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"Metroid Prime = Amazing game !!!!"

After 8 years of waiting for another Metroid game, our wish finally comes true with Metroid Prime (and Metroid Fusion). Metroid prime is the first 3d metroid game, and it's a great thing !!!

After Samus defeated the Mother Brain, Ridely and Kraid, and after wiping out the Metroid Queen from the face of the universe, Samus is still serching in the galaxy to find evil to destroy. Once again, Samus Aran is back in action in her Chozo suit and all her other weapons, ready to fight for her life on Tallon IV. After she received a distress signal from the space station over Tallon IV, Samus flies her starship over to the place to check things out. When she arrived, Samus realizes that everything is wrong. The chambers only contains space pirates and mutated creatures held in capsules. Samus starts to wander in the space station and she soon find a huge creature. After killing it, the self-destruct program starts and samus must flee before she blow up. She then goes back to her ship and follow the robot version of Ridley down to Tallon IV. Unfortunaly, while she fled the station, all her arsenal was damaged (except her gun and scanning helmet).

The graphics of Metroid Prime are of a beauty I have never ever seen on games, even on Xbox games, which has great graphics. At the very instant you start playing, you will notice how everything is greatly detailed and how everything is so beautiful. Obviously, Nintendo worked real hard to make the graphics become so great, and their hard work paid off. The images have nearly zero flaw, and all the monsters are really great looking. Even when you scan, the image that you see is great. The design of the levels are extremely well made, like everything else. Even the elment effect are well made. For example, if you look up in the sky while it's raining, you can see water drop down on your visor. Metroid Prime's graphics could be described in two words : ****ing amazing !!!

As for the sound, well it is almost as great as the graphics. Every sounds are beautiful, from guns shot to bomb explosions and from footsteps to monster roars. Without the astounding sound of metroid prime, the game wouldn't be as great. The music are also really great.

Most people would think that's unwise to make a game go from 2d to 3d, but Nintendo did it, and it was a really good choice. Since it's in 3d, you can appreciate more the beautiful graphics and all the good things of this game. The fact that you see through Samus eyes is even better. Unfortunately, it takes a little time to get use to the controls (it took me 5 minutes).

Honestly, since I did not finish the game, I cannot talk about the replayability, but I can say one thing for sure: I have a hard time to stop playing this game :)

Renting this game would be a waste of money. Even if your not a fan of metroid, I suggest to buy this game. and for those who don't have a gamecube, buy one for metroid prime


-STORY = 9.5/10
-GRAPHICS = 11/10
SOUND = 10/10
GAMEPLAY = 9.5/10
BUY or RENT? = BUY!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/02, Updated 11/22/02

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