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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DMHawkmoon

    Version: 0.95 | Updated: 12/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metroid Prime Guide
    by Bryan Backas (DMHawkmoon)
    Version .95
    The walkthrough is complete and the missiles are now fully sorted.
    I am going to organize the energy tanks and power bombs. At the end
    of each section in the walkthrough I am going to say how many of
    each item the upgrade you acquired allows you to obtain. I am also
    going to list the things you can have in your logbook and which ones
    you can only get at certain times. I will list the rooms where the
    pirate data and Chozo Lore are found.
    I know that there are some extensive guides out there to help with
    this game, so I am attempting to make mine such that it will be of
    more benefit to some people than the very long and wordy guides are.
    I want it to be more to the point to help people who just need a
    push in the right direction. The reason I want it to be this way is
    because I know that some people do not like spending a long time
    looking through a giant guide when all they need to know is one
    little thing. That is not to say that it's not an extensive guide,
    it's just that I don't want to walk people through every platform
    when the vast majority of people who need help need it on a much
    more general level. The focus of this guide is WHERE TO GO and
    The walkthrough section of the guide is split into sections based
    on the next major item you should collect. If you are stuck, scroll
    down til you see the last major item you found and see where you
    should be heading next and which item you'll be collecting. This
    should make it easy for you to find what you're looking for.
    You will need to be proficient with using the map to use my guide
    properly. To see room names, hit Z and you will be taken to the map
    screen. Use L to zoom out, the analog stick to rotate the map, and the
    C stick to move around. As you move around different rooms will be
    highlighted and the names of the rooms will appear in blue text at
    the top. This is how you should figure out where items are located.
    Q: My game froze. What should I do?
    A: There's no official word from Nintendo at this time, so I cannot
    suggest any course of action other than save frequently. 99% of
    the lock ups that people have, from my experience, occur on the
    elevator to the Chozo Ruins West. It's not a big deal because if
    you anticipate that your game might freeze, you can just save on
    your ship every time you are going to take that elevator. The ship
    is only a minute away, so it's no problem. Nintendo may fix the bug
    in later versions. If you get freezing in other places, that is a
    lot more uncommon. I would guess that you either have a dirty lens,
    are very unlucky, your Gamecube is getting too hot, or some
    combination if that is the case.
    Q: Is Super Metroid in this game?
    A: No, only the first one. How do I know? Well how do I know that
    Super Mario Brothers isn't in the game? If you're going to hold
    people to such a stiff standard for knowledge, how can anyone be
    said to know anything? If Super Metroid was in the game, it would
    be a big selling point to some people. Nintendo would have said it
    was in there. As it stands, they just wouldn't release such an
    acclaimed game as a throw-in game in here. Either way, there's just
    no reason to think that Super Metroid is in the game.
    Q: How long is this game?
    A: I'd say that it takes about 20 hours to beat the game your first
    time. Your save file only keeps track of time spent unpaused, so
    you might spend a while in the menus or reading data, and also you
    may die a bunch of times and the time won't be saved. I really can't
    see anyone spending much less than 20 hours on the game their first
    time through. Also, there is a hard mode unlocked when you win and
    the original Metroid is in the game if you link up with Metroid Fusion.
    The game has plenty to keep you busy for a while.
    Q: How did you find some of those really well hidden upgrades?
    A: You can actually hear when an item is nearby. They make a distinct
    pulsating noise when you are near them.
    Once again, the guide is done by the next item you need to get. It
    is complete and directs you where to go and makes note of many areas
    of difficulty. Unless you're fighting a boss though, I won't go into
    many combat tips here. I mostly want to help people find where things
    are and beat the bosses. I believe those are the two main things
    people are looking for help with in this game.
    The introduction sequence is pretty self explanatory and linear for
    the most part. Just make sure to scan everything if you want to get
    all the logbook entries. Also make sure to use the save point in the
    blue door from the Reactor Core Entrance. In the other large door is
    a boss.
    Scan her if you want her in your logbook, of course. Basically all
    you need to do is hit her with your gun repeatedly and she will die.
    Lock on and jump to the side a lot to avoid being hit. (B and left or
    After the battle you must evacuate. Don't waste any time because if
    you don't take this seriously you really could run out of time and
    have to do it again. Check your map (Z) and the blue path is the path
    the evacuation will take you on, in case there is any ever doubt as to
    where you need to go. Make sure to scan the panels to access the
    elevators. In Biotech Research Area 1, you need to jump up platforms
    to to left of where you enter and go in a door at the top which breaks
    open after you beat the space pirates. Run down the corridors and ignore
    the parasites to save time. They won't hurt you much even if they hit
    you. When you reach the grapple beam room, you're almost done. Don't be
    intimidated by the grappling. Just hold L, and when you get to the
    highest point of your swing, let go and then hold L again, and then let
    go when you're swinging over the next area. Not too hard really. Just a
    few more corridors and you're done with this section and onto the real
    game. Note that Samus loses all her abilities in the explosion, so you
    need to find them all again on the planet.
    You may be daunted at first by all the areas it looks like you can now
    access, but... I hope you aren't disappointed to hear this, but there's
    actually only one way you can go for now. Yes, it's sort of a false
    sense of exploring until you get a few of your items back. I'll direct
    you on the right path anyway. From the ship, go in the door on your
    right. Follow this path and you'll reach an elevator to Chozo Ruins
    West. Scan the panel to make it operational and take it. NOTE: Some
    people experience freezing every once in a while on this elevator.
    If it happens to you then you have bad luck, and just try again. It
    should not happen more than once every twenty trips or so. Keep going
    and you'll reach the Main Plaza. The door to take now is the last
    one on the left. This path will lead you to where you have to go.
    There is a save point from the Ruined Nursery; use it because there
    is a mini boss coming up before you reach the missiles. 
    A few rooms later you will come across this mini boss. Your main danger
    here is the poison water. Do not fall off the platform! The boss will
    shoot out Ram War Wasps. They will circle around you and then stop
    before ramming you. Shoot them when they're stopped. Once you killed
    them all, shoot the red area on the boss. It will close and turn, and
    then spit out more Ram War Wasps. Blast at where they come out if you
    want to take out some before they even get to circle you. Just repeat
    this process of killing the wasps and shooting the boss 4 times and
    you win. Remember to scan the Ram War Wasps NOW if you want them in
    your logbook.
    Make sure to get the energy tank in the room after the mini boss, and
    then backtrack out to the Main Plaza. There is one missile upgrade you
    can get on the way back in the Ruined Gallery, and a map station as well.
    Back in the Main Plaza, there is a door you can open with the missiles.
    Take the corridor and in the next room you acquire the morph ball after
    battling a mini boss. First a lot of Beetles will come out of the ground.
    Keep circling the room to stay away from them and blast them. If they
    clump together you can blow up a lot of them at once with a missile.
    After you destroy a lot of them a Plated Beetle comes out. Keep strafing
    around him, especially by using B plus left or right. Shoot him in the
    back. Three or four missiles will take care of him.
    Back in the Main Plaza, get to the door up top. In here you can roll
    under the obstructions to enter a new area. You have to be careful
    not to fall into any poisonous water in the next areas. In the Ruined
    Fountain, work your way around to the right first and then into the
    door that was on your left when you entered the room. The other way is
    a dead end until much later. In the Arboretum just go straight across
    the room, or as straight as you can without falling into any poison.
    There is a save room from the Gathering Hall. Take the path now to the
    Watery Hall. You have to find 4 runic symbols in the Watery Hall and
    scan them. One is one the ground on an island underneath tons of
    blastcaps. One is on the wall when you get across the islands on the
    ground level. One is on the wall right next to the door you enter from.
    One is right next to the gate when you cross the platforms up top. 
    Get back to the Gathering Hall and now work your way to the top. You
    should take out those blastcaps before you do. You will get to the
    Gathering Hall from the top door. Turn left. In the next room from
    here is a mini boss, the incinerator. Lock onto it and strafe around
    while charging up your beam. When a red area pops out of the top,
    Use R to look up and target the instead, and relese your charge onto
    the red part to hurt it. Do this 4 times and it's dead. As you fight,
    a new kind of war wasp will come at you. Scan it now or you'll never
    have it in your logbook. Also scan the boss, as you should always do.
    Even if you get hit by the fire a few times, you'll be okay as long as
    you take out the wasps and shoot the top part down as fast as possible
    when it emerges.
    You can now access: 2 new energy tanks, x new missiles
    Back in the Arboretum, you need to scan four runic symbols. They are:
    under the red grass on the ground floor, on the side of the tree
    close where the bottom wooden bridge sticks out, on the wall after
    you roll through the first area when climbing to the top of the room,
    and behind the gate at the top. As you make your way to the top, blast
    the War Wasps and destroy their nests with missiles. Blow up the rubble
    that was behind the gate, and follow the path. You'll reach a boss.
    Once you know what to do, this guy is not so tough. First, lock onto
    him and blast him til he reels in pain. You may take this opportunity
    to scan him for your logbook, and you can scan a tentacle while you're
    at it. Charge up your shot and blast him again when he comes to. You
    can keep doing this as much as you want, but he'll never get hurt,
    right? So what you need to do is hit the metal things that are giving
    him light. If you strafe around the arena, you will see them hanging
    down. Hit them up. Once you do, a tentacle will go away and you should
    roll as a ball into where it used to be and bomb at the end of the
    tunnel. Keep doing this and rolling into whichever tunnels you can.
    After 4 times, he's dead. You will earn the Varia Suit.
    Go to the Magmoor Caverns. The elevator to it is linked from the
    Sunchamber or Transport Access North. Progress through the caverns.
    At the Lava Lake, you need to place a bomb when you reach the center
    of the room to blow open a path to the other side. When you reach
    the monitor station, instead of taking the first door you see, climb
    up as high as you can and take that door. There will be a morph ball
    path to an elevator. There is an energy tank hidden in the passage
    as well; see section V for details.
    The elevator will lead to the Phendrana Drifts. Charge shot the ice
    barriers. In Phendrana Shorelines, find the save point. Now, there
    is only one door you will be able to get to, but you need to unlock
    it by scanning a panel. The panel is located behind a grating on the
    ground level. Shoot a missile at the grating to blow it open. Roll
    over the snow pile and scan the panel. You now need to climb up to
    the door. As stated, there is only one path you can take, and It
    will lead you to a door right above where the grating is. The enemies
    in the next passage you will see a lot from now on; try to roll under
    them. You will now come across Baby Sheegoths. If they give you too
    much trouble you can run past them, but they aren't too hard to kill
    if you know how. Just lock on, charge up a shot, dash strafe to the
    side til you get a clear shot at their back, and unleash. Two charged
    shots and a few follow up shots will be the end of them. So anyway,
    follow this path and you'll come back out at the Phendrana Shorlines,
    but this time you're on a higher area and you can walk over to a new
    door. Keep progressing and you will reach Phendrana Canyon. Fall down
    and then jump back up to the right and scan a statue. The platforms
    will raise and if you quickly jump across them you obtain the boost
    If you've been following my guide, you'll now want to head back out
    of the Magmoor Caverns and go the other way I told you not to go
    which takes you out at another part of the Tallon Overworld. On the
    way you can pick up a missile upgrade in the caverns and another in
    the Tallon Overworld on the way back to the Landing Site. Of course,
    see section VI if you want to know exactly where.
    Back in the Tallon Overworld, make your way to Tallon Canyon and
    boost ball in the halfpipe-like area. You can reach a high ledge
    and if you plant a bomb at the end of the path up there, you'll
    be able to get to a new door which brings you to a high section
    of the Landing Site. Jump across to a new door and the boots are
    You don't have to do this yet, but I think you should just so that
    you don't get confused later. You can now access the Artifact Temple.
    It's in the last door you haven't been in from the Landing Site. You
    can get to it with the space jump. Just use the ledges over to the
    left of the door and you'll reach it. Inside it a lot of stuff to scan
    and an artifact. Basically you'll need to look for all the artifacts
    before you can finish the game. Don't worry about searching for them
    yet, just be aware that they exist and you may start finding them in
    out of the way areas.
    Going any way you wish, get back to the Phendrana Drifts and the
    Phendrana Shorelines. There should be just one door you have not gone
    into from this room. With the space jump, you can get there. Get up
    to the higher ledges near the door to Ice Ruins Access. Jump to the
    nearby floating platform and then make a very long leap to a farther
    platform. You're now at the door and a few rooms away awaits a boss
    who'll give you the wave beam. Climb up and you'll reach a barred off
    door. To open it, scan the nearby statues and find the broken one.
    Shoot it off with a missile and then scan the panel behind it.
    The mini boss is a bunch of Baby Sheegoths and then a big Sheegoth.
    Kill the baby ones as usual by dash strafing behind them and shooting
    their backs. Break open the nearby boxes for a lot of health if you
    need it. The Sheegoth will come out once all the babies are dead.
    To defeat it, shoot it with your normal gun til it shoots projectiles
    out of its mouth, then when it's tired out shoot missiles at it. You
    can usually get in two missile shots every time it gets tired.
    With the wave beam you can now access a new door in the Ice Ruins West.
    To get up to it, you'll need to jump around and get as high as you can
    in the opposite corner from the door and find a stalactite that you can
    blow off the ceiling. Jump on top of it and on to a new ledge and turn
    around. There is an opening with two of those ice shelled creatures in
    it. You need to jump in there and then across to a new ledge. From
    here jumping to the door is no problem. The next tricky area is the
    Ruined courtyard. You need to use the spinner machines located on the
    ground level. Roll into them and boost ball. You'll activate a morph
    ball slot higher up which raises the water level. Once the water level
    is raised you can make it to the very top and access the blue door for
    a save point, but if you want an energy tank then hop along the
    floating ice blocks instead and they'll lead you to a hole with
    a tank in it. Once you're ready to move on, use the save point of
    course and take the purple door. You're going to have to do a lot
    of fighting now, so I hope you're prepared! The lab area is pretty
    linear, it's just a lot of intense pirate fighting. Lock on to them,
    charge your beam, and fire. Charged beams, as you should know, are
    much more powerful than regular shot. Much much more. In each room
    in the lab, kill everything and scan everything and just keep pressing
    forward. Eventually you'll find the super missiles. Sitting out in the
    open at the top of one of the rooms. There is a save room nearby, too.
    Keep going into the lab further and you'll find the thermal visor in
    the Research Core. Scan the three panels in the room to unlock it. Once
    acquired the lights will go out and you will be assaulted by metroids
    on your way out. Use the thermal visor to see. You will now need to go
    all the way out of here. Ignore the white door at the bottom as you
    cannot open it yet. To escape the Research Core at the top now, find
    a power panel on the wall and shoot it with the wave beam. The panel
    is circular and will appear brightly with the thermal visor. It must
    be targetted while wearing the visor and then shot. Any other way will
    not work.
    BOSS: Thardus
    Scan him if you want and it should hint at how to hurt him. I hope
    you have a lot of missiles because you will need them. What you do
    is you switch to your thermal visor, target the are of him that is
    orange, use your NORMAL GUN, power up, and press Y to shoot a super
    missile. If it connects with the orange area, then that area will
    explode and then overload your thermal visor. Now switch over to the
    wave beam and your regular goggles, and target the blue area. Hit it
    til it explodes. This is the process you need to follow. I believe it
    must be done 7 or 8 times, so you'll need to have a lot of endurance.
    As long as you keep jumping to the side while he's targetted (B and
    left or right) you should not get hit by his normal attacks. If you
    do get frozen, press B rapidly to escape. If he rolls at you, you
    usually lose your target on him so you'll need to just run to the
    side. Overall, if you know what to do then you should be alright.
    He does not take away much energy when he hits you. When you win,
    you are rewarded with the spiderball. If you cannot beat him, then
    maybe you should collect more energy tanks and missiles.
    You should now head up one of the spiderball paths to a new door.
    This takes you to a new elevator. Go up it and you're in a new area
    of the Magmoor Caverns. There is a save point behind where the
    elevator stops. Keep working your way through the Magmoor Caverns
    til you get back to the elevator to the Tallon Overworld. Head to
    the Chozo Ruins West elevator. From the Ruined Shrine boost ball
    up the right side and then spider ball to the door. You end up in
    the Tower of Light. Jump as high as you can and shoot missiles at
    the weakened pillars that appear on your scanners. After you destroy
    all 4 weakened areas, jump to the center platform and the level
    will fall a little allowing you to jump higher. You need to destroy
    another set of weakened pillars and then another before you can reach
    the top. That's at least 36 missiles you'll need. At the top is the
    Wave Buster which is just a powerful weapon you should have.
    The spider ball also allows you to pick up the ice beam now! Proceed
    to the Furnace via the Energy Core in the Chozo Ruins. There is a
    puzzle you need to solve in the Energy Core. Solve it on your own
    or you can read how to do it in the ENERGY TANKS section, tanks
    number 3. It just involves activing all 3 machines in the room by
    placing a bomb in each machine's morph ball slot. Once you get to
    the furnace, you can grab the energy tank and then you need to go
    up the spider ball track to reach the outer furnace. You can roll
    into a hole in there to move on. Eventually you will reach a room
    called Hall of the Elders and there is a mini boss: A Chozo Ghost.
    Defeat him using the regular gun. He's actually not very hard at
    all. Normal shots will kill him. Bomb into the statue once he's
    dead to be propelled onto the ceiling and grab on with the spider
    ball. Then bomb into the slot, get to where the three symbols
    appeared, shoot the purple one with the wave beam, ride the statue
    again and you can now get to the reflecting pool. Draing the water
    by bombing the grating and boost up to the top. In one room is a save
    point, in another is the ice beam. 
    Get back to the Phendrana Drifts any way you please and back to the room 
    "Transport to Magmoor Caverns South". There's an ice door you can now
    enter. In the next room, the way to go is into the room "Frozen Pike".
    It's the second door from the bottom when you look at the map. When you
    get to the Frost Cave, the door on the right is a save point, and the
    other door is right way to go. Keep following that path and you'll reach
    the Gravity Chamber. Please note that in two of the rooms you need to
    shoot missiles at rocks in the ceiling tomake platforms out of them. In
    the Hunter Cave, once you shoot down the ceiling rocks there is only one
    out of the three doors you can go into for now, so that's the one to take.
    Once in the Gravity Chamber, go along the bottom of the lake and you'll
    find the gravity suit.
    Head to the frigate and make your way through it now. There are
    not too many difficult enemies in here. All you need to do is use
    the thermal visor in each room to find the panels that you need to
    shoot with the wave beam. There are two energy tanks in the frigate
    which you might want to pick up; look at section V to see where they
    are or find them on your own. You will end up in the Great Tree Hall,
    which you may have already been in after you got the ice beam. You
    are in an area that you could not access before, however. To open
    the top area of the room, you need to use your boost ball in the
    spinner. Go in the lower ice door to access the Phazon Mines. In
    the Main Quarry the save point is up the spider ball track. It's a
    good idea to save now. Mess with the crane up top to get a missile,
    otherwise just scan the panels by the force field to move on. You
    will need to battle a lot of tough enemies in here. Scan them to
    see their weaknesses. When you reach the top of Elite Research,
    move the laser with the spinner til it faces the proper wall.
    The wall you need it to face will show up on scanners. Once it's
    facing the wall you can make it shoot by scanning the panel. If you
    keep rotating the laser and blowing up the walls, you will uncover
    a missile upgrade, too. In Ore Processing, there's a bit of a puzzle
    but it's not too bad. Behind the hologram stations are places you can
    morph ball into with a bomb and then if you bomb in them it makes the
    pillar turn. Bomb once in the bottom one, spider ball up and bomb
    twice in the second one, and then go back and bomb three times in
    the bottom. The red path now takes you to the top. In the Ventilation
    Shaft, you can recharge yourself completely by standing in the lower
    doorway and shooting the Puffers from right outside where the gas
    will hurt you. They keep spawning and you can keep killing then.
    Suck in their power ups with the charge beam until you're satisfied.
    When you get to the central dynamo, a weird enemy will come out.
    Shoot it (shoot at the lights) with missiles a few times and it will
    die. Now roll into the maze and bomb when you get to the dead ends
    past the yellow beams. At the end of the maze is the power bombs.
    Go back to Ore Processing and now you can blow up the rubble on the
    third tier to access the top rotation station. Turn it til the final
    yellow path's drop off point is facing the wall opposite the station,
    then jum down to the second tier and line it up, and then do the same
    on the bottom. Once you have it properly lined up, you can find the
    grapple beam inside a door up there.
    Go to the Life Grove Tunnel from the Great Tree Hall and the visor is
    in the room just beyond. Once you get it, you'll have to use a power
    bomb on the wall, jump up a lot of platforms, and fight some Chozo
    Ghosts before you can leave. Once the ghosts are dead just get as
    high as you can til you reach the now opened ball hall and fall in to
    reach the exit.
    Head to the Magmoor Caverns and blow up the tunnel in the Shore Tunnel
    with a power bomb. The Ice Spreader is underneath the tunnel.
    Get back to the Geothermal Core. You can now grapple up onto the
    rotating lift platforms if you jump up onto the nearby ledge. Each
    lift has a morph ball hole on it. Use you boost ball in each one to
    raise up most platforms; raise each to the top so that it locks in
    place. At the top, bomb in the morph ball hole and the ceiling will
    rise. You must now make your way along a complicated but fun spider
    ball track. Just remember that if you bomb, you will still be sent
    flying up even if you're holding R. So, you can place bombs to propel
    you to higher tracks without letting of R. Also, if you need to drop,
    just hold R again as soon as you fall a small distance away. As long
    as you're holding R, you'll latch onto any tracks you pass by. No
    need to time it out. At the end of this path is an ice door with the
    plasma beam behind it. You can now open red doors and melt things
    that say they need melting.
    Access this upgrade now from the Mine Security Station. Blow up the
    wall on the top floor with a power bomb to access the computer and
    turn off the force field. Enter the red door for the upgrade.
    Head back to Metroid Quarantine A. You can now get across that gap
    by using the X-Ray visor. It will reveal hidden platforms. The rest
    of the way is pretty straightforward. There are only two breaks from
    the path: a missile station and a save point. Don't try and roll in
    the Phazon in the tunnel; you can safely roll there after you get
    the Phazon Suit. At one point you have to grapple across a gap, but
    the grapple point is too far away. Just jump while aiming up and
    holding L. No problem. Make sure to go in the bottom door in Metroid
    Quarantine B as it is a save point. A little past that is the next
    This guy can be unbelievably hard, even downright impossible, if you
    don't know how to fight him. First, lock onto and destroy his 4 armor
    panels using whatever weapon you like. I'd go with the plasma beam
    since it's the most powerful. Keep your distance, jump when he slams
    the ground, and eventually you'll destory the panels. No problem so
    far. Now comes the part where most people probably go astray. After
    he disappears, turn on your X-Ray visor and switch to your regular
    gun. A couple of space pirates will drop in, but I say that you
    should ignore them and just take the hits. Keep running in circles
    and watching very closely for the Omega Pirate to reappear. Have your
    weapon charged. As soon as Omega Pirate reappears, lock on to him and
    slam him with a super missile. Charge again and wait for him to appear
    in another place. Repeat. You may be able to destroy him before he
    gets his armor powered up again. If not, the fight just got a lot
    harder. You'll need to take out his armor again and deal with the
    other pirates. Destroy the pirates running around first, and then
    destroy his armor like you did before and repeat the process. If he's
    not dead after the second barrage of super missiles, you're doing
    something wrong and you'll also probably be dead shortly. If you
    are quick, it shouldn't be a problem now that you know what to do.
    You now have to collect all the artifacts and take them to the
    Artifact Temple. You can visit it again to get more clues, or just
    look at my artifacts sections to see where they're all located.
    Once you have them all, take them to the temple and you'll be
    confronted by Ridley!
    Keep hammering him with charged plasma beam shots, or whatever
    weapon you prefer. Just try and wait til he's still before you shoot.
    The best time to hit him is when he's just popped up from the side
    and is powering up an attack. After you get his health down most of the
    way, he gets a lot tougher. He'll start charging at you, and it's hard
    to avoid. To finish him off, you have to hit him in the mouth when it's
    open until he reels in pain, then blast his chest. I found that if you
    shoot a fully charged plasma shot into his mouth right as he opens it to
    charge, he'll immediately reel. Otherwise you'd have to wait til he's
    firing breath shots at you to hit him a lot. He takes a lot of hits in
    his second form even though his health is depleted all the way.
    After you beat Ridley walk into the blue light to enter the crater.
    There is a save point right in here so don't worry. In the next room
    are some new creatures crawling on the walls and a Phazon floor BUT
    you can't walk on this safely even with the Phazon Suit. So... Jump
    over it! In the next large room you come across the fission metroids.
    They're quite annoying and you actually won't be able to take them all
    out that I can tell. More just keep coming and coming. The best way to
    approach this room is to rush as fast as possible up. If a metroid is
    coming at you, stop and roll into a ball. When it latches on, lay a
    power bomb and it's toast. The other way to kill them is to change to
    the weapon color that matches the metroid's individual color and blast
    it with that. The first door you come to is a missile recharge station.
    Keep climbing up and you'll enter a room with spider ball tracks. Take
    them if you want to avoid damage, of course. In that door is the last
    He sure doesn't look like a metroid at first, though if you've played
    Metroid 2 on the Game Boy he's a little reminiscient of the giant
    metroids in that game. Anyway, what you do is change to the weapon
    color which matches the color he is and blast him in the head. Keep
    dodging around and shooting him with charged shots. If he's doing his 
    giant laser-breath attack, you might want to wait for him to finish
    before shooting because his head is pulled back when he's doing that.
    If he's yellow, I like to use super missiles. If he's purple, I like
    to use the wave buster. If he's white, I like to use the ice spreader,
    but if he's red I just hit him with the normal gun. You will find
    that the ice spreader is a lot of fun because it actually freezes him
    in place. It's the only time in the game when I find that attack to
    actually be useful. Watch out for when he charges; run over to the side
    so his legs pass over you. This is really a standard fare battle here.
    He just takes forever to defeat, but at least it's pretty straightforward.
    Once he's defeated, he falls into a new chamber and comes out of his
    shell. NOW he looks more like a metroid! Anyway, collect the power ups
    that come out of the containers when he hits the ground. Make sure you
    jump over that shockwave. Now, you can't hurt him yet, so just keep
    avoiding the shockwave. Your chance to hurt him is when he makes a
    Phazon pool on the ground. He will leave a big Phazon spot and cloak.
    Switch to the X-ray Visor and if you still can't see him try the
    thermal. Quickly run over and step on the Phazon. You will enter hyper
    mode! Lock onto Metroid Prime and hold A! You will do a great deal of
    damage to him. Now, each time he makes the Phazon pool he will switch
    so that you can't see him with your current visor. He may even switch
    back so that you can use your normal visor. It's all random. After you
    hurt him a lot he will start spawning metroids when he makes the pool.
    Just always run as fast as you can onto the spot and blast the metroids.
    They will die in one hit from the hyper beam. Make sure that you jump
    over the shockwaves while you are pinpointing Metroid Prime as he will
    continue to send them out. If you are fast you can keep hitting him
    with the hyper beam and eventually he will die. It usually takes 5 good
    solid hits.
    Once he's defeated, you've won the game. Congratulations!
    1. Chozo Ruins: Transport Access North: Right after you get the
    missiles for the first time, it's right behind the door.
    2. Chozo Ruins: Main Plaza: You can see it in the room after you get
    out of the elevator to Chozo Ruins west on the far end of this room.
    It's up on a ledge you cannot yet reach. To  get to it, you need to
    loop around to it. When you get to the elevator that goes down to 
    Magmoor Caverns North, you can turn into a passage called  "Vault
    Access". It is from herecthat you will complete the loop. When you
    come out the other end you will obtain the energy tank.
    3. Chozo Ruins: Furnace: (From the ENERGY CORE) There is a stone
    toad blocking a path right before the part where you get the bombs.
    You can destroy him by turning into a morph ball and then bombing
    inside him when he swallows you. Remember this location. Now after
    you defeat the boss who makes the water pure again, come back here
    to the room behind the stone toad. Activate the machine in it by
    bombing into the indentation in the wall, and placing a bomb there.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, then scan the room for it
    the indentation. Once the machine is activated the water drains.
    Morph ball into the now empty lake and then there is another machine
    you can active the same way. When you do so the platforms align so 
    that you can enter a new area with another machine. You must activate
    this machine quickly before the noise stops. Only if you activate it
    quickly will it turn on. Once all three machines are activated, the
    lifts will rise so that you can enter a new door that leads to a
    special area of the furnace with an energy tank in it. Take note of
    the spider ball track here cause you'll need to take it later.
    4. Magmoor Caverns: Transport Tunnel A: This area is right before
    the transport to Phendrana Drifts North when you are a morphball
    rolling through the tunnels. You access this area from the monitor
    station! Notice that there is an area above you. You can reach this
    area with bombs! You need to time your bombs right and use them to
    propel you higher than normal. To do this trick first get the timing
    of it right in another area of the game with a flat surface. Place a
    bomb, then right before it explodes place another, and then place one
    up in the air. You will get double blasted into the air if you time
    it right. Now, you need to do it three times and just perfectly and
    you'll find an energy tank in these passages. When you first enter
    the passage from the Magmoor Caverns, double bomb up in the first
    opening in the ceiling. Then, roll over left and do it again. Now
    one more time and you'll recieve an energy tank for your troubles.
    5. Phendrana Drifts: Ruined Courtyard: Get to it from the Ice Ruins
    West using the wave beam and the double jump. When you first enter
    there is a hatch that says "one way" when you scan it. This is where
    you will come out from after getting the tank. Now, to get to the hole
    up top, you'll need to do some more work. Roll into the two "spinner"
    devices on each end of the room. Scan them; the game calls them
    spinners. When you roll in, do the boost move over and over. Don't
    power it all the way; just boost a little. Once you do this,
    another hole willlight up at the top. Jump up there and bomb into
    it, then lay a bomb inside it. The water will rise allowing you to
    jump to the top of the area. The water only stays up for a limited
    time. If you jump along the ice blocks that rose with the water,
    you will get to a hole which contains the energy tank. Just for
    reference, this hole is right under a blue door with a save point
    inside. If you need to raise the water again, the last hole remains
    actived from now on, so you don't need to bother with the spinners
    6. Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether: You can see this tank
    inside one of the glass containers on the ground level. Of course,
    defeat the pirates in here before attempting to get any items.
    Break the container with a missile and then collect the tank. There is
    also a missile upgrade in this room which is listed in section V.
    7. Magmoor Caverns: Magmoor Work Station: You can see the tank behind
    the purple door. You'll need a thermal visor to get it. Use the visor
    to find 3 power nodes in the room which will start the machine that
    cools the lava. Roll into the cooled path, scan the wall, roll into
    the next path, scan the wall, and then roll to the last path and the
    8. Chozo Ruins: Hall of the Elders: Read on how to get the ice beam
    and you'll know where this room is. If you hit the grey switch with
    the ice beam in this room and place a bomb in the hole, the statue
    in the center will bowl you into the ground where the energy tank is.
    9. Talloon Overworld: Cargo Freight Life to Deck Gamma: From the
    Frigate Crash Site. Once you get the ice beam or gravity suit
    you can get in the frigate. The energy tank is found by charge
    blasting off the grating. Scan for it in this room and you 
    shouldn't have a problemfinding it. If you get it without the
    gravity suit you'll have to leave and come back later to get any
    farther than this.
    10. Phendrana Drifts: Transport Access: It's right out in the open,
    but you need the plasma beam.
    11. Tallon Overworld: Deck Beta Conduit Hall: Inside the frigate.
    You need the gravity suit to get this far in the frigate. Getting
    this energy tank requires you to TRIPLE bomb jump. This is possible
    because you are in the water. After the first drop off in the morph
    ball tunnel, you will see a passage above you. You need to bomb up
    into there and at the top is the energy tank. Lay a bomb, and then
    right before you hit peak height, lay another. If you timed it right,
    you will get blasted up again. Keep doing this til you reach the tank.
    12. Chozo Ruins: Training Center: From the Magma Pool. Two rooms
    after the Magma Pool, there is a room with some Chozo ghosts. Kill
    them, and then boost ball up into the morph ball holes. One of them
    opens the path forward to get back itno the Main Plaza for a
    missile, and the other one opens up a path to the energy tank.
    Quickly roll onto the lowered pipe and spider ball across.
    13. Phazon Mines: Ventilation Shaft: Blow up the grating on the floor
    with a power bomb, roll in, and scan the panel. The tank will appear.
    14. Phazon Mines: Processing Center Acess: It's like a prize for
    beating the Omega Pirate. It's in the room after you fight him sitting
    out in the open.
    The upgrades ware listed by which item you need to get them. IF
    Let me clarify: If you need to blow open a wall with super missiles
    to get an upgrade, that doesn't mean that the item will be listed
    under the heading "SUPER MISSILES", because maybe you need the plasma
    beam to enter the area in the first place.
    It is possible that you could get some of these earlier than I say
    if I made a mistake, however, not more than two or three. Also, it
    is technically possible to get some of the missiles that I list under
    the X-Ray visor earlier because those platforms still exist even if
    you can't see them. It would be a matter of an absurd amount of
    trial and error to do so, though, so I am not going to change where
    I list those. Just make note of it in case you're the type who likes
    to go for that kind of thing.
    Chozo Ruins: Ruined Gallery: Shoot a missile at the cracked wall
    behind the blastcaps.
    Chozo Ruins: Watery Hall Access: Blow up the wall in here with a
    Tallon Overworld: Landing Site: In a morph ball hole under a
    cliff right behind your ship.
    Tallon Overworld: Transport Tunnel B: From the Magmoor Caverns
    East. Should be right under the bridge. Only hidden because it looks
    like a dangerous area under there, but it's really harmless. Also
    can be reached a bit earlier in the game I believe if you come here
    from the landing site after you get the morph ball.
    Chozo Ruins: Burn Dome: In a hidden area after the main room
    if you lay a bomb where the small stream comes out of the wall.
    Chozo Ruins: Ruined Shrine: Use the bombs and blow up a sandstone
    block along the ground. It's in there.
    Chozo Ruins: Ruined Nursery: Look around and you'll spot a missile
    upgrade in the wall.  You can get to it if you have the morph ball
    and bombs. From the bottom of the map, bomb into an area and blow up
    a block with a black block on top of it. Then then go to the top and
    enter the passage from the top. You can now bomb your way easily to
    the missile.
    Chozo Ruins: Vault: You need to open the vault. To do so all you
    need is a the bombs for our morphball. Simply bomb open the grates on
    the locks, get inside, and place another bomb. For the third lock,
    you need to double bomb jump. Refer to the FOURTH energy tank for
    information on how to double bomb jump.
    Chozo Ruins: Ruined Gallery: Use bombs to get into a passage in
    the wall.
    Magmoor Caverns: Storage Cavern: From the Triclops Pit. In this
    room you will see a bunch of triclopes underneath a grating. This
    is not the same grating that you got to this room from. It is a grating
    in the room labelled "Triclops Pit". You can get under there from
    a pipe in a dead end area. Keep looking around and you should find
    it. Just roll around, feed the triclopses bombs, and you'll find
    another pipe that leads to a door. You can see this door on your map.
    In there is the Storage Cavern and a missile upgrade.
    Magmoor Caverns: Fiery Shores: Midway through the room there is
    a place with some crates. Blow them up and it reveals a path to an
    upgrade that you roll into. If you aren't sure where I mean, you can
    see the upgrade if you look around, and just follow the path to it
    with your eyes. You need to roll carefully up there or else you'll
    fall and it won't be pretty.
    Chozo Ruins: Main Plaza: There is a missile upgrade you can get
    by using the boost ball upgrade. Look on the right wall of an area
    that looks like a half pipe. Once you have the boost ball you can get
    it easily.
    Chozo Ruins: Ruined Shrine: Use the boost ball on the halfpipe to
    get up to the area on the left side of the room. If the side you get
    up onto the side with no missile, then it's the other side you need to
    get to. When you land on the right part, the missile is in a hole and
    it's hard to miss.
    Chozo Ruins: Gathering Hall: This one is at the very top. You will
    need the space jump to reach it. Above the door leading to the east
    atrium, you can scan a grating with a structural weakness. The missile
    is behind there. Jump onto one of the red protrusions in wall and then
    double jump up to the grating. Bomb it and roll in.
    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether: There is a missile clearly
    visible from the middle of the room on the wall. You can roll to it by
    jumping to a small platform first and then becoming a ball.
    Chozo Ruins: Main Plaza: There is a tree you can scan in this
    room; your scanner says the tree is weakend. Hit the odd stump on
    that tree with a super missile and it reveals a missile. You can
    jump to the missile from one of the platforms up top. Just make
    your way to the top area and get on the ledge closest to the tree.
    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra: On the top floor near the
    entrance to Observatory Access, there is a container you can blow
    open with a super missile with an upgrade inside.
    Chozo Ruins: Dynamo: From the Watery Hall. Bomb to get into the
    ball passage in the Watery Hall and once in the dynamo, shoot a super
    missile at the weakened grating for the missile.
    Phendrana Drifts: Ice Ruins East: Jump to where you see a morph
    ball hole on the map. There is a spider ball track that takes you to
    a missile in that hole.
    Phendrana Drifts: Phendrana Shorelines: Next to the door to
    the Temple Entryway you can blow off a metal panel with a super
    missile. Scan the panel behind it to open a path with a spider
    ball track. Up there is the upgrade.
    Chozo Ruins: Crossway: From the Furnace (see energy tank 3).
    You need to access the outer part of the Furnace in order to find
    the pathway to this area. You can do so with the spider ball. In
    this room, you can see a missile upgrade far up in the wall above
    where you enter. To get it, you need to first get to the other side
    of the room by boosting in the half pipe. Scan the wall and find
    the statue that you can scan. Hit it with a super missile and then
    scan the panel behind it. A spider ball track appears. Boost in the
    half pipe to reach the track. At the end of the track, while still
    holding R, lay a bomb and then put another bomb in the morph ball
    slot. Another spider ball track appears. Do the same thing in it,
    and then quickly roll into where the pipe was lowered. It will
    raise you up to the missile.
    Chozo Ruins: Ruined Fountain: With the spider ball, roll into
    the fountain. It will propel you to the ceiling and if you hold R
    you'll latch on. Follow the path.
    Chozo Ruins: Dynamo: From the Watery Hall. Bomb to get into the
    ball passage in the Watery Hall and once in the dynamo, spider ball up
    the wall to get a missile.
    *ICE BEAM*
    Tallon Overworld: Overgrown Cavern: From the save point next to
    where you obtain the ice beam. Morph ball into the wall and take the
    elevator. Along the path the missile will be clearly visible.
    Chozo Ruins: Watery Hall: Go into the water and fall into a
    deep area. If you have the gravity suit you can walk through the
    path and jump up the ledge on the other side for an upgrade.
    Tallon Overworld: Frigate Crash Site: It's underwater and
    clearly visible in the wall, but you cannot get to it without
    the gravity suit.
    Tallon Overworld: Biohazard Containment: Inside the frigate. You
    need the gravity suit to get this far. Blow open one of the chordite
    lockers on the ground level here.
    Phazon Mines: Main Quarry: Get up to where the crane's base is.
    Find the crane controls in the glassed area. They tell you that it
    needs power. To give it power, turn on your thermal visor and find
    the panel on the side of the crane base. Once it's turned on with a
    wave beam blast, go scan the controls again and the crane moves next
    to a missile. Spider ball up the pillar on the other side and it will
    lead you right to the missile.
    Phazon Mines: Elite Control Access: Near the door which leads
    to elevator A. Look at the ceiling and you'll see an explosive box
    next to an air duct. Blow up the box and the missile will be revealed.
    Phazon Mines: Elite Research: If you rotate the laser using the
    spinner, you can keep blowing up more walls and in one of them - the
    last one - there is a missile upgrade.
    Tallon Overworld: Life Grove Tunnel: Use power bombs to get
    in and at the part where you need to boost ball, try to make it
    to the top of the circle. It may take a bit of practice. If you
    manage to make it up to the top, you can lay a bomb up there to
    open a hole into a secret passage with a missile.
    Chozo Ruins: Furnace: Get into the main part of the room
    using the spider ball. Scan the floor and you'll see a crack.
    Blow it up with a power bomb and it will reveal a half pipe
    that you can get onto the spider ball track with. Follow the
    track and it will lead you to the upgrade. Please note that at
    two points you will have to fall onto a thin path to get to the
    next spider ball track.
    Phazon Mines: Security Access A: Drop a power bomb against a wall
    here. The wall is scannable. The upgrade is right behind it.
    Phazon Mines: Phazon Processing Center: When you come in the room
    from the Maintenance Tunnel from Elite Control, go straight and then
    along the plank to the right which leads to a wall. Of course,
    destroy the enemies first. Now, at the wall, drop down a level and
    lay a power bomb. The missile will be revealed in the wall.
    Chozo Ruins: Training Chamber Access: From the Magma Pool.
    You can hear it as you walk through the room. You have to roll
    into the leaves at the end of the hall to find it.
    Chozo Ruins: Main Plaza: Right above where you enter the room for
    the first time. You can only reach it with the grapple beam and you
    can only use the grapple point if you come into the Main Plaza from
    the Magma Pool.
    Phendrana Drifts: Quarantine Monitor: From Quarantine Cave.
    Come back here with the grapple beam and you can swing across
    to the hole in the wall. The missile is waiting inside.
    Phendrana Drifts: Frost Cave: Under the lake. Oddly enough, no
    amount of fire can melt that ice. You need to break it with a
    stalactite from the ceiling. Get to the highest point of the room
    by swinging on the glider up to where the boxes are. Look up and
    lock onto the stalactite. The missile is yours.
    Tallon Overworld: Root Cave: Grapple up to some higher
    platforms and keep going til it looks like you can't anymore.
    Turn on your X-ray visor and you'll see formerly invisible
    platforms. Take them up and you'll find an upgrade in the wall.
    Phazon Mines: Metroid Quarantine A: When you come back with the
    X-ray visor, get across the gaps and you'll eventually reach a spider
    ball track. If you still gave on your X-Ray visor when you get there,
    as you probably will, you should notice a big empty hall to your
    left. When you try to go in, however, you cannot because it's
    actually a solid wall. Your visor has picked up a secret! Blow
    the wall open with a power bomb. At the end of this passage blow
    up another wall with a power bomb, then bomb onto the spider ball
    track which runs across the beam and turn on your X-Ray visor again
    on the other side to see a platform which takes you to the upgrade.
    Magmoor Caverns: Triclops Pit: Coming from the Pit Tunnel,
    get near a bunch of boxes. Turn on your X-Ray visor and you'll
    be able to see a lot of hidden platforms which lead to the
    upgrade. You will have to blow up the pillar with a missile
    before you can jump to it though.
    Tallon Overworld: Great Tree Chamber: From the Great Tree Hall.
    Use the X-Ray visor to see a hidden platform which allows you to reach
    the blue door. This room contains nothing but the upgrade.
    Phazon Mines: Fungal Hall Access: It's the first room on the
    third floor. Roll under the big mushroom on the bottom. You will
    have to take damage to do this as soon as you can access the room,
    but not too much.
    Phazon Mines: Fungall Hall B: Under the door to Quarantine Access
    B. It's right under the mushroom. I recommend that you come back and
    get this one after you get the Phazon Suit since you'll need to come
    back this way to get an artifact anyway.
    Phazon Mines: Metroid Quarantine B: In the area after you
    deactivate the force field, scan the containers. One of them
    is cracked. Blow it up with a super missile.
    Phendrana Drifts: Gravity Chamber: You need the plasma beam. Come
    into the room from Chamber Acess and right above you will be a giant
    icicle. Shoot it with the plasma beam and it reveals a grapple point
    you can swing to the upgrade with.
    Phendrana Drifts: Phendrana Shorelines: Right under the door
    leading to the Plaza Walkway is a pillar with a missile encased
    in its base. Hit the ice with the plasma beam to get it.
    Phendrana Drifts: Ice Ruins East: Use the plasma beam on an ice
    wall near the door leading to the Plaza Walkway.
    Tallon Overworld: Arbor Chamber: From the Root Cave. Use your
    X-Ray visor to see hidden platforms which will lead to the door
    at the top which can be opened with the plasma beam.
    Missile Replenishing Stations: Hall of the Elders, Fungal Hall B,
    Crater Missile Station
    Each power bomb upgrade increases the amount you can carry by 1.
    1. Chozo Ruins: Magma Pool: With the grapple beam, get across the
    lava and blow up the far wall with a power bomb.
    2. Phendrana Drifts: Security Cave: From Phendrana's Edge. You
    need the grappling hook. Get to the top of the room by jumping
    and swinging. At the top there is a morph ball hole which leads
    to this room containing the upgrade.
    3. Phendrana Drifts: Ice Ruins West: You need the plasma beam.
    Get on top of the high ledge by the blue door and shoot the ice
    in the ground. It's sitting right there.
    4. Magmoor Caverns: Fiery Shores: From the Warrior Shrine. Power
    bomb the floor in the warrior shrine right under the statue to
    open up the path to this part of the Fiery Shores room. You could
    always see it on the map but never get to it. The Warrior Shrine
    is accessed from the Monitor Station by boosting in the spinner
    to raise a bridge to the top door.
    1. ARTIFACT OF TRUTH - Tallon Overworld: Artifact Temple: From
    the Landing Site.
    2. ARTIFACT OF STRENGTH - Magmoor Caverns: Warrior Shrine: From
    the Monitor Station. Get to the very top of the room and use the
    boost ball in the machine to lower a bridge which allows you to
    access the door leading to the Warrior Shrine. 
    3. ARTIFACT OF ELDER - Phendrana Drifts: Control Tower: Destroy the
    window in the room above the east tower with the plasma beam, take
    out the big box with a super missile, and then shoot a super missile
    out the window at the fuel tanks. The tower will collapse and a path
    will open in the floor leading to the artifact.
    4. ARTIFACT OF WIND - Chozo Ruins: Sunchamber: Revisit the Sun
    Chamber later in the game and there will be 3 Chozo Ghosts. Kill
    them and the artifact appears. I am not sure what triggers this,
    but when I got it I had come into the room from the spider ball
    track in the Sun Tower.
    5. ARTIFACT OF LIFEGIVER - Chozo Ruins: Tower Chamber: From the
    Tower of Light. Once you have the gravity suit, fall in the water
    and you can jump up the ledge down there to access this room.
    6. ARTIFACT OF WARRIOR - Phazon Mines: Elite Research: Blow up
    the tank with the Phazon Elite in it with a power bomb. Kill
    him for the artifact.
    7. ARTIFACT OF CHOZO - Tallon Overworld: Life Grove: Lay a power
    bomb in the center of the lake where the rune is, roll into the
    spinner, and boost a few times. The artifact emerges.
    8. ARTIFACT OF NATURE - Magmoor Caverns: Lava Lake: In the part
    of the room closest to the Lake Tunnel, blow up the pillar with
    a super missile.
    9. ARTIFACT OF THE SUN - Phendrana Drifts: Chozo Ice Temple.
    Come back with the plasma beam and melt the top statue's hands.
    Jump and roll into them now to open a path to the artifact.
    10. ARTIFACT OF WORLD - Chozo Ruins: Elder Chamber: From the Hall
    of the Elders. Come back here with the Plasma Beam and hit the red
    target on the wall. Bombing in the morph ball hole opens the way
    to this room.
    11. ARTIFACT OF SPIRIT - Phendrana Drifts: Storage Cave: From
    Phendrana's Edge. Use the grappling hook to climb to the higher
    platforms. Make sure you have on your X-Ray visor. With it you'll
    spot a hidden door in the wall! Blow up the wall with a power bomb
    and you'll find the artifact inside.
    12. ARTIFACT OF NEWBORN - Phazon Mines: Phazon Mining Tunnel: Come
    back to collect this after you have the Phazon Suit, otherwise
    you have no chance to survive.
    Picture Gallery 1 - Scan 50% of the logbook entries
    Picture Gallery 2 - I have not unlocked this yet, but supposedly it
    is unlocked for getting 100% of the logbook entries.
    Hard mode - Beat the game.
    Fusion Suit - Beat the game and then go to the option for this on
    the menu. If you have Metroid Fusion and a link cable, you can connect
    up and you'll unlock the suit. Just follow the onscreen instructions.
    NES Metroid - Same as above only you need to beat Metroid Fusion and
    then link up.
    This guide is copyright 2002 by Bryan Backas. You may post it wherever
    as long as it is in its full text and as long as the version number is
    I have gotten websites shut down before for plagiarising my guides, so
    please don't test me! I worked hard on this and there's no reason to
    cut and paste my guide into your own webpage when I am telling you that
    you may post the text file.

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