"Metroid Prime is evolutionary. It breaks almost all standards that games are put up to."

8 years ago I stumbled into my computer lab at school while on lunch break. Me and a couple a friends decided to go play Doom II. The game blew me away, it was my first ever experience in a FPS. Fast foward a couple of years, Doom has already died off and my computer can't keep up with the times. I own a Playstation and a Nintendo 64. Everything was looking dysmal for my FPS thirst. Then, it happened, GoldenEye was released. It was everything an FPS should be, whether on a PC or console. Then, last years Halo took its spot as king. Unfortunately, It looks like the reign of Halo has come to an end. In what seems to be the quickest take over in FPS history, Metroid Prime has slaughtered Halo.
Wait! Metroid Prime isn't just an ordinary FPS, Nintendo dubbed it an FPA, First Person Adventure. Of course, Nintendo hit that one right on the money. Metroid Prime plays just like Metroid should in 3-D. There are times when I'm in a heated battle with a group of enemies, but I can't refrain from jumping from ledge to ledge. This game makes you forget that you are playing from the First Person view. It makes you feel like you are the person in the TV screen.
Graphics 10/10
Metroid Prime surpasses all games thus far on any console in terms of graphical prowess. It runs smoothly at 60frames per second, even when in close quartered areas with numerous enemies. The lenses are what really make the graphics shine. It was cool to see the slight zoom on the scan visor, but the X-ray visor and the Thermal visor were breath taking. The fact that each object and many areas give off their own heat patterns adds to the function of the Thermal visor enormously.
Particle, lighting, and shading effects are done superbly. Although some textures can look a little nasty up close, its not that important. Who really cares about a blade of grass. You shouldn't be looking at leaves when a nasty War Wasp is buzzing around you.
Sound 10/10
The sound effects are also off the charts. Each and every blaster makes a different sounds. It truly seems that this game left no stone unturned when it came to sound effects. Everything sounds like it should.
The music is nice too. Very retro at times, with a new flare to it. The music that plays just prior to starting your game was so good it made me want to take a Gamecube and hook it up to my car, so I can hear it even when Im not playing it.
Controls 9/10
The controls are near-flawless. The button layout works well. Samus controls like Samus should. Its often easier to jump to lock on to a higher enemy than to look up, but thats understandable and adds atmosphere. I mean, I know my neck would be stiff as you know what being in that clunky helmet. One other problem with the controls is the scanning. I often find my left index finger hurting due to all the scanning I'm doing. This problem could have been easily avoided by allowing quicker scanning on certain things and by allowing you to read after scanning without continually holding the L-Trigger. Just as easily as it could have been fixed, it is just as easily forgivable.
Gameplay 10/10
This is where it really matters. Gameplay, for centuries games have tried to be fun, many suceeded while more failed. Sorry, Im got stuck in prophecy mode again. Anyways, Metroid Prime is one of those games that passes the gameplay test. Its story is very involving, mainly because its up to you to find out the little tidbits of the story. It draws you in, as I said before, it makes you feel like you are actually Samus. At one point, my girlfriend came over and surprised me. I held my right hand up to shoot, but then realized, its just a game.
This game is the game of the new millenium. The standard of all games to come, whether they are FPS, FPA, RPG, Platform, Adventure, or Action. The only thing this game lacks is multiplayer. But who needs it, your friends can come over and watch. Trust me, thats just as fun. With that said Halo has multiplayer, Metroid Prime has all the rest. The verdict, Halo has fallen, Metroid Prime is the new king.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/25/02, Updated 11/25/02

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