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    Minimum Percent Walktrough by DEVILBIT

    Version: 1.32 | Updated: 07/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metroid Prime.
    Minimum Percent Walkthrough (cuarrently 23%).
    Author: GCPezzoti "Devilbit"
    Reason for this walkthrough.
    Lately at the Prime message boards, have noticed a surge on posts asking about
    how to tackle some of the problems that raise when skiping some vital items.
    And the constant requests for a 23% walkthrough, since right now thats the
    minimum percentage in which the game can be completed.
    Those reasons and some others inspired the realization of this FAQ.
    If you are attempting a low percent run, that means you have enough time and
    dominate the basic aspects of the game, like the map, room lay outs, basic
    enemies and boss strategies, etc.
    So wont be holding your hand, except on those advanced tricks. Everything here
    is doable and has been confirmed by multiple persons. Look at the credit and
    useful links sections.
    The run described here is a normal minimum percent for the NTSC version of
    Metroid Prime, however all the tricks explained work in hard dificulty run,
    that is, the tricks that allow to skip the items. The only difference
    obviously is that enemies can sustain more attacks and deal more damage.
    Is important to note also, that the majority of techniques here can be used
    in the PAL version (and probably the Japanese version) of the Metroid Prime
    There are many ways to successfuly complete a minimun percent walktrough.
    Is not absolutly necesary to follow this word for word. There are alternate
    orders to pick up the items and navigate the rooms, to the ones described in
    this walkthrough. The order of items and rute followed in this guide makes the
    run fast and avoids most of the unnecesary combat. In example, is not a must
    to grab the Space Jump as the first item to achieve a minimum % run but it
    makes the first moments of the game quicker and easier.
    However there are some things that remains the same independetly of what
    rutes or item orders you take:
    The procedings that allows passing certain rooms without the apropiate item
    or items.
    Also in case of another percent drop, this guide will be quickly updated.
    The last ingridient is patience.
    Sugestions, questions, constructive critics? E-mail at eternalmaze@yahoo.com
    I.-)            Version History.
    II.-)           Required Items.
    III.-)          Useful Techniques.
    IV.-)           Walktrough.
    V.-)            Mines Battle Heavy Rooms.
    VI.-)           Credits.
    VII.-)          Useful Links.
    VIII.-)         Legal.
    I.-)Version History:
    Version 1.00 04/07/2003. First edition. Hopefully with more to come.
    Version 1.20 05/07/2003. Added "Mines Battle Heavy Rooms" section.
    Version 1.31 07/07/2003. Added SJ FIRST PAL.
    Version 1.32 08/07/2003. Alternative options to the rute.
    II.-)Required items (in order of collection):
    Space Jump
    Missile Expansion
    Morph Ball
    Morph Ball Bombs
    Varia Suit
    Wave Beam
    Boost Ball
    Ice Beam
    Plasma Beam
    Power Bombs
    X-Ray Visor
    12 Artifacts
    III.-)Useful Techniques.
    -Dash Jump:
    This isnt really a jump, since Samus doesnt get any altitude by perfoming the
    technique. What it does is, that Samus gains so much speed that it lets you
    gain considereable distance while very slowly loosing altitude. So if you are
    considering making any jump in wich the distance is the important factor and
    not altitude, this technique is the way to go. Of course this is a last
    resource in the case the L-lock Spring Jump doesnt give Samus enough distance.
    In the NTSC version you can use the scan visor and any other visor that lets
    you dash while locked. In PAL version isnt posible to use the scan visor to
    dash jump.
    Lock in to an enemy or object (using the scan visor), begin performing a
    normal dash when you gain speed release the L button and Samus can reach
    considerable distance, perform this near ledges. Also when in posesion of the
    Space Jump you can use the second jump to gain even more distance or make any
    mid-air directional corrections.
    Note: This technique also becomes usefull when battling the bosses, especially
    Omega Pirate and Ridley (in hes ground stage).
    -L-lock Spring Jump.
    This is a Space Jump, but it lets Samus gain more distance. Use R button to
    fix the view down and use the L button to lock the view in place. Release R
    button while keeping L pressed. Initiate the jump taping B then at 2/3 of the
    first jump maximun reach quickly release the L button. Tap the B button again.
    This gains maximun distance in a Space Jump. Is posible to alter the timing of
    the L release to achieve different results.
    -Morphing out of a Bomb Jump.
    This is simple. When executing any of the bomb jump techniques, double or
    triple bomb jumps, at the pick of the jump press the X button transforming
    back to Samus form. This extend the reach (if holding forward) and the
    altitude of the bomb jump.
    -Precision Jumping.
    Not exactly a special technique, but is worth to point out. When executing any
    jump that requires surgeon presicion, always keep the L trigger pressed since
    this allows more in air controll. An example of this is when Samus needs to
    jump above the Geothermal Core stalacmite.
    -Triple Bomb Jump(TBJ)
    First a quick recapitulation of a double bomb jump (DBJ). To execute a double
    bomb jump:
    1)Drop one bomb #1
    2)Almost at the exact time the 1st bomb is about to explode drop bomb #2
    3)At the peak of the altitude put the last bomb #3
    To understand what a triple bomb jump is, imagine the trayectory the Morph
    Ball describes in a double bomb jump as a line. And the bombs as points in
    that line. Basically you are interpolating points in that line.
                              * #5 o
                                #3 o   \  r
                                   |   |D a
                              * #4 o   |B n
                                   |   |J g
                             #1 #2 o   /  e
    The "*" character represents the bombs added to the double bomb jump. To make
    it a TBJ. Here's the detailed description:
    As the rudimentary graphic shows, this bomb jump needs 5 bombs. So in order to
    have that amount available is mandatory to play with the bomb refill time.
    -Lay one bomb and let it explode. This bomb is wasted intentionally, so when
    you finish laying bomb #1 and #2, the timer resets and the bomb counter fills
    completly giving 3 more bombs.
    -When the Morph Ball touches the floor, put bomb #1.
    -Just as the second bomb is about to explode, put bomb #2.
    -When bomb #1 explodes put bomb #3 at the peak of the altitude.
    -The explosion of bomb #2 will make the Morph Ball ascend, in the ascention
    lay bomb #4, do not lay the bomb at the peak of the altitude.
    -When bomb #3 hits lay bomb #5 as the Ball ascends, again dont put it at the
    peak of the max altitude.
    -Bombs #4 and #5 can be lay with different timings to achieve diferent
    results. But, try streching bomb #5 as much as posible without puting it at
    peak of the altitude that bomb #3 gives.
    -There are some places that presing against the wall lets you achieve more
    high with the Triple Bomb Jump. This is due to the friction between the Morph
    Ball and the wall. This allows to separate the bombs a bit more with a
    different timing of course, causing more high.
    -Always experiment with different timings until you find a setup that suits
    you best.
    * Important note: If you want to get a fast time, a general rule is to avoid *
    | fighting the enemies as much as posible. So experiment to see in wich rooms|
    * you can get away without fighting the oposition.                           *
    | Traveling in Ball form and boosting saves time and in some cases reduces   |
    * the chance of beeing hit.                                                  *
    | Also when its time to enter the Mines, please read section (V) of this     |
    * document titled "Mines Battle Heavy Rooms"                                 *
    Space Station.
    This is the introductory level of the game so it isnt necesary to go indepth.
    However here are some tips to make this section fast and easy.
    -Navigate the level in morph ball form as much as posible. Specially for the
    scape sequence.
    -Dont waste missiles. Keep all the missiles for the Boss. Destroy the turrets
    using the charge beam.
    -Dont bother with much of the enemies, except the automatic turrets and the
    space pirate just before the boss (Parasite Queen).
    -When you reach Parasite Queen, beat it by rapidly firing your missile reserve
    To rapid fire missiles press the missile button (Y) then the shoot button (A),
    and then the missile button again (Y) -YAY-. This sequence of presses must be
    done rapidly. A sugestion to pull of this is to quickly rub the Y and A keys
    using your thumb. This trick only works with the Power Beam.
    Talloon IV.
    The first item to grab in this run is the Space Jump Boots, by performing a
    Dash Jump from the top of the ship. For a description of the Dash Jump look
    at the usefull techniques section.
    Once you land you get a free save, so choose yes. No time wasted. From the top
    of the ship, change to Scan Visor and look a bit up (in the direction to the
    door that leads to the artifact temple) youll be able to L-lock your view to a
    spider vine using the L trigger. Since the spider vine is so far you wont make
    the scan but youll have your view locked. Take some steps back closing to the
    right turbine of your ship, all this while you keep the view locked. Quickly
    tap right on the stick and b. This will start a dash, then when you feel the
    begining dash quickly release the L button to unlock your view. This causes
    Samus to shoot herself a good distance, enough to stick to the lower ledge
    near the door where you traditionally enter from Tallon Canyon to grab the
    Space Jump Boots. The correct execution of this trick, makes posible to
    collect the Space Jump as the first item of the game.
    Head to the Main Plaza at the Chozo Ruins.
    Since the PAL version of Metroid Prime doesnt allow to dash using the Scan
    Visor while locked to an object, a different yet quite similar way to grab
    the Space Jump as the first item of the game has been deviced.
    Drop from the ship, climb the waterfall to the door that leads to the Temple
    Hall. Open the door, there are 3 seedlings hanging on the ceiling, L-lock the
    view to the first one (using the combat visor). Since the combat visor allows
    to dash, the plan here is to make the way back to the top of Samus gunship
    while at the same time keeping the lock to the seedling.
    Is easy to loose the lock to the Seedling, so there is  more or less a rute
    to take. Begin moving a bit to the left of the Temple Hall door and start
    going backwards while L-locked, Samus will drop down some ledges. If you get
    stuck just carefully maneuver Samus without getting to much out of the path.
    Once reaching the gunship carefully jump to the top and get to the right
    Dash to the right, then when you feel the speed gain quickly release the L
    button to unlock your view. This causes Samus to shoot herself a good
    distance, enough to stick to the lower ledge near the door where you
    traditionally enter from Tallon Canyon to grab the Space Jump Boots.
    Head to the Chozo Ruins.
    Chozo Ruins.
    Go to the Main Plaza, the objective here is to grab the half pipe missile
    expansion as the first one in the game, eliminating the neccesity to fight
    Hive Mecha.
    To grab the missile get Samus directly below it, look up and L lock your view
    space jump to the missile.
    Other alternative is to climb the top of the stairs that lead out of the half
    pipe and then space jump from there to the missile.
    Also is posible to grab the other missile in the Plaza as the first one, by
    space jumping from the platform above the door that leads to the morph ball.
    Is more difficult and consumes more time, so way bother?.
    Next head to the Morph ball, since you have Space Jump theres no need to fight
    the Beetles, just grab the morph ball. You can even skip triggering the battle
    by jumping from the left part of the half pipe to a root that sticks out of
    the wall, and then from the root to the Morph Ball. But its not necesary.
    Now is up to collect the Morph Ball Bombs. The rute is known by know, head to
    the Arboterum -> Gathering Hall (if you wish you can save here) -> Energy Core
    Here at the Energy Core go left trough the tunnel to fight the Incinerator
    -Incinerator Drone.
    Nothing new here. L-lock to it and wait for the top piece to raise. And shoot
    the red sensor. Remember to evade the low fire stream by jumping and the high
    one just by going below (simple strafe), also watching for the Barbed War
    Wasps. If you are runing out of health shoot Wasps and grab the health pick
    ups (10 points).
    Collect the bombs, head again to the Energy Core. Is not a bad idea to
    activate the generators here to open the access door to the Furnance. After
    the gens have been activated make your way to the Gathering Hall and save.
    this is the first important save of the game. Next to the Arboterum, scan all
    the symbols (Dont bother taking the Wasps). Go trough the corridors just
    shooting the reaper vines and jumping. Shoot the door that leads to the
    Sun Chamber and while it loads (takes some seconds) open the two boxes for
    some health. Enter the door.
    If done correctly Flagrah can be killed without loosing energy.
    1) 1 reflector. @ the start just L-lock to Flaagrah dashing left and L-lock to
    the reflector, shoot it rapidly.
    2) 2 reflectors. Again L-lock to Flaagrah, dash to any of the reflectors and
    L-lock, but instead of rapid firing just use a missile, Flaagrah will waste
    time returning the reflector to the original position, take this oportunity
    to shoot it untill it gets knocked. Take down the reflectors. The reason for
    using the missile is to not allow Flaagrah to hit Samus with one of its
    3) 3 & 4 reflectors. The strategy here is basicaly the same as 2), the
    difference here been that its needed to dash faster. Also when the 4
    reflectors are operating you can waste the missiles to take then down if
    running out of time. Also if not posible to make all the reflector run
    stunning down Flaagrah only once then stun it as many times as needed. Always
    watching when Flaagrah is about to recover. If done correctly Flaagrah wont
    even make one of its powerfull attacks.
    Collect the Varia Suit and head trough the door pass the corridors, dont open
    the boxes youll need the health later -when heading to fight the Chozo Ghosts
    for the artifact of Wild-. Proceed to the Sun Tower(dont go down).
    The purpose of this trick is to grab the Wild Artifact withouth the need of
    the Spider Ball, it refreshes the Sun Chamber so the Ghosts can materialize.
    The Gathering Hall save was important because of the following, probably youll
    need to take some tries to achieve this trick. When at the Sun Tower dont go
    down, instead L-lock the view a bit down and look to the direct right, theres
    a rectangular structure that comes out of the wall and goes way down. The idea
    here is to use that structure and the wall as a rail, so jump to the right in
    a way that Samus hits her imaginary shoulder with the structure while pressing
    against the wall, as soon as she hits the structure go to Morph Ball form,
    while holding up-left on the thumb stick.
    Note: Youll be holding up-left for all the process.
    The position the stick should be held is a north-west, this causes friction
    between the structure-wall and the Moprh Ball causing a minimization in fall
    velocity. The fall will breack when the ball eventually hits an Oculus, the
    ball gets trapped between the Oculus and the rectangular structure.
    The Oculus starts pushing Samus up, and when its about to turn (Oculus)
    lay the first bomb, this causes the Morph Ball to go up and avoid the Oculus
    entrapment. From here youll be laying bombs to climb up, the timing varies a
    bit between bombs but the ideal time to drop the next bomb is just before the
    Morph Ball starts to loose impluse while going up.
    The process is similar to the underwater bomb jumping you need to do in
    Hydro Access Tunnel (to grab the energy tank) but with a more precise timing.
    Once you got the timing down, here comes the other tricky part of the process.
    When the Moprh Ball is just above ground level or up to the mid-level of the
    place where you dropped (top part of Sun Tower), youll have to un-morph.
    The right time to un-morph is when the last bomb thatll make you gain the
    required level just hits. When the bomb hits press the un-morph button (X)
    while at the same time go from up-left in the stick to up (alone). If done
    correctly youll see Samus un-morph animation and shell clinch the ledge where
    you originally dropped.
    Recommend to practice this trick in a 100% file so you get the timing of the
    bombs down. Also keep in mind that each failed attempt results in another
    Flaagrah battle until you get another opportunity.
    The 99 health limit can gain you probably 3 tries if you are having problems
    bombing from the Oculus. Again when you have the bomb timing down, the key
    part becomes discerning whats the last bomb that gives you the necesary high
    to un-morph. The high has to be around the mid level of the hole in the wall
    that you dropped from.
    When you manage to reach the top of the Sun Tower again, make your way to the
    boxes and grab the contents since they are needed for the incoming fight.
    Go at the Sun Chamber to fight 3 Chozo Ghosts for the Wild artifact. When you
    enter the door walk inside the room enough to activate the fight, then head
    some steps back near the door and hugh one the walls. This strategic position
    provides cover for one of the blinds spots. So the only need is to dodge the
    attacks coming from the ghosts in your field of vision. Beat the Ghosts and
    pick Wild.
    After this head to Magmoor, use the save point. Since Samus has the Space Jump
    theres no need to waste time and missiles on the Stalactites. When you reach
    Lava Lake grab the artifact of Nature, on normal fire 2 missiles to the
    central pillar. From now on is up to Phendrana trough Monitor Station, and in
    the way make sure to refill the missiles and dont use any since Samus will
    need them to brake the ice barriers that block the way to Phendrana
    Shorelines, remember theres no charge beam available.
    Note: If you want you can get the Strenght artifact @ Monitor Station now. To
    do this go to the top of the station and L-lock spring Jump to the door of the
    artifact room. Can take the jump from the computer monitors or from the tall
    metal tower with the near stack of boxes.
    -Phendrana Shorelines.
    Need to collect the Boost Ball and the Wave Beam, since you have the SJ is
    possible to get then in any order. But be sure to save, in case the Sheegoth
    battle doenst run succesfully. Recomend to grab the boost ball first since
    itll make the Sheegoth battle less difficult. Remember to save some missiles
    for the ice barrier at the Chozo Temple. Proceed as usual, when you reach the
    Wave Beam room kill the Baby Shegoths.
    No surprises here. Go to Ball form and lay bombs near her head/feet, when shes
    about to attack boost out of its cold breath, then return again and lay the 3
    bombs. If runing out of energy bomb the boxes at the corners of the room. The
    camera angle is a bit strange but youll adjust to it. When the enemy is taken
    care of grab the Wave Beam.
    Now with the Wave Beam, is time to head back to the Furnance at the ChozoRuins
    Backtrack your way to Magmoor (save if you desire) you can get the artifact of
    Strenght at the monitor Station, now to the central elevator it will take you
    to Tallon IV and from there to the Chozo Ruins.
    Note:                                                                        |
    If you want you can collect the artifact of Life Giver by going to the Ruined|
    Shrine and from there to the Tower of light. If this artifact is collected   |
    now theres an optional rute you can take later in the walktrough when Samus  |
    gets the Plasma Beam. This rute consists on entering Overgrown Cavern the    |
    backway. Overgrown Cavern is the room behind the high ice door at Crashed    |
    Frigate.By entering Overgrown Cavern the backway youll reach Hall of the     |
    Elders a bit faster.                                                         |
    Heres how to get Life Giver artifact withouth Gravity Suit:                  |
    jump in the left side of the half pipe and from there to that root sticking  |
    from the wall. From the root jump to a small ledge barely below the platform |
    that leads to the Wave Beam door that leads to the Tower of Light. In the    |
    Tower of Light just drop to the water go forward until you face the wall.    |
    Press against the wall and Space Jump, press forward-back-forward while      |
    making the jump. Samus will surface above the water and reach the ledge.     |
    Other joysticks combinations can get the job done so try what suits you best.|
    Grab the artifact of Life Giver.                                             |
    Go to the Energy Core pass the upper door into the Furnance. Theres the Spider
    Ball track that leads to the upper hole. There are 2 ways to reach it:
    1)The hard way. Consists in morphing to ball form and doing a triple bomb jump
    and morph in mid-air,while pushing against the track. This works for both the
    NTSC and PAL versions of Metroid Prime.
    2)This is less difficult but only works in NTSC. Press against the Spider Ball
    Track, then look down & a tad left and L-lock the view. The left side of the
    track should be near the center of the screen, keep presing against the track.
    Space Jump while still L-locked and pressing against the track, when falling
    down after the second jump stop pressing against the wall. Samus will clinch
    the Spider Track, gaining some altitude. Release the L-lock and fix your view
    with R to see the border of the hole where you want to jump. Jump to the hole,
    theres enough room for Samus to stay up there, transform to ball while
    pressing up to enter the hole. Take into account the dissapering blocks that
    lead the access to the second part of the furnance, and go to the Hall of the
    Once in the Hall of the Elders, defeat the Chozo Ghost. What follows is the
    activation of the bomb slot that requires the Spider Ball, since you dont have
    it heres how to do it.
    Jump to the top level (from the side of the entrance to the room) look in the
    direction of the Spider bomb slot, youll see the reflection mirror on the wall
    ,this mirrors are similar to the Flaagrah ones. At the center of the mirror
    there is a piece of geometry that resembles a knob, Space jump to it. From
    here jump to the platform below the bomb switch, the jump is a bit tricky so
    dont hit the head. Samus can fit standing there, go to ball form and activate.
    From here the deal is clear, activate the Wave bomb switch and reach the room
    that contains the ice beam. There are to ways to reach the top, one is the
    traditional way and the other is using a Stone Toad.
    When entering the room, go to the first Stone Toad at the left and jump above
    it. L-lock the view up, hit B while pressing left on the stick and then B
    while pressing right on the stick. This has to be done quickly in a zig-zaging
    kind of way. Samus will be on top, of the room of course.
    Grab the ice beam and save the game. Now is time to get Samus the Plasma Beam.
    Backtrack all the way to Magmoor central elevator form there to Twin Fires.
    The use of the Spider Ball in this room can be avoided by double bomb jumping
    from the lava near the edge of the other side of the room.
    In Twin Fires, get near the point where the lava and the ground meets. Look to
    the left, theres a hidden ledge that Samus can reach by Space Jumping to the
    wall above the lava. The ledge is quiet wide, if having trouble pin pointing
    the exact position use another game file to find the exact location. Once on
    the invisible ledge do a Space Jump to the ground at the other side, when near
    the ledge moprh to ball form in mid-air. Samus will be in the lava, dont touch
    the wall, set the double bomb jump and when the ball lives the lava press
    forward and un-morph. Samus will reach the ground above.
    Its important to not touch the wall in front of Samus when she is submerged in
    the lava (in morph ball form). For some reason when you touch the wall and
    unmorphing Samus shoots herself to the oposite side. Now go to the Geothermal
    Once in Geothermal Core entrance look for a rock to the left, climb ontop. Now
    look to the side where the stalacmite is (the cone shaped rock) to the right
    theres a metal box that sticks out of the wall, Space Jump to it. Once here
    jump on top of the stalacmite and from here to the first spinner platform. The
    process is straight forward untill you reach the platform with the Spider Ball
    Track. Rise the platform, then go in front of the Spider Track and Space Jump
    to a small edge sticking out. In this ledge turn around, tap B while holding
    backward on the sitck then tap B again while holding forward on the stick. So
    Samus will reach the top platform. Jump to the last platform and activate the
    bomb switch causing the ceiling to raise. At this level theres a metal ledge
    that circles the room. Look in the direction of the last 3 square Spider Track
    pieces, jump to the metal edge and get close to them. Get below the lowest
    square piece (but not directly, just before it) look a bit down-left and
    L-lock the view. Space jump to the right against the wall, in the second B tap
    hold left to position Samus infront of the Square piece then hold right
    against the square piece. This is done so Samus hits the knob piece at the
    center of the square wich gives her the impulse necesary to reach the top of
    the track.
    So Samus is above the lowest square track, L-lock the view up and jump to the
    other ones. From the third square track jump to the ice door and grab the beam
    Note If you have the artifact of Life Giver:                                 |
    If you already grabed the artifact of Life Giver in your trip to the Chozo   |
    Ruins after getting the Wave Beam try this alternate rute if you want:       |
    Twin Fires-> Central Magmor elevator-> Tallon IV-> Crashed Frigate           |
    This is a shortcut to get the artifact of World at Hall of the Elders.       |
    The plan here is to reach the high ice beam door that leads to Overgrown     |
    Cavern, the door above the waterfall. However, theres a small process to take|
    this shortcut, if you learn to do it correctly it gives the oportunity to    |
    save a little time. So heres the description:                                |
    1)Enter the Crashed Frigate room and take care of the enemies                |
    2)Cross the water to the ice beam door that serves to enter the frigate      |
    3)Facing a few feet from the door, to the right and up theres a rock ledge   |
    where Samus can stand.                                                       |
    4)Once on the ledge face the part of the room that has the high ice door,    |
    in front theres a decayed metal piece, behind the metal piece and to the     |
    right theres an inclined ledge, here is where Samus needs to land.           |
    5)L-lock Spring Jump from the rock ledge behind the metal piece and to the   |
    right where the inclined ledge is. Youll have to make the jump left of the   |
    metal piece and the go right. As soon as you pass the metal piece tilt the   |
    stick right. Samus will spin in the air and reach the inclined ledge, in this|
    ledge keep taping B to quickly get out of there.                             |
    6)Youll reach the ground above.                                              |
    7)To reach the ice door, there are 2 options here:                           |
    -You should notice a wall with ground above. Space Jump while pressing       |
    against the wall to reach the upper level.                                   |
    Or                                                                           |
    -Surround the wall eventually leading to the place where the waterfall is, be|
    carefull not to fall down, look in the direction of the door and Space Jump  |
    to pass the crevice.                                                         |
    8)Enter the ice door leading to Overgrown Cave-> Reflecting Pool-> Hall of   |
    the Elders. And follow the rest of the walkthrough.                          |
    Important: The ledge behind the metal piece is inclined so Samus tends to    |
    slip, so never stop presing up until Samus sits firmly.                      |
    Once you are ontop of the rock ledge to the right of the low ice door, is    |
    posible to get a bit more high by jumping to a very close pointy piece behind|
    Is tricky to jump here but the extra high makes reaching the inclined ledge  |
    easier.                                                                      |
    If you dont have Life Giever artifact:
    Now head to Twin Fires-> Central Magmor elevator-> Tallon IV-> Chozo Ruins.
    Go the Main Plaza and into the Morph Ball room, jump in the left side of the
    half pipe and from there to that root sticking from the wall. From the root
    jump to a small ledge barely below the platfrom that leads to the Wave Beam
    door that leads to the Tower of Light. In the Tower of Light just drop to the
    water go forward until you face the wall. Press against the wall and Space
    Jump, press forward-back-forward while making the jump. Samus will surface
    above the water and reach the ledge. Other joysticks combinations can get the
    job done so try what suits you best. Grab the artifact of Life Giver.
    Either way you took youll eventually end at the Hall of the Elders for the
    artifact of World and to enter the Mines.
    Now move to the Hall of the Elders, use the Plasma Beam to grab the artifact
    of World. From here go to the Reflecting Pool and use the elevator that leads
    to the Great Tree Hall.
    Once in the Great Tree Hall go to the metal bars blocking the gap that
    comunicate the 2 sections of the room. Get Samus to the right side near the
    bars, facing them perpendiculary. Now in place transform to ball form, do a
    double bomb jump (dont hit the bars yet). At the top of the jump press
    forward, the ball will pass trough. Once in the other side use the boost slot
    to open the gates. Now head to the ice door and into the Mines.
    |Important Note: Read the section (V) titled "Mine Battle Heavy Rooms" for a |
    |detailed strategy for some of the Mines hard to navigate rooms.             |
    Enter the mines and save the game. Dont have Spider Ball, so you can reach the
    save room by Space Jumping from the bridge where the space pirate pops from
    the ceiling. The other way is below, near the Spider track there are does big
    colums that support all the bridge structures, sticking out of the colums you
    will see metal tubes that you can jump on to get a bit extra high. From here
    L-lock spring jump to the top save room entrance.
    At the Main Quarry scan the switches to open the force field, then head to the
    top of the room, killing all the pirates obviously.
    Also theres a way to avoid fighting all the space pirates at the top level, to
    do it:
    -Destroy the 2 turrets that are on top of the force field entrance.
    -On top of the force field entrance theres a metal border, Space Jump to it
    -Walk the border until near the rock wall, and Space Jump to a rock ledge
    above, when Samus jump is obvious where this ledge is.
    -Once on this ledge Space Jump to the platform, now Samus is at the second
    level of the structure.
    When this is done, Samus will only have to fight the space pirate at the 2nd
    level. The space pirates at the top just will be standing there even if enter
    their field of vision.
    When on top face and align Samus with the door to Waste Disposal, get as close
    to the edge as posible. Turn and face the vertical spider track, put the scan
    visor on L-lock to the track and when the scan is initiating dash (taping left
    and B) and release L button quickly when nearing waste disposal tap B again.
    This is done so you can skip the first wave trooper battle (just for now).
    Also be carefull not to complete the spider track scan or you wont be able to
    use it for dash jump anymore. If you are carefull to not complete the spider
    track scan, is posible to use this shortcut several times in the game.
    So enter Waste Disposal, pass the 2D underwater maze eventually leading to the
    top of Ore Processing. Ignore the troopers, they will just be standing there.
    From Ore Processing the rute is:
    Elevator Access A-> Elevator A-> Elite Controll Access-> Elite Control->
    Ventilation Shaft-> Omega Research-> Dynamo Access
    Now is time to head to Central Dynamo for the Power Bombs wich leads to the
    fight against
    Cloacked Drone.
    For this one use the plasma beam. Once entering Central Dynamo dont drop down,
    just Space Jump from the level you are into the room and back to place, just
    to get the battle going. Since Samus is in the top level near the entrance she
    can use a metal wall to the left to take cover from the Drones attacks. Some
    times the Drone waits for you to get out of the wall cover, so expose Samus
    briefly. Some plasma shots and the Drone gets fryed. Proceed to the electrical
    maze and collect the power bombs. Save the game.
    Other alternative is to drop down and use the central dynamo pillar as cover
    from the Cloacked Drone attacks.
    Backtrack to Ore Procesing (tower with the spider Tracks), no power troopers
    here so dont worry. Go for the lowest bomb switch, now look the central tower
    there should be a part with blue lights flashing in sequence. Among the lights
    there are some metal pipes sticking from the tower, forming more/less an "L"
    shape. The idea here is to jump where the horizontal bit of the tubes joins a
    piece of the tower. There are some steps to get there. First single jump to
    the tower, Samus will stand in a ledge a bit higher from the ground. With this
    small high gain, hold L & Space Jump by pushing a away a small amount from the
    tower & forward again to land in the place where the below part of the tubes
    joins the tower. Some times Samus doesnt grab the ledge so keep trying.
    From the hard to reach ledge look away from the tower to the second floor,
    specifically to the second bomb switch. L-lock the view up and space jump
    directly to the switch, Samus will reach the second floor.
    On the second floor use the bomb switch to align the red Spider Track with the
    the other small red Spider Track, the one that is fixed in the third floor.
    Now get ontop of the second bomb switch and Space Jump the tower, specifically
    on to a black rectangular metal piece. When facing the tower from the switch
    this black piece should be to the left. Now Samus is hanging on this black
    rectangular piece. Turn around and jump to the third floor.
    Now on the third floor go to the red spider track. This is the place where in
    normal circunstances (having the Morph Ball) you drop to the 3rd floor. Theres
    a small horizontal metal piece in wich Samus can stand to gain some high. The
    plan is to jump to the red and horizontal spider track right above Samus head.
    So L-lock the view tap B and right followed by B and gently left. Need to ex-
    ercise prudence here because the area that you need to land on is very small.
    Now on top of the horizontal part, Space Jump to the 4th and final floor and
    use the door that leads to Waste Disposal.
    Time to collect the X-Ray visor and the artifact of Chozo. Return to the Great
    Tree Hall. Reach the section of the room with the Spider Tracks that leads to
    Life Grove Tunnel. Kill all enemies and jump to the place where the
    bloodflower was. Now, Space Jump to the lowest horizontal part of the spider
    track, right on the middle. In the same position hold L and at the peack of a
    Space Jump push right. This gets Samus atop the lower vertical Spider column.
    From here L-lock the view up, notice how the ledge you want to land is
    directly above Samus. So carefull not to hit the head this cause an instant
    fall. So tap B and forward-left and B again while hitting the stick backwards
    and a bit right. Once there is very clear what to do. Go to Life Grove and
    proceed as usual graving the X-ray and the artifact of Chozo. Now there are 2
    1)Exit the room as usual, that is, fighting the Chozo Ghosts.
    2)When Samus has the artifact head to the place where the X-ray was, jump on
    the rock (stalagmite) there and L-lock Spring Jump to the ledge leading to
    LifeGrove. This is a bit tricky but it allows to skip the Chozo Ghosts battle.
    The choice is yours.
    Return to Main Quarry again, once there save and instead of using the Waste
    Disposal shortcut use the force field entrance and head to Elite Research.
    This leads to Wave Trooper battle. This is unavoidable because up until now is
    the only way to access Elite Research without Spider Ball to collect the arti-
    fact of Warrior. Use the power bomb on the Phazon Elite and get the artifact.
    Once you have the Warrior Artifact you have the following options:
    1) Go trough Ore Procesing (again) to Main Quarry and save.
    2) Or go directly to Central Dynamo.
    At Central Dynamo some ice troopers are wating for Samus, so instead of
    droping to lower ground stay near the entrance and use the metal barrier at
    the left to take cover. Once they are dead save the game. An alternative is to
    morph and boost drop near the ice door, open it and save, risky but quicker.
    Note: Loading the game in this save place, will make the ice troopers respawn
    So to beat then open the save room door but dont enter Central Dynamo, instead
    stay inside while taking shots and evading the ice troopers attacks. This
    strategy is just in the case of resuming the game after this save.
    Now is time to visit Metroid Quarentine A (MQA). Remember in a normal run to
    access the ice door that leads to the lower level of the mines the Spider Ball
    is used. There is no Spider in the inventory, this leads to the the next trick
    Take the metroids one by one, the recipe is one ice shot and one missile. But
    let one metroid alive. Power bomb the walls that are in the way to the missile
    expansion in this room. Be carefull that the power bombs dont kill the last
    remaining metroid, when the metroid gets near Samus just ice him and proceed.
    Soon youll arrive where the missile expansion is, be carefull not to touch it
    and jump to the center of the horizontal (metal)bar that is in front at plain
    sight. The idea is to dash jump from the bar to the ice door platform, by now
    should be familiar with the dash jump since it has been used to grab early SJ
    and at the Main Quarry to Waste Disposal shortcut.
    Ok, once on the bar there are 2 options:
    1)Wait for the metroid to attack and freeze him near the center of the bar.
    Then walk to the highest portion of the bar L-lock to the freezed metroid and
    dash jump (like Main Quarry) to the ice door.
    2)This second option only works on NTSC. Dont need to use any metroids so kill
    them all. Jump to the metal bar, walk to its highest part toching the rock
    wall. Look down and youll see 2 metal plates coming from the wall and
    attaching to the bar, you can walk atop those plates. Face the direction of
    the missile expansion. Put the scan visor and carefully begin walking on the
    metal plate closest to the ice door. This makes posible to get an angle to
    begin scaning the missile to make a dash jump. Remember, the scan visor can
    scan at any point as long as the object is in the scan window range.
    This means that the player can find a position that leaves him with a good
    aligment to the platform while having the opotunity to begin a scan.
    So tap B to iniciate the dash and quickly release L, then use your second jump
    to make any mid air adjustments.
    Note: If you dont make it the first time is posible to backtack a few rooms to
    refresh MQA, but after the first time the room gets darker and is a bit more
    difficult to see. So combining both of the above methods to make the jump will
    net you various chances to make the jump without making the room darker. Also
    is posible to reload the Central Dynamo save and try again.
    Pass MQA comes the lowest level of the mines, proceed as normal until Samus
    reachs the Fungal Hall A. Take the hunter metroids one by one, when the room
    is clear of hazards begin jumping atop the mushrooms. Eventually youll reach
    the last one where the graple is need it.The obstacle can be bypassed doing a
    L-lock spring jump, altough with a timing a bit different. Release the L key
    when the first jump is close to 1/2 or 3/4 of its total reach, then tap B
    again.This lets Samus reach the last platform leading to the plasma door.
    What follows is Fungal Hall B, take out the metroids (one by one) when the
    coast is clear, begin walking on ground level toward the door that leads
    to the next room, theres a rock ledge that Samus can climb, this ledge is to
    the left of the mushroom closest to the door (when facing the door). So jump
    in the rock and then to the mushroom. Keep going to Metroid Quarentine B.
    Before Metroid Quarentine B (MQB) is Quarentine Access B, the room with
    invisible Bombus, dont kill the Bombus in case you need the health they
    provide after facing the first pair of plasma troopers in MQB. Quickly enter
    MQB making the plasma troopers appear then retreat to take cover in the Bombu
    room while taking shots to the troopers. Once this 2 troopers are dead, theres
    another pair near the force field in this room, take care of them.
    Now, Samus needs to get on the platform where youll normally use the graple to
    bypass the Phazon pool. Heres how is done without Spider Ball:
    Facing in the direction oposite to the door you entered the room, to the right
    side, 2-3 meters before the spider tracks, there is a rock ledge not too high
    that Samus can stand on so Space jump to it. Now you need another Space Jump
    to the wall but to a higher place, this part is the one with textures
    different from rock (similar to a pipe), more or less directly above Samus
    current position. Once in this ledge Space Jump to the horizontal spider track
    and from there to the metal platform.
    Note: If you are having problems fiding the second ledge, the one high enough
    to let you reach the horizontal Spider Track, just keep Space Jumping from the
    rock to the wall and eventually youll land on it.
    Ok, now from the metal platform Samus needs to clear the phazon pool to the
    other side. This is acomplished by doing a L-lock Spring Jump. When you make
    the jump  be carefull, since at the other side of the energy field lies a
    plasma trooper and 2 wave troopers. Deactivate the field from a safe distance
    and proceed to take out the plasma trooper. Now you can hugh the left side and
    use the wall for cover and take the 2 wave troopers. Or go moprh ball to the
    save point and hope for the best. Either way save the game.
    Head to Elite Quarter Access, remember that a plasma trooper drops there, so
    as soon as he drops take some shots at him, hugh the tunel right wall, then
    come out and take some more shots at him, unfreeze the door. If you want you
    can backtrack to the save point and save the game again, so the plasma trooper
    wont appear again when retrying the fight. And now the giant comes:
    Omega Pirate (OP).
    Enter the Elite Quarter, walk hughing the left side wall. Eventually Samus
    reaches the point that triggers the cinema, now press start. The reason for
    walking close to the left wall is that it gives the player a small advantage.
    After hitting start, therefore cancelling the cinema, youll see OP still in
    the container but the catch is that Samus can dish damage to him even on this
    state. So use the Plasma Beam and beging distributing the shots between the
    left shoulder,both legs and lastly the right shoulder. The reason for the
    distributed damage is to weaken the parts enough so they became few plasma
    shots away from destruction. So when OP comes from the tank youll make a chain
    reaction, one shot-one armor piece destroyed. Remember that OP gets stunned
    for a brief time when a phazon piece is destroyed. In conclusion: he wont have
    much chance to attack at this stage.
    Is posible to use the power bomb to hurt OP. To do it when he is regenerating
    get close and morph, bomb jump and leave a Power Bomb close to the chest.
    Unmorph and quickly put the X-ray visor and L-lock to the heart. This helps
    alot but its not absolutley necesary to beat him.
    Here are the rules of the game:
    -Outstrafe him while shooting, so the armor gets hit even when he is blocking
    -When hes getting to close to Samus, do a dash and quickly release the L key
    so Samus goes flying to the other side, if your above a phazon pool, tap B
    again to pass over it.
    -Keep an eye on the visor since the danger HUD goes crazy when nearing a
    phazon pool. Also try to device a save rute across the field.
    -Dont stay too away from OP or hell use hes canon, if you get hit directly you
    are dead meat.
    -Once OP gets more than 1/3 of his bar down he starts calling 3 troopers not 2
    -When the troopers only perform phisical attacks, ignore then while constantly
    moving and shooting OP.
    -If 1/2 or 1/3 troopers is shooting just concentrate on that one and ignore
    the others.
    -If all of them are shooting, take them all.
    -Order of troopers from eaisiest to bastard:
    Plasma, wave, ice, power.
    -If you get mixed color troopers take then out acording to the above rating.
    -When fighting the ice trooper get more or less close so the shot has more
    chance to hit the mark.
    -Obvious, but keep an eye on the power ups the troopers leave.
    For the first round take some plasma shots at his chest (maybe 6) then morph
    ball form and hit him with the power bomb. OP takes lots of damage like this
    but from now on itll be waves of 3 troopers. From here on with some luck youll
    get plasma troopers. Or maybe non agresive ones, in wich case ignore then keep
    blasting OP because later they die with the ground quake attack.
    If Samus attains victory, then go back and save the game. From here backtrack
    again and grab the artifact of Newborn. Now go back to MQB, save and take the
    shortcut trough Elite Quarters to the Phazon Procesing Center.
    Samus enters the room from the botton, take as many troopers as posible from
    here. There are 2 alternatives to reach the mid-level:
    1)Begin climbing up as normal until you reach the platform where you need
    to morph and use the Spider Ball. Face in the direction of the engraved morph
    ball maze. Theres a hole in the wall big enough to jump to. So Space Jump to
    it. Turn to the oposite direction and there is a metal plank, again jump to it
    2) The other method requires the use of the X-ray visor so you see the invisi-
    ble platforms that leads to the mid-level. No need to go more in-depth here.
    Now at mid level, face the panoramic window and walk to the left metal plank.
    There is an inclined (vertical) metal structure that runs along side the
    window. There are 2 big spaces that Samus can fit in, one is close to the
    plank, the other is identical but to high to reach. So jump in the near one.
    Now comes the only tricky part, L-lock the view a bit down and to the left, by
    now Samus is looking left of the window. Remember the big metal structure runs
    way up. So the plan is to grab on a highest part of the structure to gain more
    high. From your cuarrent position, Space Jump while pulling the stick a bit
    backwards, then on the second B tap press forward against the metal structure.
    If the execution was correct Samus is suspended in an invisible ledge that is
    between the metal structure and the great window.
    From there is very obvious where to go, get Samus to the space that is similar
    to the first one but only higher. This jump only requires a short, gentle and
    well controlled Space Jump. Once in the space, look to where the Spider Track
    ends, theres a metal planck that Samus can reach from its cuarrent position.
    The rute here is very straight foward so from this point head to magmoor using
    Transport to Magmoor Caverns South.
    Now in Magmoor save and take the elevator to Phendrana Drifts South (the
    closest one). Eventually Samus is at Phendrana South, now is up to Phendrana's
    Edge. In the elevator room, there are some metal poles surrounding the
    elevator, jump to the shortest one and from there to a tallest one. Since
    Samus is standing on one of the tallest metal poles is posible for her to
    reach the lip of the Spider Track, morph to ball and go trough the ice door.
    And to Phendrana's Edge to get the artifact of Spirit, using the dry rute.
    The dry rute is:
    Transport Access-> Frozen Pike-> Frost Cave Access-> Frost Cave-> Upper Edge
    In Phendrana's Edge, look for the root bridge and go to part of it that is
    more elevated. Turn and look around and youll notice that almost at bridge
    level, but sticking to the wall, is an inclined root big enough for Samus to
    land on. Also notice that coincidentially the root is below a platfom that
    is sticking to the wall.
    So L lock Spring Jump from the bridge to the root. When you reach the root
    dont move Samus, the game makes and adjustment and shes atop the root. Now,
    L-lock the view way down and while holding L biging walking up the root.
    Release,turn around and look up, theres the platform sticking to the wall
    that you can Space Jump to, so do it. From here is easy to collect the Spirit
    Backtrack to Frozen Pike, search for the door that lets Samus enter Research
    where the Thermal visor lies, keep going to the research labs Aether. Incase
    the window (the one that normally the space pirate breacks) isnt broken just
    head back some rooms and refresh. As you go up kill some pirates, go up the
    window, near the door and before the metoid cinema plays shoot the wave door.
    Note: Dont get too close to the Metroid or the cinema will get activated.
    Activate the cinema, ignore the metroid, just leave through the activated wave
    door. If for some reason the lock of the door is still active, then refresh
    and try again.
    Head to Control Tower where the artifact of Elder is. Climb to the tower that
    is above the door you just entered. Melt the ice and fire a single missile to
    the tanks. Proceed as usual, the flying pirate fight wont be activated if you
    dont get close to the other Wave Beam door.
    Now return to the Phendrana's South Elevator, descend to Magmoor and save. Now
    go to Monitor Station-> Phendrana Shore Lines-> Chozo Ice Temple, to collect
    the artifact of Sun.
    Backtrack to Magmoor central elevator eventually reaching Tallon IV and again
    save at Samus ship. The file must be reading 22%, so head to the Ridley fight
    where the last artifact awaits. For a grand total of 23% and a fight with a
    major celebrity.
    The metal dragon doesnt hold any surprises. The difficult part of the battle
    comes when hes fixed at ground (last 1/3 of energy bar) trying to crash into
    Samus. The trick here, is to initiate a dash and quickly releasing L so Samus
    goes out of the way a hughe distance, if is desire tap B twice. Also important
    to point out, in normal 13 plasma shots to the open mouth makes him expose his
    With Ridley demise the path to Impact Crater no opens. When down there save.
    Reaching Prime is nothing special, the only part that may rise question is
    the place that has the Spider Tracks, just Space Jump far and when Samus hits
    the Phazon, quickly Space Jump again. Now, is Prime time.
    Metroid Prime (first form).
    Metroid Prime is very ortodox even in low percent, by now you must be familiar
    on how to dodge all his basic attacks. If not consult one of the normal run
    FAQs at this very site (alot of then exellent by the way). However there are
    some important things to point out:
    -Prime's color code from harder to easy:
    Yellow. Because of the inzane amount of uncharged power shot Prime takes.
    White. Because the slow travelling of the shot but takes few hits.
    Purple. Easy because the homing ability of the Wave Beam.
    Red. Only requirement is to get close enough to Prime, but is the fastest
    to get over with.
    -In Subchamber's C and D all the attacks come faster, so there is less
    reaction time.
    -The Lava ray, can easily kill Samus.
    -The energy orbs can kill Samus if both of them hit (at full health). Also
    take the left side on first and wait for the right to get near Samus, so she
    can grab any power up left over. The reason to take the left one first in to
    not get the view blocked by your arm canon, seeing Prime is important to evade
    any incoming attacks. Especially in the last chamber.
    -To destroy the energy balls (in normal) just use one missile. This saves lots
    of time.
    -If you managed to avoid all of Prime strong attacks (energy orbs, Lava ray,
    missile rain, etc)  Samus can stand most of the raming that Prime makes in
    Subchamber D.
    Metroid Prime (second form).
    Remember when Primes make the first wave attack, the pillars break leaving
    power ups so this is a good oportunity to refill.
    Again not much of change here from a normal game. The only difficult parts
    comes when he goes to the heat spectrum, since Samus doesnt have the Thermal
    visor you wont be able to see him. At this time keep moving, the wave attacks
    are easy to dodge but Prime also rams Samus, this is quiet dificult to avoid.
    As for the metroids Prime summons, in the first waves you have enough time to
    handle then the traditional way (ice-missile). So safe the Power Bombs for the
    Fision metroids and the hunters. And when you lay the bombs near the pool do
    so with precaution because as the fight advances Prime likes to get right
    above the pool and attack. If Samus runs dry on Power Bombs and alternative
    is to jump in the phazon pool and use the Phazon Beam against the metroids.
    V.-)Mines Battle Heavy Rooms.
    A more in-depth description of some of the very battle oriented rooms found in
    the Mines. This do not represent the order in wich youll be visiting the rooms
    (note the rute in the walktrough), this is just a collection of tips to make
    navigating this rooms less problematic.
    Main Quarry:
    Heres a way to avoid fighting all the space pirates at the top level, to do it:
    -Destroy the 2 turrets that are on top of the force field entrance.
    -On top of the force field entrance theres a metal border, Space Jump to it
    -Walk the border until near the rock wall, and Space Jump to a rock ledge
    above, when Samus jump is obvious where this ledge is.
    -Once on this ledge Space Jump to the platform, now Samus is at the second
    level of the structure.
    When this is done, Samus will only have to fight the space pirate at the 2nd
    level. The space pirates at the top just will be standing there even if enter
    their field of vision.
    Mine Security Station:
    Note: Youll only enter this room just one time in the entire game if the rute
    described in the walktrough is correctly followed. Remember using the Main
    Quarry Dash Jump to avoid the fight when ever you want.
    3 Shadow pirates conform the first oposition in this room, simply use the
    Plasma Beam on then. Continue to proceed deeper into the room eventually
    reaching the ascending ramp that leads Samus to the wave beam battle, in wich
    3 wave troopers attack.
    As soon as the cinema ends, backtrack to the part of the room that has a metal
    pipe in the center. Go against the wall and take a peek, one trooper most be
    coming your way by now so L-lock and begin firing using the wall as cover.
    If the pirate gets closer, go near the pipe and use it as cover. In essence
    the pipe separates Samus from the pirate, so each time the pirate moves to get
    a shooting angle, just readjust your position so the central metal pipe gets
    between both of you. The pipe seems too slim but itll provide cover.
    Taking on the troopers this way and dispatch each one quickly will allow you
    to go one on one against the troopers, so they wont outnumber Samus. Each time
    a trooper is taken care of chances are theyll leave health refills.
    Security Access B:
    Simply 2 shadow pirates. Just constantly shoot the Plasma Beam and eventually
    theyll catch fire.
    Elite Research:
    Note: The only time in the run youll touch this room is to get the artifact of
    Warrior from the Phazon Elite.
    2 normal pirates in the first level
    2 wave troopers in the second level
    1 power trooper in the  third level
    The troopers in the upper levels appear once Samus scans the platform
    controls. Is posible to skip the 2 wave troopers at the 2nd level, by not
    activating the first platform controls. To do it:
    1)When entering this room throug the ground door (Security Access B door),
    there are 2 vertical metal pipes each one at the sides of the phazon elite.
    This pipes have 2 vertical segments joined together by an small horizontal
    segment. The plan is to Space Jump to that horizontal segment and from there
    to the second level.
    2)Go to the right pipe, ahead of it, theres a rectangular structure with
    little holes, this is similar to some floor pieces in the mines, but this one
    is vertical in relation to the ground.
    3)Get behind the rectangular structure, notice there 2 horizontal steel beams
    that are attached to the back side of the rectangular structure.One close to
    ground level the other above it.
    4)Jump to the first steel beam and from here Space Jump to top one
    5)Now Samus got enough altitude, so face in the direction of the metal pipe
    and Space Jump to its horizontal segment. And from there to the 2nd level.
    When fighting:
    Take the troopers from the level directly below then, is time
    consuming but is the safest way, unless you want to do some serious dashing.
    Keep in mind that is hard to get a clean shot angle, so some Space Jumping
    while L-locked is going to be necesary, specially for the last power trooper.
    As for the Phazon Elite, no news here. Keep evading and firing plasma when he
    makes the quake wave.
    Elite Control:
    1 Elite pirate
    3 ice troopers
    After beating the Elite pirate lure the first 2 ice troopers and go to the
    ice door that leads to the Moprh Ball tunnel wich serves to access the Phazon
    Procesing Center. Enter the ice door and stay near it to keep it open, since
    you are in another room is easier to evade the enemy fire. Begin making shots
    to the troopers, once this 2 pass away lure the last one.
    Note:Theres the option to fight or evade 5 shadow pirates instead of the 3 ice
    troopers. To do this once the elite pirate is dead, bactrack to Elite Control
    Access -> Elevator A. Once in Elevator A, head back to Elite Control placed
    instead of the ice troopers there will be 5 shadow pirates.
    Omega Research:
    2 wave troopers at entrance level
    3 power troopers at ground level
    As always theres the option to avoid the combat, so if you want as soon as you
    enter the room Boost Ball from the top of the room to the white door in the
    ground that leads to Dynamo Acces. Be aware of the risk this envolves.
    Or just fight:
    Take some steps into the room, to the right theres always 1 wave trooper that
    begins the attack, cover yourself using the computer equipment that is near
    the entrance and take care of it. Now, advance untill the wave troopers that
    drops from the ceiling to the floting platform appears. Use the left side wall
    for cover and kill him.
    For the 3 remaning power troopers at the below level, just stay in your higher
    position and get close to the ledge. L-lock to then take some shots, retreat
    from the ledge, again forward and take some shots, by now the rules are clear.
    Metroid Quarentine B (MQB):
    2 plasma troopers near the entrance
    2 plasma troopers across the Phazon pit
    1 plasma trooper behind the force field
    2 wave troopers behind the force field
    Must of the strategy for this room is explained in the walktrough. Enter the
    room, making the first 2 troopers drop from the ceiling. Backtack to
    Quarentine Access leaving the door open, begin shooting at the troopers. Now,
    enter MQB again, of the 2 troopers across the phazon pit, begin to take quick
    shots at the left one. The reason is because you are going to use the Spider
    Track pillar for cover, and at this position the left trooper is out of the
    range of the Plasma Beam, so is too risky to expose yourself trying to get
    into range to hit him. So is a top priority to take care of the left trooper
    The other trooper is the one that always jumps to the metal platform and is
    always at the Plasma Beam range. So calmly using the Spider Track for cover
    take the necesary shots to finish him.
    Deactivate the field from a safe distance and proceed to take out the plasma
    trooper. Now you can hugh the left side and use the wall for cover and take
    the 2 wave troopers. Or go moprh ball to the save point and hope for the best.
    The list of people that lend their talents to brake the game.
    Mr.Amasawa, Andrew, Banks, Devilbit, Mr. Kip, Kyuenjin, Paratroopa1, Rage,
    Tim,TreborSelbon, Varsis Erion, Zoidi.
    Thanks to Leandro and Carlos.
    Note: Mr. Prefix was added by the author of this guide.
    VII.-)Useful Links.
    A list of links that provide explanation to some of the tricks and videos.
    With their respective creators of course.
    http://membres.lycos.fr/zellmetroid (Zell's site, and the first one)
    http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~vpoupet/metroid_prime/  (Zanapher's site, videos)
    http://mywebpages.comcast.net/amasawa/  (Mr. Amasawa's site)
    http://metroid.retrofaction.com/      (Tim's site)
    This guide was made by GC "DevilBit" Pezzoti and is he's copy right.
    Can not be altered or posted in any site without GCPezzoti consent.
                                              Copyright GCPezzotti "Devilbit"

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