How do you defeat the Omega Pirate?

  1. I have 125 missiles and almost enough energy tanks to cover the energy bar, maybe two or three more. This is enough, right?

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    frostybro24 - 8 years ago

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  1. That's probably enough...

    I also prefer to destroy off the wave of pirates first (any wave of pirates, not just the first) then focus on the Omega Pirate. Yes the OP finishes them off eventually regardless, but you still take damage while you're "waiting" for him to finish them. If you still want to wait for the OP to finish them, I'd recommend going as far away from him as possible and him, but be sure to dodge the possibly ensuing Plasma Cannon shots (the one that's unbreakable and mounted on his back) along with any other distanced attacks. Also be sure to stay out of the Phazon. (For a quick get-away, use the Boost Ball and go around him or in between his legs) Be sure to use the Plasma Beam on the OP practically 24-7 (all the time) and use the charged shot (Plasma Beam) most of the time. If you choose to fight the regular pirates, be sure to use the correct beams, though.

    In case you don't know what to do: after you destroy all of it's armor it will become invisible to the Combat Visor. Switch to the X-Ray Visor and look around when you hear a kind of lightning/electricity-crackling sound to one of the larger piles of Phazon and shoot the large, blue, circular mass around the top of its x-ray (the area where you lock onto). When it either charges it's armor and body mass back, or takes a specific amount of damage to it, it will turn back into its original form (visible to the Combat Visor with armor plating over its shoulders, legs, etc.). Repeat the process until it's defeated while bearing in mind the Phazon and the normal (non-mutated) pirates reinforcements. It may take a few tries, but it will work.

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  1. Yes thats enough...

    I like to kill off the first troopers he sent, then concentrate on OP himself.. Super Missles are preferred, but ive heard Ice Spreader also works... Ignore the 2nd wave of troopers, theyre eventually killed by OP himself if you miss.

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  2. I would not worry about if you have "Enough" equipment to beat the OP. I once beat the OP with only 3 energy tanks and some 60 missiles. Although for this boss the more missiles the better.

    And when he is in his invisible electrical form, I believe that the most effective way to damage him is:

    3 super missiles.
    3 power beam charge shots.
    1 more super missile.
    It MUST be in that order!

    I believe that if you're fast enough, you can actually use this technique to kill him before he ever turn visible again if you're playing on normal mode. But it is unlikely because it is hard.

    And here is just for some more random tips that should help you beat the OP:

    ALWAYS kill the ice pirates yourself since you can kill them very easily.

    When your waiting for him to appear at one of the phason pools, kill one or two of the normal pirates regardless of what kind they are. The OP does not appear immediately so it gives you enough time to kill some pirates off.

    Always jump around the arena, try not to walk. Especially once the normal pirates start to aid him, jumping and moving as much as possible will lower your chances of being hit.

    In some versions of the game, you can destroy most to all of his armor with a power bomb.

    When he disappears, Turn around in circles as much as possible so you can attack him as soon as he appears in a phason pool. Once he appears in his electrical form, ignore the normal pirates completely and just attack OP.

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