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"Simply four words for this game: Game of The Year"

Metroid Prime is the best Gamecube title up to date. This is an instant classic game from the get go. In every aspect it is remarkably outstanding.

Game play- This is a first person shooter like no other. You can hate FPS titles, and fall in love with this one. The reason is because of it's unique game play. Yes this game is a first person shooter, but the whole game is context in that. Many of times you must use your Morph Ball ability reach tight narrow spaces. The targeting system makes it so anyone can be a sharp shooter. Also the unique abilities you acquire makes the game even more thrilling. For instance, the Grappling Beam has a very unique style of being used. On top of all of this, the game is calm and fast pace at times. This makes it even more enjoyable and challenging. Your looking at hours of endless play time with this one. Clearly there are no flaws with game play in Metroid Prime.

Graphics- This game needs no explanation for why it deserve a flawless score for this category. The graphics are breathtaking. They are fluid and sharp. The visual effects are amazing. Literally, you see rain drops fall on your visor. Also, water run off it, slime does so as well, steam fogs it up, and you can even see your own reflection on your visor. This game pains no expense to detail. Every enemy, landscape, and object is render in lush 3-d graphics. Clearly, words do no justice for this game.

Controls- You think the controls would be all but straight forward, but surprisingly they are very basic. All of the commands you need to know are easy to remember. A is to shot, B is to jump, X is to shoot missiles, and so forth. Each button is placed just right so you have quick response time. You will be a pro at handling in minutes. On top of which, the opening stage of the game is used for a practice run so you can adjust to the control setup. If there were more FPS games that handled this easy, I have a whole library of them.

Sound- It's not award winning, but it gets the job done. The classic sounds of the old Metroid series are revived in Prime. A lot of the music is from the Super Metroid game, but a lot of them are original tracks. The sounds of shattering glass and splattering guts are great. It's all real straight forward sounds, nothing like a FF track at all; however, the sounds are better than good, their rocking. The music is very catchy and sets the mood very well. Although sound isn't shining as bright as the other categories, it still is very well worth noting that all aspects of real time sounds are embody in the game. Whether it be the sounds of molten hot magma or the sound of cool calm waterfalls, all aspects of real time events are very well render by the sounds they imitate. Prime does well on noting these sounds.

Buy or Rent?- NO Q's about it. This is a must have for any Gamecube library. The amount of time it will take just to beat it once shows why you rather own it than rent it. The extra features that and goodies that are rewarded to you give the game more replay value. Also, with linking it with Metroid Fusion to obtain the original Metroid, it gives more of a reason why you must own the game, so you can play this hidden bonus. Unless you don't have the money or don't have a Gamecube, there should be no reason why you shouldn't buy this game. Clearly, this is one of the best video games to date.

Final note- Whether you have been a Metroid fan forever or just got into the game for the first time, Metroid Prime will make you fall in love at first sight. This game is anything but bad. This is why it was the most anticipated release of the year. I can honestly say that you will love this game, or I'll give you a dollar.

Final score:
Game play= 10
Graphics= 10
Control= 10
Sound= 9
Overall= 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/23/02, Updated 11/23/02

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