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"Samus Aran returns to captivate us all..."

Well here we are again.This time to review this utter masterpeice of a game called Metroid Prime.Once again we are thrust into the shoes of bounty hunter Samus Aran in her quest to destroy the Metroid threat.This time the adventure takes us to the planet Tallon IV.I dont even really know how to summarize this game,it is so amazing in every aspect.It is simply the most glorious and sucsessful transition into 3D I've seen since Mario64 and Ocarina of Time.The graphics,gameplay,story,and sound are all awe inspiring in both gameplay and presentation.Simply amazing.

Gameplay 10/10.The gameplay is nearly flawless.First person perspective does not ruin any aspect of the gameplay whatsoever.This is one of the only First person shooters I've played in which jumping feels like a natural thing,which makes the platforming aspect far more appealing rather than frustrating.But if you are looking for hordes of enemies to blast into oblivion,then this game isnt for you.Dubbed ''FPA'' for first person adventure,this game focuses much less on the shooting aspects and much more on exploration and cunning.Exploring the intricate and complex tunnels and pathways of Tallon IV is very immersive,and takes quite awhile to complete and fully explore,and will keep your attention towards playing to unlock new things and places for weeks to come.

Once again you are armed with Samus' multi-perpose arm-cannon for smoking baddies,grappling hook swinging,downloading area maps,etc...Like in all Metroid games,you may gain multiple types of projectiles including missles,bombs,beams,morph ball powerups,and the rest of Samus' bag of tricks.The neat thing that you can do now,is with the right combination powerup Samus is able to combine missle projectiles with beam weapons to create some ultra devastating weapons.

The second new addition to Metroid is the visor system.The way that this works is that by hitting right on the D-pad,you can scan many things for information,opening doors,computer logs,enemy stats,enemy weaknesses,chozo history,etc.There are many types of visor that are picked up along the way,including thermal,xray,and nightvision.

All in all,gameplay is SPECTACULAR.This is what you buy the game for.

Graphics 10/10:The graphics are absolutely spectacular to say in the least.The world of Tallon IV is aboslutely seamless from beginning to end,from the rainy,misty,jungle overworld to the sweltering charnal pit of Magmoor Caverns,to the icy perpetually snowing tundra of the Phaedraena Drifts,the attention to detail and the effects are terrific.Another thing that is amazing is the lack of even a few seconds of loading time througout the entire game,I don't know how Retro did it,but it even borders on scary how little if any loading time there is.Even running at 60 FPS,everything is smooth and seamless,even when you are being attacked by a hoarde of beautifully textured creatures.So amazing...

Story 10/10:There is a pretty large backstory to the Metroid saga that would be too long to put into this review so I'm just going to go into the basic plot for this game.

The story comes in between Metroid and Metroid 2,with Samus having tracked the sinister Space pirates to a spacelab above the planet Tallon IV.After detroying the spacelab she spots escaping from the exploding space station,none other than the creature Ridley whom supposedly was destroyed after Samus ''destroyed'' Mother Brain on Zebes.Samus follows Ridley down into the atmosphere of the planet,but loses him.Landing in a dense jungle area,Samus begins her quest to destroy the Space Pirates once and for all...

Sound/Music 10/10:The sound effects and music scores are very nostalgic while also adding some new themes to it's repitoire.You'll hear many of the classic but sweetly updated themes from the other Metroid games,but plenty of new music too.There is a lot of echoing and ambient sounds to add a creepy,mystifying atmosphere,not to mention a feeling of actually being alone on a huge planet.The battle cries of the creatures sound individual from one another,and can sometimes be a little chilling when you know that somethng is especially near.

Control 10/10:The control is usually the only gripe about this game,seeing as how it differs from standard fps controls.But this isn't your standard FPS.The thing is you have to hold down R to aim,and L to strafe.Some people can find this awkward,but for me and a lot of people,it was about a 30 minute learning curve and that's about it.Other than that,if you can get used to the control,you will definately appreciate the control being altered for this particular game,especially when you need the c stack to switch beams while being bombarded by some boss.

Funfactor 10/10:The enjoyment of this game comes completely out of accomplishment.I garuantee that you will be giddy after finding many of those sought after powerups,by backtracking to that one place that was inacsessable earlier.There is nothing like a game that can completely immerse and basically force you into playing it enough to completely master its gameplay.There almost no way to explain the way that Metroid is fun.It's just,a game that you play.You don't just play it.You play it.Now that I've thoroughly confused you,its time for the overall score.

Overall 10/10:I can honestly say under gamer's oath,that this is one of the best games I've ever had the pleasure of playing.It is astouding how much this game is meant for you to play.There is no bull.Just 100% grade A video game.That's Metroid for you.All said,this is one extrordinary game in all aspects.Get it,that's all there is to say.Have fun!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/02, Updated 02/06/03

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