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"The Reason I Bought A Gamecube"

I had owned all of the previous major game consoles from Nintendo, owning a NES early on, getting Super Nintendo by the time my brother and I could finally pull together enough money for it. After that it was the Nintendo 64, which after Bond came out and what was early on known as Zelda 64 had been announced, I realized I had to have, and got for Christmas. With Gamecube this was the game that made me go from interested, but not biting, to realizing that I had to have the system, if for nothing else, for this game. The idea of having the Metroid series go 3-D, especially after how great Super Metroid had been was enough to make me giddy. I went out and bought a Gamecube along with Metroid Prime. Sure, I grabbed a few other games for variety (if I remember right, they were Crazy Taxi, Resident Evil, and Mario Party 4, but that's not really important). Metroid Prime was clearly the focus of my purchase though.

I quickly realized though that this game was different than other games I had played in the past. I had played plenty of other great games, but this one was the first game for serious gamers that I really sunk my teeth into. Within about four hours of playing I had already gotten stuck to the point of where I had decided to give it a rest for the night and look at some other games. However, after a restless night of sleep, I woke up as early as I could the next morning and went right back at it. Finally I had figured out what I had been doing wrong. Over the next several months I kept hitting snags like this, hitting those difficult bosses which I couldn't figure out how to beat, then finally figuring it out. Of course let's not forget that first time through the Phazon Mines, the long period of time between save spots, that one probably took me a week to finally get through alone.

To make things short, this game really showed me a new level of difficulty with video games, especially when you're someone who tries to be a completest. However, that also added to the sense of accomplishment once everything was done. That's one of the things I love the most out of this game, but there's really so much more that this game has to offer.

The graphics on this game for the time this game was made were beyond anything that anyone had ever seen. From seeing your reflection in your visor at the right times to watching the water fall down your visor, and just the amazing landscapes that you would go through. The snow, the plant life, just everything. When I first played it my breath was taken away from everything that I saw.

The gameplay itself is very well done. the battle challenges grow at the perfect pace, as you don't start to battle the really difficult creatures until you're actually ready, and it goes from there. The one gripe I have about the gameplay is that the controls were a little bit off from what I felt like they should be, but they were very minor things, mainly based on which buttons were picked to do what. The only other gripe I have about the gameplay is later on during the game where you have to do a lot of backtracking (not going into detail just so that I give away as little as possible), that is very annoying, but then again, it sort of comes with the territory when it comes to Metroid games.

The story that this game follows is your typical Metroid type of story, but a little bit more complex. There's a disturbance, you go in and find that the space pirates have taken over, that sort of thing. However, as the game goes on things develop, you find new things out about your surroundings, and in general it turns out to be much more than a typical science fiction type of plot for a game.

The music for the game is something else that I had a slight gripe about, but only because I'm not a big fan of repetitive techno music. The music, however, is really not something that dominates the game at all, or really something that you notice very much of outside of battle, and that's just because of the hostile turn that the music takes when enemies are in the vicinity which clears up once you kill all those enemies.

To summarize, this is a game that really brought me a challenge that I was not expecting. The gameplay and story are all very strong, the only downsides being some backtracking, a couple of minor control issues, and some of the music that got a bit annoying. However, as a whole this game brought it big time everywhere else. Those minor issues were the only problems that I had with it, and the rest of the game just overwhelmed those issues. This is one of the all-time great games that I have ever played.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/07/10

Game Release: Metroid Prime (US, 11/17/02)

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