Where is the plasma beam/phazon beam?

  1. I got right to the end boss an didnt have the Plasma beam / Phazon beam its the only thing that can destroy him.

    User Info: oldschool32

    oldschool32 - 7 years ago

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  1. If you got to the end boss, then yes, you do have the Plasma Beam. You picked it up in Magmoor Caverns when you took the giant Spider Ball track across the Geothermal Core.

    As for the Phazon Beam, that is only used during the fight with Prime's core. When she drops a pool of phazon on the ground & switches visibility, kill the Metroids she spawns, switch to whatever visor you need to be on to see her, then stand in the phazon to activate the beam ("Hyper Mode" will come on screen). Then hold down the button and unload on her.

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  1. First of all, which one are you talking about? You get the Plasma beam in magmoor caverns and the Phazon beam only works when the second form of Metroid PRime creates a pool of phazon and with the phazon suit, stand in it and you'll be able to fire the powerful phazon beam.

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  2. This is my way on how to get the Plasma/Phazon Beams!

    Plasma Beam:
    Items needed:
    1.Spider Ball
    2.Speed Ball
    3.Grapiling Hook
    4.Space Jump
    5.Morph Ball
    6.Morph Ball Bomb
    7.Wave Beam(To enter the room!)
    8.Ice Beam(To enter the room where the plasma beam is!)
    The plasma beam is in Geothermle Core at Magmoor Carvens. to get on the first one, there are 2 rocks in there you can climb, then there is a thing you can grapile on to! Then jump on the first platform then to the second one! There is a morph ball slot on the second platform, enter it with the morph ball and use your speed ball! (The platform should then rise as you boost.) Then ones the platform goes as high as it can, jump to the tird platform! Simpley repet the morph ball for each platform untill you find a spider ball thing! Use your spider ball to climb the place! Use your morph ball bomb to jump to each platform and kill the enimies! Once you made it to the end of the trail, enter the room with the ice beam! There you find the plasma beam!(Sorry for all hat reading...)

    Phazon Beam:
    Items needed:
    1.Wave Beam
    2.Ice Beam
    3.Plasma Beam
    4.Power Bomb
    5.Morph Ball
    6.Morph Ball Bomb
    7.X-Ray visor
    8.Super Missle(If you want...)
    If you have all of those items above, go to phazon mines and go to a room called"Eleit Control" I think thats what its called...but get redy to fight a boss! The Eleit Piret I think its called(Sorry bad memory...) to fight him use you Plasma beam to shoot his shoulders and heels. Lock on and do a power beam with yor plasma beam to destroy his phazon! Once you do that.. he will go on his kneese and call more space pirets(The ones where you use a certen beam!) If you use a power bomb, he will call 2 pirets! Not 3! I found some easy wayes to beat those small pirets! Yellow = Super Missle Purple = Power beam with Wave Beam White = Power Beam with ice beam the missle Red = Burn it to hell with plasma beam! Once you defet those pirets, swicth to X-Ray visor! One of the phazon piles might have electric sounds or somthing, lock on the phazon circle and shoot it with the plasma beam! If done corectly, he will teleport to onother phazon pile and call more pirets! Repet this all to defet this monster from hell! Once you beat him, a cut scean will show he will fall on you and his phazon will melt on you! After you get the phazon sute with the phazon beam! Your sute will be black! (NOTE: Phazon Beam only works for the final boss!)(Once again sorry for all this reading...)

    With the plasma beam and the phazon beam, the Metroid dosent stand a chance!

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  3. ...It's impossible to get to the end boss without plasma beam; it's the only way to open the doors :/

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  4. He'll create pools of blue phazon which you step in and your phazon beam will activate.

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  5. If you are at the END boss. Then you should have the Plasma Beam. (opens red doors)

    the Phazon beam really isn't acquired as much as it is absorbed though the Phazon Suit and then Thrown out though the Arm Cannon.

    when you reach the End boss Occasionally he will make pools of Blue Phazon and the suit absorbs it to shoot at it.

    User Info: Zinyan

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