Review by Doomion33

Reviewed: 08/13/08

Where many days of my life went.

I had seen this game in many places. I wasn't a big fan of Metroid, and I lacked a Gamecube. Many years later, I bought this game because I had a Wii and I liked Metroid now. I popped it in. Many days later I finally turned it off, exhausted from four days of lack of sleep. I loved this game that much.

Story: Samus lands on Planet Tallon IV. She came here after being forced to land after a mishap at a space pirate frigate. She explores the planet looking for her abilities and Artifacts to gain access to the Impact Crater, where a mysterious substance known as Phazon is coming from. Along the way she encounters a Space Pirate mining facility and learned just how dangerous Phazon can be. 9/10

Graphics: 0_0 Amazing. This game's graphic are remeniscent to current day system's graphics. 10/10

Controls: They may seem odd at first, and even more daunting after playing SSBM, but they work out fine and you will get used to them fast. 9/10

Gameplay: Your main goal in life (Or this game) is to find power-ups to open up new paths, some of which hold power-ups, or require them to pass. You must fight bosses to obtain these power-ups (With the exception of a few) to open up paths in the vicinity. You also must find twelve artifacts to reach the final area in the game. These might require timing, power-ups, skill, or just plain luck. To find your way around, you must use your scan visor. Utilizing this, you can scan items for information, knowledge, or to start a fight. Other visors allow you to see hot or cold, or see through things. Your suit plays a vital role, be it protecting you from high temperatures, allowing free movement in water, or protecting your from the scourge known as Phazon. 10/10

Sound: They sound real, be it landing and making a thump from impact, a creature growling, or you shooting, it's good. 10/10

Replay: ehh, not much, unless you're going for 100% items or 100% scans, there is little. 5/10

Overall: A very good game. Buy it, or if a friend has it, borrow it and save some cash for another game, while getting the feeling of completion from this game. If you borrow it, you can get this game's kick butt sequel, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 10/10

Buy it. You won't regret it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Metroid Prime (US, 11/17/02)

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