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"To call it perfect is a definite understatement..."

Anyone with an NES will fondly remember the game Metroid. This game was the first of its type, and it captivated many across the world. It saw sequels on the Gameboy, the SNES, the GBA. All four of these games, in my opinion, were the greatest games to ever grace my video game library. Enter Metroid Prime, undoubtedly the best in the series.

Graphics: 9.5/10
The graphics in this game are wonderful. Everything from the lush greenery of tropical forests to the stars in the sky above a derelict space station all look and animate beautifully. Samus Aran herself looks amazing, as do the many, many enemies scattered across the worlds. The level designs are huge and look absolutely picture perfect. This game packs tons of neat little graphical touches in, such as seeing Samus' face as a reflection in her visor after a bright light is emitted or seeing the bones in Samus' hands toggle the switches in her power suit while using the X-ray visor. In my eyes, this is the most graphically stunning game on the gamecube, or on any console, for that matter. My only little complaint with the graphics is that at very close range, a few small seams are evident, and some of the textures look a little blocky.

Audio: 10/10
If you've played any of the previous Metroids, you recognize alot here, as the tunes are mostly remixes of old tracks. That's not a bad thing though, as the old tracks were great. The weapons all sound exactly as you would think they would. The enemy's screeches sound great. One of the best audio selections I've ever listened to.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is the part of Prime that will attract the most fans. The game is done completely in first-person view, except when Samus rolls into a ball, where the camera switches to a third-person view. The transition between first and third-person is done very casually, and it really adds to the experience. One of the main aspects of Metroid Prime is the scanning of items to reveal important information. Unlike most first-person games, which concentrate basically on twitch shooting, this one relies heavily on adventure and exploration. The scanning adds much to the gameplay experience, but if you don't like it for some reason, only certain objects actually need to be scanned, so you can skip most of this sequence. However, the scanning of enemies usually reveals important information on how to defeat them, and bonuses can be unlocked if you scan a certain amount of things. If you start to play though, be sure you can play for quite a while, as save points are few and far between. Overall, one of the funnest games I have ever played.

Replay: 9/10
Prime holds a lot of surprises for anyone who is willing to delve deep enough into the game to find them. Beat the game once, and you unlock a new difficulty setting, where the enemies are harder to defeat. Beat the game and scan 50% of the entries in your data book, and you can unlock an art gallery. Likewise, scan 100% to open a new art gallery. If you have Metroid Fusion for the GBA, just connect it to the gamecube and you can unlock and use the Fusion Suit in Metroid Prime after you beat it once. That's not that big of a deal really, as Samus' main suit looks cooler anyway. Beat Fusion, connect it to the gamecube, and you can unlock the entire version of the original NES metroid. The NES Metroid holds up very well, even today, and Retro has taken the liberty of getting rid of that nasty password system and letting you save your game directly to your memory card. Two games for the price of one, not a bad deal, eh?

Overall: 10/10
Skip the renting, buy this game NOW!, you won't regret it. Even if you don't own a cube, it's worth getting one just to play this game. When you're not playing it, you'll want to play it. When you're sitting in school, you'll be thinking about playing it. When you're writing a review of it, you'll want to quit and go play. In fact, uh, I gotta go.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/02, Updated 11/22/02

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