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    Game Script by CGibson

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    Resident Evil Zero Game Script
    Resident Evil Copyright 2002 Capcom Co., Ltd.
    GameCube Copyright Nintendo
    FAQ Copyright Clark Gibson
    ***Who Can Use This***
    Don't email me asking if you can use it on your personal site. I don't have time 
    to keep up with who has what these days.
    I would appreciate if someone would notify me if this FAQ were seen on sites 
    other than the ones listed above.
    This FAQ is a record of the speech of the characters and the assorted 
    cut scenes in the game.
    Yes, there will probably be "spoilers" in this file so read at your own 
    Version 1 - Added all text and almost all cut scenes.
    Version 2 - Added "Who Can Use This" and some text I forgot.
    Version 3 - Added more text I missed.
    Version 4 - Updated email address
    ***Table of Contents***
    ***Train Scenes***
    01 Rebecca Searches the Train
    02 When the Dust Settles
    03 Meet Lt. Coen
    04 Edward's Final Moments
    05 Cerberus Attack
    06 Message from the Captain
    07 I Don't Need Your Help
    08 What The.?
    09 We Need to Cooperate
    10 Rebecca/Billy Restores the Light
    11 Rebecca/Billy Hears Noises
    12 Rebecca/Billy Meets the Scorpion
    13 Release the Hounds!
    14 Rebecca/Billy Clears the Path
    15 Birth
    16 We Have Control of the Train?
    17 Activate the Brakes!
    18-A Rebecca Volunteers to Activate the Brakes
    Extra Scene-Zombie Attack (Only Available to Rebecca)
    18-B Billy Volunteers to Activate the Brakes
    19-A Rebecca Has Entered the Code
    19-B Billy Has Entered the Code
    20 The Iron Horse Falls
    21 Are You All Right?
    22 Who Are These People?
    ***Training Facility Scenes***
    00 Moving On Up
    01 Raise It Higher
    02 Captured!
    03 Give Me Freedom
    04 It's That Time Again
    05 Uncross the Swords
    06 Checkmate
    07 The Balance of Good and Evil
    08 Gimme a Boost
    09 Show Me the Path
    10 A New Playmate
    11 Lancelot Link, Psycho Chimp
    12 The Plan
    13 Lt. Coen's Secret
    14 Ready? Fight!
    15 Tight Squeeze
    16 No Need for Piano Lessons
    17 Play It Again, Sam, er Billy
    18 I Want My Phone Call
    19 Jail Break
    20 Boxes, Tablets, Annoying Puzzles
    21 Descent
    ***Laboratory Scenes***
    00 Unlock the Door
    01 When Bats Attack
    02 Grounded
    03 Get the Power Up
    04 Going Down?
    05 Open Sesame!
    06 Who's That Man?
    07 Going My Way?
    08 Moving the Ladder
    09 All Aboard!
    10 Leaving Already?
    11 May I Have This Dance?
    12 Lights Out
    13 Let There Be Light
    14 On the Way
    ***Factory Scenes***
    00 Calling the Elevator
    01 Descending Into Terror
    02 Old Friend
    03 Enter: The Tyrant
    04 After the Battle
    ***Treatment Plant Scenes***
    00 Cast Away
    01 Finding a Friend
    02 Fill Her Up
    03 Twist It
    04 Return of the Tyrant
    05 Lower the Ladder
    06 Call the Gondola
    07 Gondola Ride
    08 Open the Floodgates
    09 Lift Me Up
    10 Call the Exterminators
    11 Spencer's Plot
    12 She's Going Down
    13 The Final Door
    14 Hail to the Queen
    15 Pursuit
    16 Let the Sunshine In
    17 Off With Her Head
    Narrator's Voice:
    A small mid-western town in America: Raccoon City.
    A solitary island far off in the sea: Rock Fort Island.
    An island that would become the second Raccoon City: Sheena Island.
    There are still many unanswered questions about these seemingly unrelated and 
    yet intensely traumatic events.
    Though it is believed that the international enterprise, Umbrella was somehow 
    involved, little is known as to the origin of this faceless corporation.
    When was it established?
    By whom?
    And how was the T-Virus created?
    To uncover the truth, we must delve deeper into the events which transpired in 
    the beginning before the mansion incident.
    (Cut to train)
    July 23, 1998
    Raccoon Forest 20:17
    (Various passenger voices can be heard.)
    Man: "Really?"
    Woman: "Hmm, do you think so too?"
    Bald Man: "Yeah."
    White Man: ".do about it?"
    Black Man: "We should hold off for a while."
    White Man: "I wonder how those RNP people will react to this?"
    (Splattering sounds heard.)
    Man with Glasses: "Hmm?"
    (Cut to man standing on a cliff overlooking the train)
    (The man is singing.)
    (Cut back to train.)
    (Man in glasses peers out the window, soon dozens of leeches latch onto the 
    Man with Glasses: (gasps)
    (More leeches follow, until the window is covered with them.)
    Man with Glasses: (screams and leaps from his seat.)
    (Leeches fall from the ceiling latching onto the passengers as they panic and 
    scream.  The man on the cliff finishes his songs after the attack has ended.)
    (Cut to S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team helicopter.)
    2 hours later
    Above Raccoon Forest
    Rebecca's Voice:
    It began as a simple investigation of some bizarre murders in the suburbs of 
    Raccoon City.
    Nothing in our training could ever have prepared us for the nightmare that 
    We never stood a chance.
    (Explosion in the helicopter's engine.)
    Enrico: What's going on?
    Edward: Engine failure!  Emergency landing!
    (The helicopter rapidly descends into the forest banging against the trees)
    Edward: Ugh!!
    (The helicopter lands roughly, but in one piece. Bravo Team exits the chopper, 
    Rebecca taking a moment to flash a "thumbs up" to Kevin who sends a quick salute 
    before the door slams shut.)
    Enrico: "Check the current position and investigate the surrounding area."
    Rebecca: (gasps) Captain! Look!
    (Cut to overturned MP vehicle)
    (A flashlight illuminates the truck, as the light pans over some dead bodies are 
    Rebecca: (gasps)
    (Enrico peers over a dead body)
    Rebecca: Captain!
    Enrico: "Hmm? What happened?"
    (Slime can be seen oozing down the truck as Enrico turns away and moves towards 
    Rebecca. Rebecca picks up a file from an open case on the ground and reads it 
    Rebecca: "Court order for transportation. Prisoner: Billy Coen, ex-lieutenant, 
    26 years old.  Court marshaled and sentenced to death July 22. Prisoner is to be 
    transferred to the Ragathon Base for execution.
    (Edward takes the memo from Rebecca.)
    Edward: "Those poor soldiers.  They were good men just doing their jobs and that 
    scum murdered them and escaped!"
    (Enrico snatches the memo from Edward.)
    Enrico: "Alright everyone! Let's separate and survey the area. Our friend is 
    brutal and ruthless. Keep your guard up!"
    (Rebecca searches until a loud noise is heard from behind her. She turns to see 
    a train sitting motionless on the tracks and begins to approach it.)
    ***Rebecca Searches the Train***
    (Sounds of voices can be heard in the air.)
    Rebecca: "This is officer Chambers from S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team. Please identify 
    (Rebecca starts walking down the aisle.)
    Rebecca: "Is someone there?"
    (The man in the chair comes into view to reveal that he is long been dead.)
    Rebecca: (gasps)
    (Rebecca notices the voices are coming from a portable radio on the floor.  As 
    she bends to pick it up the man in the seat gets up and reaches for her.  
    Rebecca turns to flee and sees more of the "dead" people blocking the way.)
    ***When the Dust Settles***
    Rebecca: "What just happened?  I, I thought they were dead..?"
    ***Meet Lt. Coen***
    (Rebecca locates a dead body at the door to the Engine Car.  The body is holding 
    a key in it's hand.  As Rebecca reaches for it a man steps up behind her 
    pointing a gun at her head.)
    Rebecca: "Billy, Lieutenant Coen."
    Billy: "So, you seem to know me.  Been fantasizing about me have you?"
    Rebecca: "You're the prisoner that was being transferred for execution. You were 
    with those soldiers outside."
    Billy: "Oh, I see. You're with S.T.A.R.S., well, no offense, honey, but your 
    kind doesn't seem to want me around. So, I'm afraid our little chat time is 
    (Billy holsters his weapon then turns to leave, Rebecca follows)
    Rebecca: "Wait! You're under arrest!"
    Billy: "No thanks, doll-face. I've already worn handcuffs."
    (Billy displays the broken handcuffs on his left wrist then leaves, Rebecca 
    calls after him.)
    Rebecca: "I could shoot you know!"
    (Rebecca exhales in frustration.  Moments later a gravely injured Edward comes 
    crashing through the window.  Rebecca rushes over to him.)
    ***Edward's Final Moments***
    Rebecca: "Edward! Are you all right? What happened?"
    Edward: "It's worse than.w..we can't..y..you must be careful, Rebecca. The 
    forest is full of z..zombies and..monsters."
    Rebecca: "Zombies and monsters?"
    Edward: "Ughh, ahhh."
    (Edward dies and moments later a large beast crashes through the window.)
    Rebecca: "Ahhh!"
    ***Cerberus Attack***
    (The monster is revealed to be a large dog. The animal's flesh is rotting and 
    bones are exposed.  The beast growls and starts towards Rebecca.)
    (In the darkened passenger car)
    ***Message from the Captain***
    (Rebecca receives a radio call from Enrico)
    Rebecca: "This is Rebecca, over."
    Enrico: "Rebecca, can you hear me? This is Enrico. What's your location? Over.
    Rebecca: "Enrico! Hello? Can you read me? Please respond."
    Enrico: "Rebecca, I can hear you now listen up! We've obtained detailed 
    information on the fugitive from a document found in the wrecked wagon. Billy 
    Coen killed as many as 23 people. Over.
    Rebecca: (nervous) "23 people."
    Enrico: "We've also confirmed that he was institutionalized, so keep your guard 
    up. Can you hear me, Rebecca? Over. Stay alert, Rebecca. He wouldn't think twice 
    about killing you.
    Rebecca: "Enrico? Captain! Hello? HELLO?
    ***I Don't Need Your Help***
    (Rebecca moves into the next car, Billy enters moments later.)
    Billy: "It's gonna be dangerous from here on in.  Why don't we cooperate?
    Rebecca: "Cooperate? With you?"
    Billy: (annoyed) "Listen, little girl, if you haven't noticed there's some 
    pretty freaked out things on this train. And I, for one, wanna get out of here. 
    I don't think we stand a chance of doing it alone.
    Rebecca: "You expect me to trust you? A wanted felon? I don't need your help. I 
    can handle this on my own.  And don't call me little girl!"
    Billy: (flips Rebecca's hair with his finger) "Ha, all right, Miss Do-It-
    Yourself. What should I call you?"
    Rebecca: "The name is Rebecca Chambers, but that's "Officer" Chambers to you."
    Billy: (mocking) Well then, Rebecca. (Leans against the door) Why don't you go 
    and try while I wait here.
    (Rebecca proceeds up the stairs)
    ***What The.?***
    (On the second floor, Rebecca spots an elderly man seated at the rear of the 
    car.  From the looks of things, the man could be a survivor seeing his flesh is 
    still on his body.  Rebecca approaches the man.)
    Rebecca: "Umm, excuse me sir? (Shakes the man's shoulder) Sir?"
    (The man's head turns to face her, then continues to turn until it rolls right 
    off his head and onto the floor.)
    Rebecca: (gasps)
    (The man's body falls to pieces and transforms into a slime like substance.  
    Leech creatures pour out of the masses of slime and gather in a mass on the 
    floor.  The mass grows and separates until it attains the form of a man again.  
    The creature sneers at Rebecca as it attacks.)
    (After the battle)
    (The man's face splits open and the leeches assault Rebecca en masse.  The slimy 
    monsters flow like a wave over her body threatening to cover her whole.  Shots 
    ring out as the leeches are shot off of Rebecca's body.  Rebecca slumps to the 
    floor as the leeches fall from her body.  Billy approaches her cautiously.  
    Leeches from the floor suddenly jump at Billy, but he reacts quickly and kills 
    them easily.  The rest of the leeches retreat from the train)
    Rebecca: (panting)
    Billy: "Are you ok?"
    Rebecca: (gives a thumbs up)
    Billy: "Humph."
    (A voice can be heard from outside the train singing.  In the storm the leeches 
    can be seen gathering around the cloaked man.)
    ***We Need to Cooperate***
    Billy: "Who is that guy?"
    (The train suddenly jerks into life.)
    Rebecca: "Unh!"
    Rebecca: "What's going on? Who's controlling the train?"
    Billy: "Go and check out the first engine car. 
    (Rebecca runs for the stairs, but Billy calls out to her.)
    Billy: "Listen! We gotta cooperate with each other from now on, you got that?"
    Rebecca: "Well, I don't."
    Billy: (angry) "Clue in, girl! Or maybe you like being worm bait?"
    Rebecca: (angry) "All right! But you just remember I will shoot you if you try 
    anything funny."
    Billy: "Fine. Now take these with you."  
    (Billy tosses a box of Handgun ammo to Rebecca)
    Billy: "If you find anything, give me a call all right?" 
    (Billy displays his radio to her.  Rebecca grasps her own radio and nods at 
    ***Rebecca/Billy Restores the Light***
    (On top of the train, Rebecca/Billy locates the severed wire preventing power 
    from reaching the dining car and reconnects it.  The lights flash to life in the 
    car as the current from the wires is reestablished.  Suddenly, a large mass of 
    slime oozes from the wires underneath and leaps out at Rebecca/Billy.)
    Rebecca/Billy: "Augh!"
    (Rebecca/Billy jumps back to avoid the assault and ends up falling through the 
    hole into the room below. A quick check of the door shows that she/he is 
    ***Rebecca/Billy Hears Noises***
    (Upon entering the large bar area of the second floor above the Conductor's 
    Office a loud screech is heard from the roof above as well as large clanging 
    sounds as if a large something was walking around outside.)
    (On the way back through the bar, a light fixture on the ceiling suddenly falls 
    to the floor and shatters into a thousand glittering pieces.  More pieces of the 
    ceiling start to rain down on the floor.  Looking to the ceiling a giant claw is 
    revealed poking through the metal frame of the car.  The claw is joined by 
    another and then the entire ceiling comes crashing down. Now it seems that a new 
    friend has come to crash the party.a giant scorpion.  The beast howls it's 
    greeting and lumbers forward.)
    ***Rebecca/Billy Clears the Path***
    (Rebecca/Billy use the tool to open the hatch of the crawlspace.)
    ***Release the Hounds!***
    (Upon exiting the crawlspace, two infected hounds burst free from their confines 
    and attack.)
    (The eggs that line the second floor hall begin to stir, then hatch.  The 
    hallway is now crawling with newborn leeches.)
    ***We Have Control of the Train?***
    (A soldier is outside the door of the engine car speaking into a radio.)
    Soldier: "This is Delta Team, this is Delta Team.  We have gained control of the 
    train. Over."
    (Scene cuts to a control room where two men are positioned.  One is sitting, 
    with blonde hair, sunglasses, and draped in a black uniform with the word, 
    S.T.A.R.S., on the back.  The other man is wearing a white lab coat and is 
    deeply engrossed in the file he has before him.  The men could be no one else 
    but Captain Albert Wesker of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team and Umbrella Researcher, 
    William Birkin.  Wesker leans in and speaks into the microphone.)
    Wesker: "Understood."
    Birkin: "This does not make any sense. How was the T-Virus leaked? And why did 
    it contaminate both the lab in the mansion, as well as a train almost three 
    miles away?"
    (Wesker cups his hand over the mic.)
    Wesker: "That's irrelevant! We must make sure no knowledge of this gets out. 
    Destroy the train. Completely!
    (Wesker speaks into the mic again.)
    Wesker: "How far away are you from the nearest branch line?"
    (Scene cuts back to the soldier on the other end of the radio. Behind the 
    soldier, leeches are oozing out from behind the fence.)
    Soldier: "About ten minutes to.."
    (The soldier turns as he speaks and spots the leeches just before they attack.  
    The creatures swarm all over his body, sinking their teeth into his body. The 
    man howls in agony and fires off his machinegun in desperation. Wesker hears the 
    gunfire over the radio and yells.)
    Wesker: "What happened?"
    (Another soldier comes out from the control room to see what's happening and is 
    also covered in leeches and killed. After the men are dead, the leeches 
    ***Activate the Brakes!***
    (The train's engine was damaged in the firefight from the soldiers and is 
    rapidly gaining speed.  At this rate the train will jump the tracks at the 
    interchange ahead.  The brakes must be activated.  Billy and Rebecca survey the 
    controls of the train.)
    Billy: "The train will either derail or crash. I have to stop this thing!"
    (The team splits up, one member going to the rear of the train to activate the 
    system and the other will remain at the controls to physically apply the brake.)
    ***Rebecca Volunteers to Activate the Brake***
    Rebecca: "I'll go over to the back deck and manipulate the control panel for the 
    brake. You stay here and apply the brake when ready."
    Billy: "Ok."
    (Rebecca turns to leave.)
    Billy: "Rebecca!"
    (Rebecca turns back to Billy.)
    Rebecca: "Hmm?"
    Billy: "Don't screw up, ok?"
    Rebecca: (confidently placing her hand on her hip) "I won't."
    ***Zombie Attack***
    (On the way to the rear car, Rebecca stumbles across a zombie feasting on the 
    corpse of another person on the floor.  The eating zombie is wearing a STARS 
    uniform.  The monster notices Rebecca is there and turns to face her.  It's 
    Rebecca: (shocked) "Edward! No.."
    (Edward gets up and with outstretched arms stumbles towards her.)
    Rebecca: "Stop! Don't come any closer!"
    ***Rebecca Has Entered the Code***
    (After Rebecca activates the brake, she radios to Billy.)
    Rebecca: "This is Rebecca. I have engaged the control device for the brake. 
    Billy: "Roger! I'll put the brake on now!"
    ***Billy Volunteers to Activate the Brake***
    Billy: "I'll go over to the back deck and manipulate the control panel for the 
    brake, then you apply the brake from here, ok?
    Rebecca: "All right."
    (Billy turns to leave.) 
    Rebecca: "Billy!"
    (Billy turns back to Rebecca.) 
    Billy: "What?"
    Rebecca: "Be careful."
    Billy: "Yeah." 
    ***Billy Has Entered the Code***
    (After Billy activates the brake, he radios Rebecca.)
    Billy: "This is Billy. I have engaged the control device for the brake. Over."
    Rebecca: "Roger. I'll put the brake on now!"
    ***The Iron Horse Falls***
    (Billy/Rebecca enters the final code and pulls the lever to activate the brakes. 
    Sparks fly from the metal wheels as the brakes try desperately to slow the 
    train.  As the train hits the turn the right side of the train lifts off the 
    track threatening to derail. But there was not enough momentum behind it and the 
    train crashes back down onto the tracks and slices into the tunnel.  The tunnel 
    however is a dead end and the train is going too fast to stop in time.  The 
    train smashes through the barricade and jumps the track. The train turns in mid 
    air and lands on its side and slides deeper into the tunnel before finally 
    grinding to a halt.)
    ***Are You All Right?***
    (Billy awakes to find himself on a pile of rubble outside the train.  He gets to 
    his feet and looks around for his partner.)
    Billy: (mumbling) "Rebecca..Rebecca!"
    Rebecca: "I'm..here."
    (Rebecca stumbles into view obviously injured from the crash.)
    Billy: "Are you all right?  Hey, we managed to stop the train."
    (Billy gestures at the wreck.)
    Rebecca: "Yes..we managed."
    Billy: "We have to find a way out."
    ***Who Are These People?***
    (Pushing the panel aside, Billy and Rebecca step into a large hallway.  
    Billy notices a design on the rug.)
    Billy: "The Umbrella Research Center?"
    (Rebecca is fixated on what seems to be a large painting of a man.  As she nears 
    it she recognizes the face of the man as the leech monster thing from the 
    Rebecca: (gasps)
    Billy: "The first general manager, Dr. James Marcus."
    (The scene cuts back to the control room where Wesker and Birkin are watching 
    the pair look at the painting on their monitor.)
    Birkin: "Who on earth are those people?"
    Wesker: "She's just a rookie, a member of S.T.A.R.S."
    Birkin: "Hmm, and what about the male."
    Wesker: "I'm unfamiliar with him."
    (A voice explodes from the speakers in the hallway.)
    Birkin: "Hmm?"
    (In the hall Rebecca and Billy look around trying to find the source of the 
    Voice: "Attention! This is Dr. Marcus. Please be silent as we reflect upon our 
    company motto. Obedience breeds discipline, discipline breeds unity, unity 
    breeds power, power is life.
    (The monitors Wesker and Birkin are looking at switch to the image of the 
    cloaked man seen from the train. The man chuckles.)
    Wesker: "Who are you?"
    Man: "It was I who scattered the T-Virus in the mansion, needless to say I 
    contaminated the train too."
    Birkin: "What?"
    Man: "Revenge..on Umbrella!"
    (The man closes his eyes and stretches out his arms and begins to sing.  As if 
    responding to his call the leeches form a mass in front of him and reform the 
    man Rebecca saw on the train.)
    Birkin: "Dr. Marcus?"
    Man: "Ten years ago, Dr. Marcus was murdered by Umbrella.  You helped them, 
    didn't you?"
    (Wesker scowls upon hearing this.)
    (The man laughs as the scene fades.)
    ***Training Facility Scenes***
    ***Moving On Up***
    (Upon placing the crank handle on the device, Billy can now send Rebecca to the 
    third floor via a small elevator.  As Billy turns the crank, the rusty old 
    device sends Rebecca into the unknown.)
    ***Raise It Higher***
    (Once again, it's up to Billy to turn a crank and lift a heavy load, this time 
    being an iron cage connected to a chain.)
    (As Rebecca tries to exit the pool, a giant centipede smashes through the large 
    grate on the wall and takes hold of Rebecca with it's many legs. The beast then 
    rears back on it's hind legs and thrashes Rebecca about like a rag doll.)
    Rebecca: "Augh! Ahhh, Billy!"
    Billy: "Rebecca!"
    ***Give Me Freedom***
    (In it's death throes, the beast relinquishes it's grip on Rebecca and falls 
    motionless to the ground. Billy runs over to help Rebecca to her feet.)
    Billy: "Rebecca! Are you all right?"
    Rebecca: "Yes, thank you."
    (They turn and gaze at the carcass of the insect.)
    ***It's That Time Again***
    (Upon repairing the clock on the third floor, all the time locked doors have now 
    been unlocked.)
    ***Uncross the Swords***
    (Entering the code in the conference room will activate the mechanism to unlock 
    the doors sealed by the swords of the knight statues.)
    (Moving the large chess pieces to match the positions of the smaller ones will 
    open a small hidden compartment.)
    ***The Balance of Good and Evil***
    (The placement of the completed Devil and Angel statues upon the scales trigger 
    a device, which causes the giant portrait of Dr. Marcus to descend to reveal a 
    passageway into the facility basement levels.
    ***Gimme a Boost***
    (Billy hoists Rebecca on his shoulders so she can reach the vent to reach the 
    next room.)
    Rebecca: "I'm almost there."
    Billy: "Glad I could be of service. Time to go inside."
    (The room Rebecca found herself was a gruesome torture chamber filled 
    with all kinds of terrible devices)
    ***Show Me the Path***
    (Success in supplying the power in the generator will open a few doors and stop 
    the steam flow that blocked progress to another place in the facility.)
    (Cut to control room)
    ***A New Playmate***
    (A camera was watching Rebecca's every move in the torture room.  The voyeur 
    being the strange singing man from before.)
    Man: "You are wasting your time. I have already claimed this place for myself, 
    which means you are trespassing and I am very territorial. (laughs)
    (Somewhere the door to a cage slides open and a dark mass stirs inside.  The 
    form turns to face the light and screams as it leaps to freedom.)
    (Cut to torture room.)
    ***Lancelot Link, Psycho Chimp***
    (As Rebecca wanders the torture room, she is joined by a new friend, a rabid 
    primate.  The monkey jumps on her back and sinks its fangs into her flesh a time 
    or two before she manages to throw it off.  The monkey howls in anger and leaps 
    at the girl.  Rebecca dodges nimbly and rolls to the side away from the beast.  
    As the creature nears her, the floor gives way and she falls into the darkness.)
    (Cut to Hallway)
    ***The Plan***
    (Wesker and Birkin are walking down the hall, towards an elevator.  Birkin is 
    reading a document and gibbering.)
    Birkin: "It just doesn't make sense. Do you honestly believe this to be the real 
    identity of that crazy young man? Impossible. But, if somehow it is true then 
    Umbrella will be finished."
    Wesker: "If the old conspiracy against Dr. Marcus is revealed Mr. Spencer's 
    career will be over, not to mention ours too. So, the time has come at last.
    (The pair reaches the elevator and Wesker presses the button.) 
    Birkin: "What are you going to do?"
    (Wesker looks at Birkin)
    Wesker: "I will simply say goodbye to Umbrella. The biological weapon utilizing 
    the T-Virus has almost been completed. Our only remaining task is to acquire 
    combat data. 
    Birkin: "You can't be serious! I refuse to abandon my work! I've finished my 
    research on the T-Virus, but I need a little more time to complete the more 
    powerful G-Virus."
    Wesker: "Do as you wish, I will follow my initial plan and lure the S.T.A.R.S. 
    members into the mansion."
    (The elevator doors open and Wesker enters, presses the button, and faces 
    Wesker: "Their superior combat training should make them perfect test subjects." 
    Birkin: "Fine, in the meantime, something must be done about that madman. As I 
    recall, URC is equipped with a self-destruct device in the basement. I'll find 
    it, set it off, and annihilate the place to nothing more than a mass of rubble."
    (The elevator doors close cut to the pit as Rebecca struggles to hold on.)
    Rebecca: "I can't..hold on."
    ***Lt. Coen's Secret***
    (Billy reaches Rebecca just as she finally loses her grip and grabs her.)
    Billy: "Rebecca! Hang on, I'll pull you up."
    (Billy yanks Rebecca out of the pit and onto solid ground.)
    Rebecca: "Thank you."
    Billy: "Don't mention it, just keeping my word. We promised to cooperate with 
    each other, remember?"
    (Rebecca's radio beeps. She gets to her feet and replies.)
    Rebecca: "This is Rebecca. Over."
    Enrico: "Rebecca, this is Enrico. Have you managed to locate Coen yet? Over."
    (Billy gets to his feet as Rebecca looks at him.)
    Enrico: "Rebecca, answer me."
    Rebecca: "No, sir, I've not found him yet. I'll continue to search for him. 
    (Holsters her radio.)
    Billy: "Rebecca."
    Rebecca: "My first mission and I've already disobeyed orders. So much for my 
    great law enforcement career. Oh well, I probably won't live long enough to 
    worry about it? Billy, I just need to know, I need to know the truth. Did you 
    kill 23 people? I won't judge you; I just want to know the truth.
    Billy: "(sighs) It was around this time last year."
    (Cut to jungle.  Soldiers marching through the brush and trees.)
    Billy: "Our unit was ordered to Africa, to intervene in a civil war. Our mission 
    was to raid a hideout of some guerilla forces located deep inside the jungle. 
    (Soldiers being killed, guns firing.) 
    But the hideout was far away from our entry point. Some died from the heat, 
    others were killed by the enemy. In the end, only four of us survived.
    (Soldiers reach a small village, cut to dungeon where Billy is leaning against a 
    box with Rebecca standing in front of him.)
    Billy: "Only there was no guerilla hideout."
    Rebecca: "What do you mean?"
    Billy: (angry) "The idiots in charge had us operating on wrong information! But, 
    we couldn't just go home empty handed, oh no.  Our leader ordered us to attack 
    an innocent village.
    (Cut to village, one soldier firing his gun in the air as the other soldiers 
    rounded up the villagers into a group.)
    Commander: "Get rid of them! Kill them all!"
    Billy: "Please, sir! Cease fire immediately!"
    Commander: "Shut up!" 
    (The commander knocks Billy to the ground with the butt of his weapon and gives 
    the order to fire.)
    Commander: "Do it!"
    (Soldiers kill the group of villagers.)
    Billy: "No! Don't! Stop!"
    (Cut back to dungeon.)
    Rebecca: "So did you execute those innocent people?"
    Billy: "Forget about it. It doesn't matter anymore. That was then, this is now. 
    Besides, you said you wouldn't judge me."
    (Billy goes to leave, but Rebecca follows. Billy keeps his back to her.)
    Rebecca: " I'm not judging you, but it does matter. Look, now my people think 
    you killed those MPs in the van, but I don't think you did."
    (Rebecca moves to face Billy.)
    Rebecca: "It was those zombie dogs, right? When they attacked the van you were 
    able to escape.  I, isn't that right?
    Billy: "You don't get it." 
    (Billy turns away from Rebecca.)
    Billy: "I've only got two choices left. Either report to the Marines and serve 
    out my sentence or keep on running for as long as I can. That's all."
    ***Ready? Fight!***
    (Using one teammate to lower and raise the gates, and the other to reach and 
    press the button will activate a "battle arena" program. Once the button was 
    pressed, the door was barred and two Hunters were released into the room.)
    Computer: "Battle sequence initiated. Locking door.
    (Upon the deaths of the Hunters, the doors opened.)
    Computer: "Battle sequence complete. Unlocking door.
    ***Tight Squeeze***
    (Using the handle on the vise freed the tablet from it's grip.)
    ***No Need for Piano Lessons***
    (Rebecca sits down to try her hand at playing the piano in the bar. Frustration 
    ***Play It Again, Sam, er Billy***
    (Billy played a little tune on the piano in the bar opened a secret passageway. 
    Rebecca's taking of the battery inside the room closed the door.  Yet, Billy's 
    musical fingers opened it up once again.)
    ***I Want My Phone Call***
    (Taking the battery from the alcove in the wall triggers the secret door to 
    close, trapping Rebecca inside.)
    ***Jail Break***
    (Billy's talented musical fingers bust Rebecca loose from the hidden room.)
    ***First Floor: Boxes, Tablets, Annoying Puzzles***
    (Placing the battery in the elevator panel outside the house brought the 
    elevator to the ground level.)
    (Placing all three tablets in the grooves in the observatory will trigger a 
    mechanism that will cause the tower to descend into the lake and grant access to 
    the church. Rebecca and/or Billy look about in concern at the vibrations of the 
    tower they are in.)
    ***Laboratory Scenes***
    ***Unlock the Door***
    (As one partner stands in front of the double doors to the church, the other 
    heads to the small building to the right.  Stepping on one of the tiles in the 
    corner of the building releases the lock on the double doors.)
    ***When Bats Attack***
    (As the character leaves the save room a loud crash echoes through the building. 
    Squeals and the beating of large wings echo throughout the large room. Looking 
    skyward, the source of these sounds is confirmed to be a giant bat.  The bat 
    squeals as it launches it's assault.)
    (The bat screeches in agony as it's wings fail to keep it aloft and the creature 
    plunges to the floor.  It convulses a few times before finally going still.)
    ***Get the Power Up***
    (Flipping the switch activates power to the elevator.  A light above the device 
    lights up to confirm current flow.)
    ***Going Down?***
    (The characters ride the elevator down into the lab.)
    ***Open Sesame!***
    Pressing the button on the balcony above the main hall of the lab causes a wall 
    to rise up to reveal the hallway continues further on inside.  Shambling around 
    behind the false wall resides a Leech Zombie.)
    ***Who's That Man?***
    (Billy/Rebecca locates an old photo album of Dr. Marcus as a young man.  The 
    picture of the young Marcus looks similar to the cloaked man seen outside the 
    Billy: (pouring over the album) "Judging from the age, that guy could be Marcus' 
    son, or grandson."
    Rebecca: (gasps) "That guy must be Marcus' son, or grandson."
    ***I Can Breathe Again***
    (Placement of the sterilizing agent into the small machine clears the air inside 
    the small chamber of the deadly gas.)
    ***Going My Way?***
    (Billy locates an air train in the laboratory.  He radios Rebecca as he leaps 
    over the railing and inspects his find.)
    Billy: Maybe I could use this. 
    Rebecca: "Rebecca here. Over.
    Billy: "Billy. I found something here that might make you happy, it's an aerial 
    cable car."
    Rebecca: "Really? That's great, now we can get out."
    Billy: "Yep, let's regroup as soon as possible."
    Rebecca: "Roger."
    (Rebecca locates an air cable car in the laboratory.  She radios Billy as she 
    crawls under the railing.) 
    Rebecca: "Now this is more like it."
    Billy: "Billy here."
    Rebecca: "Billy, I found an air cable car. We can get out of this place."
    Billy: (excited) "Wait there, I'm coming!"
    Rebecca: "Roger. The sooner we get out of here the better. Out."
    ***Moving the Ladder***
    (By throwing the switch on the wall, the ladder above the cable car moves closer 
    to the upper balcony allowing access to the upper floor.)
    ***All Aboard!***
    (Placing the electronic parts on the control board in the office activates the 
    power system to the cable car enabling the car to take the pair out of the lab.)
    ***Leaving So Soon?***
    (As Billy and Rebecca approach the door to the car, a shadowy mass on top of the 
    car moves to intercept.  Rebecca glances up in time to see it.)
    Rebecca: (gasps)
    (A rabid monkey leaps from the car at the duo. Rebecca pushes Billy out of the 
    way of the attack. Angered by this, the monkey attacks Rebecca and slashes her 
    side. Then the monkey turns it's attention to Billy and leaps at him. Billy 
    catches the monkey by the arms, trying to fend off the monkey's claws.)
    Billy: "Argh!"
    Rebecca: "Billy!"
    (Rebecca runs to help Billy, but he falls over the edge of the railing and into 
    the darkness below."
    ***May I Have This Dance?***
    (While Rebecca is looking over the edge of the cliff to try to find Billy, 
    something is sneaking up behind her from the shadows. From the monster's point 
    of view, Rebecca turns and finds herself face to face with a Leech Zombie.)
    Rebecca: (gasps)
    ***Lights Out***
    (After the leech monster confronts Rebecca, the power suddenly cuts off and the 
    cable car goes dead.)
    ***Let There Be Light***
    (In the small office, it is revealed that some leeches have removed a part from 
    the power board. Upon the part's reinsertion the cable car jumps back to life.)
    ***On the Way***
    (The cable car glide along the path depositing Rebecca in a new area.)
    ***Factory Scenes***
    ***Calling the Elevator***
    (Using the key summons the giant cargo elevator from deep below.)
    ***Descending Into Terror***
    (The platform shudders as it descends into the unknown with Rebecca in tow.)
    ***Old Friend***
    (Rebecca stumbles upon another laboratory deep under the factory. As she 
    searches around sounds come from the elevator shaft in front of her.  As she 
    hides to the side of the elevator, Enrico steps into view, weapon drawn. He 
    turns suddenly with his gun pointed directly at Rebecca.)
    Rebecca: "Don't shoot!"
    Enrico: (relieved, lowers his weapon.)
    Rebecca: "You're alive!"
    Enrico: "Are you okay, Rebecca?"
    Rebecca: "Where is everybody?"
    Enrico: (looks around) "They should have arrived here before me.  Haven't you 
    seen them?"
    (Rebecca shakes her head.)
    Enrico: "That's unfortunate. If we go straight from here we should arrive at an 
    old mansion, which Umbrella uses for research.  Come on, let's go.
    (Enrico turns to leave, but Rebecca calls to him.)
    Rebecca: "Wait! I've gotta find Billy."
    Enrico: "Billy Coen? You mean you've found that criminal?"
    Rebecca: "Yes, but we got separated and.."
    Enrico: "No point worrying about him. He won't make it. Come on, let's go!"
    Rebecca: "Sir, please. I need to find him. Don't worry, I'll catch up with you."
    Enrico: "Rebecca.. (sighs) All right, just be careful.
    (Enrico takes out his firearm and walks away.)
    Rebecca's Voice: "I never saw him again."
    ***Enter: The Tyrant***
    (Using the key on the locked elevator found earlier, Rebecca waits for the 
    elevator to arrive.  As she waits, some rubble falls from the pile to the side.  
    Rebecca looks over at the pile as a giant pasty white foot comes into view. 
    Rebecca is shocked at the sight.)
    Rebecca: "What is that?"
    (The titan on top of the rubble roars in greeting as it leaps from the pile 
    directly in front of the girl.  The monster approaches slowly, it's twitching 
    body seemingly hard to control.  The beast takes a swing at her with it's huge 
    claw.  Rebecca ducks out of the way just in time and rolls behind the behemoth.  
    Rebecca desperately looks for a way to escape as the monster turns to face her.  
    She then sees that the door out of danger is quickly closing, trapping her in 
    with the mutant.)
    ***After the Battle***
    (Rebecca stares at the fallen giant as the elevator chimes behind her.  The 
    elevator has arrived.)
    ***Treatment Plant Scenes***
    (Someone is watching Rebecca from a monitor in a room somewhere.  Moments later, 
    a few leeches glide across the screen, leaving slime trails in their wake.  The 
    robed man appears cradling a leech on his arm, muttering to no one in general.)
    Man: (laughs) "Playtime is over. You and your friends no longer amuse me. Good 
    riddance. Now nothing will stop me from getting my revenge!"
    ***Cast Away***
    (As Rebecca exits the elevator, she finds herself on a bridge above a raging 
    river.  As she glances around she spots Billy hanging on a rock out in the 
    rapidly moving water.  She calls out to him.)
    Rebecca: "Billy!"
    (Rebecca spots a dark shadow moving under the water.)
    Rebecca: "Billy!"
    (The mass launches Billy up into the air and sends him crashing into the river. 
    The river swiftly carries him away into a tunnel as Rebecca cries out for him.)
    Rebecca: "No, Billy!"
    ***Now You're Playing With Power***
    (Supplying power to the damn reboots the system and the lights all over the 
    factory spring to life.)
    ***Finding a Friend***
    (Rebecca finds Billy on the floor near a drainage ditch water. She rushes to 
    help him up.)
    Rebecca: "Billy!"
    (As she lifts him up, he coughs up some water and gasps for air.) 
    Billy: "Rebecca..where am I?"
    Rebecca: "You're safe now. Are you ok?"
    (Billy notices something to the side.)
    Rebecca: "Hmm?"
    (Over in the corner of the ditch is a pile of human skeletons.)
    Rebecca: "What could have done this?
    Billy: "They must have been used as test subjects in Marcus' research. He must 
    have kept messing around with the Mother Virus!"
    (Billy flashes back to a time long past, images of decomposing bodies. As he 
    recalls this memory he breaks out into a cold sweat.)
    Rebecca: (concerned) "Billy?"
    ***Fill Her Up***
    (Hitting the Drain/Flood switch opens the floodgates and water pours out of the 
    vent into the pool.)
    ***Twist It***
    (Using the tool on the door opens the lock.)
    ***Return of the Tyrant***
    (As Rebecca/Billy passes the stagnant pool, a familiar claw pierces the surface 
    and latches onto the edge.  As the creature pulls itself up from the muck, 
    Rebecca/Billy turns around to face the monster once again.)
    ***Lower the Ladder***
    (Pressing the button sends a ladder down from the upper floor.)
    ***Call the Gondola***
    (Placing the motherboard back into the circuit, allows the gondola to return 
    from the other side of the dam.)
    ***Gondola Ride***
    (Rebecca hops in the gondola to ride to the floodgate control room.)
    ***Open the Floodgates***
    (Turning the lever raises the floodgates on the dam to clear the excess water 
    from the walkway over the river.)
    ***Lift Me Up***
    (Billy boosts Rebecca onto his shoulders so she can pull herself up to a high 
    ***Call the Exterminators***
    (Two mutant insects burst from their capsules and rush the pair.)
    ***Using the Forklift***
    (One partner stands on the box on the forklift while the other sends the lift 
    ***Spencer's Plot***
    (Rebecca and Billy enter the incinerator to find the room completely crawling 
    with the leech creatures.  The man in the cloak walks across the upper balcony 
    and welcomes them.)
    Rebecca & Billy: (gasps)
    Man: "Welcome, young ones. So glad you have joined the party. You are the guests 
    of honor, after all it's your wake."
    Billy: "Who are you?"
    (The man transforms into an elderly man.)
    Billy: "Dr. Marcus?"
    Rebecca: "no, you can't be!"
    Marcus: (laughs) "Ten years ago, Spencer had me assassinated."
    (Marcus flashes back to that time years ago. Marcus is examining a leech in his 
    lab when two soldiers barge in and spray the lab with gunfire.  Marcus falls to 
    the floor, moments later the leech he was examining follows him.  The two 
    soldiers step aside as two men dressed in lab coats walk in.  One of them is 
    wearing sunglasses.  Wesker and Birkin. They lean in to the fallen researcher 
    and gloat.)
    Wesker: "Ah, time to die, doctor."
    Birkin: "I will take over your research." (laughs)
    (Marcus' body is tossed into a pool and he sinks, the water stained red with his 
    Marcus: (weakly) "Wesker..Birkin.."
    (Scene switches to the leech crawling along the floor and into Marcus' body. 
    Damage done by the bullets is healed.)
    Marcus: "However, something wondrous happened, it took the T-Virus inside of my 
    queen years to procreate my new life."
    (The flashback returns to Marcus who has returned to his younger form.)
    Marcus: "I live. Now I will have my revenge on Umbrella, and the world will burn 
    in an inferno of hate!" (laughs)
    (Billy shakes his fist at the man.)
    Billy: "You'll pay for what you've done!"
    Marcus: "We'll see which one of us is gonna die!" (laughs)
    (Suddenly the man vomits up slime. The man seems shocked as leeches pour from 
    his mouth.)
    Billy: "Huh?"
    Rebecca: (gasps)
    (The man's body ripples and mutates into a gigantic leech-like creature. The 
    beast roars and a jump to the ceiling takes it over the railing then the mutant 
    drops down in front of it's soon to be victims.)
    ***She's Going Down***
    The Queen shrieks in pain and collapses to the floor, motionless.)
    ***The Final Door***
    (Rebecca and Billy unlock the door leading to the escape lift.)
    ***Hail to the Queen***
    (Billy and Rebecca are riding the elevator to freedom when a crash is heard.)
    Rebecca: "What?"
    Billy: "It's the Queen!"
    (Down the shaft, the Queen Leech can be seen emerging through a hole in the 
    Computer Voice: "The self-destruct has been activated. All personnel evacuate 
    Rebecca: "Who activated the self destruct system?"
    (Billy messes with the controls.)
    Billy: "Come on! Can't this thing move any faster?"
    (The Queen begins to pursue the elevator.)
    (The Queen charges the lift and rams it, throwing Rebecca and Billy off it and 
    onto the floor.)
    Billy: "Shit!"
    (The Queen smashes the lift to pieces and stands in front of the duo.  The 
    morning sun is filtering through a hole in the roof onto the creature. The 
    creature's flesh starts to smoke and burn as the Queen howls in pain.)
    ***Let the Sunshine In***
    Rebecca: "Billy, it can't handle sunlight! We need to open the windows!"
    Billy: " Follow me!"
    (They run to a control panel. The Queen plods after them. Billy turns to face 
    the Queen.)
    Billy: "You work on the windows!"
    Rebecca: "Got it!"
    Billy: "I'll use my charm to distract her majesty."
    ***Off With Her Head!***
    The roof opens up and lets the blazing sunlight down onto the leech's frail 
    body. Although the Queen's body is in horrible pain, it can still manage to send 
    Rebecca and Billy to the ground with a powerful attack.  Rebecca notices a gun 
    near her and tosses it to Billy.)
    Rebecca: "Billy!"
    (Billy readies himself and fires the gun at the queen.)
    Billy: "Hey, Queenie! Feast on this!"
    (The bullet tears through the Queen's slimy body literally punching a hole in 
    her. She falls back down the elevator shaft, her body coming apart as it falls. 
    Halfway down she meets the explosions from the facility and is burned to a 
    Rebecca: "Billy!"
    Billy: "Rebecca, hurry!"
    (Rebecca and Billy flee the scene just as the facility is blown to bits.)
    (Later, on a cliff overlooking the forest, Billy and Rebecca catch their breath. 
    Billy throws his handcuffs off the cliff and lies on his back. Rebecca spots an 
    old house in the forest at the foot of the cliff.)
    Rebecca: "Hey that must be the old mansion Enrico was talking about."
    (Billy sits up and looks at the house. Rebecca leans over and takes Billy's dog 
    tag and places it around her neck. Bill stands in front of her.)
    Rebecca: "I guess it's time to say goodbye.  Officially, Lt Billy Coen is dead."
    Billy: "Yeah, I'm just a zombie now."
    (Rebecca salutes Billy and he reciprocates, then Rebecca turns around and 
    proceeds to the mansion.)
    Billy: "Thank you, Rebecca."
    (Billy gives her a "thumbs up" before turning and leaving. The scene pans to the 
    mansion and fades out on a butterfly trapped in a spider web.)

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