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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CrankyMonkey675

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                                  Resident Evil 0
                                By: CrankyMonkey675
    Table of Contents
    3.Before the Mansion...
    6.Survival Tips
    -Umbrella Research Facility
    -Facility Basement
    -Umbrella Research Facility (revisited)
    -Umbrella Laboratory
    8.Boss Battles
    10.Monster List
    12.Leech Hunter Rewards
    Greetings.  Welcome to my first Resident Evil 0 FAQ for the Nintendo 
    Gamecube.  Please remember that this FAQ is a copyright of myself, and 
    WEBSITE IN ANY WAY.  If you'd like this guide on your website, please 
    e-mail me first and I'll give you permission.  Please note that this 
    guide WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, so read at your own risk.  Now, on to the 
    This walkthrough for Resident Evil 0 can be found at the following 
    2/20/03-Added an explanation to end some sort of confusion everyone 
    seems to have...
    2/10/03-Added a monster list to the FAQ and fixed some minor mistakes.
    2/9/03-Added all the files found in the game.  More updates to come 
    1/31/03-Official start of this FAQ.
    3.Before the Mansion...
    (This was taken from the instruction booklet)
    Several "unusual" murder cases had occurred in Raccoon City, a suburb 
    in the Midwest.
    Gravely, Raccoon City police reviewed reports of groups of "people-
    eating monsters" attacking civilians' houses.  The order came down: 
    send in the elite S.T.A.R.S. team to investigate.
    The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team went in first.  Unfortunately, due to 
    inexplicable engine trouble, they had to make an emergency landing...
    They touched down in a dense, dark forest.  This was the beginning...of 
    the nightmare!
    Control Stick: Up-Walk forward
                   Down-Walk backward
                   Left/Right-Turn to that direction
    A-This is the action button.  Use this to examine your surroundings, 
    open doors, and pick up items.
    B-Hold this to run.
    Y-Brings up the menu.  
    Partner-Decide which actions you want your partner to do.  Attack will 
    have your partner help you in battle.  Idle will have him/her not 
    attack.  You can work as a team by selecting Team, or split up by 
    selecting Solo.
    Map-View the map
    File-Review the files you have collected
    Options-Brings you to the game options.
    Exit-Return to the game.
    X-Switch characters
    Z-View map
    R-Hold this button to aim your weapon, then press A to fire.
    Control Stick down + B: Perform a 180 turn to quickly run away from 
    Rebecca Chambers
    Age: 18
    Rebecca is the newest and youngest member of the Bravo Team.  She has 
    the ability to store chemicals in her mixing set and mix herbs.  
    Rebecca has very poor stamina, and can't move large or heavy objects.
    Billy Coen
    Age: 26
    Billy is an ex-marine who was sentenced to death for murdering 23 
    people.  Billy has great stamina and can move heavy objects.  His 
    downfall is he can't mix herbs or chemicals.
    Albert Wesker
    Age: 38
    Wesker is the captain of the Alpha Team.  He lures his team into the 
    Spencer Mansion to use them as test subjects against their experiments.  
    His whereabouts are unknown after RE1, but he makes a comeback in 
    William Birkin
    Age: 36
    Birkin is Wesker's partner.  He is the creator of the G-Virus, which 
    surpasses the T-Virus.  After being attacked by Umbrella in RE2, his 
    only option was to inject the G-Virus in order to survive, thus 
    mutating him into a horrid monster.
    James Marcus
    Age: Deceased
    Marcus is the creator of the Progenitor Virus, the base of the T-Virus.  
    He often used leeches for his experiments, and eventually grew an 
    obsession for them.  He was mysteriously murdered, but somehow, his 
    research had mysteriously continued.
    6.Survival Tips
    Here is some advice for you to survive in this survival/horror.
    -Conserve ammo.  There is not much ammo in the game, so don't go 
    trigger-happy on whatever monster you see.  Use only if you really have 
    -Dodge monsters.  If you can, dodge zombies so you don't waste ammo on 
    them.  They are very slow and very dumb, so it shouldn't be that hard.
    -If you're in a room with a lot of monsters, have your partner aid you 
    in combat.  
    -Always keep at least one mixed herb with you.  Every monster in the 
    game can bring you down to low health within a matter of seconds, so 
    keep one handy.
    -Only save right after you have done an important accomplishment.  Just 
    like ammo, there is not a lot of ink ribbons, so save wisely.
    After the opening cinema ends, the game begins.
    "The door to safety is shut.  There is no turning back..."
    Main Car
    There's nothing to do here so go to the door on your left.  (Other 
    doors are locked.)
    Stairway Car
    After the cinema, kill all the zombies in the room.  After another cut-
    scene, go through the door at the end of the car.
    Cabin Car
    Go through the first door to your left
    Passenger Cabin
    Take the handgun ammo next to the bed and the file on the chair.  Now 
    Cabin Car
    Go in the next room.
    Save Room
    Take the green herb in the room then leave.
    Cabin Car
    Run to the end of the car and pick up the Train Key.  After the cut-
    scene with Billy and Edward, kill the two Cerberus.  Now backtrack to 
    the Main car.
    Main Car
    After a cut-scene, go to the other end of the car and use the Dining 
    Key to unlock the door. 
    Dining Car (1st floor)
    Since Billy is blocking the way out, and the automatic door isn't 
    working, go upstairs.  Don't forget to take the file on the corner 
    Dining Car (2nd floor)
    Once the FMV ends, you will have to fight a Leech zombie.  Instead of 
    wasting ammo on it, simply leave the room to end the battle.  Once the 
    cinema is over, you will now have control of Billy.  Go to the end of 
    the room and climb the ladder.
    Train Roof 1
    Make your way forward and go around the hole.  USE REBECCA to reattatch 
    the cables.  Once this is done, leeches will attack Rebecca and knock 
    her into a room where she will be trapped.  As Billy, go back into the 
    Dining Car.
    Dining Car (2nd floor) (Billy)
    Go downstairs.
    Dining Car (1st floor) (Billy)
    Go through the automatic door now that power is restored and turn the 
    corner.  Switch to Rebecca and send down all her ammo via service 
    elevator.  Also, send down the Train Key (Conductor Key) and the Green 
    Herb.  Now switch back to Billy and proceed to the main car.
    Main Car (Billy)
    Go through the door at the end and watch out for the zombies.
    Stairway Car (Billy)
    Watch the zombies roaming around and go through the door at the end.
    Cabin Car (Billy)
    Go to the end of the car and use the Conductor's Key to unlock the 
    Conductor's Room (Billy)
    Take the Train Map on the wall.  Go to the cabinet next to the desk and 
    take the Briefcase.  Stock up on health, take the file on the floor, 
    then press the button next to the door to let out a ladder.  Climb 
    Lounge Car (Billy)
    As you make your way across this large room, a cut-scene will play.  
    Don't worry, nothing will happen, yet...  Go through the door at the 
    end of the room.
    2nd Story Car (Billy)
    Pick up the Ice Pick on the dining shelf and go down the hallway into 
    the door on your right.
    Closet Room (Billy)
    Ah yes, plenty of goodies in here.  Pick up the Hunting Gun on the bed 
    and the shells at the foot of the bed.  Also take the First-Aid Spray 
    (you may very well need it)  Now leave.
    2nd Story Car (Billy)
    Backtrack to the Lounge Car.
    Lounge Car (Billy)
    Proceed forward a little bit, and then watch as the first boss of the 
    game makes its entrance.  (Look at the boss section to see how to fight 
    this boss)  After the easy battle, run to the wreck at the end and take 
    the Panel Opener.  Now go down the ladder.
    Conductor's Room (Billy)
    From here, backtrack all the way back to the Dining Car (1st floor)
    Dining Car (1st floor) (Billy)
    Go to the service elevator and send Rebecca the Ice Pick.  Switch back 
    to Rebecca and use the Ice Pick on the door to release the doorknob.  
    Exit the room.
    Dining Car (2nd floor) (Rebecca)
    Go down the stairs. (Notice the zombie on fire, :P)
    Dining Car (1st floor)
    Reunite with Billy and use the panel opener on the panel next to the 
    refrigerator.  Climb through the hole.
    Storage Car
    Kill the two Cerberus and take the Gold Ring in the animal cage.  
    Combine it with the Briefcase and go through the door at the end.
    Rear Car
    Split up the team and have Billy walk over to the switch on the 
    railing.  Have him flip it and don't move him at all.  Switch to 
    Rebecca and take the Hookshot off its mount.  Reunite and go back 
    Storage Car
    Unlock the door and go through.
    Dining Car (1st floor)
    Watch out for the new zombie and go to the main car.
    Main Car
    There are a lot more zombies here now, so watch yourself.  Proceed 
    through the door at the end.
    Stairway Car
    Go to your immediate left and look out the window.  You will see an 
    inaccessible ladder.  Before you do anything, have your partner go 
    upstairs so the zombies in the room won't attack him/her.  Now use the 
    Hookshot to climb to the roof.
    Train Roof 2
    Move forward toward a hole.  Jump down.
    Zombie Cabin
    Dispose of the zombie and pick up the Ring Box next to the closet.  
    Examine it to open the box and take the Silver Ring.  Leave the room.
    2nd Story Car
    The eggs that were here are now hatched and the leeches are ready to 
    eat.  Reunite with your partner and head downstairs.
    Stairway Car
    Head to the door at the other end of the car.
    Cabin Car
    Go to the end of the car where the electronic car is.  If you haven't 
    already, combine the Silver Ring with the Briefcase.  Examine it to 
    open it and take the Blue Keycard.  Use this on the electronic door and 
    go through.
    Engine Car
    Walk past the dead bodies and go through the door.
    Driver's Compartment
    If you watched the previous FMV, you will learn that the train will be 
    destroyed.  It's up to you to stop the train before it runs off a 
    cliff.  Choose who will stay behind. (I recommend Rebecca)  After you 
    receive the Brake Manual, you will resume play.  Take the Magnetic Card 
    right in front of you and the Handgun Ammo under the cabinet.  From 
    here, backtrack ALL THE WAY to the Rear Car.
    Rear Car
    Walk left and use the Magnetic Card on the device.  You will now have 
    to input a code.  You have to press the numbers to add up to the total 
    shown.  In my last game, my total was 81.  The code is:
    Driver's Compartment
    You will now switch back to whoever you left behind.  You have to do 
    the same thing you did in the in the Rear Car, but this time you can't 
    see the numbers you are adding up so far.  My total was 36, so the code 
                                 END TRAIN
    You have managed to stop the train, but you're not out of danger yet.  
    You will now explore where it all started...
    "Are the faint sounds of footsteps those of survivors?"
    Train Wreck
    Any items that you left behind in the train are now scattered on the 
    floor.  Take what you need, dodge the zombies and exit through the door 
    to the south.
    Jump in the sewage and go down the path to another ledge you can climb.  
    Go up the ladder.
                        Umbrella Research Facility
    Main Hall
    Go down the stairs and head towards the east hall.
    East Dining Room
    Kill the zombies in the room and go around the table.  Take the handgun 
    ammo on the corner table, and then go through the door in the kitchen 
    East Hall
    To your left is a boiling room, but you can't proceed because of the 
    intense steam.  Go down to your right and through the door.
    Evil Statue Room
    Kill the two zombies here and take the Black Statue.  Head to your left 
    and take the Shotgun (yay!)  Take the Gasoline if you wish.  Head back 
    to the bigger area of the room and climb the ladder in the corner.
    Walk past the "dead" zombie and take out the army of zombies.  Watch 
    out for the zombie that comes to life.  Take the Green Herbs if you 
    need to, then head to the end to unlock the door.  Go through...
    Conference Room
    Go into the seating area and take the file from the desk.  Then go 
    through the single door in the corner.
    Main Hall
    Go in front of the statue right in front of you and put the Black 
    Statue on the plate.  Now stay on the 2nd floor and head to the room on 
    the West Side of the facility.
    Lounge Room
    Take the file on the table, and then take the Crank from the nightstand 
    by the windows.  Watch the cut-scene as crows burst through the windows 
    and get your butt out of there!
    Main Hall
    Head to the Conf. Room
    Conference Room
    Head to your left and go through the door.
    Fire Hall
    Kill the zombies here and enter the double doors.
    Computer Room
    Take the Facility Map from the podium; take Microfilm A off the desk in 
    front of the painting, head to your left.  You will see a platform and 
    a non-working crank.  Split up the team and have Rebecca stand on the 
    platform.  Before you send her up, give her the Shotgun and any ammo 
    for it.  Now use the Crank on the lever to send her up.
    Attic (Rebecca)
    As soon as the platform stops, ready your Shotgun.  A giant roach will 
    drop from the ceiling.  Blast its brains out and move forward.  Another 
    one will fall, so take care of that one, too.  You will see a clock, 
    but it is missing the minute hand.  I guess we're going to have to look 
    for it, right?  Anyway, go through the door up the stairs.
    Courtyard (Rebecca)
    Watch out for the crows and take some Green or Red herbs is needed.  Go 
    across the room and through the door.
    Mechanical Room (Rebecca)
    Take a look at this gigantic room.  Head forwards and go down the 
    stairs.  Go to the door AT THE END and unlock the door.  Now switch to 
    Computer Room (Billy)
    Leave the room.
    Fire Hall (Billy)
    Go right and watch out for that hard-to-see zombie.  Go through the 
    Conference Room (Billy)
    Go through the double doors.
    Main Hall (Billy)
    Head left and go through the door in the corner.
    Mechanical Room
    Reunite with Rebecca.  Now give the Shotgun back to Billy (he'll need 
    it pretty soon) and any ammo for it.  Also, give him all of your 
    Handgun ammo.  Head back upstairs and go to crank near the door.  Split 
    up the team and have Billy turn the crank to raise the cage.  As 
    Rebecca, go down a little and climb down the ladder.  Go toward where 
    the cage was and take the Facility Key. (Fire Key)  A cut-scene will 
    play where the next boss captures Rebecca.  (Look up the boss section 
    to see how to fight this boss.)  Once the battle is over, even out the 
    ammo between them, and head back downstairs and through the first door 
    to your left.
    White Statue Room
    Kill the two roaches in here then claim your prize on the sofa, the 
    Grenade Launcher.  I suggest you have Rebecca use this weapon.  Go 
    forward and take the White Statue near the blue door.  Leave the room.
    Mechanical Room
    Take the door to your left.
    Main Hall
    Go to the statue with the plates and place the white statue on the 
    plate.  The plates are still uneven, so we need to look for something 
    to add to the statues.  Go downstairs and into the east dining room.
    East Dining Room
    Where did these zombies come from?  Go forward and use the Fire Key on 
    the door.
    Go to the second counter and take the Fuel Canteen.  Combine it with 
    Billy's lighter and take the gasoline if you wish.  Leave the room.
    East Dining Room
    Head back to the main hall.
    Main Hall
    Go upstairs and into the Conf. Room
    Conference Room
    Go through the door to your left.
    Fire Hall
    Head back through the double door.
    Computer Room
    Head to your left and use Billy's lighter on the lamp.  This will 
    unlock the door.  Go through.
    Stay where you are and kill occupied zombies.  Head forward and climb 
    the ledge.  Take a few steps forward and you will see a bookshelf that 
    stands out.  Push it to the side and take the Book of Good.  Examine 
    the side of it to open it and take the Angel Wings.  Leave the room.
    Computer Room
    From here, backtrack to the main hall.
    Main Hall
    Take the White Statue from the plate and combine it with the Angel 
    Wings.  The plates are still quite uneven, so we have to find the 
    missing wing on the evil statue.  Go through the double doors.
    Conference Room
    Head back to the fire hall.
    Fire Hall
    No, don't get ahead of me, we're not going throughout he double doors 
    this time, :) go to the end of the hall and use the Fire Key on the 
    door.  You can throw away the key now; you don't need it anymore.
    Study Room
    Go forward and push the table far enough so you can push it left.  
    Before you do that do, press the switch in the corner of the room next 
    to the mirror.  This will turn on the light and reveal something on the 
    deer head.  Push the table under it and take the Iron Needle.  Before 
    you leave, take the Handgun ammo, Shotgun Shells and the file.  Leave 
    the room.
    Fire Hall
    Go back to the Conf. Room
    Conference Room
    Go back to the main hall
    Main Hall
    Head toward the East Side of the mansion and through the door in the 
    Mechanical Room
    Head upstairs and through the single door near the crank.
    Go across the room and through the door.
    Go to the clock and use the Iron Needle on it (which is the missing 
    hand) in one of the files you collected it says a password, which is 
    "8:15".  Manipulate the hands so that the time is 8:15.  Now the two 
    doors with the clock symbols are now unlocked.  From here, backtrack to 
    the main hall.
    Main Hall
    Head to the East Side and pass the door in the corner and go into the 
    white door.
    Fireplace Study
    Take out all the zombies in here and go to the fireplace.  Take the 
    Shotgun Shells on the floor along with the Microfilm B on the fireplace 
    itself.  Take the file before you leave.  Leave the room.
    Main Hall
    Head downstairs and go towards the West Side of the mansion and through 
    the door.
    West Hallway
    Go to the end of the hall and through the clock door.  If curiosity 
    gets to you, go ahead and enter the door to your left into the 
    restroom.  There's a green herb in there, but you will run into 
    something on your way out...
    Projection Room
    Kill the zombies in this room, and then use the Microfilms on the 
    projector.  You will receive a Microfilm Image and a MO Disk.  Go 
    around the desk take the Handgun ammo at the end.  Now leave...
    West Hallway
    On your way out, you will run into a Leech zombie.  This thing is 
    extremely tough, so don't waste your ammo on it.  If you have a Molotov 
    Cocktail, by all means, use it.  Run past it with the best of your 
    evasive abilities and back into the main hall.
    Main Hall
    Run upstairs and through the double doors.
    Conference Room
    Go into the seating area and onto the stage.  Use the MO Disk on the 
    computer to activate the other computers in the seating area.  The code 
    you must input varies, so I can't give you a direct answer.  Here's an 
                            MICROFILM IMAGE
                      0     1            2     3
                      4     5            6     7
                      8     9            A     B
                      C     D            E     F
    Let's say you get the code "0A".  Split up the team and have one 
    character stand by the "0" computer and the other stand by the "A" 
    computer.  Once you are set, press the button, then quickly switch to 
    the other character and press the button.  
    After that, all the doors blocked by the knight statues will open.  Go 
    into the knight door in the same room.
    Knight's Hall
    Dispose of the zombies here and go into the double doors.
    Marcus's Office
    Run forward and take the Handgun ammo of the shelf.  Then go right and 
    take the Napalm Rounds and the Ink Ribbon.  Go to the front of the room 
    and take a look at the chessboard.  You will see that the White King is 
    in checkmate, so now we have to reenact this game with the big chess 
    set in the middle of the room.  MOVE THE WHITE KING ONLY!  MOVING THE 
    the King forward two spaces, then go around a push it towards the edge 
    of the board to the right, then push the piece next to the castle.  If 
    you did it right, the chess board on the desk will move aside revealing 
    a book.  Take the Book of Evil and examine it to take the Demon Wing.  
    Along with this, you'll get another file.  Leave the room.
    Knight's Hall
    Go right towards the end of the hall.
    Sleeping Quarters
    Kill the zombies here and take the file off the bed.  Leave...
    Knight's Hall
    Go back through the knight double door.
    Conference Room
    Run to the main hall.
    Main Hall
    Go to the statue and take the Black Statue from the plate.  Combine it 
    the Demon Wing, then place it back on the plate.  A cut-scene will play 
    showing the Marcus painting lowering, revealing a secret path.  Go 
    ahead and take this path...
                              FACILITY BASEMENT
    "You are entering an insane place..."
    Basement Hallway
    Dodge the spiders here and run all the way to the end of the hallway.
    Basement Save Room 1
    Take the file off the desk and stock up on some herbs.  There's a Blue 
    Herb in here in case the spiders poisoned you.  Also, SAVE YOUR GAME!!!  
    Now proceed through the door near the typewriter.
    Torture Room 1
    Run around the pillar and to the far corner.  There is an open shaft in 
    which Rebecca can climb through.  Examine the shaft and let her climb 
    Torture Room 2 (Rebecca)
    Sheesh, this place isn't so nice.  Anyway, run forward and turn left to 
    pick up the file on the floor.  Make a U-turn and run to the power 
    conductor on the wall.  You have to get the needle on the 75 mark, so 
    here's how to do it:
                   Up      Up     Down     Up     Up
    This will restore power and unlock the doors in the basement.  Also, 
    back in the East Hall, the steam in the boiling room is now gone.
    Torture Room (Billy)
    Once the cinemas are over, it's time to rescue Rebecca!  LEAVE THE 
    Basement Save Room (Billy)
    Watch out for the monkey in here and leave through the other door.
    Basement Hallway (Billy)
    Run all the way to the end and up the stairs.
    Main Hall (Billy)
    Run down the steps and through the east double doors.
    East Dining Room (Billy)
    Go into the kitchen area and through the door.
    East Hallway (Billy)
    RUN LEFT this time and go down the stairs.  Continue around the boiler, 
    down the steps and through the door.
    Ring of Statues Room (Billy)
    Turn left and go to the other end of the room.  Turn right, then make 
    another sharp right and into the room.
    Basement Save Room 2
    Ok, we've saved Rebecca and learned Billy's history!  Good deal, eh?  
    Take the Ink Ribbon and save if you wish.  Leave the room.
    Ring of Statues Room
    Kill the monkeys in here and go to the animal statues.  You have to 
    light the torches in the correct order, from the weakest animal to the 
    strongest.  The order is:
                  Deer, Wolf, Horse, Tiger, Snake, Eagle
    Doing this will raise the gate.  Go through and take the door to the 
    first door to the right.
    Basement Tablet Room
    Take the Handgun ammo from the desk and the Grenade Rounds off the bed.  
    Go to the fireplace and take the Unity Tablet.  Leave.
    Ring of Statues Room
    Go to the door at the end of the hall.
    Basement Sleeping Quarters
    Quickly take the file off the desk before the zombies notice you.  Now 
    Ring of Statues Room
    Go to where the save room is, but take the other door instead.
    2nd Floor Basement
    Run down the steps and dodge the spiders.  Take the first door you see.
    Sewage Room
    Don't panic, the roaches are too busy with their meal and won't attack 
    you.  Go around them and take the Locker Key.  Ok, now you can panic.  
    The roaches must've planned this attack...Run away and leave the room.
    2nd Floor Basement
    Go to the end of the hallway.
    Combat Room
    Run up the steps and split up the group.  Use the Locker Key on the 
    locker to get a Delirium Case.  Examine it to get the code to open the 
    case.  Inside the case are Handgun Parts.  Combine it with Billy's 
    Handgun (recommended) to get the Custom Handgun.  Take control of 
    Billy, equip him with the Grenade Launcher and run down the steps and 
    into the combat area.  Place Billy in front of the gate in front of the 
    screen and switch to Rebecca.  Press the L button to lower the gate in 
    front of him.  Switch back and move forward to collect the Acid Rounds.  
    Mess around with the controls until Billy is in front of a red button.  
    Have him press it and prepare for combat.  Two Hunters will be 
    released, but they can be quickly taken care of using the Acid Rounds.  
    Once they're dead, take the Facility Key, (Water Key) regroup and 
    backtrack all the way to the East Hallway in the facility.
                          END FACILITY BASEMENT
                   UMBRELLA RESEARCH FACILITY (revisited)
    East Hallway
    Run out of the boiler area and take the first door you see.
    East Dining Room
    Kill the zombies in your way and go through the double doors.
    Main Hall
    Go up the stairs, turn right and take the door in the corner.
    Mechanical Room
    Take the first door to the left.
    White Statue Room
    Go to the other end of the room, use the Water Key and throw it away.  
    Before you go in, have a Molotov Cocktail handy.
    Water Hall
    Take the first door to your immediate left.
    Security Room
    Ready your Cocktail.  Go right and dispose of the Leech zombie in your 
    way.  Once that is taken care of, look around the security area and 
    take the Vise Handle.  Leave the room.
    Water Hall
    Round the corner and kill this Leech zombie as well.  Take the first 
    door to your right.
    Piano Bar
    Run towards the piano and split up.  Have Billy play the piano and 
    Rebecca go through the secret passage.  When you take the Battery, the 
    door will close.  Play the piano again to open it.  Before you leave, 
    take the Magnum Rounds in the secret room.
    Water Hall
    Take the door at the end of the hall.
    Go right and take the door at the end.
    Vise Room
    Kill the zombies here and go around the corner.  Use the Vise Handle to 
    release the Obedience Tablet.  Take some Shotgun Ammo on the shelf, 
    then leave.
    Go to the door at the other end of the hallway.
    Testing Room
    Take any items in here that you will need.  Leave the room.
    Great, another Leech zombie.  Dodge or kill the bastard and take the 
    door to your right.
    Water Hall
    Round the corner and take the door at the end.
    White Statue Room
    Take the other door out.
    Mechanical Room
    Take the door to your left.  
    Main Hall
    Run down the stairs to the first floor and take the front door out of 
    the mansion.
    Front Yard
    Turn right and insert the Battery into the slot.  This will lower the 
    elevator with a crate on it.  Push the crate out of the elevator, 
    towards the front door of the mansion and towards the pillar with the 
    item on top.  Climb up the crate and take the Discipline Tablet.  Go 
    back in the mansion.
    Main Hall
    We now have all the tablets!  Head back upstairs and through the door 
    in the corner.
    Mechanical Room
    Head up the stairs and dodge the roaches.  Go through the knight door 
    at the end of the room.
    Run around the room and climb down the ladder.  Insert the three 
    tablets and prepare for Disc 2.
                                  DISC 2
    If you watched the FMV, the Observatory lowered one floor.  The double 
    door across from the ladder is now unlocked.  BEFORE YOU GO THROUGH, GO 
    BACK AND GET THE HOOKSHOT, it will be needed soon.  While you're in 
    there, stock up on items as well.  Once you're all set, go through the 
    double door.
    Church Yard
    Run along the pathway toward the front of the church.  The door is 
    locked, so take a right into the little patio.  Split up and have 
    Rebecca stand on the top left square.  This will unlock the door to the 
    church.  Give Billy all of her ammo and take the Handgun ammo on the 
    floor.  Now enter the church...
    Altar (Billy)
    Nothing much here.  Run down the aisle and take a right through the 
    Church Save Room (Billy)
    There's plenty of goodies in here, so stock up on ammo.  SAVE THE GAME, 
    then exit the room.
    Altar (Billy)
    A cut-scene will play introducing another boss. (Look up the boss 
    section to see how to fight this boss.)  Once the battle is over, 
    switch to Rebecca.
    Church Yard (Rebecca)
    Enter the church.
    Regroup from here and have either character use the Hookshot on the 
    hole in the roof.
    Church Roof
    Run down and climb down the ladder.
    Church Yard
    Go to the switch next to the ladder and flip it.  This will restore 
    power to the elevator on the side of the church.  Go to the gate and 
    unlock it.  From here, regroup and go down the elevator.
    Church Hallway
    Run down a little and go through the door at the end.
    Run and turn the left corner.  Take the file from the desk.  Don't mind 
    the dead body yet, and have REBECCA use the Hookshot on the hole on the 
    Research Room (Rebecca)
    Take the file from the chair and ready your weapon.  Round the corner, 
    take the Gasoline and kill the Leech zombie.  Once he's dead, go to 
    what it was guarding and take the Leech Capsule.  On your way out, take 
    the Laboratory Map off the wall.
    2nd Floor Hallway (Rebecca)
    Press the button right in front of you to raise the wall, letting out a 
    Leech zombie...great.  Turn around and turn left.  Take the first door 
    on the right.
    Cable Car Port (2nd Floor) (Rebecca)
    Save here if you wish and take the Empty Bottle.  Combine it with 
    Gasoline if you have any, take the Green Herb then leave.
    2nd Floor Hallway (Rebecca)
    Take the door at the end of the hallway.
    Poisoning Room (Rebecca)
    WALK left and shoot the zombie pretending to be dead.  Don't mind the 
    other zombie for now and take the Shotgun Shells off the shelf along 
    with the file on the table.  Run to the gas chamber and fill your 
    Mixing Kit with the Red Chemical.  Take the double doors.
    NOTE: If you somehow sent Billy up here instead of Rebecca, then you'll 
    be wondering what to do since Billy can't hold chemicals.  Switch to 
    Rebecca and go into the CHURCH HALLWAY.  Take the RED CHEMICAL then 
    backtrack all the way to the CONFERENCE ROOM in the Facility.  Take the 
    double doors into the KNIGHT'S HALL.  Go to the end of the hallway and 
    through the single door into the SLEEPING QUARTERS.  Take the GREEN 
    CHEMICAL.  Combine it with the Red Chemical and go back to the LIBRARY 
    in the Church.  Send the STRIPPING AGENT to Billy using the service 
    elevator and have him use it on the LEECH CAPSULE.  Voila!
    Surgery Room (Rebecca)
    There are a lot of zombies in here, so I recommend you use the Grenade 
    Launcher to kill them quickly.  Go around the corner and into the first 
    opening to the left.  Take the First-Aid Spray.  Go out and take a 
    right.  Go around the gurney and pick up the file.  Now run to the 
    green tank and take the Green Chemical.  Combine this with the Red 
    Chemical to get the Stripping Agent.  Now combine this with the Leech 
    Capsule to get the Leech Charm.  Run to the entrance to this level and 
    send the Leech Charm to Billy.  Also, send any Molotov Cocktails to him 
    as well.
    Library (Billy)
    If you had Billy on attack mode while you were Rebecca, then you should 
    notice a dead zombie on the floor :).  Go to the service elevator next 
    to the typewriter and take the Leech Charm.  Exit the room.
    Church Hallway (Billy)
    Quickly kill the Leech zombie and go to the end of the hall.  Use the 
    Leech Charm on the Marcus door.  Go through...
    Marcus's Study (Billy)
    I must say that this room is pretty decent.  Go to the shelf next to 
    the desk and take the file along with the Input Reg. Coil.  Then run 
    around the desk and take the Handgun ammo.  Now take the door next to 
    the desk.
    Statue Room (Billy)
    Kill the zombies in here and take the Leech Charm from the statue's 
    hand.  Leave.
    Marcus's Study (Billy)
    Leave the room through the other door.
    Church Hallway (Billy)
    Run back to the library.
    Library (Billy)
    Go to the service elevator and send Rebecca the Leech Charm.  Switch 
    Surgery Room (Rebecca)
    Take the Leech Charm from the elevator and use it on the Marcus door in 
    the same room.
    Disposal Room
    Watch out for the two zombies on the floor.  Run around the corner and 
    pick up the Sterilizing Agent.  Leave this god-forsaken room...
    Surgery Room (Rebecca)
    Leave the room through the double doors.
    Poisoning Room (Rebecca)
    Use the Sterilizing Agent on the machine to get rid of the poison in 
    the chamber.  Enter the chamber now that it's safe and pick up the 
    Breeding Rm. Key.  The two zombies in the room will now come to life, 
    so kill or dodge them.  Leave through the single door.
    2nd Floor Hallway (Rebecca)
    Run straight to the door at the end and use the Breeding Rm. Key.
    Breeding Room (Rebecca)
    Ready your Shotgun and round the corner. Kill the two Hunters around 
    the corner and take the file on the floor.  Go to the cage and take the 
    Dial.  Leave the room.
    2nd Floor Hallway (Rebecca)
    Run back to the poison room.
    Poisoning Room (Rebecca)
    Go through the double doors.
    Surgery Room (Rebecca)
    Send the Dial to Billy via Service Elevator.  Switch characters.
    Library (Billy)
    Take the Dial and exit the room.
    Church Hallway (Billy)
    Round the corner and use the Dial on the metal door.  If you read the 
    file you got from the Poisoning Room, you should know the combination.  
    If not, the combination is 4863.  Go through the door...
    Cable Car Port (1st Floor) (Billy)
    After the cut-scene, go to the switch in the corner and pull it to move 
    the overhead ladder next to the second floor platform.  Then pick up 
    the Output Reg. Coil that was just revealed.  Switch characters.
    Surgery Room (Rebecca)
    Leave the room.
    Poisoning Room (Rebecca)
    Go through the door in front of you.
    2nd Floor Hallway (Rebecca)
    Take the metal door to your left.
    Cable Car Port (2nd Floor) (Rebecca)
    Go to the ladder that was moved toward the platform and climb down.
    Cable Car Port (1st Floor)
    Regroup and give either Billy or Rebecca the Input and Output Reg. 
    Coils and the Hookshot.  Run to corner of the room in front of the door 
    to this room and use the Hookshot there.
    Cable Car Port (2nd Floor)
    You are now in the control area.  Pick up the ammo in here and insert 
    the Reg. Coils into the device.  This will restore power to the cable 
    car as well as the whole room.  Return to the first floor using the 
    Cable Car Port (1st Floor)
    Before you get into the cable car, give Rebecca ALL of Billy's weapons,  
    ammo and health if you have any.  Ditch the Grenade Launcher and 
    Hookshot as well.  Now try to enter the cable car...
    Billy has been attacked and you've lost him for now.  You are now 
    Rebecca for the whole thing until you find Billy.  Someone or something 
    has turned off the power, so now we must restore it.  Evade the Leech 
    zombie and climb the ladder.
    Cable Car Port (2nd Floor)
    Run back in the control area and put the Output Reg. Coil back into its 
    spot.  Go back down the ladder.
    Cable Car Port (1st Floor)
    Dodge the Leech zombie and enter the cable car.
    Cable Car
    Take the Magnum from the dead guy's (don't worry, this one won't come 
    to life) and start the car.  Once you're at the other side, exit the 
    Cable Car Port
    Go up the flight of steps and go through the door.
    Elevator Area
    Run across the room and enter the door.
    Elevator Save Room
    Stock up on health and ammo and SAVE THE GAME.  Leave the room.
    Elevator Area
    Run toward the screen and take the platform down.  Run along the 
    pathway and into the door at the end.
    Security Area 1
    Go along the path until you reach the end.  Take a look at the security 
    monitors, (look familiar?)  Take the Elevator Key (U Key) and ready 
    your Shotgun.  As you leave, two Hunters will ambush you.  Kill them 
    then leave the room.
    Elevator Area
    Go back up the rising platform and into the save room.
    Elevator Save Room
    Use the U Key on the control panel to bring the elevator to your level.  
    Leave the room.
    Elevator Area
    Run to where the rising platform is.  The huge elevator is now there.  
    Go around to the side and press the button to take it down.
    Security Area 2
    Head right and go head towards the red elevator.  After the cinema, 
    take the Elevator Key and go to the other side of the huge elevator.  
    Use the Elevator Key on the switch and prepare for battle 
    with...TYRANT, (look up the boss section to see how to fight this 
    boss.)  After the battle, take the elevator.
    Inside the Elevator
    You have a choice on which floor to go to.  Lvl. 1 takes you back to 
    the crash site.  You can go through the mansion and take any items you 
    may have left behind.  Lvl. 2 takes you to a hallway with Magnum Rounds 
    and a Hunter.  Lvl. 3 is the floor you're currently on.  When you're 
    ready, go to Lvl. 4.
                                 END CHURCH
                             UMBRELLA LABORATORY
    "You must survive in order to expose this nightmare..."
    Laboratory Entrance
    After the cinema, walk forward and go through the door.
    Control Room
    Take the gasoline to your left and continue forward into the power 
    supply area.  Save your game if you wish then check out the control 
    panel.  The panel should look somewhat like this:
                        O      O    
                    O   X      O   O
                    O   O      O   O
                        O      O   
                    O   X      X   O
                    O   O      O   O
    The marks with X are the ones you press.  This will restore power to 
    the whole laboratory.  After this, run out the room and take the 
    elevator down.
    Sub Control Room
    Kill all the zombies here and run around the room.  Take the Green and 
    Red Herbs if you wish and take the door.
    Metal Catwalk
    As you go forward, a Leech zombie will ambush you.  The best thing to 
    do here is to dodge it, but if you must, kill it.  Take the door at the 
    end of the catwalk.
    Billiards Room
    Kill or dodge the zombies and take the Laboratory Map off the wall, 
    then go downstairs.
    Forklift Room
    You'll notice a forklift in here, but there's no power.  Go to the 
    other end of the room and go through the door.
    Drainage Room
    Don't bother exploring this room yet, but take the Shotgun Shells in 
    the cabinet.  Run to the other side and leave the room.
    Walkway Room
    Go down the steps and through the door.
    Sewage Room
    All right, we're reunited with Billy!  After the cinema, even out your 
    items and go back to the walkway room.
    Walkway Room
    Run up the stairs and through the door.
    Drainage Room
    Split up and have Rebecca stand by the controls.  Control Billy and 
    climb down the ladder.  You'll see two wooden crates and a blue metal 
    crate.  The set up is like this:
                          |WW |           W=Wooden Crate  --=Rotating Gate
                          | M |           M=Metal Crate
                          -----           |=Wall 
                          |   |
                         |    |           
                          | W |
    Hop over the first wooden crate and push the metal crate to the right.  
    Jump on the metal crate, then switch to Rebecca.  Rotate the gate 
    right.  Now as Billy, jump down the front side of the crate (facing the 
    screen) and push it all the way to the top.  Now push the first wooden 
    all the way to the end to put it in place.  Now go to the other crate 
    and push it along the same path as you did with the other crate.  Use 
    the extra space in the wall to push it to the end and into its place.  
    In the end, it should look a little bit like this:
                        |  M|
                        |   |
                        |   |
                       |    |
    Climb back out of the pool and use Rebecca to fill the pool with water.  
    Run to the other side of the room and use the wooden crate bridge to 
    the other side.  Pick up the Handle, regroup, then leave the room.
    Forklift Room
    Run up the stairs near the forklift.
    Billiards Room
    Exit the room using the door.
    Metal Catwalk
    Run to the door on the left and use the Handle on it.  Enter the room.
    Boiler Room
    Kill the naked zombies in here and run to the right.  Watch out for the 
    zombie on the floor and take the Handgun ammo.  Go around and take the 
    ladder up.
    Squared Walkway
    Run around the room and take the file from the dead body.  There's also 
    a Red Chemical container here, so add it to your Mixing Set.  Watch out 
    for that zombie and go back down the ladder.
    Boiler Room
    Go left and take the door at the end.
    Sleeping Quarters Walkway
    Kill the two Hunters here and proceed through the door at the end.
    Sleeping Quarters Save Room
    You can relax now, we're in a save room.  Pick up the Handgun Ammo on 
    the bed, Napalm Grenades on the floor and a First-Aid Spray on the 
    desk.  There are also some Green Herbs here.  Save if you wish, and 
    before you leave take the file from the bed near the door you haven't 
    gone through yet.
    Purification Room
    Run down the stairs and take the door at the bottom.
    Sewage Walkway
    Go to the end and through the door.  NOTE: A Lurker may jump out of the 
    water, so be careful.
    Gondola Room
    Kill the zombies here.  There's a control panel here, but it's missing 
    the Motherboard.  Collect the file and the Shotgun Shells.  Go to the 
    lift and make sure BOTH CHARCTERS ARE ON THE LIFT.
    Battle Room
    Curious about the name?  Have both characters equipped with their 
    strongest weapons then keep running around the boiler.  Just when you 
    thought it was gone, it comes back...TYRANT. (Look up the boss section 
    to see how to fight this boss)  After the battle, go to the end of the 
    of the room and press the button.  This will lower a ladder.  Climb up.
    Battle Room (2nd Floor)
    Run around and take the Motherboard.  Go back down the ladder.
    Battle Room
    Backtrack to the Gondola Room.
    Gondola Room
    Go to the control panel and use the Motherboard.  Call the gondola and 
    use Rebecca to climb in the box and take her to the other side.
    Dam Control (Rebecca)
    Go to the lever and switch it.  This will release water in the dam and 
    reveal a hidden passageway.  Turn left and take the door there.
    Research Room (Rebecca)
    Quickly kill the roach in here and go to the other end of the room.  
    Take the Industrial Water from the desk, then take the Blue Chemical 
    right next to you.  Mix the Blue and Red Chemical to create Sulfuric 
    Acid.  Finally, combine the Industrial Water and the Sulfuric Acid to 
    get Battery Fluid.  Unlock the door next to you, then switch to Billy.
    Gondola Room (Billy)
    Exit using the door near you.
    Sewage Walkway (Billy)
    Go through the door at the end.
    Purification Room (Billy)
    Go up the stairs and through the door.
    Sleeping Quarters Save Room
    Leave through the other door.
    Sleeping Quarters Walkway (Billy)
    There are zombies in here now.  Dodge them then take the door at the 
    Boiler Room (Billy)
    Take the handle door at the other side of the room.
    Metal Catwalk (Billy)
    Take the door to your left.
    Billiards Room (Billy)
    Argh, there are naked zombies here now.  Kill them then go downstairs.
    Forklift Room (Billy)
    Take the door to your right.
    Drainage Room (Billy)
    Go through the door at the other side.
    Walkway Room (Billy)
    Go down the stairs and through the door.
    Sewage Room (Billy)
    Go right and go through the door at the end.
    Research Room
    Regroup, then go downstairs.
    Containment Room
    The battery needed for the forklift is on a high shelf.  Use Billy to 
    give Rebecca a boost and collect the Battery.  Once you get it, a cut-
    scene will play showing the roaches bursting out of their capsules.  
    Just quickly run upstairs.
    Research Room
    Combine the Battery with the Battery Fluid.  From here, go back to the 
    forklift room.
    Forklift Room
    Go to the side of the forklift and insert the Battery to get it 
    working.  Split up and have one of them climb on top of the crate.  Use 
    the other character to activate the forklift.  Take the Keycard and 
    backtrack all the way to the Battle Room (room where you fought Tyrant)
    Battle Room
    Take the only door here.
    Dam Walkway
    Go to the end and take/use the Green Herbs if you want.  Climb down the 
    ladder and watch out for the Lurker that pops out.  Go to the door at 
    the end of the walkway.
    Power Generator Room
    Kill the zombies here and use the Keycard on the door.  
    Now is the time to stock up on ammo, gather healing items and SAVE YOUR 
    GAME.  Once you're ready, proceed through the electronic door...
    Final Hallway
    Take your last run down the hallway and through the door.
    The Queen's Room
    This is where you will learn everything about Marcus's past.  After the 
    cinema, you will fight THE QUEEN LEECH. (Look up the boss section to 
    see how to fight this boss.)  Once you've taken down the Queen, pick up 
    the two Shaft Keys.  Go to the door and have each character use a key 
    on the two devices.  Go through the door.
    The Last Save Room
    This is it, you're almost there!  Take all the goodies here (plenty of 
    them) and SAVE YOUR GAME!  Go on the elevator and press the button to 
    go up.  Prepare for your last battle...(Look up the boss section to see 
    how to fight this boss.)
    8.Boss Battles
    Boss #1-Giant Scorpion
    Location: Lounge Car of Train
    Difficulty: Easy
    Attacks: Pincer Swipe
    The very first boss of Resident Evil 0.  Despite its size, this boss is 
    very easy.  Equip your Hunting Gun and wait for it to get closer (or 
    you can run up to it.)  Aim down at its head and shoot it.  This will 
    stun the scorpion.  Repeat this a few more times to end the battle.  Be 
    careful once you've killed it, it will swing its pincers wildly and can 
    still hurt you.
    Boss #2-Giant Centipede
    Location: Mechanical Room of Facility
    Difficulty: Easy
    Attacks: None really, just don't touch it.
    This boss runs around the room then stops in one area for a little bit.  
    While it's sitting there, shoot it with everything you got.  Even 
    though it doesn't really attack you, don't touch it while it's moving 
    around, you'll still get hurt.  Eventually, you'll kill it and free 
    Boss #3-Giant Bat
    Location: Altar of Church
    Difficulty: Medium
    Attacks: Mini-Bats, Swipes at you with wing, Picks you up and scratches 
    Now the battles are getting tougher.  Equip your Shotgun and keep 
    shooting.  Now only will you shoot the bat, but also its children.  It 
    will come down and swipe at you, but it won't do much damage to you.  
    Later in the battle, it will pick you up and dangle you.  Just mash the 
    buttons to free yourself faster.  
    Boss #4-Tyrant
    Location: Security Area 2
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard
    Attacks: Scratches you with claw, Lunges at you with claw
    Ah yes, a battle with the legendary Tyrant.  Use the Magnum for this 
    battle.  Use it and abuse it.  Run circles around it so it won't attack 
    you as much, it's all about hit and run in this battle.  His lunge 
    attack does massive damage, so watch out for that.
    Boss #5-Rematch with Tyrant
    Location: Battle Room of Laboratory
    Difficulty: Hard
    Attacks: Scratches you with claw
    Tyrant is now back for revenge.  This battle is harder because you are 
    trapped between it and a dead end.  The only option you have is to 
    shoot it and don't stop.  You will get damaged a couple of times, but 
    you should be able to take it down before it gets too serious.
    Boss #6-Queen Leech (1st Form)
    Location: Queen's Room of Laboratory
    Difficulty: Hard
    Attacks: Swipes you with claw, Grabs you with tentacles, and pounces on 
    This boss looks like an overgrown Leech zombie.  Now is the time to 
    YOU MUST.  When she grabs your partner, shoot it as much as you can.  
    After a hard-fought battle, she goes down...or does she?
    Location: Helicopter Pad of Laboratory
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Attacks: Scratches you, Pounces on you
    Now this thing is just plain ugly.  For the first part, blast it away 
    with all you got until a cut-scene plays.  Now you take control of 
    Billy.  Distract the Queen while Rebecca runs around the room and 
    releases a switch for the roof.  Once Rebecca opens for switches, the 
    roof opens and the Queen is defeated with one final shot from the 
    Ammo: 9MM Bullets
    Rate of fire: Medium
    Power: Low
    The standard weapons of the Resident Evil series.  It is suggested to 
    use this gun most of the time (preferably against the zombies) to save 
    ammo for the bigger weapons.
    Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Rate of fire: Low
    Power: High
    This gun holds 2 shells at a time, but it is very strong.  You don't 
    use this gun very long, but it does have its uses.
    Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Rate of fire: Low
    Power: High
    This is a very effective gun and may make this adventure easier.  Use 
    this against the bigger monsters to take them out easier.  You can also 
    use this to decapitate zombies, killing them instantly.
    Ammo: Grenade Rounds, Napalm Rounds, Acid Rounds
    Rate of fire: low
    Power: Very High
    One of the high-power weapons.  Use this ONLY against the bigger 
    monsters because ammo is scarce for this weapon.  As you can see, it 
    can hold three types of rounds.  Grenade rounds being the explosive 
    type, Napalm being the flame type, and Acid being the strongest of all 
    the rounds.
    Ammo: 9MM Bullets
    Rate of fire: Medium
    Power: Medium
    It's your typical handgun with a scope equipped to it.  This increases 
    its chance of decapitating a zombie.
    Ammo: Empty Bottle combined with Gasoline
    Rate of fire: N/A
    Power: High
    A Resident Evil 0 exclusive.  This is most effective against those damn 
    Leech zombies.  I recommend using this ONLY against those things.
    Ammo: Magnum Rounds
    Rate of fire: Medium
    Power: Extremely High
    One of the strongest guns in the game.  I suggest you use this gun 
    against the bigger monsters or bosses.  Shooting this weapon against a 
    zombie will decapitate them every time.  Ammo is scarce, so watch 
    yourself when using it.
    Ammo: Sub-machine gun ammo
    Rate of fire: Extremely High
    Power: Very High
    You get this gun if you get an A ranking for the game.  This is one of 
    my favorite guns to use because it can take down any foe within a 
    matter of seconds.  Once you unlock this gun, the ammo for it is 
    scattered throughout the game as well, so keep an eye out for them.
    Ammo: Rockets
    Rate of fire: Low
    The strongest weapon in the game.  The Rocket Launcher kills ANY enemy 
    instantly.  To get this weapon, get an S ranking for the game (3:30 
    hours or less)
    10.Monster List
    The basic enemy of the Resident evil series.  They are really slow, but 
    their bite is worse than their speed.  Despite it being one of the 
    weakest enemies, they can hurt you a lot.  It is best to take this 
    enemy down from a distance.  A second strategy is to use your Shotgun 
    and wait until a zombie is close then blow its brains out.  
    Decapitating a zombie with the Handgun is totally random, but once your 
    Hangun is equipped with the Custom Parts, decapitation rates increase.  
    When a zombie grabs you, go nuts on your controller to free yourself 
    more quickly.
    Another basic enemy.  These zombie dogs are very agile, but shooting 
    them is not that difficult.  The run around a little bit before 
    attacking, so use this time to shoot.  Ususally you are attacked by two 
    of these at a time so have your partner aid you.  You only see these in 
    the first part of the game, so you don't have to worry about them later 
    You don't see much of this enemy in the game, but they are still a 
    nuisance.  Keep moving when they take flight so they won't peck the 
    heck (no pun intended) out of you.  Don't bother wasting ammo on them 
    for they are extremely weak.
    Another weak enemy.  These guys could be as annoying as Crows.  They 
    latch on to you for a little bit before they start hurting.  There's 
    only a couple of areas where these guys actually attack, but other than 
    that you can step on them for a nice squishing sound.  Again, don't 
    shoot these things, they're not worth the ammo.
    Argh how I despise this enemy.  These enemies are extremely tough and 
    take a lot of firepower to take down.  What makes things worse is once 
    you've unloaded a ton of ammo on it, it explodes causing intense damage 
    to you if you're close.  The best way to kill it is to use Napalm 
    Grenades on it, or use a Molotov Cocktail.  Not only will you kill it 
    quickly, it won't explode either.
    These are the giant roaches.  Another hard-to-kill enemy and take a lot 
    of ammo to take down.  Use the Shotgun or anything stronger on these 
    enemies.  They attack in pairs, so it's best to have your partner with 
    These are the damn dirty apes.  They normally attack in groups and are 
    very agile.  Using the Handgun against these things may not be the best 
    choice.  Killing these things can be difficult because they can run 
    circles around you and attack from behind.  Shotgun or anything more 
    damaging is recommended.
    A Resident Evil classic.  These things look like overgrown reptiles.  
    They are extremely agile and can kill you very quickly.  Much like 
    killing a Plauge Crawler, use a Shotgun or anything stronger against 
    it.  The Handgun can work too, but make sure you're a distance away.
    Probably the most hated enemy in the game.  These overgrown frogs can 
    kill you INSTANTLY, no matter how good your health is.  They randomly 
    jump out of the water, so if one jumps out and latches on to your 
    partner, quickly shoot it so it will let go and run away.
    Location: You start with it
    *Note that button names may differ depending on the controller type 
    Press Y Button during play.
    *You cannot view the screen in the following circumstances.
    -During event movies
    -When taking damage
    -When weapon is readied
    *The following functions are available on the screen.
                 Equip Weapon
                 Use Item
                 View Map
                 View File
                 Leave Item...etc.
                   View Map
    Select the MAP item on the Status Screen.
    (You can also press the Z BUTTON during play).
    *If you do not have a map for the area, you can only see locations 
    already visited.
                   Reading the MAP
    Blue room: 
       Your current location
    Green Room:
       Visited locations
    No color:
       Locations not yet visited
    Red door:
       Locked door
    Yellow door:
       Unlocked door
    While viewing the MAP, you can view the Item List by pressing the A 
    *The following information is available on the Item List:
    -Left items
    -Locations of left items.
                           Pushing Objects
    Some "objects" can be moved in certain directions.  Use the Control 
    Stick to push these "objects".
    (You can also use the Control Pad).
              Climbing/Dismounting from raised platforms.
    Press the A BUTTON to climb onto waist-high surfaces.  (You can also 
    climb onto movable objects).
                            Equipping Weapons
    Choose your Weapon from the items on the Status Screen, and select the 
    "Equip" command.  (You can only use a weapon if it is equipped).
                            Attack Stance
    Press the R BUTTON.  (You turn toward the nearest enemy with the 
    currently equipped weapon).
    While in Attack Stance, press the A BUTTON
    (You attack with the currently equipped weapon).
                           Quick Turn
    Press the B BUTTON while pressing Down on the Control Stick or on the 
    Control Pad.
                        Check Item Details
    Choose the item at the Status Screen, and select the "Examine" command.
    Location: You get this when Billy joins you.
                        Character Switching
    *Not that button names may differ depending on the controller type 
                        Character Switching
    A system that enables you to control the two lead characters, Rebecca 
    and Billy, and use their different abilities to progress through the 
    game.  The character you currently control is THE MAIN CHARACTER.  The 
    character you do not control is called THE PARTNER CHARACTER.
                  Controlling the Partner Character.
    The Partner Character generally moves independently.  (You can use the 
    C STICK to control the Partner Character).  Selecting "Partner" on the 
    Status Screen allows you to assign instructions to the character.
    *Solo: Both characters move independently.
    *Team: Partner moves with the Main Character.
    *Attack: Partner attacks automatically.
    *Idle: Partner will not attack.
    *You can also press the START/PAUSE Button to switch between 
    Independent and Cooperative Action.
                        Switching Characters
    Press the X BUTTON at the Status Screen to switch between characters.
    To overcome obstacles, you will need to evaluate the circumstances and 
    switch characters as needed.
                         Exchanging Items
    When your Partner Character is nearby, you can exchange items on the 
    Status Screen.
    *Choose the item from the Main Character's item box, and select the 
    "Exchange" command.
                       Character Attributes:
    Rebecca, a member of S.T.A.R.S., has the following attributes:
    Can combine Herb-related items.
    Is weak defensively.
    Can use a mixing set to combine chemicals.
                       Character Attributes:
    Billy, a former Marine, has the following attributes:
    Cannot combine Herb-related items.
    Is strong in combat.
    Can push large objects.
                 If the Partner Character is Attacked
    Both the Main and Partner Characters will DIE if they take too much 
    You should always keep an eye on their condition.
    A Partner being attacked in a different room will call for help over 
    the radio.
    If your partner does call, go to help as quickly as possible.
                     Cooperating with Your Partner
    Some puzzles cannot be solved by only one character.
    When you are stuck, try to see if using your partner will help.
    Location: You start the game with it
                     Court Order for Transportation 1598A-7635
    Prisoner name: Billy Coen
    ID Number: D-1036
    Former Second Lieutenant, Marine Corps
    Age: 26
    Height: 5ft. 9in.
    Weight: 163 lbs.
    Transfer Destination: Regarthon Base
    Convicted of First Degree Murder.
    Court marshaled and sentenced to death by 0703 rd Military Tribunal.
    Sentenced to be carried out upon arrival.
                               Samuel Regan,
                             Dunell Marine Base
    Location: Passenger Cabin of Train
                            Passenger's Diary
                                July 14th
    Orders came from the boss today.
    Looks like we're in charge of investigating the remains of the Arklay 
    Mountains laboratory.
    We're moving in two groups, with us in the initial group, assigned to 
    start checking what's left of the abandoned experiment.
                         July 16th
    Unfortunately, the test production of B.O.W. (Type-Y139) had to be 
    suspended because of this investigation.
    It's the same with Type-Y139.  There's still so much we don't know 
    about responses to the crustacean t-virus.  There's a lot of 
    interesting research left...
    Depending on the species and nurturing conditions, only minute doses of 
    "t" bring about remarkable changes in solidity, size, multiplication of 
    internal toxins and brain development.  If these effects can be 
    controlled, a powerful weapon could be produced.
    But the sudden development of the shell results in a corresponding 
    fragility.  Certain areas become exceedingly weak.
    Problematically, one of these areas is the head carapace.
    This lab we are going to - were they pursuing the same research?  It 
    would certainly help to find data and samples that would help us in our 
                                June 19th
    The day is finally approaching...I am growing more anxious.
    The Raccoon City newspapers and TV stations are full of reports about 
    the bizarre murders in the suburbs.
    It can't be the virus.  Can it?  If it is...
    No.  I can't think of that now.  I have to concentrate on this 
    investigation and make sure it goes smoothly.
    Location: Save Room of Train
                         Investigation Orders
    (Stained with blood, some sections are illegible).
    8 miles north of Raccoon City, in the Arklay Mountains, lies our 
    comp ny's Management Training facility.  It was shut down   years ag .
    No, w  are conducting a preliminary  tudy into the re-opening of the 
    faci ities.
    First Investigation Unit is alre dy on-site and opening the 
    investi ation.  I want yo r team to provide suppo t.
    The following orders  re Will m Bark    and 1s   l ves  
    Gat o  Un t.
    ...(the rest is torn and unreadable).
    Location: Dining Car (1st Floor) of Train
                         Notice to Supervisors
    When closing the dining car, supervisors are asked to switch off the 
    automatic doors after ensuring all staff have vacated the car.
    The main automatic door power switch is located on the roof of the 
    fifth car.
    Inspections will take place when the train is garaged.
    After inspections are complete, use the ladder at the rear of the 
    second floor of the dining car.
                           Umbrella Corp.
                       Maintenance Department 
    Location: Conductor's Room of Train
                        Note from Conductor 
    The key card for the Driver's Compartment is in my bag as always.
    But I need the other guy's key too to open the damn thing.
    But, it looks like I've lost it somewhere.
    If it was a normal key, someone would be sure to turn it in, but this 
    key is different...
    I'll look for it too, but if you happen to find it, please hand it in.
    Thanks in advance.
    Location: You get it after acquiring the Hookshot.
                         Hookshot's Operator's Manual
    This device should only be used when inspecting difficult-to-access car 
    roofs, or when connecting special trains.  Return to its proper 
    location after use.
    1.Where to use.
    There is a ladder outside the small window by the 1st floor section 
    door of the third carriage.
    Fire the device so that it hooks high onto the ladder.
    2.Using the Winch to Climb.  After securing the hook, use the winch to 
    lift yourself up.
    *This grappling hook can only lift one person at a time.  Be aware that 
    the unit may be damaged if lifting more than 80kg.
    Location: You get it when you must stop the train.
                               Brake Operation Manual
    Using the Brake control.  The following steps are necessary to operate 
    the brakes:
    Step 1: Activating the controls.
    Brake controls are located in the following locations:
    -First car Driver's Compartment.
    -Rear deck of the fifth car.
    To activate the system, you must insert the magnetic card into the 
    device in the fifth car.
    This will supply power to both sets of controls.
    Step 2: Enter the Rear Deck Code.
    Enter the code for the rear deck unit to release lock.
    After this the Driver's Compartment code can be input.
    Step 3: Enter Driver's Compartment Code
    Enter the code for the Driver's Compartment unit to remove lock.
    Upon completion of these three steps the manual brakes will be 
    available for use.
    Location: Conference Room of Facility
                           Regulations for Trainees
    Training facility Mission
    This Training facility will raise a new generation of model employees 
    to serve the future of Umbrella Corp.
    Applying the strictest and most rigorous training standards, this 
    facility will, without regard for gender, race or creed, produce only 
    the best candidates to be the global future leaders of Umbrella 
    We look forward to the development of your leadership qualities.
    Training facility Guidelines
    These three words are the basic principles which govern Umbrella 
    Corporation employees, and are to be considered the Law of this 
    Keep these words in mind at all times.  Devote yourselves to your 
    training, and bring honor to yourselves and the corporation.
                               James Marcus
                           Umbrella Corporation
                        Management Training facility.
    Location: Lounge Room of Facility
                            Notice to All Staff
    (This document is very old.  Much of the writing is illegible).
    Regular meetings of the Vaccine Research and Infectious Agents teams 
    will be held.
    Both meetings are Security Level 5, and will be held in the following 
    1F W Operations Control Room
    2F SE Meeting Room
    The entry code shall be
    Thank you.
    Location: Study Room of Facility
                       Assistant Director's Diary
                             September 2nd 
    A useless bunch of trainees, as always.
    Where does headquarters find these idiots?
    We did get a couple of decent ones, though, so can't complain I guess.
    William and Albert.  They might have a future.
                            September 25th
    Scholar Will.  Practical Al.  They really are opposites.
    And they're always competitive in everything they do.
    There's something ruthless and cruel about them both...
                              October 7th
    Got a sudden call from the director.
    It was to tell me to encourage a rivalry between those two!
    It's the first time since this Training facility was built that 
    Director Marcus has ever shown interest in anything other than his 
    Well, whatever.  Orders are orders.
    I'm going to have them tearing at each other's throats.
    Location: Fireplace Study of Facility
                           A Verse of Poetry
                      The Moon bows to the Earth
                  The Earth swears loyalty to the Sun
             And the great Law of the Sun Governs all things.
                       This itself is the keystone,
                           The pointer to glory
             All our hands Cannot open the door to the heaven.
    Location: Projection Room of Facility
    (Shows an overhead image of the Conference Room)
                               Microfilm Image
    An image resulting from overlaying microfilms A and B
    Numbers appear on the seats of the conference room.
    Location: Marcus's Office of Facility
                              Marcus' Diary 1
                               December 4th
    We finally did it...the new virus!
    We have called it the "Progenitor".
    I want to carry it back and start detailed investigations immediately.
                                March 23rd
    Spencer says he's going to start a company.
    Well, I don't care, as long as I can continue my research into 
    He can do what he likes...
                                August 19th
    Spencer keeps asking me to be the director of his new Training 
    Maybe it's because of the business, but he's becoming intolerably 
    But, maybe I can turn this to my advantage.  I need a special facility 
    to properly explore all this virus' secrets.
    A place where no one will get in the way...
                               November 30th
    Damn that Spencer...He came to complain to me again today.  He thinks 
    of "Progenitor" as nothing more than a money-spinning tool.  Fool!
    But if his influence continues to grow, it can only be bad for my 
    If I'm to properly develop "Progenitor", I must strengthen my own 
    position too.
                              September 19th
    At last...
    I've discovered a way to build a new virus type with "Progenitor" as a 
    Mixing it with leech DNA was the breakthrough I needed...
    I call this new virus "t", for "tyrant".
                               October 23rd
    It's no good!  I can't hope for real progress experimenting on mere 
    Only humans can be a proper mammalian subject for the experiments.  
    Otherwise, I'll never make any real progress...
                              November 15th
    Someone seems to suspect something about my experiments...
    ...but, perhaps it's just my imagination.
    Well, if anyone does get too close, they may find themselves 
    unexpectedly "assisting" in my research!
                              January 13th
    At last, they are ready.  My wonderful leeches!
    Those of low intelligence, they will never have the privilege of 
    tasting this sense of joy and satisfaction!
    Now, finally, I can move against Spencer.  Soon I will control 
                              January 31st
    The devices I set to protect my work have been disturbed.
    It appears someone came looking for "t" and the leeches.  Fool.
    No doubt the work of Spencer's group.
                              February 11th
    Today, I gain found evidence of tampering around the entrance to the 
    If that is what they're after, I must find a suitable way to deal with 
    them.  Perhaps I should have William and Albert smoke out the pests...
    Those two are the only ones I trust.  Apart from my beloved leeches, of 
    But Spencer...It wouldn't end there, would it?
    I will announce "t" at the next directors meeting, and collect my just 
    Location: Sleeping Quarters of Facility
                       First Investigation Unit Notes
    We are searching the facility, and it looks like a lot of chemicals 
    Fortunately, the storage tanks are still all full.
    We have just started and there is still a lot we don't know, but it 
    appears that the chemicals can be mixed to produce the substances.
    The chemicals are scattered all about.  Not because of the accident, 
    more a result of plain mismanagement.
    When we re-open the facilities, we will have to develop a system for 
    dealing with these chemicals.
    (Something is scrawled on the back of the note).
    Red+Blue=Sulfuric Acid
    Green+Red=Stripping Agent
    Location: Basement Save Room 1 of Facility Basement
                    Correctional Institute Inmates List
    Mathews, K.  Deceased.  Disposal Complete.
    Midge, D.  Deceased.  Disposal Complete.
    Keith, W.  Preserved as specimen
    Savage, C.  Transported to research facilities.
    Royce, M.  Transported to research facilities.
    Davids, A.  Preserved as specimen.
    Clarke, A.  Transported to research facilities.
    Ellens, J.  Transported to research facilities.
    Terrence, O.  Deceased.  Disposal Complete.
    Kait, A.  Transported to Arklay laboratory.
    Gerry, O.  Deceased.  Disposal Complete.
    Scott, S.  Transported to research facilities.
    Mitchel, F.  Transported to research facilities.
    Kerry, T.  Transported to Arklay laboratory.
    Roberts, A.  Transported to research facilities.
    (Transported individuals to be deleted from the records).
    Location: Torture Room 2 of Facility Basement
                        About the Power Regulator
    Due to the recent lightning strike, the power regulator continues to be 
    I wouldn't really matter about the power, except for the fact that the 
    boiler room equipment is on the same grid.
    The equipment is so run down.  I'll probably have to have it fixed up 
    all the time.
    If you wish to exit rapidly set the indicator to 70.
    Check first though that everything is connected to the chain.
    Location: Basement Sleeping Quarters of Facility Basement
                        Management Trainee's Diary
    What is it that Director Marcus is researching all the time?  And 
    what's with his weird interest in leeches?
    Interest...?  Seems more like love at times...
    Rumor has it that there's something dangerous about those leeches.
    It is true that when Dennis just touched one he got ill with fever.
    Again today...
    There were those horrible moans.  Beyond that door.
    "Let sleeping dogs..."
    Even if the Director tells me, I no want to end up like Dennis.
    That poor bastard.
    Scratching and scratching.  Makes me itch jost watching him.
    Must maybe go IF can but hwo
    Dennis gone.  I go
    Location: Library of Church
                               Marcus' Diary 2
    (This page has been torn out).
    Trouble is unlikely, but I closed my babies up in a special capsule.  
    But it won't be safe if I hold on to it myself.  I'll hide it in that 
    "To hide a leaf, put it in a forest".
    To open the capsule, the special stripping agent is necessary.  No way 
    Spencer's lackeys could figure out how to make it...
    Location: Research Room of Church
                          Laboratory Manager's Diary
    Today, under Director Marcus' orders, I changed the platform entry 
    Later, I asked him what the source of the entry code was.  He told me 
    it was based on something significant in his children's growth.
    But, the director's a loner; he isn't married, and he sure doesn't have 
    any children...
    What did he mean?
    Location: Poisoning Room of Church
                             Leech Growth Records
                              February 3rd, 1978
    Administrated "t" into 4 leeches.  Their will to survive leads them 
    first to parasitism and predation.  Then they breed and multiply.  Such 
    a single-minded biology makes them attractive candidates for bio-
    weapons research.  Afterwards, no major changes observed.
                              February 10th, 1978
    7 days since administration of "t".  Rapid growth to double former 
    size, signs of transformation emerging.  Spawning successful.  They 
    DOUBLE THEIR NUMBERS in one hour, but their ravenous appetites lead 
    them to cannibalism.  Hastened to increase food supply, but lost 2.
                                March 7th, 1978
    Provided them with live feed, but lost HALF when the live food fought 
    back.  However, the leeches are learning from experience, and are 
    beginning to exhibit group attack behavior.  They are also ceasing 
    cannibalism.  Their evolution is exceeding expectations.
                                April 22nd, 1978
    The leeches no long exhibit individual behavior, even when not feeding.  
    They move as a collective.
    They consume everything I offer with remarkable efficiency.
                                April 30th, 1978
    An employee has stumbled onto my experiments.  Can a human be a food 
    source?  How will the leeches respond?
                                 June 3rd, 1978 
    A day worthy of commemoration.  Today they began to mimic me!
    Surely they recognize their father...
    Wonderful children.  No one will take you away...
    Location: Surgery Room of Church
                            Investigator's Report
    Dr. Marcus.  Co-founder, with President Spencer, of the Umbrella 
    Corporation.  Disappeared 20 years ago.  The results of his research 
    have been kept under wraps for all that time.
    The reason became clear here at the Training facility run by Dr. 
    ...well, not here exactly, but underground.  When we ventured below, we 
    There we found the evidence of Dr. Marcus' research into the T-virus 
    prototype called "Progenitor".  The evidence of years of hideous 
    experimentation that used company employees as guinea pigs.
    We cannot know how many were forced to become subjects, but based on 
    the evidence, no less than twenty individuals were involved; some of 
    them taken deliberately to keep the corporation's secret safe.
    Where the doctor is now, I don't know.  But considering the recent 
    rapid growth of Umbrella Corporation, I can't imagine that this 
    research is continuing.
    No...his experiment lives and continues to grow in the dark.
    Those things, the "fruit" of his research, they fill this facility.
    (The rest of the notebook pages are missing).
    Location: Marcus's Study of Church
    (Shows a picture of three high-school graduates)
    (There's something written on the back of the photograph).
    To James,
    To Commemorate 
    your Graduation, 1939
    Location: Breeding Room of Church
                                 B.O.W. Report
    Research to date has shown that when the Progenitor virus is 
    administered to living organisms, violent cellular changes cause a 
    breakdown in the system.  Furthermore, no satisfactory method has been 
    found to control the organisms for use as weapons.
    Clearly, greater coordination at the cellular level is essential to 
    enable further growth.  I conducted a number of experiments in an 
    effort to find a breakthrough.  This is my report:
    Perhaps because these ancient animals have been genetically stable for 
    millennia, when administered with the progenitor virus they exhibit 
    only explosive, high-energy growth and increased aggressiveness.
    It is extremely difficult to envision using them as B.O.W..
    Injecting a frog with the virus resulted in an increase in leaping 
    power and abnormal tongue growth.  However, no change in mental ability 
    was observed.  Furthermore, an abnormal appetite resulted in the test 
    subject randomly attacking all moving objects.  Usefulness for B.O.W. 
    is limited.
    The progenitor virus was merged with monkey's cellular DNA, resulting 
    in increased fertility.  The resulting young exhibited improved 
    aggressiveness and some increased mental capacity.  (As a side effect, 
    visual power was lost, but this was offset by an improvement in hearing 
    However, they were unsatisfactory as weapons.
    It does seem that no progress can be made without making humans the 
    base organism.
    Location: Squared Walkway of Laboratory
                          Investigator's Report 2
    We should have finished with this dump long ago.  When this all 
    started, did anyone expect that there would be guns blazing away like 
    We weren't told a thing about these creatures attacking us at the 
    briefing...Guess they were a surprise to the head honchos too.  The 
    things in the woods - just starting to attack people.  That had to be 
    planned.  Someone deliberately scattered that virus, no doubt about it.
    But the guards, our fellow soldiers, they must still be around...
    Well, whatever.  Don't have to worry about that anymore.
    What I've got to worry about is whether to use my last bullet on 
    myself, or on a friend...
    That's the only decision I have to make.
    Location: Sleeping Quarters Save Room of Laboratory
                            About Batter Fluid
                               Battery Fluid
    The fluid used in batteries is a diluted solution of mixed water and 
    sulfuric acid.
    Both must be of high purity.
    When fully charged, battery fluid should have a specific gravity of 
    1.280+0.010 at 20 degrees C.
                            Battery Acid Purity
    Take care that the dilute sulfuric acid solution is of a sufficient 
    Location: Gondola Room of Laboratory
                      Treatment Plant Manager's Diary
    Damn it!  Why is normal industrial waste being delivered here?  This is 
    and Umbrella Corporation facility.  We can't deal with this volume of 
    material.  Plus they're sending us contaminated materials that we can't 
    process.  What are we supposed to do with it?
    Well, looks like they're closing it down.  Not surprising, using it 
    like they did.  Had to be done, but...it was pretty sudden.  It's not 
    like they cared until now.  Anyway, as long as I get out of here, I 
    don't care what they do.
    12.Leech Hunter Rewards
    Here are the rewards you get depending on how many Leech Charms you 
    100 Leeches:Unlimited Ammo
    90-99 Leeches: Magnum Revolver
    60-89 Leeches: Unlimited ammo for the Hunting Gun
    30-59 Leeches: Unlimited ammo for the Handgun
    1-29 Leeches: Sub-Machine Gun ammo
    There you have it, my walkthrough for one of the best Resident Evil 
    games in the series.  Remember, if you'd like this guide on your 
    website, E-MAIL ME FIRST!  Other than that, I hope my guide was helpful 
    to you and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.
    (c) of GameFAQS and CrankyMonkey675

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