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"Metroid Prime - Awesome!"

After many years of Nintendo lacking a Metroid game, the bounty hunter Samus Aran is back. After many years being only a 2D side scroller, this heroin has made a huge jump to 3D and has put you in the driver seat with a 1st-Person perspective. A true Gamecube Great!

Story 10/10
Basically this is an area that you can't go wrong in. Your heroic Bounty Hunter goes out to save someone or something in distress. You begin with a simple rescue call on an orbital station above Talon IV. Soon you will find your self on this strange planet unlocking many mysteries of it's past and how things ended up the way they are. NO having played to much of previous Metroids it can easily be said that this is one of the better stories within a video game. Not told through a voice you are able to analyze it through your own mind making it as good as you want it to be.

Gameplay 10/10
Perhaps one of the greatest games in terms of gameplay to hit the Gamecube. In the 1st person perspective this game might seem as if it will be a straight action game. Well this is a little misleading. Though there is a lot of action a some pretty fun battles, this game is mainly a adventure based game. You basically are discovering things and uncover what is previously unknown. Almost as if you are a one man army with the purpose sole to discover everything that makes the planet what it is. Many creatures lurk the planet so you can expect to have many confrontations with other species. Boss battles are great and normal bad guys are practice. The fighting system with lock-on targeting is perfect and is a blast to battle all these unique creature. Scanning things is essential too. Hundreds of object can be scanned. They are everywhere and sometimes required to advance further. You'd be surprised at how fun scanning can be. The game though appears boring is actually fun in a indescribable way.

Control 10/10
Not your average fps shooter controls this game still get done what it needs too. Every button or control pad has a purpose. The L-trigger being the lock-on, A being shoot, B being jump, Y being secondary fire, X being Morph ball, R-trigger being Manual aim, Right d-pad changes visors, and c-stick changes primary weapon. You'll find yourself using these all very quick and together. They may seem difficult at first but you get the hang of them and can become very advanced within a half an hour. You find that combination of buttons make the game super easy and fun to control. You truly feel in control with the setup.

Sound 10/10
The sound in this game is awesome! The developers did everything right in this department. The music just captures you in. Every piece of music fits perfectly into the situation that you are in. Sometimes not playing at all to give you that eerie feeling that you are all alone. If this game has a sound track it would be a must buy, that's for sure. The Sound FX are awesome too. All creatures make unique noises that sound like they should. All weapons make the right noises and explosions sound like explosions. Even the scan visor has its own unique sound that adds to the exploration theme and almost sounds like the motion trackers in the Aliens movies. This truly is one of those Gamecube games that should be listen to with Dolby Pro Logic II, it would only make the experience that much better.

Graphics 10/10
Simply the best looking game to date on the Gamecube. It looks so crisp and detailed. The environments are varied, detailed, and beautiful. Perhaps the best looking environments in a game ever. Textures are top notch. Not only does it look great but it runs at amazing speed. 60fps makes this game run as smooth as it could possibly be. With the ability to use progressive scan this game blows any other game out of the water. If you have a progressive scan TV the eye candy will be the sweetest that you have ever seen.

Overall 10/10
This game will truly be one of the greatest games of all time and will be looked back upon as one of the classics. The reason 10/10 was given to each topic is because as of right now all the categories are the best that they can possibly be. If this game was reworked in the smallest places this game might not have been as good as it is. Now this game is not for everyone some fans of the old Metroids will hate the new 3D perspective. Some will find it boring that you explore most of time. You truly have to have a feel for the game to like it. Unfortunately like all games it is a rent before you buy. You may think it sounds boring or cool, but you find out that it is fun in a truly indescribable way.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/24/02, Updated 11/24/02

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