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"Primed and Ready to go"

Never doubt the cute little box, it may be small but it has many surprises within.

Metroid prime has got to be one of the best first person shooters out there, in my opinion there hasn't been anything new in a first person game since half-life graced the computer years ago, but now we are finally in for a treat, Metroid prime has arrived!

Graphics 9/10

Being a gamer for many years I have seen how graphics have evolved over the years and I must say the Metroid prime has some of the best I have ever seen. From the light of the glow beetles to the heat lines above Samus's cannon after a serious firefight, this game has it all and it's all the little touches that make it so amazing to play.

Sound 8/10

The sound is great, having played all the other Metroid titles I recognized several of the orchestrated tunes, from the eerie piano music to the sound when you get a new item, they're all there.

Control 7/10

This scores a little lower only because the learning curve of the controls is slightly higher than normal, it requires a lot of holding a certain button and then pressing another to do many things. However once you get the hang of it then I think it is some of the greatest console controls ever, after a few hours you will have Samus jumping, firing, scanning and everything else flawlessly.

Gameplay 10/10

I have always been tired of first person shooters only focused on killing things, where wave after wave of enemies come at you. Well Metroid Prime was like a breath of fresh air, there are still plenty of enemies to kill off but there is also a lot of exploring and suspense, you actually feel like you are inside the suit as you scan walls and dark corridors with your visors. The people at Nintendo have outdone themselves with this title.

Difficulty 9/10

The difficulty curve is almost perfect, the only problems people might have is the auto-aiming sometimes tracks an enemy that is further away than the one right next to you and because of this you might get hit a few times, other than that the difficulty is just right.

Final words:
This is an amazing title that should be picked up by metroid fans and first person shooter fans alike, even casual gamers will enjoy the variety that Metroid Prime offers.
This is a First Person shooter for the next generation.

Final Score 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/22/02, Updated 11/22/02

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