Review by John E G

"A long time coming..."

Metroid has been, or at least was a staple in nintendo's best franchises. Yet since the days of Snes the series was ignored really and it's fans were greatly angered. Metroid is not a First person shooter, I had my doubts but this game without a doubt is a Adventure platform game just like every metroid game before it.

Graphics 10

Wow, this is the only response that I can really give in this subject. Everything is perfect in this game when it comes to graphics, beautiful lighting, amazing effects like bug splatter and unsurpassed art. The art is really the highlight of this game, everything just screams the metroid series which I had doubts this game would do, but it really is just like super metroid come to 3D. The variety in terrain in this game is more than anybody could have asked for, everything is just so different, it really is a magnificent world come to life here.

Sound: 10

The monsters shrieking are great in this game, each creature has distinct soundbites and even death sounds, I can't believe how great it all comes together. Samus's weapons sound phenomenal and even her voice is pretty much what I've always imagined it would be. The soundtrack to this game is so great that it should be released on it's own! I'm not kidding each has it's own retro feel yet has additions and twists. New songs are present aswell I believe, so some fresh tracks veterans will have to get used to, but they are still great! I can't mention enough about the sound in this game.

Gameplay: 9.7

Amazing graphics and sound aside this game has got it where it counts too, in the heart of it. The puzzles are thought out well and the scanner is used amazingly well in this game, if you don't use it you aren't getting very far in this game. Control layout is great and so is for once in a First person view....(drumroll)...Jumping! Yes jumping is amazing, I have yet to screw up one jump, I can't stress how pleased I am with that. Bosses are thrilling and challenge the mind aswell as the reflexes and it all comes together in a great little package of shooting and solving. I love when this game just lets you know you have to come back aswell, because without the right equipment it may appear to be a dead end, but why would they do that, come back with more gear and see what's really there. It really makes for a rewarding feeling when stuff like that happens.

Replay: 9.0

Well no multiplayer kind of is a letdown but really it wouldn't work too well with this engine so I can see why it isn't in. Beat the game with better times and higher finding percentage and you'll get rewards I'm told, so that is a plus! Hidden GBA-GC connectivity prizes await too and that really sweetens the deal on this game. What is really great is that this game is just so much fun that you will want to play it again anyway and that is the kind of replay value that many games don't deliver on aswell as they should.

Final rating - 38.7/40
out of ten - 9.7/10

Final Thought:
God bless nintendo for this title because it's been a long time coming, go out and buy this game if you can because loads of fun awaits.

Happy hunting!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/02, Updated 11/21/02

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