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"Not up to snuff with rest of the series"

You receive a distress signal from a ship so you go there to investigate. Yeah, that story just screams ORIGINAL. The story isn't the only cliched thing here of course most people will just say the developers were doing things to make fans happy but frankly I don't get a game to do things I did many times before on the games before it. I give story a 3/10

The control is okay but you can only strafe while locked on and going around corners is odd cause half the time you can't see. You can't aim without having to stand still which is annoying. If they had just given the game FPS controls it would be a lot better. I give control a 7/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
There isn't any voice acting. This is just pathetic, if we're suppose to be the character and inside the suit shouldn't we hear the voice when we scan stuff? The sound effects are decent but nothing special. The music is kinda epic but it's also kinda lame with buzzes and beeps. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 6/10

Game play
The game starts with you landing on a ship where you walk through boring tunnel after boring tunnel fighting mindless AI. Of course you then reach the first boss which is a sad joke on so many levels. Then the lame twist of everything going to explode happens and you need to run out and THEN you get hit by something and lose most of your powers. This sets up for a ultra boring fetch quest once you land on the planet. What's the chance of the same items appearing on an alien planet? The levels are okay looking but there are way too many boring tunnels to go through and the AI is horrible. You get some nice attachments in the game but nothing special. This game REALLY feels like a platformer which I guess if the real reason for the FPS view. I give game play a 7/10

Replay Value
Once you beat the game there isn't anything to do UNLESS you own a Gameboy Advance, Metroid Fusion and a link cable. Then you get the original Metroid. Of course it's cheaper to find a used NES and a used Metroid cart. This is a nice secret though but it just isn't that great of one, Super Metroid would have been a better secret. I give replay value a 6/10

Final Score
I give Metroid Prime a 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/10/07

Game Release: Metroid Prime (US, 11/17/02)

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