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    Files FAQ by BiohazardousEvil

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    For Nintendo Gamecube
    By BiohazardousEvil 
    Released 13th March 2003
    Welcome to my first ever FAQ, of sorts. It's quite simply a full file 
    listing of files in the excellent game Resident Evil . It contains a
    list of every file in the game, and is available to read and view here.
    In the next version, however, I will add the locations of the files in
    question. For now,enjoy the listing. Any questions and queries can be 
    directed to me by visiting the contact section at the bottom of this FAQ. 
    Thank you.
    	- File Listing
    	- Contact details
    	- Copyright
    Player Manual 1 
    -Note that buttons may differ depending on the controller type selected. 
    View status screen: 
    Press Y button during play. 
    -You should view the screen in the following circumstances: 
    -During event movies.
    -When taking damage. 
    -When weapon is readied. 
    The following functions are available on the screen: 
    - Equip weapon 
    - Use item 
    - View map 
    - View file 
    - Leave item
    - View map 
    Select the map item on the status screen...
    (You should also press the Z button during play.) 
    - If you do not have a map for the area, you will only see locations already 
    Reading the map:
    - Blue Room: Your current location.
    - Green Room: Visited locations.
    - No Color: Locations not yet visited.
    - Red Door: Locked door.
    - Yellow Door: Unlocked door.
    While viewing the map, you can view the item list by pressing the A button. 
    The following information is available on the item List: 
    - Left items.
    - Locations of the left items.
    Pushing objects: 
    Some "objects" can be moved in the certain directions.Use the control stick to 
    push these "objects". (You also can use the control pad). 
    Climbing (Dismounting from raised platforms):
    - Press the A button to climb onto waist-high surfaces. (You can also climb onto
    movable objects.) 
    Equipping weapons: 
    - Choose your weapon from the items on the Status screen and select the "Equip"
    command. (You can only use a weapon if it is equipped.) 
    Attack Stance: 
    - Press the R button. (You turn toward the nearest enemy with the currently 
    equipped weapon.)
    While in Attack Stance, press the A button. (You can attack with the currently 
    equipped weapon.) 
    Quick Turn:
    Press the B button while Pressing Down on the control stick or on the control Pad.
    Check item details:
    Choose the item at the status screen and select "Examine" command. 
    Player Manual 2 
    - Note that button names may differ depending on the controller type selected. 
    Character Switching:
    - A system that enables you to control the two lead characters, Rebecca and Billy 
    and use their different abilities to progress through the game.
    - The character you are controlling is called the "Main Character".
    - The character you do not control is called the "Partner Character".
    Controlling the Partner Character:
    - The Partner character generally moves independently. (You can use the C stick 
    to control the Partner Character.)
    - Selecting the "Partner" on the status screen allows you to assign instructions 
    to the character.
    Solo: Both characters move independently.
    - Team: Partner moves with the main character.
    - Attack: Partner attacks automatically 
    - Idle: Partner will not attack.
    You can also press the START/PAUSE button to switch between independent and 
    Co-operative Action.
    Switching characters:
    - Press the X button at the Status screen to switch between the characters, To 
    overcome the obstacles, you will need to evaluate the circumstances and switch
    characters as needed.
    Exchanging items:
    - When your partner character is nearby, you can exchange items on the Status 
    - Choose the item from the active character's item box and select the "Exchange" 
    Character Attributes: Rebecca
    - Rebecca, a member of S.T.A.R.S has the following attributes:
    - Can combine herbs-related items.
    - Is weak defensively.
    - Can use a mixing set to combine chemicals.
    Character Attributes: Billy
    - Billy, a former marine, has the following attributes:
    - Cannot combine herbs-related items.
    - Is strong in combat.
    - Can push large objects.
    If your partner is attacked..
    - Both the main and partner characters will die if they take too much damage. You 
    should always keep an eye on their condition. A partner being attacked in a 
    different room will call for help over the radio. If your partner does call, go and
    help as quickly as possible.
    Co-operating with your partner:
    - Some puzzles cannot be solved by one character. When you are stuck, try to see if 
    using your partner will help. 
    Court Order For Transportation
    Prisoner name: Billy Coen
    ID number: D -1036
    Former Second Lieutenant, Marine Corps
    Age: 26
    Height: 5ft 9in
    Weight: 163 lbs
    Transfer destination: Regarthon Base
    Convicted of first degree murder. Court Marshaled and sentence to death by the 0705 
    rd Military Tribunal. Sentence to be carried out upon arrival.
    Samual Regan,
    Donell Marine Base 
    Hookshot Operator's Manual 
    This device should only be used when inspecting difficult to access car roofs, or 
    when connecting special trains. Return to its proper location after use. 
    1. Where to use:
    - There is a ladder outside the small window by the first floor section door of
    the third carriage. Fire the device so that it hooks high on the ladder.
    2. Using the winch to climb.
    - After securing the hook, use the winch to lift yourself up.
    - This grappling hook can only lift one person at a time. Be aware that the unit 
    may be damaged if lifting more than 80kg. 
    Investigation Order 
    (Stained with blood. Some sections are illegible.) 
    8 miles north of Raccoon City, in the Arklay Mountains, lies our comp ny's Managment 
    Training facility. It was shut down years ag . Now, w are conductin a preliminary tudy
    into the re-opening of the faci ities. First Investigation Unit is alre dy onsite and 
    opening th investi ation, I want yo r team to provide suppo t. The following orders 
    re Will m Bark and 1s i ves gat o Un t. 
    ..... (The rest is torn and unreadable.) 
    Notice To All Supervisors
    When closing the dining car, supervisors are asked to switch off the automatic doors 
    after ensuring all the staff have vacated the car. The main automatic door power switch
    is located on the roof of the fifth car, Inspections will take place when the train is 
    garaged. After inspections is completed, use the ladder at the rear of the second of 
    the dining car. 
    Umberella Corp
    Maintenace Department 
    Passenger's Diary
    July 14th
    Orders came from boss today. Looks like we're in charge of investigating the remains 
    of the Arklay Mountains laboratory. We're moving in two groups, with us as the intial 
    group, assigned to stand checking what's left of the abandoned experiment.
    July 16th
    Unfortunately,the test production of the B.O.W. (Type -Y139) had to be suspended 
    because of this investigation. It's the same with the Type -Y139. There's still so 
    much we don't know about responses to the crustacean virus. There's a lot of interesting
    research left...Depending on the species and nurturing conditions, only minute 
    doses of "T" bring about remarkable changes in solidity, size, multiplication of
    internal toxins and brain development. If these effects can be controlled, a weapon
    could be produced. But the sudden development of the shell results in corresponding 
    fragility. Certain areas become exceedingly weak. Problematically, one of these areas
    is the head carapace. This lab we are going to... Were they pursuing the same research?
    It would certainly help to find data and samples that help us in our research.
    July 19th
    The day is finally apporaching.. I am growing more anxious. The Raccoon City newspapers 
    and TV stations are full of reports about bizzare murders in the suburbs. It can't be 
    the virus, can it? If it is... No, I can't think of that now. I have to concentrate 
    on this investigation and make sure it runs smoothly. 
    Brake Operation Manual
    Using the Brake control, the following steps are neccessary to operate the brakes: 
    Step 1: Activate the controls
    - Brake controls are loacted in the following locations: 
    First car Driver's compartment 
    - Rear deck of the fifth car. To activate the system,you must insert the magnetic card 
    into the device in the fifth car. This will supply power to both sets of controls.
    Step 2: Enter Rear Deck code Enter the rear deck unit to release the lock. After this, 
    the Driver's compartment code can be input.
    Step 3: Enter Driver's compartment code
    - Enter the code for the Driver's compartment unit to remove the lock. Upon completion 
    of these steps, the manual brakes will be available for use. 
    Note From The Conductor
    The keycard for the driver's compartment is in my bag as always. But I need the other 
    guys key too often to open the damn thing. But it looks like I've lost it somewhere. 
    If it was a normal key, someone is sure to turn it in, but the key is different. I'll 
    look for it too, but it you happen to find it, please hand it in.
    Thanks in advance. 
    Regulations For The Trainees 
    Training Facility Mission: 
    - This training facility will raise a new generation of model employees to serve the 
    future of Umberella Corp. Applying the strictest and most rigorous training standards, 
    this facility will, without regard of gender, race or creed, produce only the best 
    candidates to be global future leaders of Umberella Coporation. We look forward to the
    development of your leadership qualities.
    Training facility Guidelines: 
    Discipline, Obedience, Unity.
    These three words are the basic principles which govern Umberella Corporation employees, 
    and are to be considered the Law of this facility. Keep these words in mind at all times. 
    Delicate yourselves to the training, and bring honour to yourself and the corporation.
    James Marcus, 
    Umberella Coporation,
    Managment Training facility. 
    Notice To All Staff
    (This document is very old. Much of the writing is illegible.)
    Regular meetings of the Vaccine Records Research and Infectious Agents teams will be 
    held. Both meetings are Security Level 5, and will be held in the following locations:
    - 1F W operations control room. 
    - 2F SE meeting room. 
    The entry code shall be:
    Thank you. 
    Marcus' Diary 1
    December 4th
    We finally did it....the new virus! We have called it the "Progenitor". I want to 
    carry it back and start detailed invesgations immediately. 
    March 23th
    Spencer says he's going to start a company. Well, I don't care, as long as I can
     continue my research into "Progenitor". He can do what he likes.. 
    August 19th
    Spencer keeps asking me to be the director of his new training facility. Maybe it 
    is because of the business but he is becoming intolerably pushy. But maybe I can 
    turn this to my advantage. I need a special facility to properly to explore all 
    this virus' secrets. A place where no one will get in the way...
    November 30th
    Damn that Spencer! He came to complain to me again today. He thinks of "Progenitor" 
    as noting more than a money-spinning tool. Fool! But his influence continues to grow, 
    it can only be bad for my research. If I'm to properly develop "Progenitor", I must 
    strengthen my own position, too.
    September 19th
    At last..
    I've discovered a way to build a new virus type with "Progenitor" as a base. Mixing 
    it with leech DNA was a breakthrough I needed.. I call this new virus "T", for "Tyrant".
    October 23rd
    It's no good! I can't hope for real progress experimenting on mere rodents. Only 
    humans can be a proper mammlian subject for the experiments. Otherwise, I will never
    get any real progress...
    November 15th
    Someone seems to suspect something about my experiments...But, perhaps it's just my 
    imagination. Well, if anyone does get too close, they may find themselves unexpectedly 
    "assisting" in my research!
    January 13th
    At last, they are ready. My wonderful leeches! Those of low intellgence, they will 
    never have the privilege of tasting this sense of joy and satisfaction! Now, finally, 
    I can move against Spencer. Soon, I will control everything...
    January 31st
    The devices I set to protect my work have been disturbed, it appears someone came 
    looking for "T" and the leeches. Fool. No doubt it's Spencer's group.
    February 11th
    Today, I again found evidence of tampering around the entrance to the labs. If that 
    is what they're after, I must find a suitable way to deal with them. Perhaps I should
     have William and Albert smoke out the pest.. 
    Those two are the only ones I trust. Apart from the beloved leeches, of course, But 
    Spencer.. It wouldn't end there.. Would it? I will announce "T" at the next directors 
    meeting and collect my just rewards..
    Assistant Directors's Diary 
    September 2nd
    A useless bunch of trainees, as always. Where does headquarters find these idiots? 
    We did get a couple of decent ones, though, so can't complain I guess, William and 
    Albert, they might have a future.
    September 25th
    Scholar Will, Pratical Al, They really are opposites. And they are always competitive
    in everything they do. There is something useless and cruel about them both..
    October 7th
    Got a sudden call from the director, it was to tell me to encourage a rival between 
    those two! It's the first time since this training facility was built that Director 
    Marcus has ever shown interest in anything other than his research. Well, whatever, 
    orders are orders. I'm going to have them tearing at each other's throats. 
    About Power Regulator
    Due to the recent lightning strike, the power regulator continues to be inoperative. 
    I wouldn't really matter about the power, except for the fact that the boiler room 
    equipment is on the same grid. The equipment is so run down, I'll probably have to 
    have it fixed up all the time. If you wish to exit rapidly, set the indicator to 70. 
    Check first though that everything is connected to the chain. 
    A Verse Of Poetry
    The Moon bows to the Earth,
    The Earth swears loyalty to the Sun,
    And the great Law of the Sun Governs all things,
    This itself is the keystone,
    The pointer of glory, 
    All our hands cannot open the door to heaven.
    Management Trainee's Diary
    What is that Director Marcus is researching all the time? And what's with his weird 
    interest in leeches? Interest? Seems more like love at times.. Rumor has it that 
    there's something dangerous about those leeches. It is true that when Dennis just 
    touched one, he got ill with a fever. 
    Again today.. There were those horrible moans. Beyond that door, "let sleeping dogs..." 
    No way I'll go near them. Even if the Director tells me, I no way want to end up 
    like Dennis. That poor bastard. Scratching and scratching. Makes me itch just 
    watching him. 
    Must maybe go 
    IF can but hwo 
    Dennis gone, I go 
    Microfilm Image
    An image resulting from overlaying microfilms A and B.
    Numbers appear on the seats of the Conference Room. 
    Inmates List
    Correctional Institute Inmates List:
    - Mathews, K.
    Deceased, Disposal Complete.
    - Midge, D.
    Deceased, Disposal Complete.
    - Keith, W.
    Preserved as specimen.
    - Savage, C.
    Transported to research facilities.
    - Royce, M.
    Transported to research facilities. 
    - Davids, A.
    Preserved as specimen.
    - Clarke, A.
    Transported to research facilities.
    - Ellens, J.
    Transported to research facilities.
    - Terrence, O.
    Deceased, Disposal Complete.
    - Kait, A.
    Transported to Arklay laboratory.
    - Gerry, O.
    Deceased, Disposal Complete.
    - Scott, S.
    Transported to research facilities.
    - Mitchel, F.
    Transported to Arklay laboratory.
    - Kerry, T.
    Transported to Arklay laboratory.
    - Roberts, A.
    Transported to Arklay laboratory.
    (Transported individuals to be deleted from the records). 
    First Investigation Unit Notes 
    We are searching the facilities, and it looks like a lot of chemicals survived. 
    Fortunately, the storage tanks are still full. We have just started and there is
     still a lot we don't know, but it appears that the chemicals can be mixed to 
    produce new substances. The chemicals are scattered all about. Not because of the
    accident, more a result of a plain investigation. When we reopen the facilities, 
    we have to develop a system for dealing with these chemicals.
    (Something is scrawled on the back of the note.)
    - Red + Blue = Sulfuric Acid
    - Green + Red = Stripping Agent 
    Marcus' Diary 2
    (This page has been torn out.)
    Trouble is unlikely, but I closed my babies up in the special capsule. But it 
    won't be safe if I hold it onto myself. I'll hide it in that place. "To hide 
    a leaf, put it in a forest"... To open the capsule, the special stripping agent 
    is necessary. No way Spencer's lackeys could figure how to make it..
    Old Photograph
    (There's something written on the back of the photograph). 
    To James,
    To commemorate your graduation, 1939. 
    Investigator's Report
    Dr. Marcus, Co-founder, with President Spencer, of the Umberella Corporation, 
    disappeared 20 years ago. The results of his research have been kept under wraps 
    for all that time. The reason became clear here at the Training Facility run by 
    Dr. Marcus.. Well, not here exactly, but underground. When we ventured below, we
    There we found evidence of Dr. Marcus' research into the T-Virus prototype called 
    "Progenitor". The evidence of years of hideous experiments that used company 
    employees as guinea pigs. We cannot know how many were forced to become subjects, 
    but based on the evidence, no less than twenty individuals were involved; some of 
    them taken deliberately to keep the corporation's secret safe. Where the Doctor is 
    now I don't know, but considering the recent rapid growth of the Umbrella Corporation, 
    I can't imagine the research is continuing. No..his experiment lives and continues 
    to grow in the dark. Those things, the "fruit" of his research, they fill this facility. 
    (The rest of the notebook pages are missing). 
    Leech Growth Records
    February 3rd, 1978.
    - Administrated "T" into 4 leeches. Their will to survive leads them first to 
    parasitism and predation, then they breed and mulitply. Such single minded biology 
    makes them attractive candidates for bioweapons research. Afterwards, no major changes
    February 10th, 1978.
    - 7 days since the adminstration of the "T". Rapid growth to double former size, signs 
    of tranformation emerging. Spawning successful, they double their numbers in an hour, 
    but their ravenous appetites lead them to cannibalism. Hastened to incease food supply, 
    but lost 2.
    March 7th, 1978.
    - Provided them with live feed, but lost half when the live food fought back. However, 
    the leeches are learning from experience, and are beginning to exhibit group attack 
    behavior. They are also ceasing cannibalism. Their evolution is exceeding expectations.
    April 22nd, 1978.
    - The leeches no longer exhibit individual behavior, even when not feeding, they move as
    a collective. They consume everything I offer with remarkable efficiency.
    - April 30th,1978.
    An employee has stumbled onto my experiments. Can a human be a food source? How will the 
    leeches respond?
    June 3rd,1978
    - A day worthy of commemoration. Today they began to mimic me! Surely they recognize 
    their father.. Wonderful children, No one will take you away.. 
    Laboratory Manager's Diary
    Today, under Director Marcus' orders, I changed the platform entry code. Later I asked 
    him what the source of the entry code was. He told me it was based on something 
    significant in his childrens growth. But, the Director is a loner, he isn't married 
    and he sure doesn't have any children.. 
    What could he mean? 
    BOW Report
    Research to date has shown that when the Progenitor virus is administrated to living 
    organisms, violent celluar changes cause a breakdown in the system, Furthermore, no 
    satisfactory method has been found to control the organisms for use as weapons. 
    Clearly, greater co-ordination at the cellular level is essential to enable further 
    growth. I conducted a number of experiments in an effort to find a breakthrough. This 
    is my report:
    - Perhaps because of these ancient animals have been genetically stable for millenia, 
    when administered with the progenitor virus they exhibited only explosive high-energy 
    growth and increased aggressivness. It is extremely difficult to envision using them 
    as a BOW. 
    - Injecting a frog with the virus resulted in an increase in leaping power and abnormal 
    tongue growth. However, no change in mental ability is observed. Furthermore, an abnormal 
    resulted in the test subject randomly attacking all moving objects. Usefulness for BOW is 
    - The progenitor virus was merged with the monkey's cellular DNA, resulting in an increase
    in fertility. The resulting young exhibited improved aggressiveness and some increased 
    mental capacity. (As a side effect, the visual power was lost, but this offset by an 
    improvment in hearing ability). However, they were unsatisfactory as weapons. It does 
    seem that no progress can be made without making humans as the base organism. 
    About Battery Fluid 
    Battery Fluid
    - The fluid used in batteries is a diluted solution of mixed water and sulfuric acid. 
    Both must be of high purity. When fully charged, battery fluid should have specific 
    gravity of 1,280 + 0.010 at 20 degrees.
    Battery Acid Purity
    - Take care that dilute sulfuric acid solution is of sufficient purity. 
    Investigator's Report 2
    We should have finished with this dump long ago. When this is all started, did anyone 
    expect that there would be guns blazing away like this? We weren't told a thing about 
    creatures attacking us at the briefing.. Guess they were a surprise to the head honchos 
    too. The things in the woods.. just starting attacking people. That had to be planned. 
    Someone deliberately scattered that virus, no doubt about it. But the guards, our fellow 
    soldiers, they must be still around.. Well, whatever. Don't have to worry about that 
    anymore. What I've got to worry about whether to use the last bullet on myself, or on a 
    That's the only decision I have to make. 
    Treatment Plant Manager's Diary
    - Damn it! Why is normal industrial waste being delivered here? This is an Umberella 
    Coporation facility. We can't deal with this volume of material. Plus they're sending 
    us contaminated materials that we can't process. What are we supposed to do with it?
    - Well, looks like they're closing it down. Not surprising, using it like they did. 
    Had to be done, but.. It was pretty sudden. It's not like they cared until now. Anyway,
    as long as I get out of here, I don't care what they do. 
    Gate Operation Manual
    To open the heliport in case of an emergency, follow the procedures below:
    Removing the lock:
    - There are four locking mechanisms in the room which must be activated in this order:
    - 1. Southwest Side.
    - 2. Northwest Side.
    - 3. Southeast Side.
    - 4. West Side.
    Turn each of the mechanism's handles to unlock the gate. 
    E-mail: scott@halfblood.com
    Msn: scott@halfblood.com
    Feel free to e-mail me with any questions about the FAQ and game that you may have. 
    I will try to help. However, please do not ask me to add the locations of the files, 
    as I am already in the middle of doing it. If contacting me about the FAQ, please 
    email me at the address above with the title "RESIDENT EVIL ZERO FILES FAQ", or 
    something along those lines, or I will ignore it. Thanks. 
    If you are placing this FAQ on your site, please give me an e-mail and let me know, 
    and I will add your site to the authorisation list if it is deemed appropriate (no 
    porn, etc). If anyone see's this FAQ on any other site that is not listed on the 
    sites below here, please give me an e-mail and I will take the appropriate action. 
    Thanks in advance to those that spot any misuse.
    Sites that are authorised to use this FAQ:
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    RPG Reality (http://www.rpgreality.com) -IN CONSTRUCTION-
    This FAQ is copyright 2003-2004 to Scott Tomlinson AKA BiohazardousEvil. This document 
    should not be sold, copied, modifed, plagiarized, or displayed on your own personal 
    website without permission. 
    Resident Evil and the Files list is copyrighted to Capcom, not me. 
    - Thanks for reading. -End of document- 

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