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"This is the first metroid game I ever played, and it's a good way to start."

Like I said on the title of this review, this is the first Metroid game I have ever played. And it is at least one of my five favorite games I have ever played. If it wasn't for this version of Metroid, I probably wouldn't of played any other Metroid games. If you never played any Metroid games, I hope this review will inspire you to play them. Each section of the review is graded with a certain number out of ten. At the end of the review, everything should add up to a 9/10.

Game play: (9/10)

This game is full of features. Metroid prime games are mostly getting one ability that makes you able to get another ability to get another one etc. And while you are getting new weapons and abilities, you can get helpful things that boost your maximum ammo or health. If you get all of these and beat the game, your total percentage will increase. The first time you beat the game, your completion of the game will probably be under eighty. But if you keep trying and keep doing better and better, you will get higher percentages. Which I guess leads us to the next section.

Replayability: (8/10)

Some people want to play this Metroid games multiple times and some people don't. If you are trying to reach 100% completion, you will have to play it more than once. Metroid games are a very long. So you will spend a while on it before you replay it.

Story line: (10/10)

This just adds to the huge and exciting story line of Metroid. If I was just judging the Metroid series and just this game, I would give both a 10/10. I'm not going to spoil this section. And If I could say it I would be too lazy. But if you want to find out the story line of Metroid, go to the message boards or play the game yourself.

Difficulty: (9/10)

This is one of the games that you can change the difficulty. After you beat normal mode, you unlock hard mode. So it is set up that it gets easy, then harder. Some people might say that the game is hard because it's long, but you shouldn't die very often. Unless you're on hard mode or you never get any additional upgrades.

Graphics: (9/10)

This review was posted after the Wii, X-box 360 and PS3 came out. But I think that for Game cube, this has very good graphics. It is first person view and has extra detail things like rain and liquid getting on your helmet, blocking the view. Nintendo put a lot of work in this game for graphics. If you ever played this game you would know how good the graphics are. I actually give the graphics a 9.5.

If you never played Metroid I hope that this review That almost got a 10/10 inspires you to play Metroid Prime.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/01/08

Game Release: Metroid Prime (US, 11/17/02)

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