosion
                Harden - Level 29 (Normal)
                Earthquake - Level 36 (Ground)
                Explosion - Level 43 (Normal)
          Ponyta (Fire)
                Ember (Fire)
                Tail Whip - Level 7 (Normal)
                Stomp - Level 13 (Normal)
                Growl - Level 18 (Normal)
                Fire Spin - Level 42 (Fire)
                Take Down - Level 47 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 53 (Psychic)
          Rapidash (Fire)
                Ember (Fire)                        Stomp
                Tail Whip (Normal)                  Ember
                Stomp (Normal)                      Take Down
                Growl (Normal)                      Fire Spin
                Fire Spin (Fire)
                Take Down - Level 47 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 55 (Psychic)
          Slowpoke (Water/Psychic)
                Confusion (Psychic)
                Disable - Level 18 (Psychic)
                Headbutt - Level 22 (Normal)
                Growl - Level 27 (Normal)
                Water Gun - Level 33 (Water)
                Amnesia - Level 40 (Psychic)
                Psychic - Level 48 (Psychic)
          Slowbro (Water/Psychic)
                Confusion (Psychic)                 Headbutt
                Disable (Psychic)                   Water Gun
                Headbutt (Normal)                   Amnesia
                Growl (Normal)                      Psychic
                Water Gun (Water)
                Withdraw (Water)
                Amnesia - Level 44 (Psychic)
                Psychic - Level 55 (Psychic)
          Magnemite (Electric)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Sonicboom - Level 21 (Normal)
                Thundershock - Level 25 (Electric)
                Supersonic - Level 29 (Normal)
                Thunderwave - Level 35 (Electric)
                Swift - Level 41 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 47 (Normal)
          Magneton (Electric)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Tackle
                Sonicboom (Normal)                  Screech
                Thundershock (Electric)             Swift
                Supersonic (Normal)                 Thundershock
                Thunderwave - Level 38 (Electric)
                Swift - Level 46 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 54 (Normal)
          Farfetch'd (Normal/Flying)
                Peck (Flying)                       Peck
                Sand Attack (Normal)                Slash
                Leer - Level 7 (normal)             Swords Dance
                Fury Attack - Level 15 (Normal)     Fly
                Swords Dance - Level 23 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 31 (Psychic)
                Slash - Level 39 (Normal)
          Doduo (Normal/Flying)
                Peck (Flying)
                Growl - Level 20 (Normal)
                Fury Attack - Level 24 (Normal)
                Drill Peck - Level 30 (Flying)
                Rage - Level 36 (Normal)
                Tri Attack - Level 40 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 44 (Psychic)
          Dodrio (Normal/Flying)
                Peck (Flying)                       Peck
                Growl (Normal)                      Drill Peck
                Fury Attack (Normal)                Tri Attack
                Drill Peck (Flying)                 Fury Attack
                Rage - Level 39 (Normal)
                Tri Attack - Level 45 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 51 (Psychic)
          Seel (Water)
                Headbutt (Normal)
                Growl - Level 30 (Normal)
                Aurora Beam - Level 35 (Ice)
                Rest - Level 40 (Psychic)
                Take Down - Level 45 (Normal)
                Ice Beam - Level 50 (Ice)
          Dewgong (Water/Ice)
                Headbutt (Normal)                   Headbutt
                Growl (Normal)                      Rest
                Aurora Beam - Level 35 (Ice)        Take Down
                Rest - Level 44 (Psychic)           Ice Beam
                Take Down - Level 50 (Normal)
                Ice Beam - Level 56 (Ice)
          Grimer (Poison)
                Pound (Normal)
                Disable (Psychic)
                Poison Gas - Level 30 (Poison)
                Minimize - Level 33 (Psychic)
                Sludge - Level 37 (Poison)
                Harden - Level 42 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 48 (Normal)
                Acid Armor - Level 55 (Poison)
          Muk (Poison)
                Pound (Normal)                      Pound
                Disable (Psychic)                   Minimize
                Poison Gas (Poison)                 Sludge
                Minimize (Psychic)                  Acid Armor
                Sludge (Poison)
                Harden - Level 45 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 53 (Normal)
                Acid Armor - Level 60 (Poison)
          Shellder (Water)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Withdraw (Water)
                Supersonic - Level 18 (Normal)
                Clamp - Level 23 (Water)
                Aurora Beam - Level 30 (Ice)
                Leer - Level 39 (Normal)
                Ice Beam - Level 50 (Ice)
          Cloyster (Water/Ice)
                Withdraw (Water)                    Tackle
                Supersonic (Normal)                 Clamp
                Clamp (Water)                       Aurora Beam
                Aurora Beam (Ice)                   Ice Beam
                Spike Cannon - Level 50 (Normal)
          Gastly (Ghost/Poison)
                Lick (Ghost)
                Confuse Ray (Ghost)
                Night Shade (Ghost)
                Hypnosis - Level 27 (Psychic)
                Dream Eater - Level 35 (Psychic)
          Haunter (Ghost/Poison)
                Lick (Ghost)
                Confuse Ray (Ghost)
                Night Shade (Ghost)
                Hypnosis - Level 29 (Psychic)
                Dream Eater - Level 38 (Psychic)
          Gengar (Ghost/Poison)
                Lick (Ghost)                        Night Shade
                Confuse Ray (Ghost)                 Confuse Ray
                Night Shade (Ghost)                 Hypnosis
                Hypnosis - Level 29 (Psychic)       Dream Eater
                Dream Eater - Level 38 (Psychic)
          Onix (Tackle/Screech)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Slam
                Screech (Normal)                    Screech
                Bind - Level 15 (Normal)            Rock Throw
                Rock Throw - Level 19 (Rock)        Harden
                Rage - Level 25 (Normal)
                Slam - Level 33 (Normal)
                Harden - Level 43 (Normal)
          Drowzee (Psychic)
                Pound (Normal)
                Hypnosis (Psychic)
                Disable - Level 12 (Normal)
                Confusion - Level 17 (Psychic)
                Headbutt - Level 24 (Normal)
                Poison Gas - Level 29 (Poison)
                Psychic - Level 32 (Psychic)
                Meditate - Level 37 (Psychic)
          Hypno (Psychic)
                Pound (Normal)                      Headbutt
                Hypnosis (Psychic)                  Hypnosis
                Disable (Normal)                    Dream Eater
                Confusion (Psychic)                 Psychic
                Headbutt (Normal)
                Poison Gas - Level 33 (Poison)
                Psychic - Level 37 (Psychic)
                Meditate - Level 43 (Psychic)
          Krabby (Water)
                Bubble (Water)
                Leer (Normal)
                Vicegrip - Level 20 (Normal)
                Guillotine - Level 25 (Normal)
                Stomp - Level 30 (Normal)
                Crab Hammer - Level 35 (Water)
                Harden - Level 40 (Normal)
          Kingler (Water)
                Bubble (Water)                      Vicegrip
                Leer (Normal)                       Guillotine
                Vicegrip - Level 20 (Normal)        Stomp
                Guillotine - Level 25 (Normal)      Crab Hammer
                Stomp - Level 34 (Normal)
                Crab Hammer - Level 42 (Water)
                Harden - Level 49 (Normal)
          Voltorb (Electric)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Screech (Normal)
                Sonicboom - Level 17 (Normal)
                Self Destruct - Level 22 (Normal)
                Light Screen - Level 29 (Psychic)
                Swift - Level 36 (Normal)
                Explosion - Level 43 (Normal)
          Electrode (Electric)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Swift
                Screech (Normal)                    Screech
                Sonicboom (Normal)                  Light Screen
                Self Destruct (Normal)              Explosion
                Light Screen (Normal)
                Swift - Level 40 (Normal)
                Explosion - Level 50 (Normal)
          Exeggcute (Grass/Psychic)
                Barrage (Normal)
                Hypnosis (Psychic)
                Reflect - Level 25 (Psychic)
                Leech Seed - Level 28 (Grass)
                Stun Spore - Level 32 (Grass)
                Poison Powder - Level 37 (Poison)
                Solar Beam - Level 42 (Grass)
                Sleep Powder - Level 48 (Grass)
          Exeggcutor (Grass/Psychic)
                Barrage (Normal)                    Stomp
                Hypnosis (Psychic)                  Leech Seed
                Stomp (Normal)                      Solar Beam
                                                    Sleep Powder
          Cubone (Ground)
                Bone Club (Ground)
                Growl (Normal)
                Leer - Level 25 (Normal)
                Focus Energy - Level 31 (Normal)
                Thrash - Level 38 (Normal)
                Bonemrang - Level 43 (Ground)
                Rage - Level 46 (Normal)
          Marowak (Ground)
                Bone Club (Ground)                  Dig
                Growl (Normal)                      Bone Club
                Leer - Level 25 (Normal)            Bonemerang
                Focus Energy - Level 33 (Normal)    Double-edge
                Thrash - Level 41 (Normal)
                Bonemerang - Level 48 (Ground)
                Rage - Level 55 (Normal)
          Hitmonlee (Fighting)
                Double Kick (Fighting)              Mega Kick
                Meditate (Psychic)                  Rolling Kick
                Rolling Kick - Level 33 (Fighting)  Jump Kick
                Jump Kick - Level 38 (Fighting)     Hi-Jump Kick
                Focus Energy - Level 43 (Normal)
                Hi-Jump Kick - Level 48 (Fighting)
                Mega Kick - Level 53 (Normal)
          Hitmonchan (Fighting)
                Comet Punch (Normal)                Mega Punch
                Agility (Psychic)                   Fire Punch
                Fire Punch - Level 33 (Fire)        Ice Punch
                Ice Punch - Level 38 (Ice)          Thunder Punch
                Thunder Punch - Level 43 (Electric)
                Mega Punch - Level 48 (Normal)
                Counter - Level 53 (Fighting)
          Likitung (Normal)
                Wrap (Normal)                       Stomp
                Supersonic (Normal)                 Slam
                Stomp - Level 7 (Normal)            Screech
                Disable - Level 15 (Psychic)        Defense Curl
                Defense Curl - Level 23 (Normal)
                Slam - Level 31 (Normal)
                Screech - Level 39 (Normal)
          Koffing (Poison)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Smog (Poison)
                Sludge - Level 32 (Poison)
                Smokescreen - Level 37 (Normal)
                Self Destruct - Level 40 (Normal)
                Haze - Level 45 (Normal)
                Explosion - Level 48 (Normal)
          Weezing (Poison)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Smog
                Smog (Poison)                       Sludge
                Sludge - Level 32 (Poison)          Smokescreen
                Smokescreen - Level 39 (Normal)     Explosion
                Self Destruct - Level 43 (Normal)
                Haze - Level 49 (Normal)
                Explosion - Level 53 (Normal)
          Rhyhorn (Rock/Ground)
                Horn Attack (Normal)
                Stomp - Level 30 (Normal)
                Tail Whip - Level 35 (Normal)
                Fury Attack - Level 40 (Normal)
                Horn Drill - Level 45 (Normal)
                Take Down - Level 55 (Normal)
          Rhydon (Rock/Ground)
                Horn Attack (Normal)                Stomp
                Stomp (Normal)                      Horn Drill
                Tail Whip (Normal)                  Rock Slide
                Fury Attack - Level 48 (Normal)     Take Down
                Horn Drill - Level 55 (Normal)
                Take Down - Level 64 (Normal)
          Chansey (Normal)
                Pound (Normal)                      Solar Beam
                Double Slap (Normal)                Toxic
                Sing - Level 24 (Normal)            Counter/Reflect
                Growl - Level 30 (Normal)           Softboiled
                Minimize - Level 38 (Normal)
                Defense Curl - Level 44 (Normal)
                Light Screen - Level 48 (Normal)
                Double Edge - Level 54 (Normal)
          Tangela (Grass)
                Contrict (Normal)                   Slam
                Bind - (Normal)                     Absorb
                Absorb - Level 29 (Grass)           Sleep Powder
                Poison Powder - Level 32 (Grass)    Mega Drain
                Stun Spore - Level 36 (Grass)
                Sleep Powder - Level 39 (Grass)
                Slam - Level 45 (Normal)
                Growth - Level 49 (Grass)
          Kangaskahn (Normal)
                Comet Punch (Normal)                Bite
                Rage (Normal)                       Comet Punch
                Bite - Level 29 (Normal)            Mega Punch
                Tail Whip - Level 32 (Normal)       Dizzy Punch
                Mega Punch - Level 36 (Normal)
                Leer - Level 39 (Normal)
                Dizzy Punch - Level 45 (Normal)
          Horsea (Water)
                Bubble (Water)
                Smoke Screen - Level 19 (Normal)
                Leer - Level 24 (Normal)
                Water Gun - Level 30 (Water)
                Agility - Level 37 (Psychic)
                Hydro Pump - Level 45 (Water)
          Seadra (Water)
                Bubble (Water)                      Surf
                Smoke Screen (Normal)               Water Gun
                Leer (Normal)                       Hydro Pump
                Water Gun (Water)                   Smokescreen
                Agility - Level 41 (Psychic)
                Hydro Pump - Level 52 (Water)
          Goldeen (Water)
                Peck (Flying)
                Tail Whip (Normal)
                Supersonic - Level 19 (Normal)
                Horn Attack - Level 24 (Normal)
                Fury Attack - Level 30 (Normal)
                Waterfall - Level 37 (Water)
                Horn Drill - Level 45 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 54 (Psychic)
          Seaking (Water)
                Peck (Flying)                       Peck
                Tail Whip (Normal)                  Horn Attack
                Supersonic (Normal)                 Waterfall
                Horn Attack (Normal)                Horn Drill
                Fury Attack (Normal)
                Waterfall - Level 39 (Water)
                Horn Drill - Level 48 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 54 (Psychic)
          Staryu (Water)
                Tackle (Normal)
                Water Gun - Level 17 (Water)
                Harden - Level 22 (Normal)
                Recover - Level 27 (Psychic)
                Swift - Level 32 (Normal)
                Minimize - Level 37 (Normal)
                Light Screen - Level 42 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 47 (Water)
          Starmie (Water/Psychic)                   Swift
                Tackle (Normal)                     Recover/Harden/Minimize
                Water Gun (Water)                   Water Gun
                Harden (Normal)                     Hydro Pump
          Mr. Mime (Psychic)
                Confusion (Psychic)                 Confusion
                Barrier (Normal)                    Barrier
                Light Screen - Level 23 (Normal)    Light screen
                Double Slap - Level 31 (Normal)     Substitute
                Meditate - Level 39 (Psychic)
                Substitute - Level 47 (Normal)
          Scyther (Bug/Flying)
                Quick Attack (Normal)               Slash
                Leer - Level 17 (Normal)            Double Team
                Focus Energy - Level 20 (Normal)    Swords Dance
                Double Team - Level 24 (Normal)     Quick Attack
                Slash - Level 29 (Normal)
                Swords Dance - Level 35 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 42 (Psychic)
          Jynx (Ice/Psychic)
                Pound (Normal)                      Pound
                Lovely Kiss (Normal)                Lovely Kiss
                Sing - Level 15 (Normal)            Ice Punch
                Double Slap - Level 23 (Normal)     Blizzard
                Ice Punch - Level 31 (Ice)
                Meditate - Level 39 (Psychic)
                Blizzard - Level 47 (Ice)
          Electabuzz (Electric)
                Quick Attack (Normal)               Quick Attack
                Leer (Normal)                       Thunderpunch
                Thundershock - Level 34 (Electric)  Thundershock
                Screech - Level 37 (Normal)         Thunder
                Thunderpunch - Level 42 (Electric)
                Light Screen - Level 49 (Normal)
                Thunder - Level 54 (Electric)
          Magmar (Fire)
                Ember (Fire)                        Fire Punch
                Leer - Level 36 (Normal)            Smog
                Confuse Ray - Level 39 (Ghost)      Flamethrower
                Fire Punch - Level 43 (Fire)        Confuse Ray
                Smoke Screen - Level 48 (Normal)
                Smog - Level 52(Poison)
                Flame Thrower - Level 55 (Fire)
          Pinsir (Bug)
                Vicegrip (Normal)                   Slash
                Seismic Toss - Level 25 (Fighting)  Seismic Toss
                Guillotine - Level 30 (Normal)      Guillotine
                Focus Energy - Level 36 (Normal)    Swords dance
                Harden - Level 43 (Normal)
                Slash - Level 49 (Normal)
                Swords Dance - Level 54 (Normal)
          Tauros (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Stomp
                Stomp - Level 21 (Normal)           Tackle
                Tail Whip - Level 28 (Normal)       Take Down
                Leer - Level 35 (Normal)            Counter
                Rage - Level 44 (Normal)
                Take Down - Level 51 (Normal)
          Magikarp (Water)
                Splash (Normal)
                Tackle - Level 15 (Normal)
          Gyarados (Water/Flying)
                Bite - Level 20 (Normal)            Bite
                Dragon Rage - Level 25 (Dragon)     Ice Beam
                Leer - Level 32 (Normal)            Hydro Pump
                Hydro Pump - Level 41 (Water)       Hyper Beam
                Hyper Beam - level 52 (Normal)
          Lapras (Water/Ice)
                Water Gun (Water)                   Body Slam
                Growl (Normal)                      Mist
                Sing - Level 16 (Normal)            Ice Beam
                Mist - Level 20 (Ice)               Hydro Pump
                Body Slam - Level 25 (Normal)
                Confuse Ray - Level 31 (Ghost)
                Ice Beam - Level 38 (Ice)
                Hydro Pump - Level 46 (Water)
          Ditto (Normal)
                Transform (Normal)
          Eevee (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Tackle
                Sand Attack (Normal)                Quick Attack
                Quick Attack - Level 27 (Normal)    Bite
                Tail Whip - Level 31 (Normal)       Take Down
                Bite - Level 37 (Normal)
                Take Down - level 45 (Normal)
          Vaporeon (Water)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Bite
                Sand Attack (Normal)                Water Gun
                Quick Attack - level 27 (Normal)    Hydro Pump
                Water Gun - Level 31 (Water)        Acid Armor/Mist/Haze
                Tail Whip - Level 37 (Normal)
                Bite - Level 40 (Normal)
                Acid Armor - Level 42 (Poison)
                Haze - Level 44 (Normal)
                Mist - Level 48 (Ice)
                Hydro Pump - Level 54 (Water)
          Jolteon (Electric)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Thundershock   
                Sand Attack (Normal)                Double Kick
                Quick Attack - Level 27 (Normal)    Thunder
                Thundershock - Level 31 (Electric)  Pin Missile
                Tail Whip - Level 37 (Normal)
                Thunderwave - Level 40 (Electric)
                Double Kick - Level 42 (Fighting)
                Agility - Level 44 (Psychic)
                Pin Missile - Level 48 (Bug)
                Thunder - Level 54 (Electric)
          Flareon (Fire)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Bite
                Sand Attack (Normal)                Ember
                Quick Attack - Level 27 (Normal)    Fire Spin
                Ember - Level 31 (Fire)             Flamethrower
                Tail Whip - Level 37 (Normal)
                Bite - Level 40 (Normal)
                Leer - Level 42(Normal)
                Fire Spin - level 44 (Fire)
                Rage - Level 48 (Normal)
                Flame Thrower - Level 54 (Fire)
          Porygon (Normal)
                Tackle (Normal)                     Psybeam
                Sharpen (Normal)                    Conversion
                Conversion (Normal)                 Tackle
                Psybeam - Level 23 (Psychic)        Tri Attack
                Harden - Level 28 (Normal)
                Agility - Level 35 (Psychic)
                Tri Attack - Level 42 (Normal)
          Omanyte (Rock/Water)
                Water Gun (Water)
                Withdraw (Water)
                Horn Attack - Level 34 (Normal)
                Leer - Level 39 (Normal)
                Spike Cannon - Level 46 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 53 (Water)
          Omastar (Rock/Water)
                Water Gun (Water)                   Horn Attack
                Withdraw (Water)                    Spike Cannon
                Horn Attack (Normal)                Water Gun
                Leer (Normal)                       Hydro Pump
                Spike Cannon - Level 44 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 49 (Water)
          Kabuto (Rock/Water)
                Scratch (Normal)
                Harden (Normal)
                Absorb - Level 34 (Grass)
                Slash - Level 39 (Normal)
                Leer - Level 44 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 49 (Water)
          Kabutops (Rock/Water)
                Scratch (Normal)                    Slash
                Harden (Normal)                     Absorb
                Absorb (Grass)                      Harden
                Slash (Normal)                      Hydro Pump
                Leer - Level 46 (Normal)
                Hydro Pump - Level 53 (Water)
          Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)
                Wing Attack (Flying)                Bite
                Agility (Psychic)                   Take Down
                Supersonic - level 33 (Normal)      Wing Attack
                Bite - Level 38 (Normal)            Hyper Beam
                Take Down - Level 45 (Normal)
                Hyper Beam - Level 54 (Normal)
          Snorlax (Normal)
                Headbutt (Normal)                   Body Slam
                Amnesia (Psychic)                   Double-edge/Amnesia
                Rest (Psychic)                      Rest
                Body Slam - Level 35 (Normal)       Hyper Beam
                Harden - Level 41 (Normal)
                Double Edge - Level 48 (Normal)
                Hyper Beam - Level 56 (Normal)
          Articuno (Ice/Flying)
                Peck (Flying)                       Peck
                Ice Beam (Ice)                      Ice Beam
                Blizzard - Level 51 (Ice)           Blizzard
                Agility - Level 55 (Psychic)        Mist
                Mist - Level 60 (Ice)
          Zapdos (Electric/Flying)
                Drill Peck (Flying)                 Drill Peck
                Thundershock (Electric)             Light Screen
                Thunder - Level 51 (Electric)       Thundershock
                Agility - Level 55 (Psychic)        Thunder
                Light Screen - Level 60 (Normal)
          Moltres (Fire/Flying)
                Peck (Normal)                       Peck
                Fire Spin (Fire)                    Leer
                Leer - Level 51 (Normal)            Fire Spin
                Agility - level 55 (Psychic)        Sky Attack
                Sky Attack - Level 60 (Flying)
          Dratini (Dragon)
                Wrap (Normal)
                Leer (Normal)
                Thunderwave - Level 10 (Electric)
                Agility - Level 20 (Psychic)
                Slam - Level 30 (Normal)
                Dragon Rage - Level 40 (Dragon)
                Hyper Beam - Level 50 (Normal)
          Dragonair (Dragon)
                Wrap (Normal)
                Leer (Normal)
                Thunderwave (Electric)
                Agility (Psychic)
                Slam - Level 35 (Normal)
                Dragon Rage - Level 45 (Dragon)
                Hyper Beam - Level 55 (Normal)
          Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)
                Wrap (Normal)                       Slam
                Leer (Normal)                       Thunder
                Thunderwave (Electric)              Blizzard
                Agility (Psychic)                   Hyper Beam
                Slam (Normal)
                Dragon Rage (Dragon)
                Hyper Beam - Level 60 (Normal)
          Mewtwo (Psychic)
                Confusion (Psychic)                 Swift
                Disable (Normal)                    Psychic
                Swift (Normal)                      Recover
                Barrier - Level 63 (Normal)         Mist
                Psychic - Level 66 (Psychic)
                Recover - Level 70 (Psychic)
                Mist - Level 75 (Ice)
                Amnesia - Level 80 (Psychic)
          Mew (Normal/Psychic)
                Pound (Normal)                      Mega Punch
                Transform (Normal)                  Transform
                Mega Punch - Level 20 (Normal)      Metronome
                Metronome - Level 30 (Normal)       Psychic
                Psychic - Level 40 (Psychic)
          Missingno. (Bird/Normal)
                Water Gun (Water)
                Water Gun (Water)
                Fissure (Ground)
                Sky Attack (Flying)
          Finally done!  That was the last part I needed to do in order to finish the FAQ, and here
    it is.
          Since many people don't know what certain abilities do, I'll list some of them here.
    Splash - Nothing.  This attack just proves how worthless Magikarp is.
    Mist - Apparently, this move protects you against attacks like Growl, Leer, and Tail Whip,
           along with status effects.
    Focus Energy - This move increases the chances of a critical hit.
          Since I just got the entire abilites list from Metroid Moo, this is pretty obsolete.
    I just want the KBs...
    The Gym Leaders and the Elite Four
                Brock uses Rock pokemon.  Normal pokemon won't make a dent in them.  At this point 
    in the game, you won't have a Fighting, Grass, Water, Ice, or Ground pokemon so this will be
    a tough battle unless you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur or have a high-level Charmander.  Bubble
    or Vine Whip should take his level 12 Geodude and level 14 Onix out in one hit.  When Onix uses
    Bide, don't attack him or he'll return the damage in double.  Just use Tail Whip or something.
    Whatever you do, don't use Pikachu!  You'll get Bide after defeating him.
                If you caught a Pikachu in the Viridian Forest, here is where it'll come in handy 
    against Misty's Water pokemon. The level 18 Staryu shouldn't be much of a problem, but the 
    level 21 Starmie could wipe out your Pikachu with Bubblebeam if its levels are too low.  Beating
    her gets you a Cascadebadge and the Bubblebeam TM.  Note: Make sure your Pikachu is at least
    Level 18 so it can survive Bubblebeam.
          Lt. Surge
                Be sure to catch a Diglett or Dugtrio for this battle.  Lt. Surge has a Voltorb,
    Pikachu, and Raichu in that order.  Diglett and Dugtrio are immune to electric attacks, so
    just keep on using the Dig attack.  Lt. Surge has a Voltorb, Pikachu, and a Raichu.  You get
    Thunderbolt after defeating him.
                Depending on the version, bring along either a Growlithe or a Vulpix.  Your hard
    work in raising a Charmander (if you chose it) will pay off against Erika.  Erika uses Grass
    pokemon.  She has a Tangela, Vileplume, and a Victreebell.  Not too difficult.  After, you'll
    get Mega Drain.
                (Sabrina is accessable earlier but her pokemon are stronger the Koga's)
                Koga uses pokemon with sleeping, paralyzing, and poisoning abilities.  A Kadabra
    or Hypno is put to good use here.  I forgot what pokemon he has.  Bring along someone with
    Swift in case one of his pokemon does Minimize.  You'll get Toxic for beating him, which causes 
    more and more damage each turn.
                Since Psychic pokemon have few weaknesses, just hit them with all you have.  She
    has a Kadabra, Venomoth, Alakazam, and a Mr. Mime.  I used a level 36 Snorlax for this battle.
    Psychic pokemon have low defense, so it just Body Slammed them and survived the Psybeams.  If
    you don't have a Snorlax, a high leveled Parasect is a good choice.  Once you beat her, she'll
    give you Psywave.
                Blaine's not as tough as Sabrina is because his pokemon have a distinct weakness:
    Water.  There are plenty of water pokemon.  He has a Ponyta, Rapidash, Arcanine, and Growlithe.
    Blastoise can beat them all with one surf.  Beat him, and he'll give you Fire Blast.  A Seaking
    with Waterfall can work as well.
                This trainer uses ground pokemon and a few rock pokemon also.  It's not a good idea
    to use birds, Water or Ice is more effective.  He/She has a Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhydon, and
    Kangaskahn (I think. I'm doing this from memory).  You get Fissure from beating him/her.
          THE ELITE FOUR
          The Elite Four are the toughest trainers in the game.  They are Lorelei (Ice), Bruno
    (Rock and Fighting), Agatha (Ghost and Poison), and Lance (Dragon) in that order.  After
    beating them, you will fight Gary for the final time.  The pokemon you are going to use should
    be at least level 40.  Articuno will be a big help, as will Venusaur.  Their pokemon are all
    above level 50.
          Electric ----> Lorelei                   Jolteon/Zapdos/Raichu
          Grass/Poison ----> Bruno                 Venusaur/Victreebel/Vileplume
          Psychic ----> Agatha                     Hypno/Alakazam/Mewtwo
          Ice ----> Lance                          Articuno/Lapras/Jynx
          And two of your best spare pokemon, preferably a Water and a Ghost.
                Lorelei will start out with a Dewgong.  A level 40 Raichu should do the job with
    three Thunderbolts.  Next is a Cloyster, another one for Raichu.  By now, Raichu have been
    hurt by and Aurora Beam or two, so be sure to give him a Full Restore when he's below half
    HP.  Next is a Slowbro.  All it will do is Withdraw most of the time, so Raichu should be able
    to beat him.  Jynx is next.  Jynx is tough (watch out for Thrash and Ice Punch) unless you 
    have a Fire pokemon with you, or any pokemon above level 50.  Next is Lapras, her strongest
    pokemon.  Lapras can be tough or a pushover depending on your levels.  Lapras will confuse you 
    and continuously use Body Slam, Blizzard, or Ice Beam.  A level 40 Raichu should have fainted
    by now, so bring in a Gyarados and use Dragon Rage.  Dragon Rage shouldn't do that much damage
    but it will do more damage than Bite or Hydro Pump will.  If this still doesn't work, bring in
    your own Lapras to confuse it.  You should have won.  Now, heal your pokemon and head to the
    next room.  Note: Fire pokemon may be good against Ice pokemon, but almost all of Lorelei's
    pokemon is part water.  Grass attacks are put to good use here.  A weird thing happened to me.
    When my own Lapras forgot Confuse Ray (for Hydro Pump), Lorelei's Lapras also forgot it.
                Bruno's a joke if you're using Venusaur.  First is an Onix, one Razor Leaf should
    be enough.  Next is Hitmonchan.  Watch out for Hitmonchan's Ice Punch, but you should be able
    to beat him too with one Razor Leaf.  Same with Hitmonlee.  Next is another Onix, yet another
    target for Razor Leaf.  Finally is Bruno's best pokemon, Machamp.  It will take two Razor Leafs
    or one Solarbeam, either way it doesn't pose a threat.  A Hypno with Dream Eater will also do 
    the job, as will Blastoise with Hydro Pump or Surf.  On to the next room...
                Agatha can be tough if you're not prepared.  A level 40 Alakazam might get the job
    done, but don't count on it (two Night Shades will kill it).  If your Alakazam fails, just use
    your spare pokemon (as long as they aren't Normal or Fighting).  Agatha can switch around her
    pokemon.  She has a Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Arbok, and Gengar, in that order.  She'll 
    continually switch her pokemon around, and confuse you.  Once you finish here, you come to your 
    final challenge.  I hope your Articuno or Lapras is still healthy.  Once you get Mewtwo, 
    Agatha's pokemon are a cakewalk.  Again, a Hypno with Dream Eater will make this an easy battle.
    Agatha is one of the most annoying trainers if you're goal is building up pokemon.
                Lance uses a level 58 Gyarados, then a pair of level 56 Dragonairs, a level 60
    Aerodactyl, then finally his all-powerful level 62 Dragonite.  Articuno should finish the first
    four pokemon up with one Ice Beam and the last one with a Blizzard.  Don't hesitate, because
    two successful Hyper Beams will kill your Articuno.  Unless your Articuno is at a high level,
    Gyrados will take two Ice Beams beat.  If you don't have an Articuno, just use the pokemon you
    gave Ice Beam to, or use Lapras.  Another strategy: use a high leveled Chansey with Toxic.
    Have Chansey poison each pokemon, and withstand their attacks and heal itself with Reflect and
    Softboiled.  Note: Psychic attacks (except from Mewtwo) won't exactly deal too much damage, so
    stick with Ice if you have it.
          Did you win? Congrats, but there's one more trainer and that's Gary.  He'll battle you
    with six powerful pokemon against whatever you have left after the Elite Four (did I mention
    you have to fight them without heading back to heal?).
                Gary has six strong pokemon.  The last three depend on what he chose in the start.
    He starts off with a Pidgeot.  A Thunderbolt or Ice Beam will finish it in one (or two) hits.
    Next, he'll bring out his level 59 Alakazam.  I used a high level Chansey for this battle
    and kept on using Solarbeam.  Eventually, Alakazam was brought down.  Just use the strongest
    pokemon you have.  Next is Rhydon, another victim to Ice Beam.  If he chose Bulbasaur in the
    start, he'll bring out a Gyarados.  Gyarados can be easily beaten with Raichu or Articuno.
    Arcanine's not too hard (it'll keep on using Roar), just use a strong water pokemon.  Finally,
    he'll send in his level 65 Venusaur.  Venusaur is easily toasted with an Ice Beam.  If he chose
    Charmander in the beginning, he'll have an Exeggutor and a Gyarados.  Exeggcute can be taken out
    with Fire Blast, while Gyarados is victim to Electric.  Or, just use a Blizzard for each.  
    Charizard's really easy, just use any good water pokemon you have.  Or, just use a Dragonite
    to beat all of them with Hyper Beam.
    	Submitted by: Shade8284 
    	If you have a Hitmonlee at about level 65, use Meditate 5 times (Hopefully, Dewgong will 
    rest), then use a Kick.  Kick Lorelei's other Pokémon down too.  Bruno, kick his too.  This is 
    one of the easiest ways to defeat the first 2 of the Elite!!!
          You have beaten the game!  But you still have to catch Mewtwo and all other pokemon you
    Catching the Rare (and a few hard to get) Pokemon
                You'll have to catch these with Great Balls (or skip one and catch the other with
    an Ultra Ball), which makes them harder than the rare birds.  The best strategy is to have a 
    medium level Butterfree continually use Sleep Powder and Confusion, and when needed, Tackle.
    When he has the least amount of HP left, is asleep, and confused, throw your Great Ball.
    Putting him to sleep also prevents him from healing himself.
                Articuno isn't too hard, but is impossible to catch if you don't prepare first.
    The best strategy is to use Lapras to Confuse and Body Slam Articuno, and then throw the Ultra
    Ball.  Articuno will probably become paralyzed from the Body Slams.  Another strategy is to
    use Fire Blast twice to weaken and burn him, then switch to a weak pokemon and tackle away.
                Use Articuno to do one Ice Beam to lower his HP a lot and possibly freeze him.  
    Then use a weak pokemon and Tackle away until he's down to nothing.  Then switch to Hypno and
    hypnotize him.  You should be able to capture him.  Make sure to hypnotize him _after_ he is
                Moltres is the easiest to catch.  Just use the same strategy as above.  Moltres
    isn't very dangerous; all he has is Fire Spin and Peck.  A surf should be enough to weaken him
    severely, then finish off with a lot of Super Fangs.
    Safari Zone Pokemon
                Chansey appears infrequently in the Safari Zone and in the Unknown Dungeon.  In the
    Safari Zone, the best way to catch him is by throwing Safari Balls at it.  It's more tricky
    in the dungeon.  I ran into two Chanseys: One at level 56 and the other at 64.  Since I just
    caught Mewtwo with the Master Ball, I used one swift to get him down to 1/4 HP.  Then I 
    switched to Gyarados and used Bite twice.  He had a notch of HP left, so I couldn't catch him.
    But I waited, and he kept on using Double Edge which did about 12 HP of damage to Gyarados.
    Slowly his HP was down to one tiny bar.  Then I threw the Ultra Ball.  Fail.  He did six more
    Double Edges and then I threw my second Ball.  Another fail.  He did one more.  I threw my last
    Ultra Ball and caught him.  But it's still easier to catch him in the Dungeon, because in the
    Safari Zone he keeps running away...  But in the end, it's more rewarding the catch a low level
    Chansey which would end up becoming stronger that the high level Chansey.
                Pinsir's very difficult to catch.  Throw a Rock, then a Ball.  He'll usually run
    away after the rock, so keep trying...
                Scyther is also difficult to catch.  Throw a Rock and then a Ball, same with Pinsir.
                A lot of people seem to have trouble with Tauros.  He's more rare than Chansey, but
    slightly easier to catch.  Throwing a Bait or Rock is too risky, so just keep throwing Balls.
                This one's easy.  Throw four or five Baits, then a Safari Ball.
                Dratini will stick around longer than most of the other rare pokemon in the Safari
    Zone, but isn't easy to catch.  Keep throwing Balls, and eventually...
                I wouldn't know, I caught him with a Master Ball.
    Battle Chart
          Since I don't really want to draw the whole chart thing, I'll just list the advantages
    and disadvantages.
    Normal --- Nothing special here.  The best of this type is probably... Snorlax?  I can't think
               of a good Normal pokemon now, there's probably something better.
       Rock, Ghost
    Fire --- Fire Blast and Flamethrower are strong attacks, but exactly how many Bug, Ice, and
             Grass pokemon are you going to fight in the wild?  Metapod, Weedle, Oddish?  There's
             not many more.  The best fire pokemon is either Rapidash or Charizard.  Moltres just
             plain sucks.  I wouldn't know about Flareon, I don't have one.  Fire Pokémon usually
             have high Attack and everything else is average.
       Grass, Ice, Bug
       Fire, Water, Rock, Dragon
       Fire, Grass, Ice, Bug
       Water, Ground, Rock
    Water --- A common type, their attacks are pretty powerful.  The best water pokemon are
              Blastoise, Vaporeon, and Gyarados.  Water Pokémon have low attack power and high 
              defense (usually).
       Fire, Ground, Rock
       Water, Electric, Grass, Dragon
       Fire, Water, Ice
       Electric, Grass
    Electric --- A more defensive type.  Electric attacks aren't too great, but being Electric
                 gives them a huge defensive advantage.  The best electric pokemon are Raichu,
                 Jolteon, and Zapdos.  Electric Pokémon tend to have low attack and defense, and
                 high special and speed.
       Water, Flying
       Electric, Grass, Ground, Dragon
       Water, Electric, Flying
    Grass --- The Grass type itself is more useful than the attacks that come with it.  Grass
              attacks cause decent amounts of damage but are ineffective against six types.
              The best grass pokemon are Exeggcutor, Victrybell, Vileplume, and Venusaur.  Grass
              Pokémon usually have low speed.
       Water, Ground, Rock
       Fire, Grass, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon
       Water, Electric, Grass, Ground
       Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug
    Ice --- The only pokemon with an offensive advantage over Dragon.  Ice attacks are good against
            almost everything.  However, most ice pokemon are part water, which gives them an extra
            defensive weakness against Electric, Grass, and more.  Articuno is obviously the best
            ice pokemon, but Lapras and Jynx are both pretty good.  Ice Pokémon always have high
       Grass, Ground, Flying, Rock, Dragon
       Fire, Water, Ice
       Fire, Fighting, Rock
    Fighting --- Good pokemon for taking out Normal types like Snorlax.  Later on, their attacks
                 become less useful.  The best fighting pokemon are Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and
                 Machamp.  Fighting Pokémon have high attack and speed, and low special and
       Normal, Ice, Rock
       Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Ghost
       Bug, Rock
       Flying, Psychic
    Poison --- One of the most common types.  Not that great, considering that their advantages,
               Grass and Bug, are usually part poison.  The best _pure_ poison pokemon are Weezing
               and Arbok (Team Rocket!), though I'm pretty sure there are some better ones.  Poison
               Pokémon always seem to have low special.
       Grass, Bug
       Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost
       Grass, Fighting, Ground
       Ground, Psychic
    Ground --- Ground attacks are strong, be sure to have a ground pokemon with you.  Sandslash and
               Dugtrio are pretty good.  Ground Pokémon have low Special and high Attack.
       Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock
       Grass, Flying, Bug
       Electric, Poison, Rock
       Water, Grass, Ice
    Flying --- These pokemon are good for taking out Ground, Grass, and Bug pokemon.  Their value
               decreases midway through the game.  There are no pure flying pokemon (Pidgey and
               Spearow are part Normal for some reason), but the Legendary Birds are the best.
               Flyers probably have low special.
       Grass, Fighting, Bug
       Electric, Rock
       Grass, Fighting, Ground, Bug
       Electric, Ice, Rock
    Psychic --- Psychic pokemon are very powerful and have few weaknesses.  Mewtwo, Alakazam, and
                Hypno are the strongest psychic pokemon.  Psychic Pokémon have very high special
                and low defense.
       Fighting, Poison
       Fighting, Psychic
       Bug, Ghost
    Bug --- The only pokemon that have a true advantage over psychic.  The downside: Most Bugs with
            Bug attacks are part poison also.  Scyther, Pinsir, and Parasect are the best bugs, but
            Venomoth, Butterfree, and Beedrill are ok too.  
       Grass, Psychic, Poison
       Fire, Fighting, Flying
       Grass, Fighting, Ground
       Fire, Poison, Flying, Rock
    Rock --- Rock attacks aren't very accurate, but are effective against many types.  Defensively,
             an attack will basically either kill it or do barely anything at all.  Golem is the
             #1 Rock pokemon.  Rhydon is just too vulnerable to attacks.
       Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug
       Fighting, Ground
       Normal, Fire, Poison, Flying
       Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Ground
    Ghost --- Can easily beat Fighting pokemon.  There are basically no true Ghost attacks that
              cause a decent amount of damage.  Obviously, Gengar is the best ghost pokemon.
              Ghosts are _very_ annoying with Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, and Night Shade,
              especially when you're battling with friends.
       Normal, Fighting, Poison
    Dragon --- The ultimate pokemon type.  An Ice pokemon can beat these in one hit, however.
               Dragonite is the best.  As their power increases, so does their weaknesses.
       Fire, Water, Electric, Grass
       Ice, Dragon
    The Best Team
          This is basically just filler, but maybe you'd like to know...
    The 25 Best Pokemon (in no particular order)
    Blastoise - Probably the best Water pokemon in the game.  Has strong Attack, Defense, and
                Special power, and is unstoppable with Hydro Pump.
    Venusaur - The best Grass pokemon.  A little bit more unbalanced than Blastoise, but still
               very powerful with Solar Beam.
    Charizard - Not as good as Blastoise and Venusaur, but can still put up a fight with its high
                Attack power, Slash, and Flamethrower attacks.
    Vaporeon - Another great Water pokemon.  It learns many attacks.
    Jolteon - The #1 Electric pokemon, mainly because it also gets an advantage over Psychic and
              Normal and Ice and Rock and Grass pokemon with Twineedle.
    Flareon - Again, not as good as Vaporeon or Jolteon.  It is still a superior pokemon however.
    Articuno - No doubt the best Ice pokemon.  It has powerful attacks and high Special power,
               which utilizes its powerful Ice Beam and Blizzard.
    Zapdos - Zapdos might be the best Legendary Bird.  Fast and strong, Thunder is usually a
             one hit KO.
    Moltres - Not all that great at first, but is excellent once it learns Sky Attack.  It should
              have Flamethrower, but it's stuck with Fire Spin.
    Mewtwo - The ultimate pokemon.  Nothing can beat this one.
    Snorlax - A few Body Slams from him will bring almost any pokemon down.
    Dragonite - Maybe the second best pokemon in the game.  Can defeat most enemies with Hyper Beam.
    Rhydon - The best Rock pokemon.  Normal attacks won't make a dent in it.
    Hitmonlee - Is the best fighting pokemon because of its variety of fighting attacks.
    Hitmonchan - Appears better on paper, but Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Thunder Punch amount to
                 nothing because of its low Special power.  Still packs a punch however.
    Alakazam - Psychic pokemon can beat about anything, and Alakazam's one of the best.
    Machoke - A good fighting pokemon.  It can wipe out almost anything with Mega Punch.
    Butterfree - The fixer-upper pokemon.  It doesn't have any good attacks besides Psybeam, but
                 its stats give Butterfree the potential to be a great pokemon with the help of
    Venomoth - Not much to say here, Venomoth has very powerful attacks compared to Butterfree.
    Victrybell - Petal Dance is a strong attack, and Victrybell makes the best use of it.
    Vileplume - Solar Beam can easily dispose of most pokemon, and Gloom will learn it.
    Lapras - Lapras's range of attacks, high Special, Attack, and Defense power make this a
             dangerous pokemon to fight against.
    Gyarados - Though Gyarados was snubbed of the "Dragon" type it deserved, it still is a strong,
               versatile pokemon.  Bite can deal lots of damage, Dragon Rage deals a dependable
               40 HP per use, Hydro Pump is practically a one-hit KO, and Hyper Beam is the ultimate
    Aerodactyl - Extremely fast and strong.  Take Down can nail anyone, and Aerodactyl will almost
                 always get the first hit.  Hyper Beam is also very powerful.
    Kabutops - Has reliable attacks, high stats, and is a good pokemon defensively.
    Team #1: If you have every Pokémon and want an unstoppable team, use this one.
    Articuno       Beats Dragon, Bug, Flying, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Rock
    Jolteon        Beats Psychic, Water, Normal, Flying
    Flareon        Beats Grass, Ice, Bug
    Blastoise      Beats Fire, Ground, Rock
    Mewtwo         Beats Ghost, Fighting, Poison
    Dragonite      Beats Dragon
    Team #2: If you don't like using the Legendary Birds or Mewtwo, and can't get all of the
             starters or Eevee evolutions, use this excellent team.  None of these Pokémon are
             rare or even hard to find.
    Dugtrio        Beats Fire, Rock, Electric, Poison
    Raichu         Beats Water, Flying
    Hypno          Beats Ghost, Fighting, Poison
    Jynx           Beats Grass, Ground, Flying, Rock, Dragon
    Golem          Beats Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug
    Beedrill       Beats Grass, Bug, Psychic, Poison
    Team #3: If you're midway through the game and can't beat a certain trainer, this team will
             work well.
    Butterfree     Beats Poison, Ghost, Fighting
    Vulpix         Beats Grass, Ice, Bug
    Sandshrew      Beats Fire, Rock, Electric, Poison
    Drowzee        Beats Fighting, Ghost, Poison
    Ivysaur        Beats Water, Ground, Rock, Grass, Bug
    Gyarados       Beats Fire, Ground, Rock 
    Team #4: If you've just started out, this is the team to go with.
    Squirtle       Beats Fire, Ground, Rock
    Pikachu        Beats Water, Flying
    Ratatta        Beats nothing
    Pidgey         Beats Bug, Ground, Grass, Fighting
    Butterfree     Beats Poison, Ghost, Fighting
    Jigglypuff     Beats nothing
          Each of these are of different elements, which give them an advantage over every type,
    except for Normal...
    Personal Favorite: Chansey
    	Chansey has low DF and AT, but makes up for it with good Special power and incredibly
    high HP.  Bide and Psychic will make this Pokémon nearly unstoppable.
    Personal Favorite #2: Marowak
          Though I just think Cubone is cooler than the other Pokémon, both Cubone and Marowak
    are excellent Ground Pokémon.  Their defense makes up for their lack of HP, and they can
    cause some damage with Bone Club and Bonemerang.
    The Worst Pokemon
    The 5 Worst Pokemon (in no particular order)
    Magikarp - Is basically useless, but evolves into the powerful Gyarados.
    Voltorb - Extremely weak and defenseless, and has low HP.
    Magnemite - The next useless Electric Pokemon.  Suffers from the same problems.
    Ditto - Because of its low HP and Defense, Ditto usually never gets the chance to Transform.
    Psyduck - It never learns anything worthwhile until it gets a chance to evolve.
    Since I resetted my game, now I can add more detail to this section.
    Pallet Town
          You'll start off in your hometown.  Professor Oak is nowhere to be seen, but go into the
    grassy area and he'll come running.  He'll bring you back to his lab.  Now, you can choose your
    starting pokemon.  You have a choice between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.  Once you
    pick one, Gary (your rival) will pick the pokemon that has the advantage over what you chose.  
    He'll challenge you to a fight.  Basically, just keep on tackling (or scratching) and you'll 
    win. Now, go to your house to heal your pokemon.  Head north to Viridian City.  You'll come 
    across Pidgeys and Rattatas.  You can't catch them now, but you can fight them to gain 
    Minimum Level: 5
    Viridian City
          When you get here, heal your pokemon at the Pokecenter.  Now, go to the Pokemart.  The
    storekeeper will give you Professor Oak's parcel.  Return to Pallet Town and give Oak the
    Parcel.  He'll give you and Gary a Pokedex.  Now, return to Viridian and buy a few Pokeballs.
    Go back and catch a Pidgey and Rattata.  You should also catch a male and female Nidoran to the
    east, where you can also battle Gary again.  There's nothing left to do here until later, so 
    just head north.  Along the way, pick up a Caterpie or Weedle depending on your version.  Build
    them to the Metapod or Kakuna stage before leaving.
    Minimum Level: 6
    Viridian Forest
          You can fight Bug catchers here, and you can also catch a Weedle, Caterpie, Kakuna,
    Metapod, and Pikachu.  You don't need to catch Kakuna and Metapod, just build up your Weedle,
    Caterpie, Pikachu, Rattata, Pidgey, and starting pokemon evenly.  When you're finished here, 
    head north again to Pewter City.  It'll take a while before you find Pikachu, so be patient.
    Metapods and Kakunas give pretty good experience and don't attack, so now is a great time to
    build up levels.
    Minimum Level: 8
    Pewter City
          You can't leave until you beat Brock, the gym leader.  Build up your starting pokemon
    to a high level, you'll need it.  If you have Charmander, it better be at a high level, or
    you should have a level 12 Butterfree that has learned Confusion.  For Squirtle and
    Bulbasaur, this battle will be a cinch.  When you're finished here, head east and you'll run
    into a bunch of trainers.  This is a good opportunity to build up your pokemon's levels.
    After a while, you should reach Mt. Moon.  Be sure to catch a Spearow and Jigglypuff in the
    patch of grass before the cave.  Sing is especially useful at this point in the game.
    Minimum Level: 10
    Mt. Moon
          Bring along Pidgey and Spearow because there are quite a lot of Zubats here.  Catch a 
    Zubat, Geodude, Clefairy, and Paras here.  Clefairy is hard to find, so if you see one, catch 
    it.  Before you leave, make sure you have picked up the Moon Stone, a fossil, and Rare Candy 
    here.  There is a hidden Moon Stone here, but you can come back and get it later.  You'll fight 
    a lot of trainers in here, mainly Rockets.  One Rocket will have a Raticate, so be prepared or 
    it'll Hyper Fang your pokemon to death.  You should find the exit in a little while.  If you're
    having trouble, here are some directions.  Go west after the exit to go get some items.  Beat
    the trainers and head east.  Go into every ladder, they lead to trainers and items.  Look
    around the east section and you'll find a passage leading west, which has a big room with a
    Moon Stone and a Hiker.  Defeat the Hiker and go down into the next section.  You're on your
    own until I get further!  It's not that hard, I'm sure you'll find your way.  It's not that
    hard.  Also, be sure to have a Pikachu with you.  It'll be useful against all the Zubats.
    Minimum Level: 13
    Cerulean City
          This gym is owned by Misty.  Once you beat her, head north and fight Gary.  He'll have
    a few tough pokemon, but doesn't pose too much of a threat.  Your Pidgey and starting pokemon
    should have evolved by now.  Once you beat all the trainers on Nugget Bridge, you'll get
    a nugget (surprise).  Sell it for $5000.  In a patch of grass to the left, you can catch Oddish
    or Bellsprout and an Abra.  Catch two Abras.  Catch Abra by throwing a Poke Ball immediately.
    Now go east and fight all the trainers until you reach the Sea Cottage.  Help Bill become
    human again, and he'll give you an S.S Anne ticket.  There's also a rumor that if you give him
    an Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon, he'll give you pokemon #152!  Remember that house
    that was blocked by a police officer?  The police officer has moved.  Go through the house and
    fight the Team Rocket gang member.  He'll give you TM 28 (Dig).  Head south and you'll get
    access to the Daycare Center!  You can also catch Meowth or Mankey in this area.  Go through
    the tunnel and head to Vermillion.  Be warned about the Daycare Center: pokemon can't evolve
    there and probably won't reach their full potential.  For now, just leave your Magikarp here.
    Oh yeah, and the above rumor about pokemon #152 has been proven false, so don't try it.
    Minimum Level: 16
    Vermillion City
          First, get the Old Rod from the Fishing Guru.  You can catch Magikarp with it.  Then,
    enter the S.S Anne and fight all the trainers, Gary, and pick up the items here.  Talk to the
    captain and "rub" his back.  He'll thank you and give you the Cut HM.  It allows you to cut
    down grass or bushes.  Teach it to a Grass pokemon and head to Diglett's Cave.  You can go
    further to the right, but the path is blocked by Snorlax.  For now, catch a Drowzee in the grass
    and a Diglett from Diglett's cave.  Head to the Gym.  You'll have to go do this weird game in
    which you guess which trash can has a switch.  When you get it, you can fight Lt. Surge.  If you
    got the Bike Voucher from the Pokemon Fan Club, head back to Cerulean and pick up your bike.
    With the bike, you can zip through Diglett's cave.  Catch Diglett here, and beware of Dugtrio.
    Dugtrio can kill your pokemon in one hit.  You can catch it now if you want.  One tip: use a
    Diglett against it.  You may be tempted to use a flying Pokémon like Pidgeotto and Fearow, but
    a few scratches will kill them, at least from a level 31 Dugtrio.
    Minimum Level: 18
    Rock Tunnel
          Before entering the Rock Tunnel, you should get the Flash HM from Professor Oak's aide.
    Teach it to Voltorb, which you'll find a little later.  You can trade your extra Abra for a
    Mr. Mime here.  You can also get a Moon stone and HP up if you head south.  Now, you can
    pick up the Old Amber at the back of the Museum.  Head to the Rock Tunnel using Cut.  Catch
    an Onix and Machop here.  There are many Pokemaniacs here.  Bring an escape rope and someone
    with Flash to light this place up.  You'll find the exit after a while.  You may not even
    need flash.  If you're not using a Game Boy Color, just turn up the contrast to the lightest
    point and you should find your way through.  You can't see the trainers, though.  It'll be a
    long time before you reach the end and you might need to go back to heal your Pokémon.
    Minimum Level: 20
    Lavender Town
          You'll have to fight a few trainers after the Rock Tunnel.  Go to the Pokemon Center and
    heal your pokemon.  You can enter pokemon tower and fight the channelers and Gary there, but you
    can't identify the pokemon yet.  You can either go south through Silence Bridge up until the
    Snorlax, or you can take the Underground path to Celadon City.
    Minimum Level: 22
    Celadon City
          Catch a Vulpix or Growlithe slightly to the east of Celadon City.  There's a lot to do
    here.  First, go to the giant Pokemart and buy some supplies and collect the Counter TM.  Go to
    the top level and buy four drinks: Three for the little girl and one for the guard, who'll let
    you through if you do so.  The girl will give you valuable TMs for every type of drink you get
    her.  You may also want to buy a few drinks for yourself; they give a lot of healing.  You can
    visit Game Freaks Inc., but there's nothing to do there right now, but go through the back
    entrance and get Eevee.  Go to the Diner and talk to everyone.  Someone will give you a Coin 
    Case and a bunch of people will hint at a hidden door in the Rocket Game Corner.  Go the Game
    Corner and pick up coins off the ground.  Pull the switch on the poster and you can now enter
    the Game Corner's basement.  Wander around until you find the Rocket Member who has the Lift
    Key.  Beat him and get it after he drops it.  Find Giovanni and beat him.  He'll give you the
    Silph Scope, which allows you to identify the Ghost pokemon in Lavender Town.  There are a few
    other places around here, such as the hotel, but I don't think there's anything to do there.
    Use Cut to get to Erika's gym and beat her.  Now you can finally leave Celadon.  Return to
    Lavender Town.  At the top of Pokemon Tower, you'll find Mr. Fuji.  He'll give you the Pokeflute
    which will wake up the sleeping Snorlaxes which prevent you from going to Fuchsia.  Now that you
    have the Pokeflute, you have three choices: 1)Go to Saffron City  2)Go to Fuchsia City by going
    through Silence Bridge  or 3) Go to Fuchsia City by going through Cycling Road.  The easiest and
    fastest way is through Cycling Road.  For now, go to Fuchsia through Cycling Road, unless you
    want to gain experience and fight the trainers on Silence Bridge.
    Minimum Level: 24
    The Road to Fuchsia
          If you go west from Celadon, you'll find a Snorlax blocking the way.  Ignore him for now
    and cut the bush above you.  In the grass you can catch a Doduo.  Go through the secret entrance
    in the back to get the Fly HM.  Now you can fight the Snorlax.  There's only two, so catch it.
    Now you can go to Cycling Road and fight the bikers here.  Most have Grimers, so use Psychic
    pokemon.  The slope automatically takes you south.  You'll eventually reach Fuchsia City.
    Someone will offer to give you a Tangela for Venonat, but it's better to catch it south of
    Pallet Town, because if you trade for it it'll come with a stupid name: Crinkles.  Also,
    someone is willing to give you Likitung for Slowbro.  You probably don't have a Slowbro yet,
    so come back later.
          The other route is the long way, through Silence Bridge.  There are a few items here only
    accessable by Surfing, which you don't have yet.  Fight all the fisherman and trainers here.
    You might have to head back to the Pokecenter after a while.  Eventually you'll reach the second
    Snorlax.  Catch it and continue heading southwest.  There are lots of items and trainers.
    You'll finally reach Fuchsia after going through a small maze of trainers.  Pick up Ditto and
    Venonat in the grass east of town.
    Minimum Level: 27
    Fuchsia City
          The first thing to do here is head straight to the Safari Zone.  You can catch Chanseys,
    Tauroses, Kangaskahns, Nidorinas, Dratinis, Nidorinos, Exeggcutes, Psyducks, Krabbys, female
    Nidorans, male Nidorans, Parasects, Doduos, Parases, Slowpokes, Venonats, Venomoths, Rhyhorns 
    and more.  You can also find tons of items.  You should get the Warden's Teeth and find the 
    Secret House in order to get the Surf HM and Strength HM.  After you have your fun in the 
    Safari Zone, head to the gym and fight Koga.  Once you beat him, you'll have another three
    choices: 1)Head to Saffron City  2)Head to Cinnabar Island  and 3)Head to the Seafoam Islands.
    Before leaving, get the Super Rod and get Goldeen or Seaking behind a house.
    Minimum Level: 30
    Saffron City
          To enter the city, give the guards a drink from Celadon City.  Before entering the Silph 
    Co., you should go to the un-blocked Gym.  A Haunter or Gengar will cream all of the pokemon 
    there.  Once you best the trainers there, you'll have a choice of Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee.  
    Once this is done, go into the Silph Co.  Immediately go to the fifth floor and after a bit of 
    wandering aimlessly, you'll find the card key.  It gets kind of confusing after a while, but 
    eventually you'll run into Gary.  Gary has really strong pokemon (level 35-45).  Once you beat 
    him, talk to the guy to the left and he'll give you Lapras.  Soon you'll find Giovanni.  Beat 
    him and the president of Silph Co. will give you a Master Ball.  The Master Ball will catch 
    pokemon 100% of the time.  Use it wisely!  The Gym will open, but first give a Pokedoll to the 
    Copycat.  She'll give you the Mimic TM.  This gym uses psychic pokemon.  Once you beat Sabrina,
    you should Surf down to the Seafoam Islands.  Make sure you got the Psychic TM before leaving. 
    Chansey or Butterfree would be a good choice (I made the mistake of teaching it to Kadabra).
    Minimum Level: 34
    Seafoam Islands
          Articuno is somewhere around here, so bring lots of Ultra Balls and a level 40 Lapras.
    You can catch a lot of water pokemon here, including Seel and Slowbro.  You'll come across
    two holes and a bunch of boulders.  Push a boulder in each hole and drop down.  Surf up and
    you'll find Articuno.  Refer to the "Catching Rare Pokemon" section above on how to catch him.
    From here, you can find the exit or just go back out the entrance.
    Minimum Level: 36
    Cinnabar Island
          There's not a lot to do here (just a lab, mart, center, mansion, and gym).  Get here by
    Surfing south from Pallet Town.  Go through the mansion to learn about Mew and Mewtwo and get
    the secret key.  After that, go to the lab to exchange the fossils you got earlier for
    rare pokemon.  Head to the gym and beat Blaine, the leader.  Once you're done, you can go
    to the Power Plant to catch Zapdos!
    Minimum Level: 38
    Power Plant
          Most of the items here are actually Electrodes, so be careful.  You can catch Magnemite
    and Electabuzz here also.  In a few minutes you will find Zapdos, the second legendary bird
    (hence the name "Zap-dos". Dos, two, get it? Aw, never mind).  Don't leave until you get the
    Thunder TM.  Teach it to Electrode or Magneton if you want, but I taught it to one of my vast
    collection of Chanseys.  Electrode and Magneton suck anyway, and Pikachu, Jolteon, and Zapdos
    already learn it.
    Minimum Level: 30
    Return to Viridian City
          Remember that gym that was closed back in the beginning of the game?  Well, it's now
    opened.  The leader?  I won't tell you.  But he uses Ground pokemon.  Once you're finished,
    bring a pokemon with Surf and one with Strength.  Go east to the pokemon league headquarters.
    You'll run into Gary again.  The only one that'll give you trouble is the Alakazam.  Beat him 
    and continue heading west.  In a while, you'll come across the Pokemon League HQ.
    Minimum Level: 39
    Pokemon League HQ
          Just go through and show your badges to the guards.  You can catch some good pokemon in
    the grass, but just move on through.  Bring someone with Strength and Surf.
    Minimum Level: 39
    Victory Road
          There are tough puzzles, pokemon, and trainers here, and plenty of items.  The final
    legendary bird, Moltres, is a short distance away from the exit.  Be sure to pick up all of the
    valuable TMs.  Bring along a Water pokemon with Surf, there's lots of Onix here.  You'll need
    someone with Strength.  There are Venomoths, Onixes, Geodudes, Gravelers, Dittos, etc.
    Minimum Level: 40
    Indigo Plateau
          Before entering the door leading to the Elite Four, be sure you're ready.  Buy 4-6 Full
    Restores, 2-3 Revives, and a few Max Potions too.  Bring your best pokemon.  It's tough to
    beat them unless your pokemon are at at least level 45.  Refer to above on how to beat them.
    Minimum Level: 43
    Unknown Dungeon
          There are tons of pokemon here, all of which are from level 50-70.  You'll run into
    Chanseys, Wigglytuffs, Marowaks, Rhydons, Sandslashes or Arboks, Parasects, Hypnos, Kadabras,
    and more.  Put your highest level pokemon on the top so you can run away from battles easier.
    At the end of the cave, you'll find the final rare pokemon, Mewtwo.  I hope you saved your
    Master Ball for this one.  Supposedly there is a secret Moon Stone somewhere here, but I
    haven't found it.
    Minimum Level: 50
    There, you're done with the game.  But you still have to catch all 150.
    Technical Machines
    Note: The pokemon I suggest teaching the TM to might not be able to learn it.
     TM                Rating (1-5) Attack or Special    Who to teach    What it does
    TM01:Mega Punch        3           Attack              Machop        Normal Attack
    TM02:Razor Wind        2           Attack              Fearow        Charge-up Normal Attack
    TM03:Swords Dance      1           ------              Kangaskahn    Boost Attack
    TM04:Whirlwind         1           ------              Venomoth      End Battle
    TM05:Mega Kick         3           Attack              Machop        Normal Attack
    TM06:Toxic             5           ------              Koffing       Bad Poison (poison)
    TM07:Horn Drill        3           ------              Seaking       One-Hit KO
    TM08:Body Slam         4           ------              Raticate      Normal Attack (paralyze)
    TM09:Take Down         3           Attack              Lapras        Hurt Enemy/Self
    TM10:Double Edge       3           Attack              Wigglytuff    Hurt Enemy/Self
    TM11:Bubblebeam        4           Special             Horsea        Water Attack
    TM12:Water Gun         2           Special             Dratini       Water Attack
    TM13:Ice Beam          4           Special             Gyarados      Ice Attack (freeze)
    TM14:Blizzard          5           Special             Dragonite     Ice Attack (freeze)
    TM15:Hyper Beam        5           Attack              Wigglytuff    Normal Attack
    TM16:Pay Day           2           Attack              Mewtwo        Normal Attack (get $$$)
    TM17:Submission        3           Attack              Machop        Hurt Enemy/Self
    TM18:Counter           2           ------              Chansey       Payback Double
    TM19:Seismic Toss      3           ------              Clefairy      Level = Damage
    TM20:Rage              1           Attack              Krabby        Continuous Attack
    TM21:Mega Drain        4           Special             Tangela       Grass Attack
    TM22:Solar Beam        5           Special             Exeggcutor    Charge-up Grass Attack
    TM23:Dragon Rage       4           ------              Charizard     Deals 40 HP Damage 
    TM24:Thunderbolt       4           Special             Pikachu       Electric Attack (paralyze)
    TM25:Thunder           5           Special             Magneton      Electric Attack (paralyze)
    TM26:Earthquake        4           Special             Sandslash     Ground Attack
    TM27:Fissure           1           ------              Sandslash     Instant Death
    TM28:Dig               4           Attack              Onix          Charge-up Ground Attack
    TM29:Psychic           5           Special             Butterfree    Psychic attack
    TM30:Teleport          1           ------              Hypno         End Battle
    TM31:Mimic             4           ------              Wigglytuff    Learn Enemy Move
    TM32:Double Team       1           ------              Pidgeot       Increase Evade
    TM33:Reflect           2           ------              Chansey       Cuts Damage 1/2
    TM34:Bide              4           ------              Chansey       Payback Double
    TM35:Metronome         4           ------              Blastoise     Random Attack
    TM36:Self Destruct     2           Attack              Nidoking      Sacrifice itself = Damage
    TM37:Egg Bomb          1           Attack              Exeggcute     Normal Attack
    TM38:Fire Blast        5           Special             Rapidash      Fire Attack
    TM39:Swift             3           Attack              Goldeen       Accurate Normal Attack
    TM40:Skull Bash        2           Attack              Kangaskahn    Charge-up Normal Attack
    TM41:Softboiled        4           Special             Chansey       Heal Self/Others
    TM42:Dream Eater       4           Special             Hypno         Psychic Attack, when Sleep
    TM43:Sky Attack        5           Attack              Pidgeot       Charge-up Flying Attack
    TM44:Rest              4           ------              Mr. Mime      Heal all HP, Takes Nap
    TM45:Thunderwave       1           ------              Voltorb       Paralyze
    TM46:Psywave           2           ------              Alakazam      1.5 x Level = Damage
    TM47:Explosion         3           Attack              Golem         Sacrifice itself = Damage
    TM48:Rock Slide        3           Attack              Onix          Rock Attack
    TM49:Tri Attack        3           Attack              Krabby        Normal Attack
    TM50:Substitute        5           ------              Cubone        Little Doll Takes Damage
    Attack Ratings
          Here are most of the attacks, put in order from weakest to strongest, in their element.
    Water        Grass        Fire         Electric     Ice          Psychic      Rock             
    ---          ---          ---          ---          ---          ---          ---
    Bubble       Absorb       Ember        Thundershock Aurora Beam  Confusion    Rock Throw
    Water Gun    Vine Whip    Fire Spin    Thunderbolt  Ice Beam     Psywave      Rock Slide
    Bubblebeam   Razor Leaf   Fire Punch   Thunderpunch Ice Punch    Psybeam
    Clamp        Petal Dance  Flamethrower Thunder      Blizzard     Dream Eater
    Surf         Mega Drain   Fire Blast                             Psychic
    Waterfall    Solar Beam
    Crab Hammer
    Hydro Pump
    Ground       Flying       Poison       Ghost        Dragon       Fighting     Bug
    ---          ---          ---          ---          ---          ---          ---   
    Bone Club    Peck         Poison Sting Lick         Dragon Rage  Low Kick     Leech Life
    Dig          Fly          Smog         Night Shade               Submission   Twineedle
    Bonemerang   Wing Attack  Acid                                   Jump Kick    Pin Missle
    Earthquake   Drill Peck   Sludge                                 Rolling Kick
                 Sky Attack   Toxic                                  Hi-Jump Kick
    Stat Ratings
          These are listed in order of type.  Thanks to Dryad48 <dryad48@aol.com> for these.
    Also, he added what he thinks is best for each type.
    Normal Type
    #20  Raticate:  Hyper Fang, Super Fang, Double Team, Quick Attack
    Stats:  HP=B  Attack=B+  Defense=C+  Speed=B+  Special=D
    #36  Clefable:  Light Screen, Sing, Metronome, Double Edge
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=C+  Defense=B+  Speed=C  Special=A-
    #40  Wigglytuff:  Body Slam, Rest, Double Slap, Sing
    Stats:  HP=A+  Attack=B-  Defense=C-  Speed=D  Special=D
    #53  Persian:  Fury Swipes, Slash, Pay Day, Screech
    Stats:  HP=B  Attack=B-  Defense=B-  Speed=A  Special=C-
    #108  Likitung:  Slam, Screech, Supersonic, Stomp
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=D+  Defense=B-  Speed=D  Special=B
    #113  Chansey:  Counter, Softboiled, Minimize, Psychic
    Stats:  HP=A++  Attack=F  Defense=F  Speed=D  Special=A
    #115  Kangaskhan:  Mega Punch, Dizzy Punch, Rest, Skull Bash
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=B+  Defense=B  Speed=B  Special=D-
    #128  Tauros:  Stomp, Take Down, Body Slam, Leer
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=A-  Defense=A-  Speed=A  Special=D+
    #132  Ditto:  Transform
    Stats:  HP=D  Attack=D  Defense=D  Speed=D  Special=D
    #133  Eevee:  Take Down, Bite, Substitute, Double Team
    Stats:  HP=A-  Attack=D+  Defense=D+  Speed=C-  Special=B-
    #137  Porygon:  Psybeam, Conversion, Tri Attack, Recover
    Stats:  HP=B+  Attack=C  Defense=C+  Speed=C-  Special=B+
    #143  Snorlax:  Rest, Hyper Beam, Body Slam, Harden
    Stats:  HP=A+  Attack=B+  Defense=B  Speed=F  Special=D-
    Water Type
    #9  Blastoise:  Water Gun, Surf, Withdraw, Skull Bash
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=B  Defense=A  Speed=B-  Special=B
    #55  Golduck:  Fury Swipes, Bubble Beam, Confusion, Disable
    Status:  HP=B+  Attack=B  Defense=C  Speed=B  Special=B
    #73  Tentacruel:  Screech, Barrier, Constrict, Surf
    Status:  HP=A  Attack=C+  Defense=D  Speed=B+  Special=A
    #80  Slowbro:  Head Butt, Water Gun, Amnesia, Psychic
    Status:  HP=A+  Attack=B  Defense=B+  Speed=F--  Special=B+
    #99  Kingler:  Stomp, Crab Hammer, Harden, Guillotine
    Status:  HP=C  Attack=A+  Defense=A-  Speed=C-  Special=D
    #117  Seadra:  Smoke Screen, Water Gun, Surf, Swift
    Status:  HP=B-  Attack=C+  Defense=B+  Speed=B-  Special=B+
    #119  Seaking:  Horn Attack, Waterfall,Horn Drill, Surf
    Status:  HP=A-  Attack=A-  Defense=C  Speed=C+  Special=C+
    #121  Starmie:  Swift, Minimize, Recover, Bubblebeam
    Status:  HP=C  Attack=C-  Defense=B  Speed=A  Special=B
    #134  Vaporeon:  Acid Armor, Mist, Surf, Water Gun
    Status:  HP=A  Attack=C+ Defense=C+  Speed=B  Special=A
    Ice Type
    #87  Dewgong:  Ice Beam, Take Down, Rest, Aurora Beam
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=C-  Defense=B  Speed=C+  Special=B+
    #91  Cloyster:  Clamp, Ice Beam, Spike Cannon, Supersonic
    Stats:  HP=C  Attack=B  Defense=A++  Speed=C  Special=B
    #124  Jynx:  Ice Punch, Sing, Blizzard, Double Slap
    Stats:  HP=B  Attack=D  Defense=D-  Speed=B+  Special=B
    #131  Lapras:  Mist, Body Slam,  Confuse Ray, Ice Beam
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=B  Defense=B-  Speed=D-  Special=B
    #144  Articuno:  Peck, Ice Beam, Mist, Blizzard
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=C+  Defense=B+  Speed=C+  Special=A
    #57  Primeape: Fury Swipes, Thrash, Seismic Toss, Submission
    Status:  HP=B  Attack=A-  Defense=D+  Speed=B+  Special=D+
    #62  Poliwrath: Body Slam, Hypnosis, Water Gun, Counter
    Status:  HP=A  Attack=B  Defense=B  Speed=C  Special=C-
    #68  Machamp: Seismic Toss, Low Kick, Strength, Counter
    Status:  HP=A+  Attack=A+  Defense=C-  Speed=D  Special=D+
    #106  Hitmonlee: High Jump Kick, Rolling Kick, Meditate, Mega Kick
    Status:  HP=B+  Attack=A  Defense=C  Speed=B  Special=D-
    #107  Hitmonchan:  Comet Punch, Counter, Submission, Mega Punch
    Status:  HP=A-  Attack=A-  Defense=B-  Speed=C+  Special=D-
    Fire Type
    #6  Charizard:  Slash, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, fire Blast
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=B+  Defense=C  Speed=B+  Special=B+
    #38  Ninetails:  Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Fire Spin, Swift
    Stats:  HP=B  Attack=C  Defense=C  Speed=B  Special=B+
    #59  Archanine: Take Down, Flamethrower, Bite, Roar
    Stats:  HP=A-  Attack=A-  Defense=C-  Speed=B  Special=B-
    #78  Rapidash:  Fire Spin, Stomp, Agility, Take Down
    Stats:  HP=B  Attack=A-  Defense=C-  Speed=A+  Special=C
    #126  Magmar:  Fire Punch, Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Smoke Screen
    Stats:  HP=B  Attack=B+  Defense=D+  Speed=B+  Special=B
    #136  Flareon:  Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Bite, Double Edge
    Stats:  HP=A-  Attack=A-  Defense=D  Speed=C  Special=B
    #146  Moltres:  Fire Spin, Sky Attack, Fire Blast, Peck
    Stats:  HP=A  Attack=A  Defense=B  Speed=B  Special=A+
    Electric Type
    #26  Raichu: Swift, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunderwave
    Status:  HP=B-  Attack=B  Defense=D-  Speed=B  Special=B
    #82  Magneton:  Swift, Screech, Thundershock, Thunder
    Status:  HP=B+  Attack=D  Defense=B+  Speed=C-  Special=A-
    #101  Electrode:  Swift, Explosion, Screech, Light Screen
    Status:  HP=B+  Attack=D-  Defense=C  Speed=A++  Special=C
    #125  Electabuzz:  Thunderpunch, Screech, Thunder, Body Slam
    Status:  HP=B+  Attack=B+  Defense=D-  Speed=B+  Special=B+
    #135  Jolteon:  Double Kick, Thundershock, Pin Missle, Thunder
    Status:  HP=A  Attack=C  Defense=C-  Speed=A  Special=B+
    #145  Zapdos:  Drill Peck, Thunder, Thundershock, Light Screen
    Status:  HP=A  Attack=B+  Defense=B-  Speed=A-  Special=A+
    More types to come later.
    Thanks to MetroidMoo <metroidmoo@aol.com> I can now use his abilities section in this FAQ.
    This is straight from his FAQ.  Too bad my measly list above is now obsolete.
    A list of abilities for Pokemon from Nintendo's Official Player's Guide!
    NOTE: All stat increasing and decreasing effects are temporary! Also, the 
    "basic" attacks will be simply classified as "Damages."
    Here's how it's listed:
    Name / Type / PP / Effect
    Absorb / Grass / 20 / Pokemon absorbs HP equal to 1/2 the damage delt.
    Acid / Poison / 30 / Damages and may decrease enemy's Defense.
    Acid Armor / Poison / 40 / Increases Pokemon's Defense.
    Agility / Psychic / 30 / Greatly increases Speed.
    Amnesia / Psyhcic / 20 / Greatly increases Special.
    Aurora Beam / Ice / 20 / Damages, may Freeze enemy and/or decrease its 
    Barrage / Normal / 20 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Barrier / Psychic / 30 / Greatly increases Defense.
    Bide / Normal / 10 / Pokemon loses 2 to 3 turns, then damages twice the 
    amount it received.
    Bind / Normal / 20 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Bite / Normal / 25 / Damages.
    Blizzard / Ice / 5 / Damages and may Freeze enemy.
    Body Slam / Normal / 15 / Damages and may Paralyze enemy.
    Bone Club / Ground / 20 / Damages.
    Bonemerang / Ground / 10 / Pokemon attacks 2 times.
    Bubble / Water / 30 / Damages and may decrease Speed.
    Bubblebeam / Water / 20 / Damages and may decrease Speed. 
    Clamp / Water / 10 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Comet Punch / Normal / 15 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Confuse Ray / Ghost / 10 / Confuses enemy.
    Confusion / Psychic / 25 / Damages and may Confuse enemy.
    Constrict / Normal / 25 / Damages and decreases enemy's Speed.
    Conversion / Normal / 30 / Converts the Pokemon's type to enemy's.
    Counter / Fighting / 20 / Hits enemy for twice the damage taken.
    Crabhammer / Water / 10 / Good chance for getting critical hit.
    Cut / Normal / 30 / Damages.
    Defense Curl / Normal / 40 / Increases Defense.
    Dig / Ground / 10 / Pokemon digs on the first turn, then attacks on the 
    second. (Doesn't effect Flying-type Pokemon)
    Disable / Normal / 20 / Disables a Pokemon's ability.
    Dizzy Punch / Normal / 10 / Damages.
    Double Kick / Fighting / 30 / Pokemon attacks twice.
    Double Team / Normal / 15 / Increases Pokemon's Evade.
    Double-Edge / Normal / 15 / Pokemon takes 1/4 the damage the enemy takes.
    Doubleslap / Normal / 10 / Pokemon attacks multiple times.
    Dragon Rage / Dragon / 10 / Pokemon causes 40 HP damage.
    Dream Eater / Psychic / 15 / While enemy Pokemon Sleeps, Pokemon absorbs 
    Drill Peck / Flying / 20 / Damages.
    Earthquake / Ground / 10 / Damages. (Doesn't effect Flying-type Pokemon)
    Egg Bomb / Normal / 10 / Damages.
    Ember / Fire / 25 / Damages and may Burn enemy.
    Explosion / Normal / 5 / Damages, but kills Pokemon.
    Fire Blast / Fire / 5 / Damages and may Burn enemy.
    Fire Punch / Fire / 15 / Damages and may Burn enemy.
    Fire Spin / Fire / 15 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Fissure / Ground / 5 / May defeat enemy Pokemon in one hit. (Doesn't effect 
    Flying-type Pokemon)
    Flamethrower / Fire / 15 / Damages and may Burn enemy.
    Flash / Normal / 20 / Damages.
    Fly / Flying / 15 / Pokemon flies up on first turn, then attacks on the 
    second turn.
    Focus Energy / Normal / 30 / Increases chances of critical hits. 
    Fury Attack / Normal / 20 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Fury Swipes / Normal / 15 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Glare / Normal / 30 / Paralyzes enemy.
    Growl / Normal / 40 / Decreases enemy's Attack.
    Growth / Normal / 40 / Increases Special.
    Guillotine / Normal / 5 / Can defeat enemy in one hit.
    Gust / Normal / 35 / Damages.
    Harden / Normal / 30 / Increases Defense.
    Haze / Ice / 30 / Cures all Status effects on both Pokemon.
    Head Butt / Normal / 15 / Damages.
    Hi Jump Kick / Fighting / 20 / If Pokemon misses, it takes 1/8 the damage 
    it would have caused.
    Horn Attack / Normal / 25 / Damages.
    Horn Drill / Normal / 5 / Can defeat enemy in one hit.
    Hydro Pump / Water / 5 / Damages.
    Hyper Beam / Normal / 5 / Pokemon attacks on first turn, then recharges on 
    the second turn.
    Hyper Fang / Normal / 15 / Damages. 
    Hypnosis / Psychic / 20 / Puts enemy to Sleep.
    Ice Beam / Ice / 10 / Damages and may Freeze enemy.
    Ice Punch / Ice / 15 / Damages and may Freeze enemy.
    Jump Kick / Fighting / 25 / If Pokemon misses, it takes 1/8 the damage it 
    would have caused.
    Karate Chop / Normal / 25 / Good chance of a critical hit.
    Leech Life / Bug / 15 / Pokemon absorbs some of enemy's HP.
    Leech Seed / Grass / 10 / Pokemon absorbs some of enemy's HP each turn.
    Leer / Normal / 30 / Decreases enemy's Defense.
    Lick / Ghost / 30 / Damages and may Paralyze enemy.
    Light Screen / Psychic / 30 / Decreases damage from Special Attacks by 50%.
    Lovely Kiss / Normal / 10 / Puts enemy to sleep.
    Low Kick / Fighting / 20 / Damages.
    Meditate / Psychic / 40 / Increases Attack.
    Mega Drain / Grass / 10 / Pokemon absorbs HP from enemy equal to 1/2 the 
    damage caused.
    Mega Kick / Normal / 5 / Damages. 
    Mega Punch / Normal / 20 / Damages.
    Metronome / Normal / 10 / Selects a random Ability to use.
    Mimic / Normal / 10 / Pokemon mimics enemy's last attack.
    Minimize / Normal / 20 / Increases Pokemon's Evade.
    Mirror Move / Flying / 20 / Pokemon mimics enemy's last attack.
    Mist / Ice / 30 / Immune to stat decreasing Attacks.
    Night Shade / Ghost / 15 / Causes damage equal to EXP Level.
    Pay Day / Normal / 20 / Damages and get money after battle. (Money 
    received: EXP Level x 2)
    Peck / Flying / 35 / Damages.
    Petal Dance / Grass / 20 / Damages, but Confuses Pokemon.
    Pin Missle / Bug / 20 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Poison Gas / Poison / 40 / Poisons enemy.
    Poison Sting / Poison / 35 / Damages and may Poison enemy.
    Poison Powder / Poison / 35 / Poisons enemy.
    Pound / Normal / 35 / Damages.
    Psybeam / Psychic / 20 / Damages and may Confuse enemy.
    Psychic / Psychic / 10 / Damages and may decrease enemy's Special.
    Psywave / Psychic / 15 / Damages cause is equal to 1.5 times Pokemon's EXP 
    Quick Attack / Normal / 30 / Pokemon attacks first.
    Rage / Normal / 20 / Damages and increases Attack when damaged until battle 
    is over.
    Razor Leaf / Grass / 25 / Damages and has good chance of a critical hit.
    Razor Wind / Normal / 10 / Pokemons builds power on the first turn, then 
    attacks on the second turn.
    Recover / Normal / 20 / Restores HP equal to 1/2 of Pokemon's max HP.
    Reflect / Psychic / 20 / Decreases damage from Physical Attacks by 50%.
    Rest / Psychic / 10 / Pokemon restores HP, but loses 2 turns.
    Roar / Normal / 20 / Makes wild enemy Pokemon run away.
    Rock Slide / Rock / 10 / Damages.
    Rock Throw / Rock / 15 / Damages.
    Rolling Kick / Fighting / 15 / Damages.
    Sand-Attack / Normal / 15 / Decreases enemy's Accuracy.
    Scratch / Normal / 30 / Damages.
    Screech / Normal / 40 / Greatly decreases enemy's Defense.
    Seismic Toss / Fighting / 20 / Damage caused is equal to Pokemon's EXP 
    Self Destruct / Normal / 5 / Damages, but kills Pokemon.
    Sharpen / Normal / 30 / Increases Attack. 
    Sing / Normal / 15 / Puts enemy to Sleep.
    Skull Bash / Normal / 15 / Pokemon lowers head on the first turn, then 
    attacks on the second.
    Sky Attack / Flying / 5 / Pokemon builds power on the first turn, then 
    attacks on the second turn.
    Slam / Normal / 20 / Damages.
    Slash / Normal / 20 / Damages and has a chance for a critical hit.
    Sleep Powder / Grass / 15 / Puts enemy to Sleep.
    Sludge / Poison / 20 / Damages and may Poison enemy.
    Smog / Poison / 20 / Damages and may Poison enemy.
    Smokescreen / Normal / 20 / Decreases enemy's Accuracy.
    Softboiled / Normal / 10 / Pokemon recovers HP. (Works only with Chansey 
    and Mew)
    Solar Beam / Grass / 10 / Pokemon absorbs sunlight on the first turn, then 
    attacks on the second turn.
    Sonicboom / Normal / 20 / Causes 20 HP damage.
    Spike Cannon / Normal / 15 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    Splash / Normal / 40 / Damages.
    Spore / Grass / 15 / Puts enemy to Sleep.
    Stomp / Normal / 20 / Damages.
    Strength / Normal / 15 / Damages.
    String Shot / Bug / 40 / Decreases enemy's Speed.
    Struggle / Normal / 10 / Only used when Pokemon runs out of PP, but Pokemon 
    takes 1/4 the damage caused.
    Stun Spore / Grass / 30 / Paralyzes enemy.
    Submission / Fighting / 25 / Pokemon takes 1/4 the damage caused.
    Substitute / Normal / 10 / Pokemon creates a "doll" whichs fights for 
    itself. Breaks when takes too much damage.
    Super Fang / Normal / 10 / Decreases enemy's HP by 1/2.
    Supersonic / Normal / 20 / Confuses enemy.
    Surf / Water / 15 / Damages.
    Swift / Normal / 20 / Damages, and highly accurate.
    Swords Dance / Normal / 30 / Increases Attack.
    Tackle / Normal / 35 / Damages.
    Tail Whip / Normal / 30 / Decreases enemy's Defense.
    Take Down / Normal / 20 / Pokemon takes 1/4 the damage caused.
    Teleport / Psychic / 20 / Escape from wild Pokemon battles.
    Thrash / Normal / 20 / Damages, but Confuses Pokemon.
    Thunder / Electric / 10 / Damages and may Paralyze enemy.
    Thunder Wave / Electric / 20 / Paralyzes enemy.
    Thunderbolt / Electric / 15 / Damages and may Paralyze enemy.
    Thunderpunch / Electric / 15 / Damages and may Paralyze enemy.
    Thundershock / Electric / 30 / Damages and may Paralyze enemy.
    Toxic / Poison / 10 / Poisons enemy, but damage increases each turn.
    Transform / Normal / 10 / Changes Pokemon into enemy Pokemon.
    Tri Attack / Normal / 10 / Damages.
    Twineedle / Bug / 20 / Pokemon attacks twice, and may Poison enemy.
    Vicegrip / Normal / 30 / Damages.
    Vine Whip / Grass / 10 / Damages.
    Water Gun / Water / 25 / Damages.
    Waterfall / Water / 15 / Damages.
    Whirlwind / Normal / 20 / Tosses wild Pokemon out of battle.
    Wing Attack / Flying / 35 / Damages.
    Withdraw / Water / 40 / Increases Defense.
    Wrap / Normal / 20 / Pokemon attacks 2 to 5 times in a row.
    The Six Moon Stones
          1. In Mt. Moon.
          2. To the right of the path to the Viridian Forest, accessable after the Rock Tunnel.
          3. In the Rocket Game Corner basement.
          4. Hidden on a pillar on the first floor of the Cinnabar Mansion. 
          5. Hidden in Mt. Moon, it's invisible.  Alternate path after the Super Nerd.
          6. Hidden where Mewtwo is found.  This one has not been verified by me.
    Mew Rumors
          Recently in the pokemon newsgroups, I have seen a lot of rumors concerning Mew.  You can
    catch Mew by using a Gameshark code, but since Mew is in the game, there should be some legit
    way to catch him.  Send me your rumors and I'll put them up.  Please don't send me the truck
    rumor, that rumor has been proven false.
    Submission from the_juice_man@hotmail.com (Andrew Reid)...
    To Get Mew, Use the Codes and go West of Cerulean City in the Big Grassy 
    patch. Have some Great/Ultra Pokeballs with you. Be Careful though! He 
    can transform into the pokemon that you puts out first. Bring out a 
    Magicarp for best results!
    -Game Genie Codes-
    Red Cartridge
         + 151-93a-57e
         + 151-9ba-5db 
    Blue Cartride
         + 151-93a-f7e 
         + 151-9ba-9eb
    -Game Shark (May be Faulty!)-
    Both Cartridges
          Mew is not in the game.  He's just not, so stop sending me rumors, they're not needed.
    Well, Mew is in the game, but the contest to get it is already over.  If you really want Mew,
    just use a Gameshark.  You don't really have a choice, do you?
    Getting Missingno.
          To get Missingno, you have to trade with one of the trainers in the game.  Just go to the
    lab at Cinnabar.  Immediately surf to the area east of Cinnabar, and you'll find a lvl. 80
    Missingno.  Missingno will have two Water Guns, Sky Attack, and something else.  He's very weak
    but the one I caught has extremely high Attack power.  His type is Bird(???)/Normal, and his No.
    is 000.  His icon is a normal pokemon, but when you select it he quickly changes back and forth
    between the normal icon and an egg thingy.  He has no picture, but in a battle, he is a bunch
    of disarrayed squares.  Each time he gets hit the squares change.  Catching Missingno. may mess
    up your game and even erase it, so catch it at your own risk!
    	I got this from a friend.  For all those people that submitted information and want
    credit, I already knew of this before you e-mailed me.  Sorry.  You can get infinite items
    from Missingno. by placing the item in the 6th slot.  Then, get into a battle with Missingno.
    and run away.  Your sixth item should now be infinite.
    The Box Trick
          Have you ever noticed when you take out a Pokemon from the box, it's missing an HP?
    Well, its other stats may increase too.  Here's how you can use the trick over and over again
    until your Pokemon reaches its highest possible stats...
    1.     Take out a level 100 team you want for the trick.  Battle a variety of Pokemon over and
    over again.  This should take a while.
    2.     Deposit the entire team into the PC.
    3.     Save the game.
    4.     Turn it off.  When you turn it back on, your Pokemon's stats should have increased
    slightly.  Though the gain may seem small, it adds up.
          Much of this information was given by the Azure Heights research staff.
    	- Pressing Up and B while throwing a Pokéball increases the chance of a catch.
          - If a dual type Pokémon has a similar weakness, the weakness hurts twice as much.
          - If a dual type Pokémon is hit by an attack that is effective against one type but
            ineffective against another, it will either say Super-effective or not very effective,
            but the damage is usually about the same as normal.
          Any more facts about the game?  Submit them to me.
          Another filler section, but you might want to know this...
    There are 22 pokemon that are not part of an evolution.
    There are 33 water pokemon.
    There are 34 poison pokemon.    
    There are 4 pokemon that use the pokéball symbol.
    Alt + 1 + 3 + 0 = é
    To create the "é" using a Macintosh just hold down "option" and type
    "E."  Then hit any vowle again for an accented letter.  Hold option,
    press E, release option, type E. - Submitted by: dwells@ns.gemlink.com (Donnie Wells)
    The Show: Brock will leave in later episodes.
              Gary has a Fearow.
              Ash enters the Pokemon League in Episode 83.
              Pikachu still hasn't evolved yet, and maybe never will...
    Pokemon that don't say their name in the show: Gyarados, Onix, Butterfree (only says "ree"),
    Ponyta, Rapidash, Staryu, Starmie, Caterpie
    Cut Pokémon Episodes: Never shown in the US.
          Episode 18: Apparently, this episode had Misty topless.  So I guess American translators
    cut it out.
          Porygon Episode: Not translated because of the whole seizure thing...
          Children's Festival: In this episode, Jesse gets a Likitung.
    Future Games
          Beaten the game and waiting for more games?  Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Gold and Silver
    won't be out until at least April '99.  It's rumored that Pokemon Gold and Silver will have up
    to 300 pokemon!  Here are all the pokemon I know of in the new games:
    152. Hourou - The bird Ash saw in the first episode of "Pokemon"!  It is multi-colored and is
                  probably the next legendary bird.
    153. Togepy - An egg thing with a spiky head.  I downloaded the Pokedex info and its call at
                  http://come.to/thepokecentre.  Go to the downloads section to find 'em.  Here's
                  what Dexter has to say.
                  Dexter: Togepy.  The Egg Pokemon.  Specific information about this pokemon is
                  still unavailable.  Togepy is imprinted with the image of the first thing it sees
                  after it hatches, thinking this is its mother.
                  Togepy has already appeared in the weekly television show, on the WB.
    ???. Buru   - A little bull dog in a clown outfit.  No further information.
    ???. ?????  - I saw a picture of a ladybug wearing boxing gloves on a japanese website.  No
                  further information.
    ???. Yadokingu - An evolution of Slowbro.  Has shell as crown.  No further information.
    ???. Donyufan  - An elephant-like Pokémon.  No further information.
    That's all I know any info about.  Others are: Bruno, Yadokingu (Slowbro's evolution?), 
    Doomsday, and Pikablu (Mariru).  There's also Donyufan, it looks like an elephant.  They're 
    all there at http://come.to/thepokecentre
    Pokémon Stadium
          This game is basically a chance to see your Pokémon on the Game Boy in 3d.  There's also
    battling, you can play your game on the TV, and more.  This game is coming soon and will
    be for the Nintendo 64.
    Pokémon Card GB
          In this Game Boy game, you play a card game similar to Magic: The Gathering.
    Pokémon Snap
    	You take pictures of wild Pokémon and try to find the elusive Mew.  Coming soon.
    Super Smash Brothers
          In this N64 game, you play as different nintendo characters, including Jigglypuff and
    Pikachu.  Using the Pokéball item, different Pokémon will appear.  Already been released.
    Pokémon Pinball
          I have no information on this game, other than it's a pinball game.
    Pokémon Profiles
          This is just a little Pokémon Profile section I made up.  If you have your own Profile,
    send it to me.  This has nothing to do with the game.
          Cubone and Marowak
          Thousands of years ago, Cubones and Marowaks thrived and were the dominant Pokémon.  When
    the ice age came, most of the Marowaks and Cubones died out.  A clan of Marowaks and Cubones
    took refuge in caves, such as Victory Road or the Unknown Dungeon.  After the ice age passed, 
    a few stray Cubones wandered out of the caves and inhabited abandoned buildings.  Marowaks and
    Cubones face heavy competition now from stronger Pokémon, so now they are very rare.  In order
    to keep up with them, Cubones and Marowaks began using the skeletons of their prey as
    protection.  As soon as the skull became too small, Cubones take off their skull and evolve
    into Marowaks.  Marowaks grow a skull-like helmet soon after.
    	Cubones, a few days after their birth, are sent out into the wild to capture their prey.
    The victim must be larger than the Cubones.  If the Cubone wins, it will eat the victim and
    use its skull as a helmet.  Cubones and Marowaks feed on Rattatas, Nidorans, Pidgeys,
    Butterfrees, Beedrills, and Venomoths.
          Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite
          During the age of Pokémon reptiles, Dratinis thrived.  They inhabited every river and
    lake.  Dragonairs traveled between water and land, capturing Rattatas as their prey.  Every
    region was "owned" by a Dragonite, who fed on other reptiles, such as Charmanders and
    Charmeleons.  When the ice age came, all the dragons were wiped out save for a few stray
    Dratinis.  For thousands of years, Dratinis and their evolutions were considered myths.  One
    day, a man found a Dratini while he was fishing in a river.  He discovered a small colony of
    Dratinis.  Pokémon ecologists immediately came to help the Dratinis, and soon the Dratini
    population exploded.
          Clefairy and Clefable
          Clefairies were the dominant species of the Moon for many years.  As soon as the Moon's 
    resources faded away, the Clefairies created a huge stone.  They used it to travel down to
    Earth, hoping to conquer it.  However, the Earth was much warmer than the Moon and had vicious
    Pokémon the Clefairies had to deal with.  So the Clefairies retreated to Mt. Moon, where they
    have lived for centuries.  When the Moon Stone passed through the ozone layer, it broke up into
    small pieces.  While the Clefairies landed safely near Mt. Moon, the moon stone fragments
    were forever changed.  When a Clefairy touches a Moon Stone fragment, the radiation gives
    the Clefairies added strength and the opportunity to evolve into Clefable.
          Clefairies survive thanks to a garden they made.  The plants came from the moon, and
    are a good food.  Clefairies must deal with predators, such as swarms of Zubats.  In order to
    defend themselves, Clefairies must use an ancient fighting technique they used to conquer the
    Moon: the Metronome.
          Before the age of the reptilian Pokémon, the world was ruled by water Pokémon.  Seakings
    and Magikarps were the dominant species.  During that time, Magikarps had the ability to
    manipulate the water, making them formidable.  Soon, Magikarps exiled all Seakings and
    Goldeens.  Magikarps ruled over the sea for some time, relying on their manipulation of water
    to catch their prey, which consisted of Omanytes, Kabutos, and Shellders.  Magikarps became
    too powerful; they destroyed the Omanyte and Kabuto population.  Omastars had difficulty
    competing with Magikarps for food, and soon became extinct.  As Kabutops died of age, there
    were no Kabutos to replace them later on.  Without competitors, the Magikarps's ability to
    manipulate water was gradually lost.  Magikarps soon found catching Shellders too difficult.
    They changed their diet to fish eggs.  Shellders and Seakings found out about the Magikarps's
    new weakness, and overthrew them.  Millions of Magikarps were killed.  Surviving Magikarps
    adapted by laying ten times as many eggs, from ten to one hundred.  Seakings later gave up,
    realizing Magikarps were no threat.  Magikarps now feed on dead water Pokémon.
          Pokewars Website
             This is the site for an ongoing fanfic in the newsgroup alt.games.nintendo.pokemon
          Hitmonchan's Dojo
             This is my friend's Pokémon Site.  Be sure to take a look at it.
             You're probably reading this FAQ from this site.  Don't leave out the s or it'll take
             you to a porn site. :)
          Pikachu's Pokémon Centre
             This site was listed above.  Very in-depth site, it's one of my favorites.
          Haunter's Home Page
             This is my friend's site.  There is a cut-up version of this FAQ there.
    Uhhhh... I really don't know any more sites.  If you want your site on this FAQ, just e-mail
    me and it'll be done.
    Coming Soon: Nothing! This is the final version of the FAQ.  Submissions are no longer needed.
    Your questions will almost always be answered by simply reading the FAQ.  Until Pokemon 2,
    this is all, and good luck with the game!  Thanks to all who contributed to making this FAQ, 
    especially to Metroid Moo for allowing me to use his Abilities list.
    This Document Copyright 1998/1999 Jimmy Vu <sirius259@aol.com>
    Don't steal anything from this FAQ.  You may put this FAQ on your websites, but you need my
    permission to use anything in this FAQ for your own FAQ.

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