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Reviewed: 12/01/02 | Updated: 12/01/02

This game was worth the wait!


After eight years of waiting for a sequel to Super Metroid for the NES, this game finally arrived for the GCN. The Metroid franchise has always been one of my favorites, and this game is definitely not an exception! This series is great simply because of the ingenious ideas and gameplay. Not only do you get sucked into the Metroid Universe, but you have fun while doing it. In this game, you actually get to see the vast world of Tallon IV from Samus`s point of view, which would be the ending of some classic series`, but it`s actually a very nice addition to the game. Anyway, more of that in the Gameplay section. This game was simply amazing, and it definitely lived up to the hype, and surpassed it. Well, you ask why, take a look.


I`ve actually never thought a game had to have good graphics to be a good game, but this game certainly has good ones anyway! First of all, this game looks extremely realistic(Which adds to the First-Person view). Samus`s suit is done extremely well with great detail. The Morph Ball looks excellent, a perfect
3-D transition of the old one. The environments are huge and beautiful, with perfect colors to fit the Metroid series. The special effects are just amazing, and I`ll list a couple of them. For one, when you go near a waterfall or step in water and come out, you can actually see the water slide off of the visor. Another one, when you rapidly fire the Power Beam, you can actually see the heat rise from the end of it! The enemies are done wonderfully, and when you defeat some of them, you`ll actually see them fall of of whatever they`re on(If it`s narrow enough). Some enemies spit poison onto your visor, and sometimes it stays there for a little while, and then slides off. The bosses are done simply amazingly, with the appropriate colors, shape, and everything. The visor is simply amazing, switching between different modes, displaying your status, telling you when you`re being damaged, and warning you beforehand. The Arm Cannon is awesome, and adjusts every time you switch beams. The beams are done amazingly, and some of them have different effects on how the enemies die. I just have to say, I can`t find a single flaw in the Graphics of this game. Even though the Graphics don`t matter to me, I give them:

Graphics: 10/10


Well, no disappointment here either. The background tunes are simply pure Metroid goodness. There are a couple of classics that are a little different, but you should be able to recognize them nevertheless. There are some catchy new ones that caught my eye(Or my ear, whatever), also. You won`t be disappointed by the sound effects, either. The Arm Cannon sounds exactly as it should. You`ll sometimes even be able to tell what the enemy is doing, even though you`re not looking at them. Explosions sound like explosions, which is a good thing. The enemies each have unique noises. Some scream, some don`t. Some make odd noises when you kill them. Some make noises when they flap their wings. Some roll after you. The boss effects are good. Everything here is as it should be. For sound(Again, this isn`t really important to me) Metroid Prime receives:

Sound: 9/10


Ah, now here`s what makes this game fun! Gameplay is awesome, as is any other Metroid game`s. Some people may say the backtracking get`s tedious, but in my opinion, it`s one of the things that makes this game so good. Anyway, I`ll start with controls. The buttons are placed perfectly, and you`ll use each and every one of them. You can jump, shoot your beam, shoot a missile, turn into a Morph Ball, switch visors, switch weapons, lock on, aim, use your map. It`s all mapped out perfectly, and each button has a unique purpose. It`s easy to get used to, and easy to remember. One of the best control sets ever! On to the actual game, battling is extremely fun, although enemies may seem easy at first, they get harder as you go along. But to counter harder enemies, Samus get`s more powerful along the way, collecting Beam Upgrades, Secondary Items, Morph Ball Upgrades, New Suits, Beam Combos, Visors, all sorts of stuff. You can increase your Energy and Maximum amount of Missiles by collecting Energy Tanks and Missile Expansions. Anyway, as your abilities increase, you`ll be able to access more areas on the vast Tallon IV. As you access more areas, you`ll find more upgrades, fight more bosses, and of course, get stronger. Sometimes you`ll have to scan things with your Scan Visor to receive access to certain areas, or find bosses weaknesses, and figure out the StoryLine, but more about that in the Story Section. Anyway, back to battling. The normal enemies you`ll meet along the way are usually quite simple, but believe me, some like to gang up on you, and will usually leave you crippled and looking for a Save Room. You must use different tactics to defeat different enemies. Some of the early ones can be easily defeated by rapidly shooting them, but as you progress, you must use certain weapons for certain enemies, leaving you looking for you C-Stick finger. Some enemies must be shot at a certain place, like their backside. But nevertheless, the possibilities are endless in battle. The AI is simply amazing, and I was surprised to see some very challenging bosses in this game, not a common find in modern video games. All the bosses were original, and most required a quick head and thumb to defeat. Anyway, this game just has some of the best gameplay in years and would be good even if the game was a bunch of jumbled polygons. So that`s why MP deserves:

Gameplay: 10/10

Well, if you`re not to lazy to scan all of the Chozo Lores and Pirate Data, this game has quite a story going for it. I won`t spoil it here, but you can actually find out a good deal about the Chozo, and what they were like, and what they did. Same thing is clear for the Pirates, you`ll find a good deal about them that will change your views on them forever. Since I can`t reveal any of the juicy story details here(I wouldn`t want to anyway) this section can`t be too big. So I guess on story, it`s great, but Time-consuming(though I find it quite fun) if you really want to know it all, so the story get`s:

Story: 9/10

Replay Value
This game is quite excellent, and will leave you a craving to play it over and over again. You can work your way to 100% by collecting all the items and upgrades, or you can scan everything to fully complete your logbook. You can play on Hard Mode, if it`s a greater challenge you crave. If you have a copy of Metroid Fusion for the GBA and a GC-GBA Link Cable you can unlock a few things. Basically, if you enjoyed this game, you can play it over and over again until your hands go numb. It`s got a lasting affect that`ll make you wanna unlock everything, and even after that, replay the game over and over again. Which is why it get`s a:

Replay Value: 10/10

This is one of the best games I`ve ever played, and I`m sure others will agree with me. The Gameplay simply amazed me, with that classic Metroid feel, only in 3-D. And to add to that, it had great Graphics and Sound. It gave a sense you were really on Tallon IV, and in the Power Suit. The game is simply breathtaking. Based on all that you see above you, I give Metroid Prime for the Nintendo Gamecube:

Overall: 10/10

Buy or Rent?
I strongly suggest that you buy this game, but if it doesn`t sound like it`s for you based on this review or any other, rent it first. But I`ll tell you this, this game is simply amazing!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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