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"Finally an interesting FPS"

I don't really see how I can review a game I havent mastered or even beaten yet... so even though I'm covering everything I may come back and edit some of it.

Ok to start off Metroid prime is just a great game, it plays like and is basically a fps. Let's just get that out in the open, knowing that it's an fps, it is the most innovative fps ever period.

I will cover: sound, controls, graphics, story, gameplay, replay value

Sound: Wow, just wow. If you have a surround sound speaker system this must sound amazing. The basic sound effects sound mystic, or out of this world. Now by saying that I'm not saying it sounds like when monsters die the just took the sound effects off of the Jurassic Park T-Rex... Like some other games have. Each sound effect in itself, from the gun shots of each.. gun thing... to the death cries of your enemies to the annoying other wasps that I hate; all of these sound effects are wondrous and cool. Just wait until you get really into the game and run into the pirates, more explosive power n screaming than Die Hard. And that's just the effects. I can't even describe the score. Its techno, its Metroid, it has ALL the themes from ALL the past games in this game somehow. And all of it isn't repetitive; most of it is catchy combined with something you would hear from a high quality symphonic band in your living room. That or the New York orchestra I'm not sure, but the music is darn good. This is stuff you would wanna download off the net to listen to as you sleep; Or in my case, write papers. Its Apex Twins meets Café Del Mar meets Paul Olkenfold. 10/10 for sound.

Controls: Lets get right into the big problem here, controls are always gonna be a problem no matter what system if you try to insert too many functions on one controller. Metal Gear Solid 2 and Halo, but you got used to them before you were done finishing the first area anyhow. Hell I even got used to the x-box controller, so getting used to this was easy. The controls are basically a combination of Goldeneye and Halo/Turok. And they start off clunky, but as you progress through the game you realize that the way it was put together works quite well. The only gripes I have is sometimes I can't aim at the closest enemy, but it's fixed in a millisecond as I click the L button again. Movement becomes second hand, jumping becomes fun. The controls do not change when you are in the morph ball mode either; they just go to the third person, if anything in the morph ball they become simpler. Even so these remind me of that saying ''second to learn, lifetime to master''. Only a retarded person couldn't learn how to move around well, but it takes practice for everyone to move around really well. For that the controls get: 7/10

Graphics: Ok I said it above and I'm saying it again, these are wonderful. From the spaceships to the Metroids to the monsters to just looking around at stuff. To address the graphics you have to notice the interface of the game. Well that gun looks pretty damn cool when you are charging up, and so do your attacks (once you get them). Each laser has its own look and each one is beautiful. But best of all is just the plain charged laser. It literally distorts everything like it has a reflective surface as it travels through the air. ( I don't know how far some of the lasers that come later in the game look; But that one in itself impresses me as a computer design programmer). Then there are the different visor modes. Let me just say that search mode is simple, and quite nice actually, its very much like holding a magnifying glass a foot away from your eye, it still distorts things but you can still see around it. Then there is the heat visor… HOLY CRAP ITS PRETTY! Just wow, suddenly everything is a smooth heat signature. And x ray is just as HOLY CRAP as that. Let me just say that with splinter cell and this game; someone must be working for both companies cuz yeah the interfaces both look the same on both games, which is a GOOD thing. Anyhow getting past the different graphical modes, lets just say the world is beautiful, then you get to shooting things and blowing up things, which is downright beautiful on a HD TV. Then you blow up too many things close to you, and suddenly you see the reflection of Samus's eyes. The enemies are abundant and shiny and fit in with the Metroid world. The world standing still is beautiful too, like a Robert Frost poem on a far off planet. The areas are big and you can see what's going on all the way across the room (even though the rooms are huge). Your visor mists up as you past a heat vent, splashes water and snow out of the way, attracts bug guts. Wow people. If I could this would get the 11/10, but since I godda be fair here graphics get:

Story: The story is simple, and I won't spoil it for you. So I'm just going to say this, it's a fps story that started off on a 2d sidescroller. The story encourages exploration and somehow builds a catharsis for Samus and a hatred for the Space Pirates and a strange fascination with the Metroids. However as the game progresses and you scan more things in the world around you, you learn more of what's going on. Its through this that the story develops into something that could be a masterpiece if it hadn't already been done into the ground a million times by a million science fiction movies and books. However for games like this (simplicity that encourages exploration with a huge hint of mystery of the world around you) is just what the doctor ordered. If you took a huge storyline and put it into this game, you would have the same game actually. Its all there, just in little parts, in the environment around you waiting to be found. It also continues (or begins) the Metroid saga quite well, and has huge hits to the other games in it. So story gets a surprising: 10/10

Gameplay: I don't understand what's so good about this game, or why it is so fun to just explore. But it just is. And that is what you do, explore and occasionally kill things. It is in effect just what the other 4 games are, regardless of whose perspective it's from. The Metroid doors and weapons and upgrades are all there, even to my surprise the music and the monsters. Of course certain things had to be left out, but some new visors and morph ball moves make up for it. The controls after a while aid the exploration of the game and the graphics and sound along with the almost hidden story drag you in. If I could compare it to anything it would be the Elder Scrolls, where you could spend hours just wandering around in the wilderness. There is a lot of this game that puts you into the game, you find yourself backtracking and seeing new things along the way, trying to remember where you saw a certain door. This may sound boring and I admit that sometimes it. However you have to realize that this is an entirely new kind of FPS, if you want to call it that even. Puzzles are abundant in their own way. Even though most puzzles are not puzzles at all, and simply can be solved by exploring the room you are in. And if you just want to shoot things there is no shortage of new monsters that keep on showing up. Bosses too have their own challenge and in themselves are puzzles. The world around you, like all the previous Metroid games, leaves you wanting to learn more about the world. Also to factor into game play this game is original to say the least. It's a first person shooter but without a concentration on the shooting and more on travel. I doubt this would work on a regular basis but since you are so saturated with the world it does. Honestly I had my questions about the quality of the game that would not stay true to its gaming roots. Aside form the missing side scrolling format, it has. If you don't believe me you haven't played the game or paid attention to the previous games. If anything the addition of the 3d world has opened up an entirely new dimension for this series. Also I would like to add that this game is hard, very hard. I find myself frequently dying at the hands of monsters that gang up on me or simply attack because I walked on it. The enemy AI is smart, if only for the enemies that are supposed to be smart. I don't know if this is because they have a pattern that I cannot recognize or because it's a good AI, but some of the Pirates are really good at avoiding being in my line of fire. As for all the other creatures you have to fight, it makes sense that they attack in a certain way. It's original, and ambitious, and that in this gaming era is an ace in the hole. I have started over the game 3 different times already just to experience the world without all the powerups and to see if I missed any. So Prime defiantly has some replay value as well. Gameplay gets 10/10

Overall I rate this game a 10/10. It is a solid title for the Gamecube, its original and somehow a FPS at the same time, yet its not. I can't explain that part just play it, if you have a Gamecube you owe it to yourself to do so.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/02, Updated 11/22/02

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