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"Metroid Fans Re-Joice"

It's been quite a long time since a Metroid game came out more than 8 years has passed and what does nintendo do? They answer the call with Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion which is for Gameboy Advance. And not only that, nintendo give it a new look instead the old 2d side-scrolling its now in 3d. While some fans were disappointed because they changed it from 2d to 3d, the games those dont disappoint in anyway in fact it's one of the Must have game for gamecube if you don't believe, ask many people on the gamecube boards and they will tell you that this game rocks!! After getting this game and playing it for myself, i found this game to be enjoyable sure i thought that changing to 3d was a bad idea but when i saw those screen-shots this game I was totally amazed. Now let's get back to the review.

Every game needs a story even a shooting games needs one well in this game the story is like(I wont spoil it)You control a female character(incase people did not know that i was a female) who wears this special suit and goes to this planet called Tallon IV but something bad happens(That's about i can tell since the rest will spoil it)

WOW!! Just look at the game details just pure amazing. Retro Studios did a very good job indeed in this game. I congratulate them for a well done feature. One fine example of the game's graphics is the whole environment which looks so life-like full of living things from bad too harmless like trees and plants. Even the suit of samus looks very nice and shiny that its like she polished her own suit if you ask me. Another thing Retro Studios added was when its raining in the environment and when you look up, your visor gets cover in rain drops that look so realistic. Some of the monster, mini-bosses and boss look so detailed that it makes them look very scary and makes you feel like getting the hell out from this creature.

Alot of this game is first person perspective. But when you morph into the morph ball into changes zooming the camera at samus being morphed into a ball. This game truly does feel like inside of her suit since you can see the her visior which displays her health, weapons, map etc. You can also choose your weapons from ice cannon to missiles. You can also scan the whole area were you are plus scan the monsters to find out their information and their weakness.But don't think that this game is just strafe around the enemy and shooting them hard and fast, there is puzzles to solve and platform jumping but not really that much platform jumping.

Music and Sound
Another thing that was added from the old metroid game is the music while it has the original music, Retro Studios
added more music which works well with the environment that you are in. Some music are very spooky and some are just echo music making you feel like their are monster around you. The Sound is average nothing different from the original metroid instead of new sound for some monster and for samus but that's about it.

So you might think that the controls are bad and hard to get used to but don't fear my friend, the controls are easy to learn and during the game, they tell you how to use the weapons. One thing thats neat is that you can lock-on to your enemy and never never have to worry about aiming at them you can just shoot them without missing them. But you have to press the lock-on again to fight another monster or sometimes the lock-on does not target the monster close to you but the monster far away from you. But really you can just easily fire at the monster that's close too you and lock-on the monster far away from you and shoot at him. Easily done.

Replay Value
Sure first person shooter games are not that long and once you beat it well that's about it but well not in this game, This game is very long game and there are different levels and stages. There are also tons and tons of stuff to dont from collecting weapons, energy tanks, missiles But don't think that it will take you like 10 hours of less to get everything this game can take from 25-30+ hours to get everything. Plus once you have a certain percentage in the game, which you collected stuff and explored the world, you can unlock a art-gallery now how cool is that?

-Breathtaking Graphics
-Extensive Gameplay
-From 2d to 3d
-Tremendous Replay-vaule

-Lock-on sometimes is not useful

In conclusion, this game is for certainly a must buy game for Gamecube even if your not a fan of metroid, you should defiantly rent this game and try it out for yourself cause this game does not disappoint at all. With its amazing graphics, long replay value and a good gameplay, this game sure will be the best of the best

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/23/02, Updated 11/23/02

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