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"The time has come...Prime Time that is."

It all started with a revolutionary hit in the 80's, then a small string of sequels up to the 90's. Then suddenly there was an 8 year absence, total darkness without even a whisper. Then, amidst the sea of multi-console titles, mascot wanna-be's and low income ideas, a glimmer of light shined through. Rumors of Samus returning started to circulate, rumors turned to truth, truth turned to the anxious waiting of millions of gamers. The over.

After the death of the Mother Brain, after destroying Ridely and Kraid, after wiping out the Metroid Queen..Samus is still scouring the galaxy, destroying evil where ever she may find it. Driven by the lust for adventure, she is the ever glimmering beacon of hope for those in peril. Along the way she recieved an intruiging distress signal from a drifting space carrier near a planet called Talon IV. Upon investigating the dead ship, Samus finds herself sucked into her greatest adventure and challenge yet. Will she survive the perils that await her beneath the treacherous surface of the planet? Her fate, is in your hands.

I could go on for hours on end about the beauty that this game bestows upon its players, but let's not get carried away. I can put the reaction to the visuals in this game in two words...''Holy $hit!'' From the moment you glimpse at the title screen you are fed banquet after banquet of eye candy. It is obvious that extreme care was taken into making this game as much of a pleasure to watch as it is to play, if not more. Samus has never looked better, her armor shines and refracts images and light in real-time with practically zero flaw. Level designs are amazing, from the moment you touch down you become enthralled with the world around you, always feeling the need to explore a certain area even though you don't have to. Elemental effects are very awe inspiring as well, from the fog and reflections on Samus's visor to the heat vapors that emitt from your cannon after excesive firing, you can tell the great people at Retro and the big N took their time on detail, especially since you can use Progrressive Scan too. They have taken the GC's capabilities to the next level, and from the looks of it, this must be the 105th stage!

SOUND- 10/10
As with the visuals, I don't think I'd be able to stop talking about this. Backed with Dolby Prologic II capability, the masterpiece which is Metroid Prime's audio is simply superb. Many Metroid veterans will recognize the remixed jingles and symphonies from the previous games quickly, but for those who've never delved into the world of Metroid you're in for some very nice eargasm :). During your adventure you can't help but smile at how the tone of the music fits almost perfectly with the mood of what you're seeing onscreen. Lava filled caverns pound with Temple esc. drums and singing Shamans, while Icy fields calm the ears with soft melodic christmas/sci-fi melodies. Now as for sound effects I must say that they were done considerably well too. Samus's cannon sounds very shotgun/laser beam shick, especially when fired rapidly. Creatures give off their own little battle and death cries which seem to ring in your ear 3 minutes after they are vanquished, the metalic thud that comes from Samus's feet as she lands is quite believable too. Basically the sounds are as pleasing as the graphics :).

Man, Nintendo never ceases to amaze me. Over and over they've taken their most valubale franchises and switched them around completely into something that matches or even topples its previous format. While the first 5 or so minutes were a bit awkward they quickly faded away into nothing as I confronted my very first lively Space Pirate. The history. Those who don't understand what metroid is about or have played it may find it unrewarding and dull to be armed with a single cannon for the entire game along with having unlimited ammo. On the contrary, this makes the game that much more enjoyable, without the annoying chore of having to scavenge around for ammo all the time you are free to roam around and blast away at your heart's content. As with previous Metroid games, enemies respawn after you venture a substantial distance from their territory, which is alot more helpful and fun than it sounds. The fact that enemies are ressurected means that they serve as an ever present supply for missle ammo, life support, etc. As well as the chance to blow something to smithereens. I can't stress how simple it is to manuever Samus while targeting an enemy, everything you do from Side dashing to aerial leaps are all 100% under your guidance and command. Also, since the framerate never even sputters you can expect fast, frantic and magnificent battles.

Why would I even stop playing this game?! After you've crushed evil once and for all there are still some goodies for you to bask in, but besides that it's just too much fun to put down.

BUY or RENT?- BUY!!!!
Renting this game would be pure idiocy, I recomend renting for those who are full of themselves and are/were fanboys of opposing consoles who can't identify a great game when they see it. If you don't have Metroid Prime yet, then get it ASAP! And for those who got it the day it came out like me, spread the here.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/02, Updated 11/21/02

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