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"Returning to Perfection"

Looking back on Nintendo's older systems many of the games became ''Legendary'' that featured engaging storylines, gameplay,excitement and overall fun. Years have went by since then and new systems have came along extending the meaning of games by basing them on the terms of graphics and not gameplay. Although thier has been a good amount of great ones none have came down to being determined as a game good enouf to be called ''Legendary.''.

The Metroid franchise was one of the many great series of games that became as much of as a fan favorite as the Final Fantasy series today. Metroid featured a 2d sidescrolling sci-fi action/adventure game which featured big worlds containing detailed levels and power beam blasting fun. Eight years have passed since the last game was released and now the franchise has returned to the Gamecube with an entire new first person perspective that enhances gameplay that makes this game more than average first person based games.


Metroid Prime picks up off of where other games in this franchise have left to do which is to feature a more in depth storyline. Taking place after the first game and before the second. The games story extends throughout the game as you scan the differnt ruins and places you come across which tell the history of the Chozo and what transpired over time. This is one of the few games that features a storyline that will keep players wanting to discover and play the game over and over again to get the full story in detail.


The graphics in this game are simply nice and beautiful and will keep you hooked on the areahs you come across. Retro took it into everything to add detail everywhere possible in this game while things might not look as detailed from a distance the level of detail will greatly increase when you get closer to it and show the lovelyness and amount of detail put into this game. One of the most amazing things is watching raindrops hit Samus's visor and show some of the best graphics using water to hit a game yet and thats not all. Steam from pipes will fog up the visor and splashes of water from jumping into it will have the same effect while emerging from underwater the water will fall off thier simply flawless and great.

From the large Chozo ruins to the snowing Phendrana Drifts the game is loaded with detail. Don't be surprised if you find yourself just staying in one areah for a great amount of time just looking at the detail around you especially in the Phendrana Drifts the level is simply flawless when it comes to graphics and the snow falls beautifully to the ground. The various monsters you come across are nicely detailed from head to toe and each one has it's own looks with great deatail put into them. The CG scenes in this game and cut-scenes are just as nice of those of others and are tottaly flawless without a bit of slowing down to them at all. The differnt weapons such as the PowerBeam and the WaveBeam. The game shows the intense amount of heat at the end of the weapon after charging the PowerBeam while small amounts of eletric will run through the Wavebeam after use.

This game has came a long way in the term of graphics and in no way does not rush them or make the game look blend.


Simply to say this game is fun and it only gets better as you get farther through it. This gameplay in this game is what sets it apart from a normal first person shooter. It sets the mood to keep playing through the game and to explore everything and scan everything you come across. The game causes you to return to areahs back and fourth to discover new things and use new items you have found yet it doesn't feel as if it's making you backtrack to the same thing over and over again.

The world in Metroid Prime is large and fun to explore and, thiers always something new waiting for you to come across. The 3D engine put into this game keeps the feel of Metroid at it's best while in first person view. It feels much like the previous games did if not better and sets it aside from a first person game. The gameplay will keep you playing this over and over again without a dull moment in the game and is one of the many reasons that makes this a truly remarkable game.


The controls of this game are extremely nice and quite easy to get use to about 30 minutes or so into the game. The controls are another thing that makes this game truly fun and nice. The L button allows you to lock onto your enemy then using the control stick and B you can move around it while attacking much like Zelda's controls and the camera is flawless. It allows for quite easy combat and movement when surround by enemy however, this is where the only flaw I have seen lies in the game. During battles your surrounded by multiple enemys it can get touf get around to one behind you a full 180% turn would of been a nice addition and would of made things less complicating and another one other thing that might become a problem is hitting the correct button between the Y button and X button but it should not amount to much of a problem.

Overall the controls in this game are as close as to perfect as most can get a game mainly first person games. The controls make this far for than just a first person shooter and will keep you wanting to battle over and over and still come back for more.


One of the most noticeable things in this game and something that Nintendo is noted for is the sound. The sounds of this game are simply nice and fit it perfectly for each part of the world the music changes from small techno like beats to nice mixed music that gives it a great overall sound and even a few sound like some of the music in Zelda which is good. From the sounds of you charging your weapon to the sound lighting it remains flawless. The sounds of monsters roaring and dying are very nice.

Overall the music is great and sets the mood for the location you are in and helps present the areah to you and is nicely used including the sounds of Samus's visor and the computers that sound very nice and make the game even better.


Another great thing about the game is the replaybility it features. The game is never 100% complete until you obtain everything and it will keep you coming back to try to obtain it which features a differnt ending. Many people play through games over and over just for the amount of fun and excitement they obtain and this is one of them that goes beyond the meaning of fun and will keep gamers playing through the adventure over and over again. It also features the hook up feature with the Metroid Fussion on the GameBoy Advance which will add to the fun.


Metroid Prime is a game that sets the standards for what first person games could be based off of. It feels far more like an first person adventure than others do. Thier is a lot to do in the game including new weapons and suits to try out with many advancements to obtain throughout the game including the GameBoy Advance hook up. This game is as close as to perfect as they come. If you have never played Metroid before this is a good game to start out if you have your doubts rent it but, I promise you that you will get nothing out of that. It is by far best to buy this game because you will be wanting to go through it over and over again.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/02, Updated 12/30/02

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