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    No Space Jump FAQ by Mr Potter

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    Metroid Prime
    No Space Jump FAQ
    by Mr Potter
    This guide is for the NTSC version of the game. Things listed
    in this guide may or may not work in the other versions of the
    game. I have no idea what would work in other versions and what
    wouldn't, as I don't have any other versions.
    Oh, and also please note this guide isn't for 98% items (with
    SJ boots and Phazon Beam not counting to the percentage).
    1. Introduction
    2. Techniques
    3. Normal moves
    4. No SJ walkthrough
     4a. Intro
     4b. Chozo Ruins
     4c. Phendrena Collecting
     4d. The Ice Beam
     4e. Magmoor Journey and More Phendrena Collecting
     4f. Phazon Mines
     4g. Geothermal Core: The Dead End
    5. FAQ
    6. More Sequence Breaking
    7. Contact
    8. Closing
    1. Introduction
    Hi. I'm Mr Potter, and this is a no space jump FAQ for Metroid
    Prime. In this type of run, you would go through the game
    without collecting the space jump boots. This is much easier
    said than done, as many techniques must be mastered to do this
    type of run. On to the FAQ!
    2. Techniques
    Bomb Jump: Lay a bomb and let it blast you into the air.
    Double Bomb Jump: Lay a bomb. Just before it explodes, lay a
    second bomb. At the peak of your bomb jump lay the third bomb.
    Now stay still and wait.
    3-Bomb Jump: Lay a bomb. Right before it explodes, lay a second
    bomb. Right before that explodes, lay a third bomb. Right before
    that explodes, your bomb stock should refill, so lay all three
    bombs in a stack. Wait.
    Triple Bomb Jump: Lay a bomb and let it blast you into the air.
    When you land, lay a second bomb. Right before that explodes,
    lay bomb 3. At the peak of your jump, lay bomb 4 (your bomb
    stock should have come back). When bomb 3 explodes, lay bomb 5
    just above bomb 3. Bomb 4 should now explode; while still
    ascending, lay bomb 6 right above where bomb 4 was. Now you 
    should fall down into bomb 5, which should send you into bomb 6. 
    Congrats. Doing this against a wall allows for greater height,
    as it lets you delay the placement of bombs 5 and 6. This is
    called a "wall triple bomb jump".
    L-Lock Spring Space Jump: L-lock your view down. Now jump in
    the desired direction, release your l-lock, and space jump.
    We will be using some of these, just without the space jump.
    Ghetto Jump: Find a slanted wall. L-lock your view down and push
    into the wall. Jump, pull away from the wall, space jump, and 
    move back toward the wall. The result is a glitch that gives you
    extra height.
    Dash Jump: Lock onto an enemy and do a dash. Then release L and
    turn Samus so she's facing the direction you're going. Space
    jump if you have the boots. That is a dash jump.
    Scan Dash Jump: Basically just a dash jump using the scan visor.
    See Dash Jump.
    Rapid-Fire Missiles: Annoyed with that delay between missiles?
    Just press A in between Y's. For example pressing Y, then A,
    and then Y (Yay!) would let you fire two missiles with no
    delay. Note that this only works with the power beam.
    3. Normal moves
    These are all the "normal" moves. A * next to a move means an
    upgrade must be collected to use this move.
    Shoot: Press A in the combat, thermal, or x-ray visor.
    Jump: Press B.
    Space Jump*: Press B in midair.
    Charge Beam*: Press and hold A to hold a charge shot.
    Super Missiles*: Charge the Power Beam and press Y to fire
    a super missile.
    Missile*: Press Y to fire a missile.
    Wavebuster*: Charge the Wave Beam and press Y to fire the
    Ice Spreader*: Charge the Ice Beam and press Y to fire the
    Ice Spreader.
    Flamethrower*: Charge the Plasma Beam and press Y to fire the
    Change Beams*: Use the C-stick to change your beam weapon. (must
    have another beam to use)
    Change Visors: Use the D-pad to change your visor.
    Morph Ball Mode*: Press X to morph, and press X again to unmorph.
    Morph Ball Bombs*: Press A while in morph ball mode to lay a
    Boost Ball*: Press and hold B while in morph ball mode to charge
    a boost and release B to release it!
    Spider Ball*: Press and hold R when against spider ball tracks
    when in morph ball mode to use.
    Power bomb*: Press Y in morph ball mode to use.
    Map: Press Z to view the map.
    Grapple*: Press L when you see a blue grapple sign to use.
    Aim: Press and hold R to aim.
    Lock on: Press and hold L to lock on.
    Control Stick: Use the control stick to move. (obviously)
    Scan: Lock onto a scan point when in the scan visor.
    4. No SJ walkthrough
    *4a. Intro*
    You will start on Space Frigate. Up ahead you'll see four red
    circles. Shoot them and continue on. Scan the scan point and
    shoot the next six circles. Now it's a small walk to the door.
    Go through it to find a hallway. At the end of the hallway is
    a door. Go through it.
    Here is another scan point. Scan it and the room will
    depressurize. Now head through the door and head through the
    next hallway.
    Here is a large room. Reaching the door should be no problem.
    Once at the door shoot the door and head through it. Hold
    a charge shot and shoot the rubble. Continue on through the
    When you enter this room a cinema will trigger where two
    parasites run through a small hole. Follow them in morph ball
    mode to reach the map station of Frigate. Download it and head
    back. Go through the door.
    Here you will find the game's first elevator. Scan the scan
    point to activate it, and simply step into the hologram to start
    it. Once the elevator stops, head through the next room. Here
    is some electricity and some rubble. Switch into morph ball mode
    and avoid the electricity and head through the rubble. At the
    end, unmorph and go through the door.
    Here is a room with a two space pirates, one walking and one
    lying down. Kill them both and head through the next door. In
    this next room is an auto defense turret. The game will tell
    you to kill it with a missile. Ignore it! Kill the turret with
    a charge shot. We're saving our missiles for the upcoming boss.
    In the next room, there is a turret. Use another charge shot to
    take it out and head to the scan point. Scan it to activate the
    elevator, which will take you to the next level of this room.
    On the next level, watch out for the space pirates! Take them out
    with charge shots and continue through the door. The next room
    is an empty hallway; head through it to the next door.
    Watch out for the turret in the next room! Take it out with
    a charge shot. Scan the scan point to activate the elevator,
    and step into the hologram. When the ride is over, a space
    pirate will drop down. Get rid of it with charge shots and scan
    the scan point. A morph ball hologram will appear. Go into
    morph ball mode and roll into it. A door will open. Go through
    it. There are two turrets in this room. Kill them with charge
    shots, and look to your left. You will see a door. Through that
    door is a save station, so save if you want. Then go back and
    scan the scan point and roll into the morph ball hologram. The
    next door will open. Roll through it.
    -BOSS: Parasite Queen-
    The boss is a phazon-mutated Parasite. Scan it, as this makes
    the fight easier. How, you ask? Well, its mouth is its weak spot,
    and scanning it lets you lock onto its mouth. So once you can
    lock onto the mouth, use rapid-fire missiles. If it attacks you,
    get out of the way with a dash jump.
    When the queen is gone, you will need to evacuate immediately.
    The game will place you in front of a door, so go through it.
    In this room are a bunch of steps. Not very many, so don't worry.
    When you reach the top, you'll find a door. Head through.
    The next room is an elevator. Scan the scan point to activate the
    elevator and step into the hologram. The elevator will take you
    up. At the top is a door (and a turret). Keep going.
    In the next room you'll see a bunch of space pirates shooting
    the giant thing in a glass case you saw earlier. Ignore them, as
    they won't attack you. Soon an explosion will kill them all.
    Jump up the rubble to reach the top of the room, a part you've
    been to previously. Both doors you used before are blocked off,
    so you'll need to find another way. Head toward the two space
    pirates that are shooting you. The one closer to the circle
    in the wall will automatically die when the circle blows up,
    revealing a new passage. Run into it.
    There are a ton of parasites in the next room. Ignore them and
    head through the room as fast as you can. When you reach the
    door, open it and head through it to reach a room similar to
    the room you just went through. When you reach the end, another
    circle thing in the wall will blow up. Run through it to find
    yourself in the elevator room, on top of the elevator. You'll
    be looking at a circle thing in the wall. Wait for it to blow up
    and run through it. Run through this room to find a door. Open it
    and run into the larger part of the room. Here are two turrets.
    Kill them with missiles, if you have enough. If not, use charge
    shots. The grey door will regain color. Shoot it and run through.
    Run through the ventilation shafts to reach another large part.
    Ignore the parasites and run through the door. Here is a piston.
    it moves back, follow it and pay close attention to your right,
    because a door will show up there soon. Don't worry if the piston
    smashes you. It doesn't hurt. Run through the door and keep
    going. Soon you'll reach a door. Head through it to trigger a
    It's Ridley! He'll fly away. Have Samus grapple across the gap.
    Shoot the door and run through. Here you'll find a scan point.
    Ignore it and shoot the turret with a missile or charge shot.
    Past the turret is another scan point near an elevator. Scan
    it to activate the elevator and trigger a cinema. An explosion
    knocks Samus into the wall. You'll lose all your upgrades except
    Combat Visor, Scan Visor, Power Beam, jump, aim, and lock on.
    The explosion will also give you all your health back (???).
    Now walk forward into the hologram to start the elevator. At the
    top, head through the door.
    Run through the path and soon it will say the room is
    depressurizing. Wait for it to finish and run through the door.
    Then run through the door. Here is a hallway; run through it to
    the next door. When you get through it, run forward. You made it!
    A cinema is triggered. Samus runs out and sees Ridley fly toward
    Tallon IV. She jumps onto her ship and follows him. Soon the
    tracking is lost and Samus must land. Save.
    *4b. Chozo Ruins*
    Now we're going to get back most of the stuff you lost, plus get
    to Phendrena. Head through the door on your right. Destroy the
    beetles and head through the next room to reach Tallon Canyon.
    Run through to the door past the half pipe to reach a tunnel.
    Head through this to reach an elevator. Scan the scan point and
    step into the hologram to start the game's first "real" elevator.
    When you arrive in the ruins, head through the door to find
    a small room with a couple of beetles. Kill them and head to the
    next room to trigger a cinema. It's nothing big, just showing you
    around Main Plaza (the room you're in right now). Head past the
    half pipe, killing the beetles on the way. On your left is a
    door. Head through it. Run through the various rooms containing
    Eyons, War Wasps, Tangleweeds, plazmites, all that stuff, until
    you reach the room known as "Hive Totem". Jump across the
    platforms here until you reach the center, and start across the
    bridge leading to the Missile Launcher to trigger the Hive Mecha
    As soon as the battle begins, Hive Mecha will open up and release
    Barbed (or Ram, I forget) War Wasps. These creatures will circle
    you until finally stopping. After a second of hovering, they will
    attack you. This is your chance to kill them. When they're all
    gone, Hive Mecha will open up again. Shoot it until it turns
    and releases more Barbed/Ram War Wasps. Repeat for two more
    rounds to win the Missile Launcher.
    If you don't feel like fighting Hive Mecha, stand by the bridge
    and look at the mouths that the water comes out of. Switch to
    scan visor and lock onto it, and dash jump across. Then
    do another dash jump back to the main platform. (thanks go
    to LeCoureur103 for telling me that you could do this.)
    Now walk across the bridge and collect the missile launcher.
    There is a door with a missile lock behind you. Destroy the
    missile lock with a missile and go through the door to find
    an energy tank. Grab it and head back to Main Plaza.
    When you get there, go past the half-pipe to trigger the beetles
    again. Kill or ignore them and turn right to see a missile lock
    door. Destroy the lock and enter. Run through the hallway filled
    with scarabs to reach another door. Go through it to reach Ruined
    Shrine. Jump up to the halfpipe. You should be able to see the
    morph ball up ahead.
    Here, you have two options.
    A: Jump into the pit and run across to trigger a battle with a
    ton of beetles, ending by you killing a plated beetle.
    B: Get up against the right side of the half-pipe and turn
    around. Switch on the scan visor to see the half-pipe has a scan
    point on it. Scan-dash off this scan point to pass the beetle 
    battle trigger and grab the morph ball without fighting for it.
    In either case, once you have the morph ball, roll back into the
    pit (triggering the beetle battle if you took path B) and roll
    through the pipe in the bottom of the half-pipe to reach the
    Go back to Main Plaza. Go to the side with the door you used to
    get the Missile Launcher. There will be a bunch of steps here.
    Jump up them to see a lone war wasp and two hives. Kill the wasp
    and then the hives (a missile takes out the hives). Now go
    through the door.
    In this hallway is a ton of scarabs and some tree branches
    blocking the way. The branches have holes in the bottom of them,
    so morph and roll through. Next is Ruined Fountain. There are a
    bunch of plazmites here. Ignore them and get to the door closest
    to the missile expansion. Run through it. Here is a hallway with
    a few shriekbats. Kill those and at the end of the hallway is a
    missile door lock. Shoot it with a missile and go through the
    door to the Aboretum.
    Later we'll have to reach the top of this room, but for now, just
    enter the door on the other side of the room. The next room is
    a hallway, nothing big. Through this hallway is Gathering Hall.
    At Gathering Hall turn left and run through the door. Watery Hall
    Access is a hallway, as you might expect. But wait! There's more!
    When you reach the middle of the room, shreikbats will attack,
    but that's not what I was talking about. When you reach the
    middle of the room, you'll also hear the sound of an expansion.
    You should have only one missile left, so use it on the wall to
    your left. It will crumble, revealing a missile expansion. Grab
    it to get five more missiles and be able to carry 10 missiles!
    At the end of WHA is a missile door lock. Destroy it and head
    through the door. In this room (Watery Hall), you need to scan
    four runic symbols. Turn left, switch on the scan visor, and walk
    to the right. Soon the first symbol will come into view; scan it.
    Now switch back to combat visor and jump up the platforms.
    Looking down, you'll soon see a bunch of Blastcaps. Shoot them
    with a missile and scan the symbol underneath them. Now keep
    jumping up the platforms. Soon you'll see a Reaper Vine. Shoot it
    jump to the next platform.
    On the next platform is another Reaper Vine. Instead of going up
    there, turn right and look down to see symbol 3. Scan it. Now 
    continue up the platforms until you reach the last one. Turn
    right to see the last symbol. Scan it and the gate in front of
    you will grow a hammer symbol on the center of it. Scan that and
    the gate will open. Now jump to the Charge Beam.
    A bunch of Eyons will appear when you get the Charge Beam. A
    charge shot will kill them, so do so and get back to Gathering
    When you reach GH, use the platforms to reach the top of the
    room. Run through the door here. Now go through the two hallways,
    the first containing shriekbats, the second containing eyons.
    When you get through each of them you'll reach Energy Core. Turn
    left here and walk through the hallway. Soon you'll reach the
    door leading to Burn Dome Access. Use the morph ball tunnels to
    reach another door. Go through it to find Burn Dome. As soon as
    you enter, the Incinerator Drone will appear.
    The drone will begin by activating its flames and spinning
    around, sending very dangerous flames toward you. (What were
    the Chozo thinking, making a machine like that for garbage
    disposal?) Soon it will stop and a red spot will show up. Fire
    a missile at this spot to hurt it, and then the drone will
    get mad and attack the wasp hive above it. This will send out
    Ram/Barbed War Wasps. Now repeat, with the addition of killing
    the wasps that attack you.
    The weak spot will face the wall, then the door, then the wall,
    then the door. When it gets hit four times, it will completely
    destroy the hive and any wasps that are out. Then it'll blow up,
    leaving the Morph Ball Bombs.
    Grab the bombs and use them on the bombable hole in the wall.
    Roll through to find a Missile Expansion (15 missiles). Now
    go back to Gathering Hall. When you get there, turn left. You
    will see a red thing. Jump on it, then morph and do a DBJ onto
    the ledge above, and then bomb the gate to get another expansion
    (20 missiles). Now go save at GH's save station.
    When you get out, kill the shreikbats that attack, and then go to
    the aboretum. Normally you'd have to scan runic symbols here, but
    let's skip that. Make your way to that top of the room where the
    gate is and do either a 3BJ or a wall TBJ. Although it may take a
    couple tries, soon you'll get past the gate.
    Bomb the sandstone and roll through the tunnel. Destroy the
    missile door lock and head through the door. The next room is
    a hallway. There are a few Reaper Vines and Venomweeds here, so
    be careful. The room after this is basically the same, except
    with more Reaper Vines and only one section of Venomweeds.
    Through the next door is Sunchamber; before going in, refill
    from the crates and start the battle with Flaaghra.
    Flaaghra is a huge plant boss powered by beams of light from the
    mirrors. When the battle begins, immediately turn left and fire a
    missile at the mirror. Now Flaaghra will fall down; roll through
    the revealed morph ball tunnel and activate the bomb slot. This
    will take away 1/4 of Flaaghra's health. Repeat this while
    dodging Flaaghra's attacks, with the addition of one mirror each
    round. Please note that Flaaghra can and will knock mirrors back
    into position. To prevent this. fire missiles and charge shots at
    Flaaghra until stunned. Soon Flaaghra will fall, the water will
    return to normal, and you get the Varia Suit.
    Right in front of you is the Varia Suit. Grab it and head through
    the door that is now behind you. Refill from the crates in the
    next room and drop down the Suntower in the room after that.
    You will now be in an elevator room. Scan the scan point and
    get into the hologram to activate the elevator.
    When you arrive in Magmoor, go through the door to find Burning
    Trail. Fall down the long shaft with moving platforms and kill
    the attacking shriekbats. Continue down the hallway. Soon you'll
    see a door and a missile door lock on your laft. Destroy the lock
    and enter the door. Save your game.
    Now get out of the station. Further down the hallway, two more
    groups of shriekbats will attack and you'll encounter a new
    enemy, Grizbys. Grizbys can be taken out with a missile.
    Keep going until you reach Lava Lake. When the cutscene ends, a
    Magmoor will come out of the lava. Kill it and then kill all the
    puffers. You will notice a bunch of platforms. Jump up them
    until you reach a black platform that is a bit higher up than the
    other platforms. Now turn left to see a big pillar. Fire two
    missiles at it to reveal the Artifact of Nature. But how to get
    it? The artifact was designed to be collected with the SJ boots!
    Lock your view down and get to the edge of the platform, and
    turn right. You will see a Magmoor. DO NOT KILL IT! We need the
    Magmoor for what we are going to do next.
    Acquire a combat lock on the Magmoor and dash to the left. With
    luck, you'll dash right into the Artifact and collect it.
    It won't be too hard to get from here to Moniter Station. So find
    your own way there. When you get there, turrets will attack.
    These are the same machines you saw on Space Frigate, but for
    some reason now they take two missiles instead of one. Two charge
    shots will also work. Kill all four turrets and jump up the
    platforms. Cross the bridge and enter Transport Tunnel A.
    When you get there, enter the morph ball tunnel. You will notice
    a gap above you. Get under it and do a DBJ up there. The ground
    you're on when you do the DBJ is breakable and will be broken
    with two morph ball bombs, so get the DBJ right the first time.
    From there roll left, do another DBJ, roll left, and do a final
    DBJ to get an energy tank. Now do a normal bomb jump to the left
    and roll out. Run through the door and activate the elevator
    to Phendrena Drifts. Step in it to activate it.
    *4c. Phendrena Collecting*
    When you arrive in Phendrena, shoot the icicles with charge shots
    or missiles and continue through the next door. When you get to
    Phendrena Shorelines, head straight until the river, then turn
    left and shoot the gate with a missile. Walk up to where it used
    to be and scan the thing behind the pile of snow. This will
    unlock a door. Now jump up the steps and get to the door.
    The next room is a hallway. Run through it, avoiding the pulse
    bombus, and get to the first Ice Ruins. At this room you will
    encounter a new enemy, the Baby Sheegoth. Shoot its back with a
    charge shot and then shoot it with three regular shots to take
    it out. Now hop up the platforms. Soon you will reach a door;
    take it. In the next room there are many Ice Burrowers. Shoot
    them to take them out, and continue to the next door. Head up
    the slope to the left and take the door. The next room has more
    pulse bombus; ignore them, as you can't kill them yet.
    On the other side of the room is a door leading to more Ice
    Ruins. There are two more Baby Sheegoths here, so run through.
    run past them and turn right to see a missile door lock. Shoot it
    off with a missile and run through the door. The next room is
    a hallway with the next kind of bombu: Scatter Bombus. Avoid
    their rays by slipping between them in morph ball mode. At the
    end of the hallway is a door to Phendrena Canyon; take it.
    Phendrena Canyon is a long room that doesn't go anywhere except
    the way you just came in, but it does have the boost ball, which
    we're going to need. Hop down to wake up a Baby Sheegoth. Kill it
    and run up the slope. Shoot the Crystallite with a missile and
    scan the scan point. The platforms will now come down. Hop up
    them and to the boost ball.
    When you get the boost ball, you'll have to boost up the
    half-pipe. Do so and get onto the platforms. Get rid of the
    Crystallites and go back to the door you came in from. Head all
    the way back to Phendrena Shorelines and save.
    It's time for the Wave Beam.
    Jump in the water. There is a small platform just out of reach;
    board it with a DBJ. Now get into the corner and to a wall TBJ.
    If done correctly, Samus will be on the platform. Head through
    the door to Ice Temple Access.
    Shoot the icicles with a MISSILE. Not a charge shot, a MISSILE.
    Why, you ask? Because there's a pulse bombu right there and it
    will hurt you if you shoot it with a charge shot, that's why!
    Run through and head through the other door to reach the
    Ice Temple. Upon arrival, a Baby Sheegoth will wake up. Kill it
    and then kill all the Crystallites and Ice Parasites in the room.
    Do a DBJ onto the small platform. Looking around, you'll see
    another one coming out of the wall right next to your platform.
    DBJ onto it. Now turn to face the Chozo statue. Do a 3BJ onto its
    plate, and then do another 3BJ onto its head. Then jump onto the
    next platform. Run behind the ice wall and do another DBJ onto
    the next platform.
    Do a normal jump (jump, not bomb jump) to the next platform.
    You're getting close! Do another DBJ to the next platform and
    the one after that. Now do a second-to-last DBJ onto the platform
    sticking out of the wall. Normal jump to the other platform
    coming out of the wall, and do a DBJ onto the final platform.
    Jump onto the top of the ice temple and shoot the head on the far
    right with a missile. Use the bomb slot to move the gate and
    roll through Chapel of the Elders Access. When you arrive at
    Chapel of the Elders, head for the wave beam to trigger the
    fight. You will have to fight four Baby Sheegoths, two at a time.
    When they're all dead, the Sheegoth will break out.
    The Sheegoth isn't really a miniboss, but right now it will feel
    like one. The Sheegoth has two attacks: it can use its breath
    attack which will freeze you upon contact, or it can use its
    other attack that the babies use. The one where he spits ice
    at you... Anyway, there are also two ways you can beat it (well,
    actually 3, but right now there's only 2). The first way is
    to wait for it to attack and then rapid-fire missiles in its
    face. The second way is to lay morph ball bombs by it.
    The third way if to fire the Plasma Beam at it, which you can't
    do because you don't have the plasma beam... Anyway, pick a
    method and defeat the Sheegoth. The Wave Beam is your prize.
    Collect the wave beam and do a DBJ back onto the platform with
    the Wave Door. Shoot the wave door with the Wave Beam and go
    all the way to Ice Ruins West. At Ice Ruins West enter the ruined
    building and DBJ to the top of it. Shoot the stalactite with a
    missile. It will fall down. Jump down and DBJ onto it, and then
    DBJ onto the next platform. The next platform is more of an
    alcove and has two Crystallites in it. DO NOT KILL THE
    CRYSTALLITES! Like the Magmoor in Lava Lake, we are going to use
    it for the next thing we will do. Hop to the next platform. Now
    look to the right. You will see a wave beam door. Align yourself
    so the wave door is to your left. Soon you will see one of the
    Crystallites I told you not to kill. Acquire a combat lock on it
    and dash to the left.
    Hopefully you'll land on the platform. Head through the wave
    door. The next room has scarabs and a Pulse Bombu in it. Kill
    them all (the bombus can be killed with the Wave Beam) and keep
    going to Ruined Courtyard.
    As soon as you get in, shoot all of the flickerbats. You don't
    want them bothering you, as they can knock you right off the
    platform. Find the two spinners and activate them, and then
    activate the bomb slot to raise the water. Hop across the
    platforms to the middle structure and hop up the ledges here.
    Somewhere around here is a quite large ledge. DBJ onto it and 
    then do a DBJ onto the next ledge. Finally, do a DBJ onto the top
    of the center structure. Looking around, you'll see a wave beam
    door. Jump onto the fence surrounding the structure, and turn
    so you're facing the door without power (the one that leads to
    Thardus). Switch on the scan visor and lock onto the door. It
    should say it's out of scanning range. Do a dash jump to the
    right. With luck you'll end up right in front of the wave door.
    Head through it to enter the research labs.
    As soon as you get in, a Shadow Pirate will attack you. Kill it
    with charge shots and continue. In the next room, a sentry drone
    will catch you and cause four or five space pirates to run out
    and attack you. Kill them with charge shots to unlock the door.
    Head through the door at the top of the room.
    The next room is a hallway with scatter bombus. Head to the end
    of it and into the next room. This room is the first research
    lab. Switch the scan visor on and scan the scan point to cause
    the force field to deactivate and head through it. Now activate
    the elevator and head to the top of the room, killing any enemies
    that get in your way. When you get to the top of the room, shoot
    the wave door in the ceiling and head through it.
    The next room is an open hallway with a bunch of snow, crates,
    and turrets. Blow the turrets up as you head through the room.
    And now we reach our destination: the Observatory. The pirates
    will attack you as soon as you come in, so take care of them and
    scan the scan point. This will activate a bomb slot. Bomb your
    way up to it and activate it, which will activate another slot.
    Bomb that one and it will activate four spinners. Boost those
    to get the observatory to activate, lowering the super missiles.
    Now that the super missiles are down, leave. Go back to Monitor
    Station in Magmoor. It's time for the Ice Beam!
    *4d. The Ice Beam*
    As soon as you enter Monitor Station, a turret will attack you.
    Take it out with two missiles and look to the right. You will
    see a bridge out of jumping range. Do a DBJ onto it, turn
    around, and do another DBJ back onto the structure. Head to the
    right to find a spinner. Use it to raise a bridge. Once the
    bridge is raised, go to the end of it and look down and to the
    right. You will see a Puffer floating around. Get a combat
    lock on it and dash to the left. You will hopefully land on the
    rocks. DBJ up to the door and head through it. Jump up and grab
    the Artifact of Strength.
    Now head back to the Chozo Ruins using whatever method you want.
    The room is Energy Core. When you get there, head toward Burn
    Dome, but when you reach the door leading to BDA, turn right
    to see a Stone Toad. Go into morph ball mode and let it suck you
    up, and then lay a bomb inside of it to kill it. Past the toad
    is a generator. Use the bomb slot to activate it and lower the
    water level.
    Roll through the tunnel to the next generator and activate that
    one to cause some platforms to raise. Jump up them and activate
    the final generator, which will raise some more platforms and
    unlock the door. Jump up to the door and enter West Furnace
    Access, which is just a hallway. At the end of it is Furnace.
    Go into morph ball mode through the hole and get the E-tank
    at the end and then head back. You should notice a spiderball
    track that is normally used to get to the main part of Furnace.
    But we won't do that, will we? :D Push yourself so your walking
    into the left side of the spiderball track and start jumping.
    If done right, you'll activate the clipping glitch that will
    push you up the track. At the top, morph and roll through.
    At the main part of Furnace some beetles will attack. Kill them
    and head to the left, where you'll see a Chozo Lore. Roll through
    the tunnel and unmorph, jump over the pit, remorph, roll through
    the rocks, and open the wave beam door. Through this door is
    Crossway. Use the half-pipe here to get up and keep going through
    the missile lock on the next door. Head through Elder Hall
    Access and to Hall of the Elders.
    Congratulations! You've reached your first Chozo Ghost fight!
    When you arrive, the ghost will appear. Get out the Power Beam,
    as the ghosts cannot be harmed by the Wave Beam, Ice Beam, and
    Plasma Beam. When it's dead, the statue will activate and the
    room will return to normal.
    Okay, you don't have space jump and you don't have spider ball.
    So how do you get behind the force field? Simple enough. Near the
    morph ball tunnel leading to the missile refill station (which
    you should use if you're low on missiles) is a large ledge which
    you should DBJ onto. Look around up here; you will see a few
    small pillars. The last one from the right is right next to the
    edge, or so it seems. Look behind it to see there's actually
    a small platform. Look above the platform to see the fence
    around the morph ball tunnel doesn't start until after the
    What does this have to do with getting behind the morph ball
    tunnel, you ask? Stand on the ledge, morph, and do a wall
    TBJ into the tunnel. It may take a few tries, but it's certainly
    possible and gets easier the more you do it. When you get in,
    roll behind the force field. Scan the chozo head to deactivate
    the force field and head through the door. Walk through the
    hallway and enter Reflecting Pool. Reflecting Pool is the only
    place in the game (other than Energy Core) that has Stone Toads!
    Hop into the water and bomb the small hatch to drain the water,
    and boost to the top level (when you come in, the side you want
    is on the left). When you get there, shoot the missile lock off
    the door and enter to find the Ice Beam! Leave and shoot the
    missile lock off the other door. Boost to that side and enter to
    find a save station. Use it. Now continue through the morph ball
    tunnel right next to the save station. Soon you'll reach an
    elevator going to Tallon Overworld East. This will take you
    to Frigate Crash Site, which is conveniently located one room
    away from Landing Site, where your ship is.
    The inconvenient part is there are a few space pirates, four
    flying pirates, and a box of phazon.
    When you arrive in Tallon Overworld, go through the door to
    Transport Tunnel C. Run through this hallway of zoomers,
    geemers, blastcaps, and trees. After this you'll encounter
    Overgrown Cavern. Roll through this hallway of morph ball holes,
    venom weeds, and a missile expansion (It's right in front of
    you. 25 missiles). The next room is Frigate Crash Site. Run
    through this room of Flying Pirates, water, and jelzaps, and...
    Okay, so it's getting old. Kill the flying pirates with an ice
    beam shot and a missile, and kill the regular pirates with a few
    ice beam shots. Once every enemy in this room is dead, two of
    the flying pirates and all of the regular pirates are gone
    Ignore the Crashed Frigate that we'll never touch. Head across
    the room to Waterfall Cavern. You'll soon be at Landing Site.
    Save at your ship if you want. It's going to be rough.
    *4e. Magmoor Journey and More Phendrena Collecting*
    Go to Tallon Canyon. There are a set of platforms here, as you
    may have already noticed. Jump up them, killing the zoomers and
    geemer along the way, and head through the door. This next room
    holds yet another new enemy for you: the Bloodflower. There are
    two ways to beat it right now; you can either shoot it with the
    Ice Beam and then a missile, or you can wait for it to try to
    attack you with poisonous spores and shoot the spores to poison
    the bloodflower, killing it. Anyway, through the door is Root
    Cave. If you look up here, you'll see on the bridge... Oh no! Not
    another bloodflower! Oh well. The bridge is out of reach and
    the bloodflower will leave you alone, so you do the same. Hop
    down to the bottom of the room, take care of the beetle ambush,
    and head through the door down here.
    Transport Tunnel B. Leading to Magmoor. The stuff under the
    bridge may look like it will hurt you, but jump down to not only
    find out it doesn't hurt you, but also that there's a missile
    expansion down here! Collect it (30 missiles). Now head through
    the next door, which is an elevator to Magmoor. When you get
    to Magmoor, turn left and head through the door. There are
    spiderball tracks here, but ignore them, because we can't use
    them yet. Morph and boost into the lava. Get to the other
    end as fast as you can, and do a DBJ. With luck, you'll end up
    back on land, but here's the trick: DON'T LAY THE LAST BOMB UNTIL
    YOU START DESCENDING. If you're still ascending when you lay it,
    you won't make it out. So head through the next door. Morph and
    roll under the flame jets and shoot the stalactite with a
    missile. Hop across to Twin Fire's next segment. Kill the
    Magmoor here and do a dash jump to the right. You will land
    in the lava, right next to the next platform. Bomb jump onto it.
    Head through the wave door where you'll see a Magmoor. First
    instinct may be to kill it. If that is the case, ignore your
    first instinct. How about crushing it instead? Shoot the
    stalactite about the Magmoor with a missile. Wait and soon the
    Magmoor will be crushed! :D Now look a bit to the right to see
    some red stuff. Jump on it, then to the stalactite, then to the
    door leading to the core (that rhymes! :p) Geothermal Core
    is one of the two unsolved rooms (well, it's actually basically
    solved, but we'll get into that later). For now, hop across
    the puddle spores.
    Now you may be asking, "What are puddle spores?" If you already
    know, good for you. For those who don't, they're a new kind of
    enemy. They float in the lava and open up when you get close.
    If you allow them to close, they will eject harmful spheres of
    lava. Shoot them when they're open and they'll flip over and can
    be used as platforms to cross the lava. This is not a permanent
    effect. Soon they will flip right-side up and return to normal.
    If you are on a puddle spore when it flips back, you will not
    be hurt, but instead you'll be flung to the side of the room and
    land in the lava, which will hurt. There are two puddle spores
    here and one normal platform between them.
    When you get to the other side, head through the door. I want you
    to meet someone special... it's another puddle spore. Cross it
    and into Magmoor Workstation.
    Workstation is the home to two flying pirates. Take them out and
    look around. You see three different colored gates, yes? Shoot
    each with a charge wave beam shot to activate the power
    conduits right next to them. This will cool some of the lava.
    Roll under and be careful of the Triclops, which are here in
    a twosome.
    Cross the cooled lava to find a computer screen. Scan it to
    cool some more lava. Cross that to find another computer screen.
    Scan that to cool some more lava, and then cross the final
    set of cooled lava for an energy tank! Now exit. Bomb jump
    up the grating in Workstation and head through the wave beam
    door. Watch out for the 10 flame jets here (may not be ten, but
    it's pretty close to that). The next room is an elevator to
    Phendrena. Ignore it and walk past. Shoot the missile door lock
    off the door and head through. This room is a save station. Save
    and go back to the elevator room. Activate the elevator and go
    to Phendrena.
    When you arrive, the first thing you'll notice is that there
    are two doors in this room. The first one is a wave beam door
    and can be easily accessed. The second is an ice door and is at
    the top of a spiderball track. So what to do? Head through the
    wave door, of course.
    The next room is a morph ball tunnel with a couple of Pulse
    Bombus bombing the tunnel. Get to the end of it and enter this
    wave door. The first thing you'll notice is that this room is a
    huge arena. The second thing you'll notice is a bunch of rocks
    in the middle of the room. The third thing you'll notice is
    a bunch of spiderball tracks.
    Jump down and head to the left.
    Thardus is a rock boss held together by phazon. It will begin
    by roaring a bit and then the battle will start. Thardus's
    attacks are pretty easy to follow. He can go into morph ball mode
    and roll into you, he can send a bunch of icicles your way that
    will freeze you, or he can make some rocks rise out of the ground
    and attack you. If he sends icicles, jump out of the way. If
    he morphs, you also morph and hit him with bombs. If he sends
    rocks after you, shoot the rocks until they disappear. The rocks
    will drop energy, so remember to shoot them every time he
    sends it to you. Thardus has seven weak spots, only one
    of them being active at a time. Here are the spots, in the order
    they are active:
    1: right leg
    2: right arm
    3: left arm
    4: left leg
    5: smaller rock on his back
    6: larger rock on his back
    7: the center rock
    Hitting Thardus with bombs will make his weak spot visible,
    allowing you to get a lock-on to them. You can also make his
    weak spots visible by shooting them enough (they don't need
    to be visible for you to be able to cause damage). Don't use
    the ice beam, as it does no damage at all. Use either the wave
    beam or the power beam.
    When all of Thardus's weak spots have been destroyed, Thardus
    will fall, leaving you a few ultra energies and the spider ball.
    Grab the spider ball and use the tracks to exit the way you came
    in. Back in the elevator room. Take the elevator back to Magmoor
    and save. Then go back to Phendrena. Take the spiderball tracks
    up to the ice door and head through it. You will see an energy
    tank in the next room. But right now we can't get it, as it's out
    of reach without the plasma beam. The next room: Frozen Pike.
    Frozen Pike is a rather tall room. Check the map. You want the
    second to last door from the top. Find it on the map and go 
    through it. Frost Cave Access. Roll through it for two reasons:
    1. morph ball holes, and 2. scatter bombus. When you reach
    Frost Cave, you will hear a new sound: the screech of a Metroid.
    A Hunter Metroid will attack as soon as you come in. What
    happened to the normal Metroids, you ask? Well, you were
    supposed to have already seen normal Metroids, but you didn't
    because we never got past the Observatory in the Phendrena labs.
    More on that later. Anyway, the Hunter Metroid can be taken out
    with the ice beam+missile combo. Use it and jump off the
    ledge to land on the frozen lake.
    Jump up the platforms until you see a stalactite above you. Now
    morph and DBJ up to the next platform, unmorph, turn around,
    look up, shoot the stalactite with a missile, DBJ onto it, and
    DBJ up to the door.
    This next room is very tricky, so don't blame me if you mess up.
    You must morph and roll through the morph ball tunnel, and then
    unmorph and enter through the next door. Sounds hard, huh? ...no?
    Well, it didn't sound hard for me either. The next room is
    Phendrena's Edge!
    Remember how earlier I said Geothermal Core was one of the two
    unsolved rooms? This is the other unsolved room. An artifact
    rests here, but there is no known way to get it for two reasons.
    One, getting to the ledge, and two, getting the Plasma beam
    to open the door. But we'll get into that later. Just kill
    the flying pirates, hop into the water, and head through the
    door down there.
    This room is just as tricky as Upper Edge Tunnel (the one
    with the long morph ball tunnel), so it's pretty easy. Avoid
    the scatter bombus while rolling through the tunnel.
    The next room is Hunter Cave. No Hunter Metroids here, though. :P
    First off, check out the ceiling and use three missiles on
    the three stalactites (one missile for each). This will form a
    bridge across the lake. But before you cross the lake, KILL EACH
    AND EVERY FLICKERBAT. If you don't, they will knock you into the
    water, and getting out requires a medium-hard ghetto jump. So
    kill them to reduce your chances of falling in. When both
    of these tasks are done, use the first two stalactites as a path
    to cross the lake. No, you don't have to morph to cross them.
    If you do fall in, then look around. Soon you'll see stairs to
    get out. You need SJ to get up them, though! To the left of the
    stairs is a slope; lock your view all the way down and ghetto
    jump off this slope and onto the second step, where you'll be
    out of the water. This jump may take a bit to work, but I have
    done it before, and it works, just keep trying.
    Use the third one as a stair to reach the next door, to Lake
    Tunnel. Is all this underwater movement starting to be annoying?
    Yes? Well, it's almost over. Well, not really, but it'll be much
    Lake Tunnel is a simple hallway. Cross to the other end and enter
    Gravity Chamber. Gravity Chamber is a large room. Not as large
    as Main Plaza or Lava Lake or Phendrena Shorelines, but still
    large. (okay, maybe not Lava Lake.) You'll already be in water by
    the time you get here, so at least you won't have to dive into
    the water! :P Anyway, head forward. Ahead are three Aqua
    Tentacles forming a circle around a Jelzap. Take out the Jelzap
    with a charge shot, and shoot the tentacles to get rid of them.
    Now ghetto jump up. Look to the left. You will see some fish
    frozen in the ice. Remember this spot.
    Now turn to the right and face the next Aqua Tentacle/Jelzap
    ambush (yes, the tentacles are forming a circle around the Jelzap
    again). Kill the Jelzap and temporarily take out the tentacles
    and ghetto jump up to the Gravity Suit. Now you can move through
    water like you're on land! :D
    Do you still remember that spot I told you to remember? Go to it
    and turn to look at the fish. Morph and do a wall TBJ out of the
    water. Hop over to the wave beam door that's not in the water
    and head through it.
    When you get here, immediately face the wall and charge your
    wave beam. When the Sentry Drone comes into view, let it have
    your charge shot (and I don't mean saying to it "Hey, would you
    like this charge beam I found at Watery Hall?"!). Get to the end
    of the hallway and through the wave door.
    Now you're back at Hunter Cave. Flying Pirates are now here
    taking the place of the flickerbats, so take them out with the
    ice missile combo. DO NOT FALL DOWN. Walk across the narrow
    path to the next door leading to Hunter Cave Access. Morph and
    boost through the Jelzap-filled hall. Now unmorph and head
    through the door to be back at Frozen Pike.
    As soon as you poke your head out of the water, you'll find out
    that while you were swimming, apparently the flickerbats in this 
    side of Phendrena retired, and the Flying Pirates took their
    place. Take care of the pirates and walk up the bridge.
    Now this is where it gets tricky.
    Turn left and you'll see a small alcove in the wall. DBJ into it.
    Now look at the next ledge. Do a DBJ onto that. This platform
    is why it's so tricky. If you don't do it right, you won't see
    the unmorph animation, and more times than not, you'll fall down.
    It seems to help to stay close to the right wall, so do that.
    Get onto the ice that sticks off the platform, morph, and DBJ
    onto the next platform. You will now be in front of a wave beam
    door. Close, but not close enough. Turn right and look down.
    You'll see a point where part of the ledge starts to move out
    a bit further. Stand RIGHT ON THIS POINT.
    Look up and switch on the scan visor. There will be a floating
    platform up there. Lock onto it. It will say it's out of scanning
    range. Dash to the right. When done right, you will be in the
    next small alcove. Now morph and DBJ to the next platform, turn,
    and DBJ up. You're on a bridge now; cross it to find the next
    wave beam door. You've made it this far; don't give up! Go
    through the door. You did it!!!! Now head to the end of this
    room. Open the ice door and check out the next room.
    When you look in, you will see two flying pirates not flying.
    Use the ice missile combo on one of them. The other will now
    start flying. Run in and start firing at it while avoiding the
    turret fire. When it's gone, take care of the turrets. Now jump
    up. Soon you'll get attacked by a normal space pirate. Kill it
    and get to the top. Run through the door.
    On a side note, the room you were just in has the Thermal Visor
    in it. You're quite capable of getting it right now, but
    we're going to ignore it until the next time we visit the labs.
    This room has ice beetles in it. These are stronger versions of
    regular beetles, and they look a bit different, but they're still
    quite easy. Head to the next wave beam door, which is in the
    ceiling. When you shoot the door, hold A for a charge shoot. When
    the door opens, release it so it goes through the door and jump
    The reason you just did that was because a bunch of crates were
    blocking the way in. Go figure... When you get in, a space pirate
    attack will be here. Shoot the pirates and get through. Now at 
    the top of the room is some broken glass. You need to get through
    it, but how? Easy.
    On your right is a thin rail. DBJ onto it, as it's standable and
    level with the broken glass. This part of the room has... OMG,
    a Metroid! Shoot the wave beam door and bravely start the cinema,
    which is just a cinema of Samus staring at the Metroid. Now when
    the cutscene ends, immediately turn around and head through the
    wave door, because if you wait to long, the Metroid will break
    out of the case and the door will lock. Then when the Metroid's
    dead, the battle music starts, but there won't be enough space
    pirates to unlock the door, no matter how little you killed.
    So don't linger too long unless you want to backtrack to Research
    Core and back.
    The next room is easy enough. A couple Scatter Bombus are here,
    nothing much. Keep going and soon you'll reach the elevator.
    But this elevator is supposed to be activated at the top!
    How do you use it? Simple enough. When you come in, the elevator
    will already be activated. Just step in the hologram and let it
    take you up.
    Next room: Control Tower. When you get here, look around the
    room. Big tower in the distance. Lots of crates. No enemies.
    No enemies? Yes, no enemies. No space pirate ambush, as you
    would expect. Now walk up to the next door. As soon as you touch
    it, a door lock will appear on it and four space pirates will
    appear out of nowhere. Defeat them and watch the small cinema
    where you will be "introduced" to flying pirates, even though
    you've already seen them. Defeat the flying pirates to unlock
    the doors, and go through the next one. I advise checking the map
    to see which door to go through, as you might go through the
    wrong one if you're not careful.
    The next room is an elevator. Like the last elevator, this one
    is already activated. Take it up and head through the next door.
    It's just a simple hallway. No tricks... unless you count the
    scatter bombus and Crystallites as tricks. At the end of this
    room, you'll be at the top of the Observatory. The super missiles
    are already lowered and are right in front of you. Yes, that
    was the point of the first visit to the labs. Jump to the super
    missiles and grab them, and then jump to the save station
    that's being guarded by a missile door lock. Save.
    Now jump to the bottom of the observatory. Head out and get to
    Tallon Canyon in Tallon Overworld. You've made your way out this
    way before and you can do it again. 
    And that ends this section.
    *4f. Phazon Mines*
    When you reach Tallon Canyon, turn left and enter the Chozo
    Ruins. You're going to take the same path that you took for
    the ice beam. Do you remember that ice beam door at the top of
    Reflecting Pool that you didn't go through last time? Yeah, we're
    going through that door.
    But first...
    Go to Ruined Shrine. Instead of the usual collection of beetles
    or the Plated Beetle here, you will see that two Chozo Ghosts
    have made this room their home. Defeat them using a Super Missile
    and a Charge Shot, and use the half pipe to get up the left side
    of the half-pipe (left side when you come in). Up here is a
    small hole. Roll through it to get a Missile Expansion (35
    missiles). Now jump off and bomb the bombable hole here and
    collect another missile expansion (40 missiles). Now use the
    half-pipe to get up the other side of the half-pipe and roll
    through the hole here while holding R. At the end of this hole
    is a spiderball track which there is no way you can miss
    because you're holding R. It will take you right in front of the
    wave beam door.
    Run through it to Tower of Light Access. This room has no tricks.
    Just get through it to the Tower of Light. At the Tower, jump
    into the water that you won't mind jumping into now that you
    have the Gravity Suit. Head through the hidden underwater
    passage and DBJ back onto land. Shoot the wave door in the
    ceiling and jump through to find the Artifact of Lifegiver. Grab
    it and head back to Ruined Shrine, where you'll find out the
    Chozo Ghosts have risen from the dead. Again. Ignore them this
    time and get to Main Plaza. At Main Plaza, use the half-pipe
    to get a missile expansion (45 missiles). Now start your way
    along the Ice Beam path.
    At Ruined Fountain, pause for a moment to get a missile. Morph
    and roll into the fountain and hold R. The next time it spews
    water, you will be sent up where you can latch onto a spiderball
    track and roll into a missile expansion (50 missiles).
    When you reach Aboretum, stop. Before going in, look around.
    Anything different? ...no? How about lack of life? That's right.
    The reaper vines, venom weed, and war wasps are all gone. Now
    before thanking Retro and continuing, here's something. Rooms
    with Chozo Ghosts don't have any enemies in them. EVER. With the
    exception of Furnace and Life Grove. So when you walk into the
    Aboretum, prepare to run to the next door as fast as you can.
    I would like to throw out the same warning for Furnace. The
    Plated Parasites are still there, so there is no warning that
    the ghosts now hold Furnace. This time around, take the ice door,
    which you need to DBJ onto.
    When you reach Hall of the Elders, you will notice that there are
    no Chozo Ghosts. Hop into the statues hands, morph, and hold R.
    The statue will send you into a spiderball track. Go up it and
    activate the bomb slot at the end. This will activate the beam
    slots. Jump up there. There is a purple slot, a white slot, and
    a red slot. Activate the white slot by shooting it with the ice
    beam and bombing it, then roll into the statue's hands. It will
    send you into an energy tank. Now keep going the way you were
    going before.
    When you get to the top of Reflecting Pool, save at the nearby
    save station and then head through the white door. Soon you will
    reach an elevator to Tallon Overworld South. Activate and start
    the elevator.
    When you arrive in Tallon Overworld, exit the elevator and as
    soon as you enter the next room, you'll see a Seedling. Take it
    out with the Ice Beam and keep going to Great Tree Hall. You can
    only use one part of the Hall now; that's what we're going to
    fix. There are two Bloodflowers and a Seedling in this part of
    the room; take them out. Head under the spiderball pole to find
    your progress stopped by a gate.
    Normally you would head through the Crashed Frigate and end up
    at the bottom of this room. Since we didn't go through the
    Frigate, we never activated the spinner that gets rid of the
    Get into the right corner right by the gate. Don't get so close 
    that you're touching it; move back, and do the same with the 
    right wall. Morph and do a DBJ. This one, like the one you used
    in Twin Fire Tunnels, has a trick. Lay the third bomb while
    you're still ascending, and as soon as the third bomb explodes,
    don't unmorph, immediately hold the control stick in the
    northeast position. When done right, Samus will either get 
    stuck, or pass through the corner and land by the spinner. If
    Samus gets stuck, get her out with a bomb.
    Keep trying until you get it, and use the spinner to remove
    the gate. At least we'll never have to do that again! :D Now
    carefully jump down the platforms, killing every seedling you
    come to. But leave the Sap Sacs alone. Just out of the water is
    a white door. Head through it.
    If you should happen to fall in the water, then just jump up the
    steps. If any are to difficult for you to jump, then DBJ up them.
    Run across the bridge. There is some stuff underneath you called
    Phazon. There was some Phazon at Frigate Crash Site, but we
    ignored it, because it didn't serve any purpose. It still
    doesn't. Now head through the next door and get going to the 
    You're at Phazon Mines. Run through the wave beam door. Morph and
    boost through this hallway, and then unmorph and run through the
    wave beam door. Main Quarry (it's where you are right now) is
    where Phazon Mines's cinema is. Watch it show you around Main
    Quarry, and then morph and boost over to the spiderball track
    a bit up and to your left. Roll up it and head through the door.
    You definetely noticed the two turrets attack you. These are
    Mega Turrets, not auto-defense turrets, so if you're going
    for maximum scans, scan them. These guys take three missiles
    each, so destroy them and activate the two nearby scan points
    to disable the force field. Turn on the ice beam, shoot the ice
    door, and switch to the Power Beam. Start charging up.
    In the next room are a few Mega Turrets attacking you. Fire a
    Super Missile or two at them. Now switch the Ice Beam back on.
    Head through the next door and hold a charge shot.
    This room holds a Shadow Pirate ambush and a Wave Trooper ambush.
    Defeat the Shadow Pirates with ice beam, and destroy the Wave
    Troopers with three charged wave beam shots each. Now keep
    going to the ice door in the ceiling.
    Kill the Shadow Pirates in the next room and head through the
    next ceiling door. This room has a large tank in the middle.
    Two Space Pirates are walking around, but not noticing you.
    Kill one with the ice missile combo to alert the other, and kill
    that with the ice missile combo.
    Now you should notice a few computers around here. There are
    two red scan points. One will lower the platforms, which you
    want. The other is deadly. What is it, you ask? It's... a Pirate
    Data. If you're going for maximum scans, scan it. Now jump up
    the platforms. Two Wave Troopers will notice you and upper
    a gate. Run behind it from the other side of the room. The
    Troopers split up after noticing you, so you'll come across one
    as you get behind the gate, and the other will keep running until
    it sees you, stops, and starts shooting. Get rid of them both
    and head behind the computer. Scan the two scan points, as one
    will lower the next set of platforms, and the other is useless.
    Switch to Power Beam and start charging up as you jump up the
    platforms. As soon as you can lock onto the Power Trooper
    up here, hit it with a super missile. There might also be a Mega
    Turret up here. I can't remember if there is. :( If there is,
    get rid of it with three missiles and use the spinner to turn
    the cannon all the way to the left. Now unmorph and activate the
    scan points and the computer. One will start the cannon. The
    other is useless. Now the cannon will break the wall, uncovering
    a Missile Expansion. Stand so it's to your left, switch to scan
    visor, and look at wall the walkway runs right into. This wall
    has a scan point on it. Use it to dash to the left. (55 missiles)
    To get back, simply scan-dash jump off the spinner. Turn the
    cannon so it's facing the wall the walkway runs into and activate
    it again. Now it will destroy the wall, revealing a door. Head
    through this door and you will enter a high room. Morph and fall
    down this shaft and when you hit the bottom, unmorph and shoot
    the ice door with the ice beam, and switch to the power beam and
    start charging. When you get in, walk to the other side of the
    room, where a Power Trooper is, and calmly hand it your Super
    Missile. Then charge up again and shoot the other with a Super
    Missile, too.
    Use the machine to align the blue tracks with the next level,
    and then take the blue spiderball tracks up. Use the machine up
    here to align the red tracks with the next level, jump down,
    and use the first machine to align the red tracks with the other
    red tracks. Now take the red tracks up and head through the door
    up here, taking out the wave trooper on the way.
    In this room, use the spiderball track to slip through the
    scatter bombus in this room and head through the white door at
    the bottom. The next room is an elevator. Activate it with the
    scan point and step in the hologram. At the bottom, head through
    the white door. Now keep going until you can see an explosive
    box on a ledge, and stop. Shoot that box until it explodes. The
    result is it will kill two Space Pirates that were about to
    attack you, and it will uncover a missile expansion! Get under
    the ledge and do a 3BJ onto it and roll into the expansion (60
    Head through the wave beam door at the end of the room. When you
    get into this room, a cinema will trigger. It shows you the tank
    in the middle of the room.
    See the tank. See the Elite Pirate in the tank. See the Elite
    Pirate punch the tank open... See Samus fire super missiles at
    it. Yes, fire super missiles at it. When it's dead, a force field
    will deactivate. Switch to the ice beam and charge up and walk
    up. Every time you encounter an ice trooper, shoot it with a
    charged ice beam shot, and then a missile to kill it. At the top
    of this room is a force field. Scan the computers; one of them
    will remove the force field. Head through the ice door in the
    ceiling. This room is some ventilation shafts. When you get close
    to the next door, gas and puffers will be released. So get
    through the next door quickly.
    This room is Omega Research. You will be attacked by two Wave
    Troopers and three Power Troopers here, so either kill them or
    ignore them and get through the door in the floor to Dynamo
    Access. We're getting close to the Power Bombs! :) Now run
    through this room. There are no tricks here... for now. Get
    through the room and you'll see a door. Head through it. Now...
    Central Dynamo. The Power Bombs are here! Jump down to alert
    the invisible sentry drone of your being here.
    The drone will attack you with all the moves drones usually use.
    The only difference with this one is that it has more life, and
    it's invisible. Fire charge shots at the lights when you see
    them. Two charge shots will kill it and part of the machine
    you may have seen. The part of the machine that is destroyed
    is one of its "legs". Under this "leg" is a hole. The drone's
    death caused an electrical maze under the grating, so when you
    enter the hole, this is a maze, except you can't touch the walls.
    Lay a morph ball bomb whenever you come to a puddle. And watch
    out for the yellow electricity; it will appear and disappear, so
    get through when it disappears.
    When you get the power bombs, save (through the door that isn't
    blocked by Bendezium). Now we need to get out of the Mines and
    to Magmoor. Jump onto the computers. Get to the highest part
    of the computer and do a wall TBJ. If you did it right, you will
    be on the ledge with the door. Head through it.
    When you reach Omega Research, an Elite Pirate will attack you.
    Kill it with Super Missiles, and DBJ back up to the door you
    came out of.
    At Ventilation Shaft, powerbomb the grate while being poisoned.
    Roll through the tunnel and scan the scan point to activate the
    fan. The fan will send the puffers crashing into the other side
    of the room. This will remove the gas and reveal an energy tank.
    Grab it and boost up the half-pipe. Now head through the ice
    door to Elite Research. This room is now home to five Shadow
    Pirates. Take them out and head back through the wave door you
    used to come in the first time.
    Now just journey back to Ore Processing. When you get there,
    notice the bendezium blocking the machine on this floor. There
    is a fence surrounding the platform you're on. Jump on the fence,
    and jump to the part with the machine on it. Now morph and
    destroy the bendezium. Align the yellow tracks by bombing the
    machine three times. Hop down to the second level and use the
    machine there once, and get to the bottom floor and use that
    machine twice. Now take the yellow track up and grab the Grapple
    Beam from the machine up here.
    Now get back to Elite Research. In this room there is a white
    door behind the tank. Get to it, killing the three Shadow Pirates
    down here, and head through it to Maintenance Tunnel. Powerbomb
    the bendezium here and continue to Processing Center. Before
    going in, notice the two normal space pirates hanging on the
    ceiling. Shoot each with a charged ice shot and then enter. Stand
    right in front of the door and look up. Lock onto the mega turret
    at the top of the room and destroy it. Then use the spiderball
    pole on the left. When you drop off of it, roll up the platform
    and do a DBJ onto the next platform. Unmorph and look around.
    See that platform in the corner? Jump over to that, and get on
    the very edge. Morph and DBJ to that platform over there. Turn
    around and DBJ onto the platform just above the one you were just
    on. On your left is a higher platform. DBJ onto it. If you
    didn't kill the Mega Turret up here, it would start attacking you
    right now, so remember to kill it every time you die. Now look
    back to see there's yet another platform above the one you were
    just on. DBJ onto it, and look at the platform attached to the
    wall. Before bomb jumping, look at it. There are a few things
    keeping it on the wall, and there's space behind the platform!
    So normal jump behind it, and then on the platform. Now look at
    the moving platform. L-lock your view all the way down and make
    sure you're on the edge, release the L-lock, wait for it to
    When it gets close enough, lock your view straight ahead and jump
    onto it. Now wait for it to take you over to the ice door.
    Congratulations! This is a difficult trick, and took me a couple
    days to get, but after doing it a few times, it gets easier.
    If you happen to fall, then follow the following steps to get
    back up with minimum effort.
    First, hope you don't fall in the Phazon. If you do, DBJ onto
    a platform. Second, kill the Mega Turret that noticed you. Third,
    make your way over to the platform with all the crates on it.
    Jump to the top of the crate stack. IF YOU DESTROY ANY OF THE
    BIG CRATES, YOU ARE STUCK. So don't do that. At the top of the
    stack is a large crate and... uh... something (tell me what it
    is if you know). Get on the crate and make sure you're at the
    corner closest to the floating platform just ahead, morph, and
    DBJ onto the floating platform. Normal jump to the platform on
    your left, morph, and DBJ onto the platform near the one you're
    on. Now spiderball up to the white door you used to come in.
    When you get to the top, go through the white door. Grapple
    across the phazon and enter the elevator room to Magmoor.
    Activate and use the elevator. In the next room is a tunnel with
    zoomers and bendezium. Powerbomb the bendezium and enter
    Magmoor Workstation. Flying pirates will attack, so hope you
    have enough health to kill them. Now DBJ up to the Phendrena
    elevator. Save at the save station. And that's the end of this
    *4g. Geothermal Core: The Dead End*
    This is where the FAQ ends. Yes, I know we haven't gotten into
    Impact Crater, or Omega Pirate. But to continue we have to get
    the plasma beam. And as of right now, not a single person has
    managed to get the Plasma Beam without the boots.
    What you can do right now is head to Geothermal Core, DBJ up to
    the grapple platform, grapple to spinner 1, and raise it. That's
    it. So far, no one has been able to do the DBJ from Spinner 1
    to Spinner 2 when spinner 1 was raised.
    If you have information on where and when to place the bombs to
    get to spinner 2 when spinner 1's raised, don't hesitate to
    email me about it.
    This FAQ will be updated when I have collected the plasma beam
    without the boots.
    Don't give up. The DBJ is very hard, not impossible. Keep trying;
    you may be the first to get the plasma beam without the boots!
    5. FAQ
    Q: You keep saying to do a DBJ/3BJ/TBJ/wall TBJ but I can't
    make it onto the platform! What do I do?
    A: When I say to do a bomb jump, unless you're bomb jumping into
    a morph ball tunnel (HOTE) or I say not to unmorph (DBJ over
    bars), you're supposed to unmorph.
    Q: I figured out how to do something not mentioned in your FAQ.
    What do I do?
    A: Send it to me (see contact) and if it's good advice it will
    be put up on the FAQ.
    Q: I did the DBJ onto Spinner 2 in Geothermal Core! What do I do?
    A: First make sure spinner 1 was raised. If it was, and you know
    where you put the bombs and when you placed them, then email me
    with that information. And you WILL get credit for making this
    incredibly hard bomb jump and supplying information for it.
    6. More Sequence Breaking
    *Get the Space Jump Boots First!*
    Stand on your ship on the back right, facing the artifact temple.
    Switch on the scan visor and lock onto a plant a bit to the
    right of the temple and dash jump to the right. When done right,
    you will be on the ledge normally accessed from Tallon Canyon.
    Hop across the ledges and claim the space jump boots!
    This sequence break opens the following possibilites:
    *Skip the missile launcher!
    *Get an early energy tank at Main Plaza!
    *Get the wave beam before the boost ball!
    *Get both artifacts in Magmoor in the first visit!
    *Get the Artifact of Wild without the spiderball!*
    When you enter the suntower after the Flaaghra fight, turn right.
    See that corner? Jump into it and morph. You will fall on an
    oculus. Now hold the control stick in a northwest position. Hold
    it there until I say you can let go. Now just as it's about to
    turn right, lay a bomb. When it explodes, lay another bomb
    just above it. This is known as an infinite bomb jump, as you
    can keep laying bombs. The corner slows your fall, so the bomb
    stock as time to refill and you can get to the top of Suntower.
    When you're level with the platform you came out on, lay a final
    bomb and hold the control stick in northeast position. As soon
    as the bomb explodes, unmorph. With luck you'll be back on the
    ledge. Now go back to Suntower to find out the Chozo Ghosts are
    now here. Defeat them and collect the Artifact of Wild.
    This sequence break opens the following possibilites:
    *Skip the super missiles!
    *Skip  the charge beam!
    *Skip the spiderball!
    *Never have to revisit Suntower!
    *Get the Plasma Beam before Thardus!*
    When you get the Ice Beam, head to Geothermal Core. On the side
    closer to Tallon Overworld, there are some rocks next to the
    door. Jump on them and then look at the box. Jump on that, and
    jump to the stalagmite. Now jump to the first spinner and raise
    it. Jump to the second spinner and raise it. Now jump back to
    the first spinner and then to the third spinner. Raise that. Now
    you will notice that there is a spiderball track here. It looks
    a little like this:
    |: spiderball track
    _: spiderball track
    Jump where the _ is and then jump up the spinner. Hop to raised
    spinner 2 and activate the bomb slot. Now look at the spiderball
    blocks on the huge spiderball track. Notice the metal rim
    underneath it? Jump to that. Now ghetto jump off the slanted wall
    and onto the block. Jump to the next block, and jump to the 
    ice door. Go into Plasma Processing and collect the plasma beam.
    This sequence break opens the following possibilities:
    *Skip the spiderball!
    *Skip the grapple beam!
    *Use the plasma beam against Thardus for high damage!
    *Make only one trip through Phazon Mines!
    *Get to Waste Disposal early!*
    We all know about Waste Disposal, the room that connects Main
    Quarry to Ore Processing. When you enter Phazon Mines the first
    time, climb to the top of Main Quarry. Set yourself so Waste
    Disposal is to your left. Do a scan-dash jump off either the
    spiderball track or the computer by the track. Now head through
    the door. Congrats! You're in Waste Disposal!
    This sequence break opens the following possibilites:
    *Skip first meeting with wave troopers!
    *Skip security rooms altogether!
    *Get the Grapple Beam before the powerbombs!
    7. Contact
    If you have any questions or comments, then email me at
    mr_potter_19@hotmail.com. Advice, praise, comments, and questions
    are all welcome. What isn't welcome is criticism, flooding, and
    If you have a question, please make sure it isn't already
    answered on the FAQ. If it isn't, ask me and I will gladly
    8. Closing
    Well, it's the end of this FAQ, and I'd like to thank:
    CJayC, who owns GameFAQs, for putting this up
    Myself, for writing this
    All the sequence breakers, who discovered how to make it as far
    as we've gotten
    And last but not least, you, for reading this guide.
    Good luck on your no-SJ run.
    This FAQ is to be printed on GameFAQs.com and Samus.co.uk only. 
    You may not print and sell this guide. You may not copy it and 
    say you wrote it. Tell me if you see this FAQ on any site other 
    than GameFAQs.com and Samus.co.uk.

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