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Metroid Prime is a game developed by Retro Studios, it is the first 3-d and First Person game in the Metroid series - and the first Metroid game on the GameCube. All Metroid games released before Metroid Prime were developed by Nintendo and were 2-d side-scrolling games. This game proves that Retro Studios are new and talented developers and they did an excellent job with Metroid Prime.


One of the best on GameCube, second place behind Resident Evil 4 for sheer realism. Samus' powers suit looks absolutely amazing, the orange isn't horribly bright like it looks in Super Smash Bros. Melee, it's a dark orange and the metal is brilliantly shiny. Samus looks the best hands down in this game, while MP2 goes for a different affect on Samus I prefer the Samus on Metroid Prime.

The environments are always brilliantly detailed. There are great Graphical effects like the rain splashing against Samus' visor and creature blood splattering against it. There is also steam that slowly fades away. Tallon IV is breathing with life, and looks is just like a real planet. There are some great tall structures too. When you come into a wide room, take a look around and you'll see some brilliant sights.

One downside is that there are electronic doors, that's a bit un-realistic and doesn't fit in with the environment. I know they put them there so they could load the next section up but, I think they should've disguised it more, like instead of a door being something natural that fits in. But they have explained the doors in the story, because the Space Pirates have invaded the planet they have split up the planet into sections. And the doors have locks so un-wanted people can't get into un-authorised sections. The doors fit in when you're in a Space Pirate base, but outside they don't. But the creatures, environment and Samus still look amazing. Look at some screenshots and you'll know what I mean. But it looks alot better in motion.

One last thing I think is worth mentioning, this game has the best menu I have ever seen! And artwork in the art gallery (you can unlock them) are brilliant too, and the design of things are brilliant. And the different visors you can get are very, very cool.

-SOUND- 85%

The sound really adds to the fact that this is the most atmospheric game I have ever played. A great theme on the menu and it sound all science fiction like. Boss music is dramatic and gets you pumped. And when you first meet a Space Pirate, the music fades in and it's absolutely brilliant. The sound really captures what Samus would feel on her adventures. When confronting big-time enemys like pirates and Metroids, the music is scary and awesome. Outside in the Tallon Overworld it's more carlm and happy. Although the music in Tallon Overworl, Chozo Ruins and Magmoor caverns can get kind of annoying - because they loop and are a bit too wierdly techno. But music in big events of the game are amazing.

The Sound effects are brilliant too, the creatures make chilling screeches before they die and Space Pirates roar at you, it sound awesome and can make you jump. When the visor gives you advice I think it's supposed to be Samus' voice, it sound robotic but fits with the atmosphere of the game perfectly.


Metroid Prime is First Person, but it's certainly not a First Person Shooter. It's an exploration game. Samus is a Bounty Hunter (explosive battles with all-sorts of creatures) and a detective (exploration of the environment, using the map and scanning Space Pirate logs and Chozo lore.)

The Space Pirate's and Chozo leave information around that you can scan, by scanning these you can slowly un-cover the story of what happened on Tallon IV (the planet you're on for 99.5% of the game). Of course this is optional, if you don't care about the story you can just go ahead and miss them. Though you have to scan some-things to open doors, and scanning creatures and lores goes towards your percentage completions and unlocks more art in the art gallery.

The game is far from Linear. So it is quite difficult, you can choose to turn the hint system on or off. If you have it on, the visor ( a recording of Samus' voice) will tell you important places to visit. I highly suggets having this on, or you'll get stuck quickly.

Another optional thing is Energy Tanks, they are lying about in secret places and increase your health capacity. This will also determine how difficult you want the game to be.

So the basis of the game is: explore the planet, scanning interesting things. Explore to recover your lost items and un-cover the fault with the planet, and save it. Also stopping the Space Pirates plans by invading their bases, and destroy phazon deformed creatures and get upgrades to your suit.

The Chozo raised you, and are not evil like the Space Pirates, and thus you're on their side. You need to get to the impact crater, which leads to the core of the Earth and destroy the creature that started all the mess with the dangerous substance called Phazon. But I don't want to give away any story. Just explore around and the purpose of you being on the planet will grow.

One really cool feature is the Morph Ball ability Samus has. Press X to roll into it. The view switches to third person and you can control the Ball. You can plant bombs and roll into small gaps. The Morph Ball sections are really fun mini-game type things where you roll through mazes. It also adds some stealth to the game, as you can sneakily roll past enemys using tunnels. You can plant bombs and use the boost ability to roll up and down half pipes to get to high places in Morph Ball mode. It's very cool. Simply press X at any time to go back to Samus, unless of course you're in a tight spot.

Controls are simple and easy to learn but different from a First Person game. Press L to lock onto enemys, this makes the combat like Ocarina of Time a bit. You can tab B to strafe and dodge the lasers while locking on. The combat is very cool, and you can hide behind walls and such like a FPS. Outside of combat you can press B to jump, and hit it again in the air to double jump if you have the upgrade. Press A to fire your arm cannon. Press the arrows on the D-pad to change visors. Hold R and use the control stick to look about freely. The controll stick to move obviously.

Boss battles are absolutely explosive and are one of the best I've ever played. Many places are really scary and the atmosphere of the whole planet has wonderfull eerieness to it. It truly is an amazing game.


After completing the game, I looked at my playtime and it said 12 hours! Don't be fooled though, I was very surprised. I don't know why it said that because it SEEMED much much longer. The adventure on Tallon IV is so epic, it thought it would be something like 30 hours. It comes with a bonus game... the original NES Metroid.

But there's a but... you have to have Metroid Fusion on GBA and a GBA cable to be-able to play it! And it's not really worth it anyway, I used an Action Replay code to play it and it was stupidly hard and boring. But it's still a pretty cool feature considering they had sapce on the disc for it... which is a surprise. The game is huge. You'll want to explore and find more items after completing the game. Or do a second play-through. Sure it'll gather dust once you've completed it, but you'll come back it. Hence the fact that I'm writing this in 2006 and I got it in 2002!


It's 1 player. It takes up 3 memory card blocks. It's Game Boy Advance compatiable but you'll need a lead. The words on the back of the case goes as follows:

Evil waits below the surface... something sinister lurks in the depths of Planet Tallon IV. Intersellar Bounty Hunter Samus Aran is the only one who can destroy this evil... but first it must be found.

Use all the technological upgrades to Samus' Power Suit, including the Thermal and Scan Visors.

Wield powerful weapons like the Wave and Ice Beams as you take on the Space Pirates and their legions.

Explore the enormous regions of Tallon IV, from the frozen Phendrana Drifts, to the crumbling Chozo Ruins.

Roll into the Morph Ball to explore tight spots, bomb through walls, and roll your way to out-of-reach areas.


Absolutely amazing. BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! Then buy Metroid Prime 2: Echoes once you've completed it! I haven't played Metroid Prime: Hunters or Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (MP3's for the Wii and isnot out yet) so I can't say about those... but Metroid Prime and MP2: Echoes you must buy! It is more than deserving of it's very high score!

This game was the first Metroid game I ever got and it got me into the Metroid story! I have Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. have completed Metroid Prime 100% with the help of a guide I bought and I have completed Metroid Prime 2: Echoes myself. And I will soon be getting Metroid Prime: Fusion for the GBA!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/21/06

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