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Reviewed: 11/22/02 | Updated: 11/22/02

Nintendo at its Best.

A lot of people wondered how metroid prime would handle the transition from a platformer to 3-D fps. To be honest, I was skeptic myself. After playing this game, I think to myself: THIS IS THE WAY ALL METROIDS SHOULD HAVE BEEN. The 1st person gives you a great sense of realism. The urgency of getting enemies on your tail you can't see and other such things that just dont work in a 2-d game. That being said, let me break the game down for you:

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are amazing in this game. Everything flows without problems, giving the game a smoothly run feel. When Samus goes into her morph ball, the graphics easily score off the charts with the lighting effects and the shear look of it. At all other times, however, while great, the graphics aren't warrant of a 10/10 score.

Sound: 8/10
The music is great, but despite how good it is if you are in an area for 20 minutes or more the music gets annoying. What stands above the rest is the sound effects, which are great and help add to the feel that you are really there in samus's suit.

Gameplay: 10/10
Nothing I have experienced in a game comes close to how fun it is to play this game. I'm not sure how I'll feel about it after I have beaten it, but for the first time through so far this is simply amazing, raw fun.

Control: 9/10
Everything is set up very well as far as controls go. Even still, I find myself accidentally morphing into a ball when trying to shoot a missle sometimes... Although that's probably just me.

Overall: 9/10
The presentation of the game is great, as is the way the game feels when you play it. The introductory level gives you a basic feel of the controls which take a while to master but make full use of the game cube controller. Playing this game makes you wonder how the series COULDN'T have made the jump to fps 3-d adventure game. Honestly it feels so good in this form that I kick myself for ever doubting it.

This game is a masterpiece. I suggest you buy it before you rent it. Renting it may give you enough time to beat it, therefore deterring you from buying it. That may sound like a good thing but Im sure days,weeks, months or even years later you will want to re-experience this masterpiece again and again. BUY THIS GAME. BUY IT NOW.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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