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    Missile/Energy/Bomb Locations by Chicobob

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    |                                                                          |
    |Metroid Prime by Nintendo                                                 |
    |Missile, Energy, and Power Bomb Upgrade Location Guide                    |
    |By: Copyright December 4, 2002 Matthew C. Smith (a.k.a. Chicobob)         |
    |Email: ultimategameguru@comcast.net                                       |
    |Feel free to use this document as you wish - post it, copy it, share it,  |
    |whatever!                                                                 |
    |All I ask is that you give me some credit!                                |
    |                                                                          |
    Version History
    Version 1.0 (12.4.2002) - Guide Completed. 
    Version 1.1 (12.6.2002) - Fixed Formating Issues.
                            - Fixed typo in missle expansion amount. (Thanks Brian!)
    ======Missile Expansions======
    I broke these down into the areas where they are found. 
    They should be in a general order in which you can find them when you 
    are in the areas. There are a total of 49 expansions to be found and 
    a total of 250 missiles all together. 
    ======Chozo Ruins======
    Chozo Ruins - Hive Totem: First expansion, received for destroying the
    rotating Chozo statue.
    Chozo Ruins - Ruined Gallery: Scan for a weak wall to the left as you enter.
    Blast it open for Missiles.
    Chozo Ruins - Watery Hall Access: Use Morph Ball to get to this 
    area, then use a missile to blow open the brick wall near the water.
    Chozo Ruins - Burn Dome: After beating the Incinerator Drone, use morph ball
    bombs on the wall in the groove. 
    Chozo Ruins - Ruined Nursery: Use morph ball to go through the maze 
    on the wall, bomb the boxes and receive your prize.
    Chozo Ruins - Ruined Gallery: Morph ball bomb jump to one of the 
    holes in the wall and roll through.
    Chozo Ruins - Ruined Shrine: There is a circular barrier along the bottom of 
    one of the walls. Morph ball bomb it to open.
    Chozo Ruins - Dynamo: From the Watery Hall, bomb the barrier near the
    Charge Beam and break down the metal gate in the next room with a Missile.
    Chozo Ruins - Vault: There are three switches on the cage. First Morph ball
    bomb the grates in front of the switches. Then you will need to bomb jump 
    into the switches and activate them with bombs.
    Chozo Ruins - Ruined Shrine: Use boost ball to ride up the halfpipe's 
    right side and enter the room.
    Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza: Use boost ball in the halfpipe to find one tucked
    into the wall.
    Chozo Ruins - Gathering Hall: You need the Space Jump Boots. There is a 
    ledge directly above the entrance to the Energy Core. Blow the grate away 
    and claim your prize.
    Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza: Use the Super Missile Beam Combo to blow up the 
    grey hexagon on the big tree. Jump in from the ledge to gather your missiles.
    Chozo Ruins - Ruined Fountain: You need the Spider Ball. Morph ball into the 
    fountain to be shot onto the spider track on the ceiling. Follow this 
    track inside the wall.
    Chozo Ruins - Dynamo: Jump up to the ledge and spiderball up the track.
    Chozo Ruins - Crossway: There is a wall covering. Use scan to find it, and
    blow it up with Super Missile. Scan the object to activate the spider track. 
    Use boost ball in the half-pipe to boost up to the switch, bomb that. Do 
    the same for the next track to activate the elevator. Quickly hop on in to
    claim victory.
    Chozo Ruins - Watery Hall: After you have Gravity suit. There's a small tunnel
    in the water. Roll through and jump on the ledge on the other side.
    Chozo Ruins - Furnace: After you have power bombs, scan the floor against the
    Find the weak spot and use the power bomb to blow it open, revealing a 
    halfpipe. Boost to the spider track and follow to the end. 
    Chozo Ruins - Training Chamber Access: Use Grapple Beam to cross the magma
    pool. Roll through the leaves at the end to find a hidden tunnel. 
    Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza: Go through the Ruined Fountain to the Magma Pool.
    Go through the following areas to get to the Main Plaza. Use the Grapple Beam
    to swing across to the ledge with the goods. 
    ======Phendrana Drifts======
    Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether: At the top there is a walkway. More
    like a "rollway" - located where a turret/mini-gun is. Jump up and roll 
    across to the other side.
    Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Hydra: Use the Super Missile to destroy the 
    pillar made out of Cordite at the top of the room.
    Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins East: Climb up the ruins and go around the area. 
    You will find a spiderball track tucked away.
    Phendrana Drifts - Phendrana Shorelines: On the outside of the ice temple 
    is a wall covering. Blow it up with a Super Missile, then scan it. A spider
    track will appear in the tower to your right.
    Phendrana Drifts - Frost Cave: Use the Grapple Beam to swing to the other 
    side. Work you way to the very top where the 2 crates are. Blast the 
    Stalactite, which will crash through the frozen pond. "Swim" 
    through to obtain some missiles.
    Phendrana Drifts - Quarantine Monitor: From the Quarantine Cave, Spider Ball
    up to the ledge, then Grapple over to the other ledge and roll to the Monitor
    Phendrana Drifts - Phendrana Shorelines: Use Plasma beam on the back of a
    ice pillar. The one with the missile expansion in it! It's a clear wall of
    ice. You better see it...or else..
    Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins East: Use Plasma Beam on the wall of ice tucked 
    away on the ground level beneath the upper door.
    Phendrana Drifts - Gravity Chamber: Use Plasma Beam to blow open the 
    icicles on the ceiling - Right next to the clear chamber with the expansion
    in it. Use the Grapple Beam to get to the small ledge. 
    ======Tallon Overworld======
    Tallon Overworld - Transport Tunnel B: Look below the bridge!
    Tallon Overworld - Landing Site: Use Morph ball to go into the tunnel behind
    your ship.
    Tallon Overworld - Overgrown Cavern: Go to the reflecting pool in the Chozo
    Ruins. Find the save station and go through the hole in the wall behind it.
    Transport to the Overworld and follow the path.
    Tallon Overworld - Great Tree Chamber: Use the X-ray visor to find the 
    platforms. Use it to jump across to the door.
    Tallon Overworld - Root Cave: Go to the top of the Root Cave using the 
    X-Ray Visor to see platforms.  You'll also see a hole that was covered up. 
    Viola! There's your expansion!
    Tallon Overworld - Frigate Crash Site: After you have the Gravity Suit, you 
    will find a alcove under the water. Space jump from the roots in the center 
    to get to it.
    Tallon Overworld - Biohazard Containment: Inside the crashed frigate. Under 
    the water, the door in the middle can be blown open with a Super Missile. 
    Scan to find if you wish. 
    Tallon Overworld - Life Grove Tunnel: There is a Morph ball tunnel. In here 
    is a halfpipe in which you need to boost around to the top. Use a Power Bomb 
    to blow through. You will get the upgrade as you fall through. 
    Tallon Overworld - Arbor Chamber: After you have Plasma Beam, climb to the 
    very top of the room, using x-ray visor when necessary. Plasma door at top
    leads to the Arbor Chamber.
    ======Magmoor Caverns======
    Magmoor Caverns - Storage Cavern: In the Triclops Pit you can roll underneath
    the grating to find this room. To get underneath there is a tunnel that leads
    to a hole. Note: Varia Suit is required once you get to the room. 
    Magmoor Caverns - Fiery Shores: Roll through the tunnel and bomb the boxes
    to roll up the slope. Follow to the end.
    Magmoor Caverns - Triclops Pit: Use the X-Ray visor to see that one of the 
    pillars is hollow. Use Super Missile on this pillar to reveal the upgrade.
    ======Phazon Mines======
    Phazon Mines - Main Quarry: There is a panal at the top of the platforms. Use
    thermal visor to locate it. Activate it to power the crane, which can be
    moved to smash into the wall revealing an upgrade. Use the spider track on
    the crane to reach it. 
    Phazon Mines - Elite Research: At the top of this room use the 
    Spinner to turn the plasma cannon to the left side of the room. Activate 
    the cannon to blast the wall. 
    Phazon Mines - Elite Control Access: There's a small vent with green smoke 
    near the ceiling.  Shoot the box nearby to blow it open.
    Phazon Mines - Security Access A: Use a Power Bomb to blow open the 
    gate on the wall.
    Phazon Mines - Phazon Processing Center: Using X-Ray visor you can see some 
    invisible platforms leading to a ledge - about 1/3 way up. Set a Power Bomb
    to blow the wall on that ledge.
    Phazon Mines - Metroid Quarantine A: Use X-Ray visor to jump across the 
    platforms. Once you are next to the spider tracks Power Bomb the wall, 
    then do the same for the next wall. Spider ball across the track and jump 
    on the invisible platform to reach your goal.
    Phazon Mines - Fungal Hall Access: Underneath the giant Mushroom at the
    bottom of the shaft.
    Phazon Mines - Fungal Hall B: Power Bomb the small circle of mushrooms 
    that are below the exit to Quarantine Access B.
    Phazon Mines - Metroid Quarantine B: Behind the force field there is a 
    canister. Use Super Missile to blow it up. 
    ======Energy Tanks======
    		Chozo Ruins
    Chozo Ruins - Transport Access North: After collecting the first set of 
    Missiles destroy the lock on the door in front of you. Tank located in
    that room.
    Chozo Ruins - Furnace: Make your way through the Energy Core, powering up
    the platforms to continue on.
    Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza: After beating Flaaghra, you'll end up in the 
    Transport room, take the left exit through the vault. You will go through
    a door leading to the main plaza. On this ledge is the tank.
    Chozo Ruins - Hall of the Elders: Shoot the white circle with the Ice Beam, 
    and bomb the switch. The Chozo Statue will now send you to the tank.
    Chozo Ruins - Training Chamber: At the Ruined Fountain, take the exit to 
    the Magma Pool and grapple across. There will now be 
    Chozo Ghosts in the Training Chamber, activate one of the Bomb switches in 
    the halfpipe to lower an elevator.
               Phendrana Drifts
    Phendrana Drifts - Ruined Courtyard: There is a ball tunnel to the upper 
    right as you walk in to the courtyard. After filling the area with water
    you will be able to get to it, otherwise space jump to it. 
    Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether: There's a containment tank in here 
    with your upgrade inside. Missile it open.
    Phendrana Drifts - Transport Access: Melt the ice with Plasma beam then roll
               Tallon Overworld
    Tallon Overworld - Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma: Once you get the 
    Gravity Suit, you can enter the crashed frigate. Here you use a Missile 
    on the lift's broken door and get the Tank.
    Tallon Overworld - Hydro Access Tunnel: Another ball course. Here use 
    Bomb Jumps to get to the tank.
              Magmoor Caverns
    Magmoor Caverns - Transport Tunnel A: Use bomb jumps to get this tank - in 
    the ball course. 
    Magmoor Caverns - Magmoor Workstation: Get here from the Transport 
    in Phendrana near the Quarantine Cave. There are 3 hatches with power
    conduits behind them. Power these to drop below the cage floor. Go to where
    the lava has cooled. Scan the console here to cool more lava. Then 
    proceed to that area. Repeat until the third are is cooled with you 
    energy tank inside.
               Phazon Mines
    Phazon Mines - Ventilation Shaft: Lay a Power Bomb near the grate at the end 
    of the shaft, on the side with the lower door. Scan the console on the other
    side to activate the fans. This will suck the Plated Puffers into the fan to
    blow it up.
    Phazon Mines - Processing Center Access: After you beat the Omega Pirate.
    ======Power Bomb Expansions======
    Chozo Ruins - Magma Pool: Grapple Beam across the lava pool. Lay a power
    bomb here.
    Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins West: Jump around the room on top of the
    buildings. You will find a hole in the top(floor) of the structure, covered
    in ice. Plasma beam it to open.
    Phendrana Drifts - Security Cave: In Phendrana's Edge, climb your way to the
    top. Roll through to the Security Cave.
    Magmoor Caverns - Warrior Shrine: Use a Power Bomb at the floor near 
    the Chozo Statue. Scan to find the spot.
    Special thanks to gamefaqs.com for posting this and hosting the
    message boards where tons of good information like this can be
    Also, Nintendo, for making such an awesome game.
    Credit goes to Nintendo and Retro studios. Without them this 
    FAQ wouldn't be possible. Otherwise this FAQ was created by me,
    Matthew Smith. Simply by playing and locating!! I hope you 
    appreciate the effort! Enjoy!!

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