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Reviewed: 10/19/07 | Updated: 11/14/07

A interesting collaboration project.


This is Metroid Prime, the brainchild of a project by Nintendo and RetroGames. Some notable elements include its rating. This game is rated unusually dark and aimed toward a older audience than Mario, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. (This game is rated T for violence.)


You are Samus Aran, a female bounty hunter. Originally, you were investigating a spaceship that Space Pirates were using to conduct experiments on Phazon-a substance that causes corruption to creatures strong enough to withstand its poison. However, a creature from said spaceship escaped from Samus's clutches. You tracked it to the planet that the Chozo were known to have made their habitat-Tallon IV.


The gameplay in this game takes some time to get used to as this is a unique first person shooter. In my opinion, the controls are frustrating at times. As a bounty hunter, your targets must take you to strange and outlandish places, so Samus comes equipped with her Chozo Suit of which some features include the ability to scan objects to activate or gain information from in which Samus will add to her log. You must scan most everything in the game to get 100% so you can receive the best ending. She also comes equipped with a ever useful Morph Ball to enable her to access these cramped areas. Best of all, She also comes with a gun that can fire regular shots and missiles, among other functions.


Normally, in my reviews, the difficulty of a game isn't a issue, but this game makes a exception. This game can be rather annoying and especially some bosses can be incredibly tedious. However, this also adds to the sense of accomplishment you achieve. The lack of Save Stations also contributes to the difficulty for obvious reasons. There are normally only two Save Stations in an area.


The graphics are incredible. Those few words are insufficient as the area you explore is expansive and each area you explore is never the same as the last. The developers also do a good job with the effects you see through the bounty hunter's visor. For example, if you are doing combat near a water fall, your visor will have some drops running down. The camera in this game when you are in Morph Ball Mode isn't a issue but sometimes in Normal Mode it can be problematic as you see the scenery out of the visor. Two words, surprise attacks can be a pain in the butt. But really, this is a first person shooter so I can't complain.


Simply put, this game can be difficult, but worth the time to buy it. I recommend renting this game first to see if it's worthy of your tastes. The visuals are a real treat so the camera isn't a big deal. The story is fine, even though I don't think Samus has ever spoken in this game. As I have mentioned, there are multiple endings, you might get a less than great ending, but oh well. There is always number 2 and 3 to continue the story. The gameplay is cleverly set up in a way so with careful planning and caution, you could defeat every boss without getting hit once. But no, that doesn't mean this can be a easy game but the irony is that the game developers threw in a Hard Mode when you were done with Normal. I conclude simply with the statement that this game is great and a perfectionist will have a field trip with it.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Metroid Prime (Player's Choice) (US, 09/25/03)

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