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"This game is just PRIME."

Metroid Prime is the pinnacle of awesomeness. It is one the highest rated games of all time!!! Why should you buy this gem of a game? Read on to find out

Story: It was another boring day in Samus's recently mind numbingly boring schedule. Three years ago, she had utterly destroyed the Space Pirates of Zebes in the adventure of the century. Now however, it was just the same stuff. Hunting a bounty, braking up a gang, etc. “Man, if I just had one break from the routine, I would be so happy”.

*incoming message from frigate Orpheon near Tallon IV* “If there is anyone out there, please respond. We need help. All of our bioweapons are rampaging and destroying the ship. It's only a matter of time before AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *transmission ended*. “So there is a problem huh, well I'll go check it out, but it will be just a routine mission.” Boy was she ever wrong. (8/10)

Graphics: Ever since I landed on this planet, I have fallen in love with the landscape and flora. The terrain is so picturesque and beautiful and diverse. This planet is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen in my career as a hunter. The blue stuff in the mines is ugly though. (10/10)

Music/sound (end Samus's journal). The music for this game is rather excellent. It is creepy, lively, weird, depressing, awkward, and you get the idea. It fits every where it is put in the game except the Impact Crater, which has little to none.

The sound effects are very well done. From the crunch of Samus's armored boot, to the roars of the Space Pirates, it is a masterpiece of sound. (9.5/10)

Game play: Metroid Prime is a first person adventure. It is really a shooter with some exploration and platforming elements. The game is about finding the various objects and lore about the planet.

The game has a map you can use to keep track of progress and a hint system you can turn off or on depending on your preferences. The Scan Visor can be used to gather info about enemies, bosses, terrain, and items.

You gather energy, ammo, and expansions by searching the environment with upgrades you find. This is a Metroid game after all. Thankfully, you are not guided by some CO ordering you around. You can complete the game in your own time.

The Planet is divided up into six different areas to explore. They are connected by a system of elevators.
The Save Stations scattered about are where you save your progress and get a fresh supply of energy to boot. Missile Stations will provide a refill on Missile Ammo. Beams have no ammo. (9/10)

Bad stuff: This little section is dedicated to the bad things that just annoy me. Mainly two tiny things annoy me about this game. 1st: the dad-burned turrets. I mean, these things are VERY accurate and VERY damaging. They are very common and durable. When you get the plasma beam, you can one hit kill them.

2nd: The Fission Metroids. These, wonderful, little buggers are unable to be frozen. Plus, when you kill them, they split into two Metroids which also can't be frozen. Thankfully, they are near the end of the game, so they are not that common. (People who play the PAL version will suffer these in the Phazon Mines).

Moral Content: This is a section of things I personally was not happy about because they are morally wrong. Thankfully that isn't much at all! The only thing that is wrong is the Frigate Orpheon might be disturbing for the youngins. That's it. (What did you expect, it's Nintendo).

Lastibility/replaybility: The game is bursting with replayibility. You can take alternate routes, make a speed run, collect different items to get 100%, and play Hard Mode.
The game has a connection bonus with Metroid Fusion so it can unlock the Fusion Suit for Prime when you beat it, and when you beat Fusion you unlock the original, complete, bona-fide Metroid NES! I kid you not.

So what are you waiting for? Get off your lazy bum, go to Game Sto

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/05/11

Game Release: Metroid Prime (US, 11/17/02)

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