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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Syraxx

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                                             The Ultimate                                     
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                                              Version 5.1
                   3/4/00 A few minor changes made. Nothing much added content-wise.
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~~~~~Intro~~~~~~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     Well, here we go. I finally got around to writing this. I've been wanting to do this for
    a few months now, and it's finally happening. Joy.
     To start off, I've finished Pokémon and collected all 151, so I know about the game and 
    all this info is 100% accurate, unless otherwise noted (and excluding the rumors, because
    rumors aren't supposed to be all accurate).
     So it starts...
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~Table of Contents~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
    I.    Intro
    II.   Table of Contents
    III.  Storyline of the game
    IV.   How to play
    V.    Walkthrough of the game
    VI.   Item list
              A. TM/HM list
    VII.  Move list
    VIII. Note about the types of moves 
    IX.   Pokémon Checklist
    X.    Mew (#151) and Mewtwo (#150) information
    XI.   Ultimate Team Formula
    XII.  Miscellaneous info that didn't fit anywhere else
    XIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    XIV.  Credits and crap
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~The Storyline~~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     You are a 10-year-old boy named Ash (his real name, but you can name him whatever you
    want) living in Pallet Town with your mother in a world full of animals called 
    "Pokémon". Pokémon are caught and trained to do various things from battling other 
    Pokémon to building houses to flying people to places. Your rival, Gary (also his real
    name; again, you can name him what you want) lives next door to you. You and Gary have 
    just turned 10 and you can now get your Pokémon Trainer's License. When a person turns 
    10, they can go see Professor Oak, who just happens to be Gary's grandfather, and get 
    their first Pokémon. This "starter" Pokémon is used to battle other wild Pokémon and 
    weaken them so they can be caught. The Pokémon that are caught can in turn be raised 
    and used to capture other wild Pokémon. The trainer does all this with a final goal of
    conquering the Elite Four, a foursome of the most powerful trainers in the world. To 
    beat the Elite Four, a trainer must have some very powerful Pokémon. All trainers have 
    a dream to accomplish what has just been said.
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~~How to Play~~~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     Pokémon is basically an RPG with a slight twist. What other RPGs let you capture your 
    enemies? In this game, you can. That's the basic objective of the game, in fact. 
     There are 2 types of screens - the overworld screen and the battle screen. In the 
    overworld screen, the directional arrows move your character around. A in Action, B is
    Cancel. Select does nothing. 
    The Start button brings up the menu:
    Pokédex - This is an electronic encyclopedia that automatically records what Pokémon 
              you have seen and captured. To complete your Pokédex, you must capture all
              150 Pokémon.
    Pokémon - This shows your 6 Pokémon that you have with you at the time and lets you 
              check the statistics of them, including how much experience points they 
              need to reach their next level.
    Item    - This shows all the items that you are currently carrying with you and lets 
              you use them if you want. You can carry up to 20 different items, and up to
              99 of the an item. So in other words, you could have 99 Pokéballs, 99 
              Ultra Balls, a Bicycle, a Super Rod, 99 Revives, 99 Super Potions, 99 
              Calciums, an Itemfinder, 99 X Accuracies, an Exp. All, 99 Rare Candies 
              (although there aren't that many in the game), 99 HP Ups, a Master Ball, an
              HM 01, 99 TM 33s, a Poké Flute, 99 Antidotes, 99 Full Heals, 99 Full 
              Restores, and an HM 03. That's just a sample item capacity.
    [name]  - This tells stuff like how much cash you have, how many Badges you have, and 
              how much time it has taken to get where you are currently.
    Save    - This allows you to save your progress in the game.
    Exit    - This exits the Menu.
     As you walk around in weeds, you will encounter random battles with wild Pokémon. 
    This is when you can capture them by having your Pokémon fight them until they are low
    on HP and then using some type of Poké Ball.
     Some people you come across are trainers just like yourself and will challenge you to
    a duel if you talk to them or cross their line of sight. A trainer's Pokémon will 
    generally give out more experience points than one in the wild of the same level. If 
    you win the battle, you get a cash prize. Facing trainers is one of the only ways to 
    get spending money, so if you don't have Pokémon that are in critical condition, I 
    would recommend fighting all of them you see. It's a great way to level up your 
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~~Walkthrough~~~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     This is where I will walk you through the game. This walkthrough is my translation of
    the Pocket Monsters Walkthrough by Dr. Okido. (Side note: This only covers Red and Blue.
    Yellow should be very similar to this, but there are some minor changes.)
    Pallet Town
     This the starting place of the game. Try to leave the town and Prof. Oak 
    will come get you. He leads you to his lab, where you will be able to choose 
    your first Pokemon. There is Bulbasaur, a plant-type Pokémon; Charmander, a 
    fire-type Pokémon; and Squirtle, and water-type Pokémon. Bulbasaur will fare 
    best in the beginning of the game. Picking the Pokémon sets the difficulty
    of the game in a way. Charmander won't do well at all, so if you want a hard
    game, pick Charmander (his Fire-type is weak against the first two gym elements).
    Your rival, Gary, will pick up the Pokémon to the right of yours. When you try
    to leave, Gary will challenge you to a Pokémon duel. The Pokémon he picked is
    always stronger against yours than yours is against his, but none of the
    starters have special attacks so it doesn't really matter until the starters
    start gaining levels.
    Viridian City
     Talk to the Shop Clerk and you will get Oak's Parcel. Take it back to Prof. 
     The gym's doors are locked, and they won't unlock until you've beaten the 
    other 7 trainers in the game.
    Pallet Town
     After giving the parcel to Prof. Oak, he will give you and Gary each a 
    Pokédex, which is an electronic encyclopedia. Your goal in the game is to 
    complete your Pokédex, and the only way to do that is to capture or have 
    captured every Pokémon in the game. 
    Viridian Forest
     On your way through Viridian Forest, you should pick up a Pikachu, a
    Caterpie, and a Weedle. Don't worry about Kakunas and Metapods, because
    your Caterpie and Weedle will evolve into one eventually, and they are
    attackless. Their only move is Harden. Once they go up 2 or 3 levels, they
    emerge from their shells. Kakuna becomes Beedrill and Metapod becomes
    There are three easy trainers in the forest that you should have no trouble
    Pewter City
     This is where Brock resides. At his command are Onix and Geodude, two 
    Rock-type Pokémon. You will have a tough time beating them, because Rock-type 
    have great defense against Flying-type, Normal-type, and Fire-type attacks, 
    among others. If you don't have Squirtle or Bulbasaur, Charmander's Ember should
    do the trick. Although Fire-type attacks don't hurt Rock-type much, Ember still 
    does a lot more damage than any Normal-type or Flying-type attacks. 
     Old Amber is in the the museum. In order to enter the side of the museum with 
    it, you need to cut a tree down with the Cut ability. Old Amber will become an 
    Aerodactyl when you take it to the Pokémon Laboratory on Cinnabar Island.
    Mt. Moon
     Here you can get one of two fossils. You can choose the Helix Fossil or 
    the Dome Fossil. The Helix Fossil will become Omanyte and the Dome Fossil 
    will become Kabuto when you take them to the Pokemon Laboratory on Cinnabar
    Cerulean City
     In this city you can trade your Poliwhirl for a Jynx. You can also get the
    Bike here once the president of the Pokémon Fan Club in Vermilion City has
    given you the Bike Voucher. Beat the Gym here and head north to Bill's
    house. Here you will get the SS Ticket. 
     On the road South from Cerulean City, there is a house. This is the Pokémon 
    Daycare Center. The man there will care for one of your Pokémon and raise its
    level while you are gone. At the end of the road, there is a big building 
    which is a gate house for Saffron City. At this point, the guard will not let
    you through. You must get some Fresh Water from the Poké Mart in Celadon City. 
    The smaller building is the entrance to an underground passage to Vermilion 
    Vermilion City 
     Here you can get the Coupon for bike by visiting the Pokémon Fan Club. Beat 
    Lt. Surge, the gym leader,  and talk to him afterwards to get the TM 24, which
    contains Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is the one of the best Electric moves.
    SS Anne 
     You can get on the boat with the SS Ticket you got from Bill. On 
    this boat, there are many trainers and some useful items. The most 
    important item of them all is HM 01, which the captain will give to you
    when you help him through his seasickness. You should get HM 01 after 
    you have done everything else, because the boat will take off when you
    get the HM 01 and exit the boat. 
    Vermilion City (revisited)
     Go east and you will find a building on the right side of the road. One 
    of Prof. Oak's aides is on the 2nd floor. He will give you the Itemfinder
    if you currently have caught more than 30 Pokémon.
    Diglett's Cave
     It leads to the road near Pewter City. Be sure to pick up a Diglett before
    you leave, and a Dugtrio if you're lucky. The Dugtrios are in the lv 30 range.
    Route 2
     This is where you emerge from Diglett's Cave. Go down and into the house to 
    get the HM 05 from Prof. Oak's Aide. Make sure you have caught at least 10 
    different kinds of Pokémon. Lots of items on this route...
    Diglett's Cave
     Go back through here and into Vermilion City.
    Vermilion City
     Go up from Vermilion and go into the underground tunnel to Cerulean.
    Cerulean City
     Go east and enter the Rock Tunnel. 
    Rock Tunnel
     It is very dark inside of the cave, so you need a Pokemon equipped with
    Flash (HM 05). Pick up an Onix and a Machop here. 
    Lavender Town
     In the northeast section of the town there is a big building, Pokémon Tower. In 
    order to identify and fight the ghosts in the tower, you need the Silph
    Scope, which you can get in basement of the Game Corner in Celadon City
    after you defeat Giovanni. Come back here when you have the Silph Scope. Go left
    from Lavender to find an underground passage to Celadon.
    Celadon City
     Celadon is the biggest city in the whole game of Pokémon. You will need
    to come to this city many times. 
    You can get an Eevee by way of a back entrance to the Game Freak, Inc. 
    Use a stone from the Poké Mart to evolve him into a Jolteon, a Flareon, or 
    The Gym Leader, Erika, caters to Plant-type Pokémon. Beat her and get a 
    TM that contains the best Plant-type attack, Mega Drain.
    Game Corner
     You can play the slot machines here, but you need Coin Case and coins to play a
    slot machine. Some of the people playing will give you coins. You can also buy 
    coins, 50 of them for P1000. Also, walk around hitting A and you will find more 
     Go to the top of the Game Corner and fight the Team Rocket member. Hit A in 
    front of the poster behind him once he's gone. Go straight right and down the stairs. 
     The basement of the Game Corner is Team Rocket's hideout. Giovanni, the boss of
    Team Rocket, has the Silph Scope. You will need it to make your way through 
    Pokémon Tower. 
    You can get TMs and Pokémon by trading in your coins at the Prize Exchange. 
    Go West from Celadon City. On this road, a Snorlax is sleeping, and you must 
    wake him up. If you have the Poké Flute, you can wake him up and fight him.
    Before you get to the Snorlax, you will notice a bush that leads to another 
    road. Cut it down and go up and left. Go through the building and into the house 
    you find. The girl inside will give you HM 02, which contains Fly.
    Celadon Department Store  
     In this store you can buy many items, including Stones that will evolve your
    Pokémon, TMs, ability enhancers, etc. You should evolve all your Pokemon through
    the stones. 
    On the roof level, pick up two Fresh Waters, one Soda Pop, and one Lemonade. 
    Give one of each to the thirsty girl and she will give you 3 TMs.
    Lavender Town
     Go into the Pokémon Tower.
    Pokémon Tower
     Equipped with the Silph Scope, you can now identify the ghosts. Keep going upwards
    until you get to the top. Fight the Rocket members and rescue Mr. Fuji. He'll give 
    you the Poké Flute.
    Cycling Road
     This leads to Fuschia City. You need the Bike to go through. If you don't have the 
    bike, go to Vermilion City and get the Bike Voucher from the Pokemon Fan Club 
    president. The go back to Cerulean City and get a Bike.
    Lavender Town (revisited)
     Going south from Lavender is another way to get to Fuschia City. 
    Route 12
     On this road another Snorlax is sleeping, so use the Poké Flute to wake him up.
    At the end of the road, there is a gate house for Fuschia City. Go upstairs, and
    you will find another one of Prof. Oak's aides. He will give you the Experience All
    if you have caught 50 or more Pokémon. 
    Fuschia City 
     Head north to the Safari Zone. 
    Also, the warden of Safari Zone will reward you with the HM 04 if you 
    give him the Gold Teeth. (found in Safari Zone near the Secret House)
    Safari Zone 
     At the end of Safari Zone there is a cottage called the "Secret House" where
    you will get HM 03 from a man inside. HM 03 contains Surf.
    Saffron City
     You can get here from Cerulean, Lavender, Celadon and Vermilion. At first, the
    gate guards will not let you through the gates. First go to Celadon City
    Department Store, get something drink from a vending machine on 6th floor
    (there are 3 kinds, any will do), and go to the gate and give him the drink.
    There are 2 Gyms in this city. One of them is the Fighting Dojo, where you can 
    get Hitmonchan, the kicking Pokémon, or Hitmonlee, the punching counterpart. The
    other is Sabrina's Gym, but there is a Rocket in front of the Gym. In order to 
    enter the Gym, you need to go to Silph Co., the biggest building in Saffron City,
    and defeat Giovanni. Be sure to get the Lapras there, too. 
    Silph Co.
     There are many items and Team Rocket members in here. Adding to it, you need
    to jump from point to point. You also need the Card Key to open doors.
    Go to the 5th floor, then go all the way down. Step on the warp tile, then step
    back on it to appear back where you were, but on top of the tile. Then step down
    and go to the right and get the Key.
    Afterdefeating Giovanni, talk to the sitting man and he will give you Master Ball.
    It has a 100% chance of catching. I would recommend using it on one of the Birds or
    Mewtwo, although all four of these Pokémon can be caught with an ordinary Ultra 
    Ball and a lot of patience.
    Power Plant
     Cross the water after you get out onto the other side of the Rock Tunnel.
    There are lots of Electric Pokémon in here. Also here is Zapdos, one of the
    Legendary Birds.
    Seafoam Islands
     Cross the water after you get to Fuschia City. Many Water Pokémon reside 
    here, and it's a good chance to add to your collection. This is where 
    Articuno, the Ice Bird is.
    Cinnabar Island
     South of Pallet Town is Cinnabar Island. Enter the Pokémon Laboratory 
    and get some new Pokémon. Depending on what fossil you got in Mt. Moon,
    you can get Kabuto or Omanyte. You can also get Aerodactyl if you picked
    up the Old Amber in Pewter City's museum. Beat the Gym leader, Blaine, 
    and head north back to Viridian City.
    Viridian City
     Here is the final Gym. After beating Giovanni, go west to the Pokémon 
    League HQ. 
    Victory Road
     To pass here you will need the moves from HM 03 and HM 04. This is where 
    you find Moltres, the Fire Bird.
    Indigo Plateau
     Here is a Poké Center and a Poké Mart in one. Go though the door at the 
    top to fight the Elite Four, a group of the most powerful trainers ever. 
    All their Pokémon are over lv. 50, so be prepared.
    After facing the Elite Four, you will come up against Gary. Beat him and
    you will be the best Pokémon trainer ever!  
    Cerulean Cave
     After you have beaten the Pokémon League, go back to Cerulean City. 
    Northeast of Cerulean City in a cave is Mewtwo, the best Pokémon. I believe
    he is at lv. 70. It is possible to catch Mewtwo without the Master Ball, 
    but it is hard. You only see him once in the whole game! Make him faint and
    you're out of luck...
    Tip: Save the game right in front of Mewtwo, so if you make him faint or 
    you mess up in any way, you can just reset the game and try again.
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~~~Item List~~~~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     Here is a list of all the items in the game, what they all do, where to find them,
    and how much they cost. They are in alphabetical order.
    ITEM           PRICE       LOCATION                   DESCRIPTION
    Antidote       100         Pokémon Marts              Cures poison
    Awakening      250         Pokémon Marts              Wakes up your Pokémon
    Bicycle        1,000,000   Cerulean City Bike Shop    Allows you to travel faster
    Bike Voucher   ---         Vermilion City             Exchanged for a free Bicycle
    Boulderbadge   ---         Pewter City                Increases Attack of all your Pokémon
    Burn Heal      250         Pokémon Mart               Cures burns
    Calcium        9800        Celadon Department Store   Increases Special permanently
    Carbos         9800        Celadon Department Store   Increases Speed permanently
    Card Key       ---         Silph Co.                  Opens Silph's doors
    Cascadebadge   ---         Cerulean City              Pokémon up to lv 30 will obey you
    Coin           20          Game Corner                Used to play the slots and buy prizes
    Coin Case      ---         Celadon City               Holds coins
    Dire Hit       650         Celadon Department Store   Increases chances of critical hits
    Dome Fossil    ---         Mt. Moon                   Used to clone a Kabuto on Cinnabar
    Earthbadge     ---         Viridian City              All Pokémon will obey you
    Elixer         ---         Various areas              Restores 10 PP on all attacks
    Escape Rope    550         Pokémon Marts              Takes you to a Pokémon Center
    Ether          ---         Various areas              Restores 10 PP on one attack
    Exp. All       ---         Route 15                   Shares Exp. points with all Pokémon
    Fire Stone     2100        Celadon Department Store   Force-evolves certain Fire Pokémon
    Fresh Water    200         Celadon Department Store   Restores 50 HP, lets you into Saffron
    Full Heal      600         Pokémon Marts              Heals any condition
    Full Restore   3000        Pokémon Marts              Heals anything and restores all HP  
    Gold Teeth     ---         Safari Zone                Helps Safari Zone warden speak
    Good Rod       ---         Fuschia City               Lets you catch Magikarp and Goldeen
    Great Ball     600         Pokémon Marts              Has improved capture rates
    Guard Spec.    700         Celadon Department Store   
    Helix Fossil   ---         Mt. Moon                   Used to clone Omanyte on Cinnabar
    HP Up          9800        Celadon Department Store   Increases HP by 1 or 2 permanently
    Hyper Potion   1500        Pokémon Marts              Restores 200 HP
    Ice Heal       250         Pokémon Marts              Thaws out frozen Pokémon
    Iron           9800        Celadon Department Store   Increases Attack permanently
    Itemfinder     ---         Route 11                   Beeps if there is an item onscreen
    Leaf Stone     2100        Celadon Department Store   Force-evolves certain Grass Pokémon
    Lemonade       350         Celadon Department Store   Restores 80 HP, lets you into Saffron
    Lift Key       ---         Game Corner                Lets you use the elevator
    Marshbadge     ---         Saffron City               Pokémon up to lv 70 will obey you
    Master Ball    ---         Silph Co.                  Catch Pokémon 100% of the time!!
    Max Elixer     ---         Various areas              Restores all PP on all attacks
    Max Ether      ---         Various areas              Restores all PP on one attacks
    Max Potion     2500        Pokémon Marts              Restored all HP
    Max Repel      700         Pokémon Marts              Prevents random battles for 250 steps
    Max Revive     ---         Various areas              Revives Pokémon and restores all HP
    Moon Stone     ---         Various areas              Force-evolves some Pokémon
    Nugget         ---         Various areas              Sell it for 5000
    Oak's Parcel   ---         Viridian Pokémon Mart      Deliver it to Prof. Oak for a Pokédex
    Old Amber      ---         Pewter City Museum         Used to clone Aerodactyl on Cinnabar
    Old Rod        ---         Vermilion City             Used to catch Magikarp
    Parlyz Heal    200         Pokémon Marts              Cures paralysis
    Poké Ball      200         Pokémon Marts              Used to catch Pokémon
    Poké Doll      1000        Celadon Department Store   Distracts enemy, trade for TM 31
    Poké Flute     ---         Lavender Town              Awakens sleeping Pokémon
    Pokédex        ---         Pallet Town                Stores Pokémon data
    Potion         300         Pokémon Marts              Restores 20 HP
    PP Up          ---         Various areas              Increases PP of one move permanently
    Protein        9800        Celadon Department Store   Increases Attack permanently
    Rainbowbadge   ---         Celadon City               Pokémon up to lv 50 will obey you 
    Rare Candy     ---         Various areas              Increases experience level by 1
    Repel          350         Pokémon Marts              Prevents random battles for 100 steps
    Revive         1500        Pokémon Marts              Revives Pokémon and restores 1/2 HP
    Safari Ball    ---         Safari Zone                Used to catch Safari Zone Pokémon
    Secret Key     ---         Cinnabar Island            Opens door to Cinnabar Gym
    Silph Scope    ---         Game Corner                Allows you to identify ghosts
    Soda Pop       300         Celadon Department Store   Restores 60 HP, lets you into Saffron
    Soulbadge      ---         Fuschia City               Increases Defense of all your Pokémon
    S.S. Ticket    ---         Sea Cottage                Allows you to board the S.S. Anne
    Super Potion   700         Pokémon Marts              Restores 50 HP
    Super Repel    500         Pokémon Marts              Prevents random battles for 150 steps
    Super Rod      ---         Route 12                   Used to catch any water Pokémon
    Thunderbadge   ---         Vermilion City             Increases Speed of all your Pokémon
    Thunder Stone  2100        Celadon Department Store   Force-evolves certain Electric Pokémon
    Town Map       ---         Pallet Town                Map of the whole game
    Ultra Ball     1200        Pokémon Marts              Has improved capture rates
    Volcanobadge   ---         Viridian City              All Pokémon will obey you
    Water Stone    2100        Celadon Department Store   Force-evolves certain Water Pokémon
    X Accuracy     950         Celadon Department Store   Increases Accuracy temporarily
    X Attack       500         Celadon Department Store   Increases Attack temporarily
    X Defend       550         Celadon Department Store   Increases Defense temporarily
    X Special      350         Celadon Department Store   Increases Special temporarily
    X Speed        350         Celadon Department Store   Increases Speed temporarily  
    TM List
    01 -- Mega Punch
    02 -- Razor Wind
    03 -- Swords Dance
    04 -- Whirlwind
    05 -- Mega Kick
    06 -- Toxic
    07 -- Horn Drill
    08 -- Body Slam
    09 -- Take Down
    10 -- Double-Edge
    11 -- Bubblebeam
    12 -- Water Gun
    13 -- Ice Beam
    14 -- Blizzard
    15 -- Hyper Beam
    16 -- Pay Day
    17 -- Submission
    18 -- Counter
    19 -- Seismic Toss
    20 -- Rage
    21 -- Mega Drain
    22 -- Solar Beam
    23 -- Dragon Rage
    24 -- Thunderbolt
    25 -- Thunder
    26 -- Earthquake
    27 -- Fissure
    28 -- Dig
    29 -- Psychic
    30 -- Teleport
    31 -- Mimic
    32 -- Double Team
    33 -- Reflect
    34 -- Bide
    35 -- Metronome
    36 -- Selfdestruct
    37 -- Egg Bomb
    38 -- Fire Blast
    39 -- Swift
    40 -- Skull Bash
    41 -- Softboiled
    42 -- Dream Eater
    43 -- Sky Attack
    44 -- Rest
    45 -- Thunder Wave
    46 -- Psywave
    47 -- Explosion
    48 -- Rock Slide
    49 -- Tri Attack
    50 -- Substitute   
    HM List
    01 -- Cut
    02 -- Fly
    03 -- Surf
    04 -- Strength
    05 -- Flash
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~~~Move List~~~~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     This section is a list of all the moves in the entire game.
     This move list is for in battle. Some moves can be used outside of battle. 
    Descriptions of those moves are at the end of the main move list.
     Recoil attacks have a description of "Recoil of 1/X". X is replaced by either a 4 or 
    an 8. This means that you take damage depending on what you gave the opponent. Some 
    attacks give you 1/4 the damage you dealt, some give 1/8. For Jump Kick and Hi Jump 
    Kick, you recieve 1/8 of the damage you would have given out if you hadn't have missed. 
    NRM - Normal
    PSN - Poison
    GRS - Grass
    FIR - Fire
    WTR - Water
    ICE - Ice
    PSY - Psychic
    GST - Ghost
    DRG - Dragon
    RCK - Rock
    GRD - Ground
    FLY - Flying
    FTG - Fighting
    BUG - Bug
    ELC - Electric
    Move            Type  PP   Acc.  Power  Description
    ~~~~            ~~~~  ~~   ~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Absorb          GRS   20   100    20    Steals HP from opp., gives it to you
    Acid            PSN   30   100    40    Might lower opp.'s defense
    Acid Armor      PSN   40   100    --    Greatly increases defense
    Agility         PSY   30   100    --    Greatly increases speed
    Amnesia         PSY   20   100    --    Greatly increases special
    Aurora Beam     ICE   20   100    65    Might lower defense or freeze opp.
    Barrage         NRM   20   85     15    Attacks 2-5 times in a row
    Barrier         PSY   30   100    --    Greatly increases defense
    Bide            NRM   10   100    --    Lose 2-3 turns, give 2x damage recieved
    Bind            NRM   20   75     15    Attacks 2-5 times, opp. can't move
    Bite            NRM   25   100    60    Might scare opp.
    Blizzard        ICE   5    90     120   Better chance of freezing opp.
    Body Slam       NRM   15   100    85    Better chance of paralyzing opp.
    Bone Club       GRD   20   85     65    Might scare opp.
    Bonemerang      GRD   10   90     50    Attacks twice in a row
    Bubble          WTR   30   100    20    Might lower speed
    Bubblebeam      WTR   20   100    65    Might lower speed
    Clamp           WTR   10   75     35    Attacks 2-5 times, opp. can't move
    Comet Punch     NRM   15   85     20    Attacks 2-5 times in a row
    Confuse Ray     GST   10   100    --    Confuses opp.
    Confusion       PSY   25   100    50    Might confuse opp.
    Constrict       NRM   35   100    10    Might lower speed
    Conversion      NRM   30   100    --    Changes your type to opp.'s
    Counter         FTG   20   100    --    Gives 2x damage recieved last turn
    Crabhammer      WTR   10   85     90    Almost always causes a critical hit
    Cut             NRM   30   95     50    Normal attack
    Defense Curl    NRM   40   100    --    Increases defense
    Dig             GRD   10   100    60    Digs a hole 1st turn, attacks on 2nd
    Disable         NRM   20   75     --    Disables one of opp.'s attacks
    Dizzy Punch     NRM   10   100    70    Normal attack
    Double-Edge     NRM   15   100    100   Recoil of 1/4
    Double Kick     FTG   30   100    30    Attacks twice in a row
    Doubleslap      NRM   10   85     15    Attacks 2-5 times in a row
    Double Team     NRM   15   100    --    Increases evade
    Dragon Rage     DRG   10   100    --    Always deals 40 HP damage
    Dream Eater     PSY   15   100    100   Absorbs opp.'s HP (opp. must be sleeping)
    Drill Peck      FLY   20   100    80    Normal attack
    Earthquake      GRD   10   100    100   Normal attack
    Egg Bomb        NRM   10   75     100   Normal attack
    Ember           FIR   25   100    45    Might burn opp.
    Explosion       NRM   5    100    --    You faint, defeat opp. in one hit
    Fire Blast      FIR   5    85     120   Better chance of burning opp.
    Fire Punch      FIR   15   100    75    Might burn opp.
    Fire Spin       FIR   15   75     20    Attacks 2-5 times, opp. can't move
    Fissure         GRD   5    30     --    Automatically defeats opp.
    Flamethrower    FIR   15   100    100   Might burn opp.
    Flash           NRM   20   75     --    Lowers opp.'s accuracy
    Fly             FLY   15   95     70    Flies into air 1st turn, attacks on 2nd
    Focus Energy    NRM   30   100    --    Increases chances for critical hits
    Fury Attack     NRM   20   85     15    Attacks 2-5 times in a row
    Fury Swipes     NRM   15   80     20    Attacks 2-5 times in a row
    Glare           NRM   30   75     --    Paralyzes opp.
    Growl           NRM   40   100    --    Lowers opp.'s attack
    Growth          NRM   40   100    --    Increases special
    Guillotine      NRM   5    30     --    Automatically defeats opp.
    Gust            NRM   35   100    40    Normal attack
    Harden          NRM   30   100    --    Increases defense
    Haze            ICE   30   100    --    Removes all attack support effects
    Headbutt        NRM   15   100    70    Better chance of scaring opp.
    Hi Jump Kick    FTG   20   75     85    If attack misses, recoil of 1/8
    Horn Attack     NRM   25   100    65    Normal attack
    Horn Drill      NRM   5    30     --    Automatically defeats opp.
    Hydro Pump      WTR   5    80     120   Normal attack
    Hyper Beam      NRM   5    90     150   Lose turn after attack
    Hyper Fang      NRM   10   90     --    Reduces opp.'s HP by half
    Hypnosis        PSY   20   75     --    Puts opp. to sleep
    Ice Beam        ICE   10   100    95    Might freeze opp.
    Ice Punch       ICE   15   100    75    Might freeze opp.
    Jump Kick       FTG   25   85     70    If attack misses, recoil of 1/8
    Karate Chop     NRM   25   100    50    Almost always causes a critical hit
    Kinesis         PSY   15   80     --    Decreases opp.'s accuracy
    Leech Life      BUG   15   100    20    Steals HP from opp., gives it to you
    Leech Seed      GRS   10   90     --    Every turn, opp.'s HP are absorbed
    Leer            NRM   30   100    --    Lowers opp.'s defense
    Lick            GST   30   100    20    Better chance of paralyzing opp.
    Light Screen    PSY   30   100    --    Halves damage from special attacks
    Lovely Kiss     NRM   10   75     --    Puts opp. to sleep
    Low Kick        FTG   20   90     50    Better chance of scaring opp.
    Meditate        PSY   40   100    --    Increases attack
    Mega Drain      GRS   10   100    40    Steals HP from opp., gives it to you
    Mega Kick       NRM   5    75     120   Normal attack
    Mega Punch      NRM   5    85     80    Normal attack
    Metronome       NRM   10   100    --    Produces random attacks
    Mimic           NRM   10   100    --    Allows you to copy one of opp.'s moves
    Minimize        NRM   20   100    --    Increases evade
    Mirror Move     FLY   20   100    --    Copies opp.'s last attack
    Mist            ICE   30   100    --    Stat-altering moves don't affect you
    Night Shade     GST   15   100    --    Deals damage equal to your level
    Pay Day         NRM   20   100    40    Gives you cash equal to 2x your level
    Peck            FLY   35   100    35    Normal attack
    Petal Dance     GRS   20   100    70    Attack 2-4 times, then become confused
    Pin Missile     BUG   20   85     15    Attacks 2-5 times in a row
    Poison Gas      PSN   40   55     --    Poisons opp.
    Poison Sting    PSN   35   100    15    Might poison opp.
    Poisonpowder    PSN   35   75     --    Poisons opp.
    Pound           NRM   35   100    40    Normal attack
    Psybeam         PSY   20   100    65    Might confuse opp.
    Psychic         PSY   10   100    90    Might lower special
    Psywave         PSY   15   80     --    Deals damage equal to 1.5x your level
    Quick Attack    NRM   30   100    40    Attacks first no matter what
    Rage            NRM   20   100    20    Attack rises as you take damage
    Razor Leaf      GRS   25   95     55    Almost always causes a critical hit
    Razor Wind      NRM   10   75     80    Stores energy 1st turn, attacks on 2nd
    Recover         NRM   20   100    --    Recovers half of max HP
    Reflect         PSY   20   100    --    Reduces damage taken by half
    Rest            PSY   10   100    --    Recover all HP but lose 2 turns
    Roar            NRM   20   100    --    Automatically ends battle
    Rock Slide      RCK   10   90     75    Normal attack
    Rock Throw      RCK   15   35     50    Normal attack
    Rolling Kick    FTG   15   85     60    Better chance of scaring opp.
    Sand Attack     NRM   15   100    --    Decreases accuracy
    Scratch         NRM   30   100    40    Normal attack
    Screech         NRM   40   85     --    Greatly decreases defense
    Seismic Toss    FTG   20   100    --    Deals damage equal to your level
    Self Destruct   NRM   5    100    200   Deals a lot of damage, but you faint
    Sharpen         NRM   30   100    --    Increases attack
    Sing            NRM   15   75     --    Puts opp. to sleep
    Skull Bash      NRM   15   100    100   Stores energy 1st turn, attacks on 2nd
    Sky Attack      FLY   5    90     140   Stores energy 1st turn, attacks on 2nd
    Slam            NRM   20   75     80    Normal attack
    Slash           NRM   20   100    70    Almost always causes a critical hit
    Sleep Powder    GRS   15   85     --    Puts opp. to sleep
    Sludge          PSN   20   100    65    Great chance of poisoning opp.
    Smog            PSN   20   70     20    Does damage and poisons opp.
    Smokescreen     NRM   20   100    --    Decreases accuracy
    Softboiled      NRM   10   100    --    Recover 1/2 max HP
    Solarbeam       GRS   20   100    120   Stores energy 1st turn, attacks on 2nd
    Sonic Boom      NRM   20   90     --    Always deals 40 HP damage
    Spike Cannon    NRM   15   100    20    Attacks 2-5 times in a row
    Splash          NRM   40   100    --    Does absolutely nothing
    Spore           GRS   15   100    --    Puts opp. to sleep
    Stomp           NRM   20   100    65    Better chance of scaring opp.
    Strength        NRM   15   100    80    Normal attack
    String Shot     BUG   40   95     --    Decreases speed
    Struggle        NRM   --   100    50    Used if all PP is gone, recoil of 1/4
    Stun Spore      GRS   30   75     --    Paralyzes opp.
    Submission      FTG   25   85     80    Recoil of 1/4
    Substitute      NRM   10   100    --    Create clone, clone takes damage
    Super Fang      NRM   10   90     --    Reduces opp.'s HP by half
    Supersonic      NRM   20   55     --    Confuses opp.
    Surf            WTR   15   100    95    Normal attack
    Swift           NRM   20   100    60    Hits 100% of the time
    Swords Dance    NRM   30   100    --    Greatly increases attack
    Tackle          NRM   35   95     35    Normal attack
    Tail Whip       NRM   30   100    --    Decreases defense
    Take Down       NRM   20   85     90    Recoil of 1/4
    Teleport        PSY   20   95     --    Automatically ends battle
    Thrash          NRM   20   100    90    Attack 2-4 times, then become confused
    Thunder         ELC   10   75     120   Might paralyze opp.
    Thunder Wave    ELC   20   100    --    Paralyzes opp.
    Thunderbolt     ELC   15   100    95    Excellent chance at parayzing opp.
    Thunder Punch   ELC   15   100    75    Might paralyze opp.
    Thundershock    ELC   30   100    40    Might paralyze opp.
    Toxic           PSN   10   90     --    Badly poisons opp.
    Transform       NRM   10   100    --    You turn into your opp.
    Tri Attack      NRM   10   100    80    Normal attack
    Twineedle       BUG   20   100    25    Attacks twice, might poison opp.
    Vice Grip       NRM   30   100    55    Normal attack
    Vine Whip       GRS   10   100    35    Normal attack
    Water Gun       WTR   25   100    40    Normal attack
    Waterfall       WTR   15   100    80    Normal attack
    Whirlwind       NRM   20   95     --    Automatically ends battle
    Wing Attack     FLY   35   100    60    Normal attack
    Withdraw        WTR   40   100    --    Increases defense
    Wrap            NRM   20   85     5     Attacks 2-5 times in a row
    Moves outside of battle - 
    Move            Type  Description
    ~~~~            ~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Cut             NRM   Cuts down a bush   
    Dig             GRD   Indoors, it transports you to the last Poké Center you used
    Flash           NRM   Lights up dark areas
    Fly             FLY   Transports you to the town of your choice
    Softboiled      NRM   Transfers your HP to another Pokémon 
    Strength        NRM   Moves boulders
    Surf            WTR   Allows to to move through water
    Teleport        PSY   Outdoors, it transports you to the last Poké Center you used
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~Notes about moves~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     I have made a bunch of observations about the moves. Basically, I have classified them 
    into groups depending on what they do.
    I.    Regular - These attacks make up most of the moves in the game.
          A. Normal
             - A lot moves fall under this category. These moves aren't super effective against
               any type and there's nothing unusual about them. They do not effect Ghosts and 
               Rock-type Pokémon have a strange resistance to them.
          B. Element 
              - There are 14 other types of moves that are elemental. These attacks can 
                sometimes be super effective against other types of Pokémon, usually logically 
                (example: Flying-type attacks are excellent against Bug-type Pokémon)
    II.   Set - These attacks take off the same amount of damage, regardless of the opponent's
                Defense rating and/or your Attack rating.
          A. Permanent Set 
             - These moves take off the same amount of damage all the time with no exceptions.
               Only the moves Sonic Boom (20 HP) and Dragon Rage (40 HP) fall under this 
          B. Level Set 
             - These moves take off damage according to your Pokémon's level. The moves Seismic
               Toss and Night Shade take off HP equal to the level of your Pokémon, while 
               Psywave takes off damage equal to one and a half times your Pokémon's level.
               (if you are at level 20, Psywave will take off 30 HP; if you are at lv 50, it 
               will take off 75 HP)
    III.  Stat Alter - These moves affect the statistics of either you or the opponent. 
          A. Temporary 
             - These moves only affect the opponent temporarily. They can be erased by 1 
               of 3 ways: using the move Haze, switching the Pokémon for another and then back
               again, or ending the battle. Such moves include Harden and Tail Whip.
          B. Prolonged
             - These attacks cannot be erased by doing the above techniques. Time will cure 
               Sleep, but the others require a special item or a visit to a Pokémon Center for
               treatment. The good thing is, you can only have one prolonged effect at a time.
               1. Poison
                  - This gradually takes off HP during battle. Outside of battle, it takes off
                    1 HP every 5 steps.
               2. Ice
                  - This is the worst prolonged condition. If frozen, your Pokémon is entirely
                    immobile and it does not go away with time.
               3. Burn
                  - If burned, a Pokémon's stats are lowered and HP gradually decreases like 
                    Poison. However, nothing happens as you walk.
               4. Paralyze
                  - Pokémon's Speed decreases immensely and it will not attack sometimes. 
               5. Sleep
                  - Like Ice, your Pokémon will be offenseless, but it is only temporary. Use
                    either Awakening or the Poké Flute to awaken a sleeping Pokémon.
          C. X-Stat
             - There are 2 moves that fall under this category.
               1. Haze
                  - This move removes all temporary stat alterations, including Confusion.
               2. Mist
                  - Mist prevents any of this from happening. Use it at the beginning of a 
          D. HP Refill
             - The moves Rest, Recover, and Softboiled fall under this category. They all 
               refill the HP of the Pokémon.
               1. Rest
                  - This move recovers all HP and prolonged conditions. However, your 
                    Pokémon will fall asleep and lose 2 turns.
               2. Recover
                  - This move recovers half of your Pokémon's HP. Nothing else.
               3. Softboiled
                  - This move has a double use. TM 41, which is the only way to get the move, 
                    can only be used on Chansey. In battle, Chansey recovers half of its HP, 
                    like the move Recover. Outside of battle, however, Chansey transfers its 
                    HP to another Pokémon. Even at lv 60, Chansey has somewhere around 400 
                    HP, so losing some isn't much of a problem. If Chansey gets low on life,
                    just get into battle and use the move until it has full life.
          E. Offensive moves that may affect stats 
             - These moves do damage and will sometimes alter stats. Such moves include 
               Psybeam, Thunder, and Blizzard.
    IV.   Multi - These attacks hit anywhere from 2 to 5 times in a varying amount of ways,
                  described below.
          A. Row
             - These attacks all take place in the same turn. Among the attacks in this 
               category are Fury Swipes and Spike Cannon.
          B. Seperate Turns, opponent can't counterattack
             - These moves "tie up" the opponent and prevent them from attacking you back. 
               They can, however, switch Pokémon or use an item. Such moves include Wrap and
          C. Seperate Turns, opponent can counterattack
             - These moves prevent your Pokémon from using any other attack until they are
               finished using that one. Among these attacks are Petal Dance, Rage and Thrash.
               1. Petal Dance
                  - Nearly identical to Thrash, but it grass-type instead of normal-type. 
                    When the attack ends, the Pokémon becomes confused.
               2. Thrash
                  - Same as Petal Dance, except Normal-type.
               3. Rage
                  - This attack doesn't end after a specified time. You must keep using it 
                    until either you faint or the oppenent faints. As they attack you, your
                    Attack rating rises.
    V.    Two-Turn - These attacks are generally very powerful, but they use up two of your 
          A. "Charge" attacks
              - These attacks require you to charge up or gather energy before you use them.
                Many attacks - such as Skull Bash, Sky Attack, and Razor Wind - require you 
                to charge.
          B. "Recharge" attacks
             - The only attack under this category is Hyper Beam. This lone attack deals out
               a lot of damage with no charging time, but after using it you must recharge 
               and lose a turn.
    VI.   Steal - These attacks "steal" the enemy's HP and gives part of what you stole to
                  you. The moves Leech Life, Absorb, and Mega Drain all fall under this 
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~Pokémon Checklist~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     This section is a list of all the Pokémon by number, nothing else. 
    000-  Missingno. (Glitch in the game. NOT a real Pokémon!)
    001-  Bulbasaur
    002-  Ivysaur
    003-  Venusaur
    004-  Charmander
    005-  Charmeleon
    006-  Charizard
    007-  Squirtle
    008-  Wartortle
    009-  Blastoise
    010-  Caterpie
    011-  Metapod
    012-  Butterfree
    013-  Weedle
    014-  Kakuna
    015-  Beedrill
    016-  Pidgey
    017-  Pidgeotto
    018-  Pidgeot
    019-  Rattata
    020-  Raticate
    021-  Spearow
    022-  Fearow
    023-  Ekans
    024-  Arbok
    025-  Pikachu
    026-  Raichu
    027-  Sandshrew
    028-  Sandslash
    029-  Nidoran (female)
    030-  Nidorina
    031-  Nidoqueen
    032-  Nidoran (male)
    033-  Nidorino 
    034-  Nidoking
    035-  Clefairy
    036-  Clefable
    037-  Vulpix
    038-  Ninetales
    039-  Jigglypuff
    040-  Wigglytuff
    041-  Zubat
    042-  Golbat
    043-  Oddish
    044-  Gloom
    045-  Vileplume
    046-  Paras
    047-  Parasect
    048-  Venonat
    049-  Venomoth
    050-  Diglett
    051-  Dugtrio
    052-  Meowth
    053-  Persian
    054-  Psyduck
    055-  Golduck
    056-  Mankey
    057-  Primeape
    058-  Growlithe
    059-  Arcanine
    060-  Poliwag
    061-  Poliwhirl
    062-  Poliwrath
    063-  Abra
    064-  Kadabra
    065-  Alakazam
    066-  Machop
    067-  Machoke
    068-  Machamp
    069-  Bellsprout
    070-  Weepinbell
    071-  Victreebell
    072-  Tentacool
    073-  Tentacruel
    074-  Geodude
    075-  Graveler
    076-  Golem
    077-  Ponyta
    078-  Rapidash
    079-  Slowpoke
    080-  Slowbro
    081-  Magnemite
    082-  Magneton
    083-  Farfetch'd
    084-  Doduo
    085-  Dodrio
    085-  Seel
    086-  Dewgong
    088-  Grimer
    089-  Muk
    090-  Shellder
    091-  Cloyster
    092-  Gastly
    093-  Haunter
    094-  Gengar
    095-  Onix
    096-  Drowzee
    097-  Hypno
    098-  Krabby
    099-  Kingler
    100-  Voltorb
    101-  Electrode
    102-  Exeggcute
    103-  Exeggutor
    104-  Cubone
    105-  Marowak
    106-  Hitmonlee
    107-  Hitmonchan
    108-  Lickitung
    109-  Koffing
    110-  Weezing
    111-  Rhyhorn
    112-  Rhydon
    113-  Chansey
    114-  Tangela
    115-  Kangaskhan
    116-  Horsea
    117-  Seadra
    118-  Goldeen
    119-  Seaking
    120-  Staryu
    121-  Starmie
    122-  Mr. Mime
    123-  Scyther
    124-  Jynx
    125-  Electrabuzz
    126-  Magmar
    127-  Pinsir
    128-  Tauros
    129-  Magikarp
    130-  Gyarados
    131-  Lapras
    132-  Ditto
    133-  Eevee
    134-  Vaporeon
    135-  Jolteon
    136-  Flareon
    137-  Porygon
    138-  Omanyte
    139-  Omastar
    140-  Kabuto
    141-  Kabutops
    142-  Aerodactyl
    143-  Snorlax
    144-  Articuno
    145-  Zapdos
    146-  Moltres
    147-  Dratini
    148-  Dragonair
    149-  Dragonite
    150-  Mewtwo
    151-  Mew
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~Mew and Mewtwo~~~| |
                                       \ \____________________/ /  
      For starters, there are people out there who will try every single new rumor about 
    how to get Mew, Pokémon #151, no matter what it involves, just because they have 
    beaten the game, collected all 150 Pokémon, and have nothing better to do with their
    lives. The second they hear a new Mew rumor, they run to their Game Boy, pop in 
    Pokémon, flip the switch, and play their hearts out. This Mew/Mewtwo section has been 
    compiled basically for those people who are obsessed with Mew.
      This FAQ will tell you nearly EVERYTHING you want to know about Mew and Mewtwo. I
    have found a lot of sources that have a information on Mew and Mewtwo, and I have 
    compiled all that info into this FAQ that you are reading now.
      Straight from the game - the basic story behind Mew and Mewtwo is rather clearly 
    stated in these journal entries...
    Diary: July 5
    Guyana, South America
    A new Pokémon was discovered deep in the jungle.
    Diary: July 10
    We christened the newly discovered Pokémon, Mew.
    Diary: February 6
    Mew gave birth. We named the newborn Mewtwo.
    Diary: September 1
    Mewtwo is far too powerful. We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies...
      Mewtwo's Pokédex entry states, "It was created by a scientist after years of
    horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering". In Pokémon Power Issue 5, there are
    three bits of info that back up this story: 
      "Cinnabar Island is a hotbed of Pokémon research. The Pokémon Lab engaged in 
    cloning expiriments, while the scientists in the Pokémon Mansion were trying to 
    engineer the perfect fighting Pokémon. Perhaps this creature was the cause of the 
    chaos on the island!"
      "If you look carefully, you may even find valuable clues about the expirimental 
    Pokémon that was being kept here."
      "Examine the tables to find intriguing bits of information about the expiriments 
    that went on here. It seems the scientists created a Pokémon too powerful to 
    control. It eventually went and escaped!" 
      If you look around Cinnabar Mansion, you can indeed tell that something happened 
    here. Mew was pregnant, and they decided to do some DNA enginerring. They made
    Mewtwo super-powerful, so it was almost like a new species when it was born. Mewtwo
    apparently escaped from the mansion while they were testing it, leaving behind a
    terrible mess and forcing most of the scientists to evacuate. You will find a few
    Scientists inside the mansion, and you will also find some Burglars who came to
    scavenge the burnt-out place and find anything useful.
      Mewtwo made his way to the Cerulean Cave and resided there to hide from the anyone
    who was looking for him. After beating the Pokémon League, you can go there and catch 
    him, although it is hard. He comes equipped with Psychic, Swift, Barrier, and Recover.
    He learns Mist at lv 75, and Amnesia at lv 81. Psychic, Swift, and Recover are the 
    only good moves, because he doesn't need the defense being at lv 70, his Special is 
    his highest mark, and Mist just prevents other Pokémon from using Tail Whip, Growl, 
    and moves like that which alter your stats. 
      There is only one known way to get Mew in the US version - use a GameShark. Enter 
    the code 0115D8CF and then every Pokémon you fight will be Mew, even though it might 
    be a picture of a Pokémon that is found in that area or the picture might be screwed 
    up. Its HP gauge will say Mew and it will make the sound of Mew, however. Catch it 
    and you will have Mew, and it will look like Mew when you use it. Mew can learn any
    TM or HM move (including Fly =Þ), and he learns the following moves on his own:
    Level  Move
    --     Pound
    10     Transform
    20     Mega Punch
    30     Metronome
    40     Psychic
      I wrote Nintendo about Mew being able to be caught without using a GameShark:
    I wrote:
      Is Mew in the US version of Pokémon? I've looked at a bunch of sites that have 
    codes to get Mew, get all the Pokémon, get your Pokémon to level 100, and others. I 
    tried a few of the codes for Mew but none worked. Is Mew in the game at all? I saw 
    the journal entries in Cinnabar Mansion, and I know that he exists in the Pokémon 
    world. From the entries, it seems logical that he would be in the game as a secret
    They wrote:
    As far as I know, Mew is not in the U.S. version of the game.  If he does exist, we
    will post it at www.pokemon.com, but I wouldn't count on it.  If you would like 
    detailed info about all 150 Pokémon, you can now order the Pokémon Player's Guide on
    our website, so be sure to check it out.
    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Dervin Camden
      There is also a Mew rumor for the US version:
      Before getting on the SS Anne, trade for a Pokémon who has Cut. Go through the game
    until you beat Koga, and collect the Surf and Strength HMs while you're at it. Go 
    back to the SS Anne (which hasn't left harbor yet) and go to the screen which shows 
    the dock and the SS Anne. Surf around the back of it and you will see a truck. Use 
    Strength to move it. You will then find Mew in a Pokéball, like you did Eevee.
      THIS RUMOR IS 100% FALSE. There's a qewl area behind the ship, but the truck CANNOT 
    be moved worth anything, nor does it look like it should be moved. 
     Now, the verdict: Mew IS NOT in the game without a game enhancement device! Don't
    believe ANYTHING you hear about getting him, it's FAKE!!
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~Ultimate Team!!~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     Well, I have formed my own ultimate team of Pokémon and decided to reveal to the 
    world just how I did it. It might seem complicated, but it really isn't.
     First off, copy down the following:
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Element                         -
    Attack that is this element     -
    Pokémon that is this element    -
    Now fill it all out. Here's a sample:
    Element                         -  Ice
    Attack that is this element     -  Blizzard
    Pokémon that is this element    -  Articuno
     Make sure the attack is a free-damage one, and not a set-damage one. Also, try to
    pick a Pokémon for the element that is dual-type, like I put down Articuno because
    he is Ice- and Flying-type. 
     You are trying to have all the types of attacks and all the types of defense in 
    your team. You do not need some of the minor types of defense, such as Bug or 
    Electric, but in my ultimate team the only type of attack I'm missing is Bug. 
    Remember, you can teach moves to a Pokémon that aren't their element type. 
     For the "attack that is this element" space, try to put in the most powerful move
    of that element, like I put down "Blizzard" because it's the most powerful Ice 
     It's kind of hard to explain, but once you figure it out you can defeat any of the 
    opponents in the game and nearly all of your friends.
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |Miscellaneous stuff| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     This section is compiled of a bunch of miscellaneous tips that are very important if 
    you want to do well in the game. More will be added as I think of them.
      THE ULTIMATE TEAM. I cannot stress the importance of this. 
      Usually, the most powerful attacks of an element have 5 or 10 PP. This is not 
      enough. Use your PP Ups on these moves.     
      As they gain levels, it becomes harder and harder to get your Pokémon to the next 
      one. Around level 90, it takes somewhere around 21,000 experience points to get 
      them to the next. This is when you should use your Rare Candies.
      Ability enhancers aren't as much of a problem, because you can buy them in Celadon.
      But, why waste them on useless Pokémon? Make your ultimate team as strong as is 
      humanly possible and save your cash to buy other important crap!!!
    - Remember, Pokémon gain a lot more attack, defense, special, and speed when they 
      evolve. Unless you absolutely cannot stand evolving them (like if you have a 
      Pikachu), do it. You won't regret it.
      few exceptions, such as Eevee's forms, but generally no Pokémon learns more than 2
      more moves if you force-evolve them. Evolve them after they learn their last move. 
      Here's a chart that will tell you the absolute lowest level to stone-evolve your 
      025 Pikachu      - lv 43
      030 Nidorina     - lv 50 
      033 Nidorino     - lv 50
      035 Clefairy     - lv 48
      037 Vulpix       - lv 42
      039 Jigglypuff   - lv 39 
      044 Gloom        - lv 52
      058 Growlithe    - lv 50
      061 Poliwhirl    - lv 49
      070 Weepinbell   - lv 49
      102 Exeggcute    - lv 48
      120 Staryu       - lv 47
    - Remember, hidden items can be found on the ground by using the Itemfinder. Use it
      often and you will occasionally hear it beep, indicating that there is an invisible 
      item onscreen. All the PP Ups in the game are hidden with the exception of one, and
      PP Ups are super-valuable.
    - Try to trade Pokémon like Dratini with your friends. Since Dratini reaches his last 
      form at lv 55, it's nice if he gets 1.5 times the experience points he would have if
      he weren't traded so he gains levels and evolves a lot faster.
    - Always talk to a trainer after you defeat them. Sometimes they will give you a tip, 
      and sometimes they will give you an item, like in the case of the Rocket member in 
      the Game Corner basement. You cannot get the Lift Key without talking to him after 
      you defeat him.
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~~~~~~FAQ~~~~~~~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     People always have questions about Pokémon... Here are some of the most frequently 
    Q. What is Pokémon?
    A. That's what this guide is about!! If you haven't figured it out from the rest of
       the guide, you probably never will.
    Q. I beat [trainer]. S/he said that I can now use [HM move] any time. I don't know 
       how!!! The HM s/he gave me isn't on my item list or my PC!!!
    A. That would be because s/he didn't give you the HM. You must find it.
    Q. I got [HM]. I taught the move to one of my Pokémon. He can use it inside battle,
       but not outside!!! What's wrong?
    A. You need to have the appropriate badge in order to use an HM move outside of 
    Q. Why won't my Pokémon obey me?
    A. If you got a Pokémon in a trade, they won't obey you unless you have the right 
    Q. The SS Anne left without me!!!
    A. It's supposed to. It won't leave with you on it.
    Q. Where is Prof. Oak's Aide? I need the Flash HM!!!!
    A. Once you get to Vermilion City, go through Diglett's Cave. When you emerge, go
       down until you get to a house. That house has someone who will trade his Mr. Mime 
       for an Abra. Come back here when you have one, but for now keep going down until 
       you reach another house. The aide is inside. If you have caught more than 10
       different kinds of Pokémon, he will give you the HM 05 (Flash).
    A. Go left from Fuschia City to the lookout tower. Go upstairs and there will be a
       dude who wants to trade a Slowbro for his Lickitung.
    Q. I killed [Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mewtwo, Snorlax]. Is there any way to get 
       another one?
    A. Except for Snorlax, there is only one of those Pokémon in the entire game. (There
       are two Snorlaxes) If you kill these Pokémon, you don't get another chance at 
       catching them.
    Q. How on earth do you make that e with a line over it????
    A. Using a PC, turn Num Lock on. Then hold Alt and type 0233 on the number pad on
       the right side of the keyboard. If you want it with a capital e, then type 0201
       instead of 0233. é É Pokémon POKÉMON
       With a Mac:
       Hold the "option" key, press "E" key, release "option," press "E."  For
       "É" do the same except hold "shift" when you press "E" for the second
       time.  And for other accented vowels: hold "option," press "E," release
       "option," press vowel key.
    Q. I can't find the secret house in the Safari Zone.
    A. This one's hard to put in words, but I'll try anyways. 
       From the entrance, go to right and into the next area. Go to the top of that 
       area and then left to the next area. Go left into the patch of grass, then up 
       the stairs. Go left then down, and go down the stairs. You should see a pond.
       From the pond, go straight up and then right. You should see a house. From there, 
       go left until you reach a patch of grass. Go down from there into another area. 
       Go left and you will find the house.
    Q. How do I get past the guards?
    A. Give them a drink from the Celadon Department Store's roof level vending machines.
       (You need to use the stairs to get to the roof)
    Q. What levels should I raise my Pokémon to before facing the Elite Four?
    A. You should be fine if they're all around 55-60... Be sure to pack a lot of Revives,
       though, because you face them one right after the other. 
    Q. Where is the Earth Badge?
    A. Remember that Gym in Viridian City that you couldn't get into? Go back there after 
       you beat Blaine.
    Q. I can't find the Card Key in Silph Co.!!
    A. Go to the 5th floor. Go down from the elevator and step on the warp tile that's 
       right next to the guard and you can't go further. Then step back on the tile and 
       you can go past. I get this question on average of once every two weeks or so, and
       if people would just read this FAQ then it would be a lot easier.
    Q. I can't find a [name of Pokémon]. Where is it?
    A. If you have seen the Pokémon in a trainer fight, then go to the Pokédex and select
       that Pokémon. Select "Area" and sometimes it will tell you where to find it. Keep 
       in mind that there are 11 Pokémon that are not in your version and that there are 
       some people in the game that will trade with you. There are 4 Pokémon that can only
       be obtained by in-game trades. If all else fails, remember that there are Pokémon 
       that you must choose between. Such cases would be in the Fighting Dojo, where you
       can pick either a Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan. Neither of these Pokémon can be found
       anywhere else. Also, you must pick which stone to use on Eevee. There is only one 
       Eevee in the game, so you can pick only one of his evolved forms. In Mt. Moon, you
       can only get one fossil. Remember that if you trade with a friend and then trade 
       back, both you and your friend will have the Pokédex data on that Pokémon, so you 
       don't have to give your prized Pokémon to your friend just to complete your Pokédex.
    A. Viridian Forest. It might take you awhile to find one, but they're there. Pikachu's
       defense is terrible, though. He is weak as heck even at lv 100. Although Raichu is
       ugly (for those of you who care), you must force-evolve Pikachu in order for him to
       amount to anything. Raichu learns no moves in that form, so wait until Pikachu learns
       Thunder at lv 43 to force-evolve him with the Thunder Stone. Pikachu can also be found
       in the Power Plant.
    Q. How do I get to the Sea Cottage? I looked all around Bill's house, but there's no 
       to get up any farther from there!!
    A. The Sea Cottage IS Bill's House... [believe me, I get this one a lot]
    Q. How do I get to the Power Plant? I've been looking for it forever!!!
    A. Go right from Cerulean City and Surf down.
    Q. Where do I take the fossil I got from Mt. Moon?
    A. Cinnabar Island Research Lab.
    Q. The dude who got the other fossil already told me that. Where IS Cinnabar Island???
    A. It's one of the last areas in the game. Don't try getting there until after you get 
       to Fuschia City and get the Surf HM.
    Q. Do you play the oboe?
    A. No...
    Q. Do you have a website?
    A. Pokémon HQ is located at http://phq.fanhosts.com.
    Q. Are you ever going to stop answering questions?
    A. Yep. This is the last one.
    Q. Oh yeah?
    A. Yeah. Er... Hey!
                                       / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ \
                                       | |~~~~~~Credits~~~~~~| |
                                       \ \___________________/ /  
     I want to thank Nintendo for bringing Pokémon to America.
     I want to thank Shigeru Miyamoto. Need I say why?
     I want to thank Nintendo again for devising the idea for Pokémon Gold/Silver.
     I want to thank Toys 'R' Us for having Pokémon in stock when I went there the day
    after the game came out to get it.
     I want to thank Nintendo (last time) for making a Player's Guide for the game. 
    Without it, I probably wouldn't have been able to get this much info on the game.
     I want to thank Prima, too, for making a guide for the game. It had some info that
    Nintendo's didn't have. Prima could've used a spellchecker, though... =]
    All contents in this guide, with the exception of Nintendo's e-mail and the Ask Dan 
    column, is copyright ©1998 Syraxx <syraxx@hotmail.com>. If you want to use this guide
    on your site, email me.
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