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"Metroid fans and casual gamers alike do yourselves a favor and get this game"

Hi my name is Wayne. I've been a Nintendo fan ever since the NES days where it was pretty much just Nintendo and SEGA(SErviceGAmes). I'm 19 years old and a native New Yorker. I'm Chinese and parents are from Taiwan. I have a 16 year old sister who also likes to play video games. It's hard to believe that girls play also, huh? I've been waiting for another Metroid game ever since Super Metroid. The hype factor was a 10.0 for me. And fortunately, this game lives up to the hype. I'll try not to spoil the game for you.

Graphics 10.0
The games visuals are greatly detailed and jaw dropping. Charge your beam and release it and you'll see a warp around the air as the beam shoots through the air. Do it again and shoot a dead enemy looking down at it and you'll see her face reflect off of the visor. When you shoot a beam through a tunnel, the tunnel illuminates with light. Go near a broken pipe with steam bursting out and watch the visor condense with drops of water. Shoot a group of bugs and watch the icky gooey bug blood splatter onto the visor. These are all of the nice touches to the graphics of the game. The character models and especially her look great and detailed. The level design is one of the best I've ever seen. It's creative and you'll never get tired of it. Metroid fans will be giddy with joy when they see the atmosphere; it's so atmospheric. One last thing, you'll never see the framerate in this game drop.

Sound 10.0
People who have played the previous Metroids will feel right at home. They have kept some of the classic music that made the previous games known for. It's also downright creepy and sucks you right in just like other Metroid games. The sound effects are dead on; that's about it for this section. You must pump up the volume on this game.

Controls 10.0
One thing that says it all. It doesn't-I repeat-it doesn't control like a FPS. This game focuses mainly on exploration, which has been the main aspect of the Metroid series. There are very few enemies to shoot, but when you come across one, it's easy to lock on and strafe around it. If you need to dodge quickly, there's a move where you dash sideways to escape harm; however, I must say that the learning curve is 10-20 minutes. But once you do get accustomed to it you'll never notice it. It becomes second nature.

Gameplay 10.0
The gameplay is very addicting. The world begs to be explored. You'll always want to get the new more powerful equipments and items. This game just begs to be played like a First Person Adventure. Keep in mind, though, that you will have to backtrack a lot but that's in most games anyways. Backtracking is not dull nor tedious. Getting new stuff automatically will have you thinking, ''I passed through a place where it needed bombing, so I must go back there to see what I've missed.''

Presentation 10.0
The menus and options are all easy to navigate. They're all straightforward and it's pleasing to the eyes. The game is well polished and complete.

Replay 9.0
Ever heard of the GBA GCN link? Well, if you have Metroid Fusion and Prime, you can link them to unlock new bonuses. Although they're not really essential, it's a nice added feature. But if you don't have the link or don't think it's worth it, there are different endings and you can always try to complete in the fastest time possible.

Overall 10.0(This is not an average)

Buy or rent?

I'd say buy this game. In every way, it's worth the $50 I paid

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/02, Updated 11/21/02

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