Review by ev1L L337

"Its good but its not that good."

Metroid Prime is a good game but all games have at least one thing wrong with it.

Graphics. 10/10
Metroid Prime really shines here. The atmosphere of the game is great. Everything flows together smoothly. From the lighting to the stuff splattering on your visor, not to mention when the energy warps the vision around it. Bosses and other creatures look as real as can be possible. The roll up in a little ball move is flawless. Samus's suit looks just like it should. You will find absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Controls 9/10
Kinda awkward at first, but most games are like that. You'll get used to it pretty quickly. You'll also appreciate the liberty a jump button gives you. The lock on feature is a nice touch but it can make combat seem to easy at times. Not using the c-stick for strafing is kinda weird, since everyone and their mother is used to using a second analog for strafing by now.

Gameplay 6/10
This is the part I didn't like. Maybe exploration isn't my thing, but It did not seem fun trudging through tunnels and jungles just to find some powerup. You'll spend more time exploring then you will doing anything else. S Plenty of action in boss fights. The boss fights are the part I looked foward to. Some were too easy, so don't expect too much of a challenge in this game. Don't be so fooled though, this game will hook you till you beat it. Its not one of those games where you throw away your controller and call it a horrible game and never play it again. Its better then average. 6 does not equal horrible but it doesn't equal good either.

Story 8/10
I really did not find that much of an engaging story here.
Ther is some twists and turns, but nothing to dramatic in my opinion. This one di not have me going on for another peice of the puzzle. If your looking for some Final Fantasy story try and go elsewhere.

Sound 10/10
Bust out the surround sound speakers for this one. Music fits each area your in perfectly, and sounds of guns are incredibly believable. Enemies make sounds very approaite to what they look like. With this and graphics, it is very easy to believe your the one exploring.

Overall 7/10

If you like the Metroid series go buy it. Otherwise flip a coin to see whether to buy or rent.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/22/02, Updated 11/22/02

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