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"One Of The Best Games Of All Time"

The Metroid series has always been one of the most loved Nintendo franchises. After Super Metroid, a new Metroid game didn't come out for years. Eight years after Super Metroid, 2 new Metroid games were finally released. Metroid Prime for GameCube and Metroid Fusion for Game Boy Advance were these two games. Everyone went crazy and there was a tremendous amount of hype. Did Metroid Prime live up to the hype, you ask? It sure as hell did and in my opinion, it surpassed the hype.

The controls are fairly awkward at first. You have a button for lock-on, a button to move, a button to manually aim, a button to shoot, a button to shoot missiles, a button to morph into a ball, button to bring up a map, a button to pick which visor you want, a button to scan things, a button to pick which beam you want, and a button to bring up your inventory. Yeah I think I covered that pretty well. Anyways, the controls seem awkward for around the first few hours of the game for me. They took a while to get used to. Overall, I would say the controls aren't that good in the beginning, but once you get a few hours into the game, you will find that the controls are actually really good.

The game is really a genre-bender. It is a First Person Adventure (FPA). Most thought it was a FPS, but there are almost no characteristics in the game that resembled a First Person Shooter besides the fact that you have guns and it is in the first person view. The Metroid games are platformers in a way and Prime isn't too different. For example, you have to jump a lot in the game and you solve a new puzzle every five minutes it seems. One of the things that I love most about the game is the fact that you can do things in just about any order that you would like. There is always a different way to go and a different thing to see. Really cool.

This game is all about adventuring and exploring the vast world of Tallon IV. The place is huge. It is divided up into the Magmar Caverns, Phenandra Drifts, Tallon Overworld, Chozo Ruins, Phazon Mines, and Spacecraft Landing Site. You start the game on a spacecraft thing. The game starts off pretty easy and you get the basics down pretty fast.

There are lots of upgrades to be obtained in the game. You can upgrade your suit, amount of missiles, type of beam, type of visor, and amount of energy tanks. Energy tanks are used to show how much life you have in case you didn't know. All of the energy tanks and missile expansions are obtained by solving puzzles around the game but are not really necessary. However, they are needed in some places because you might get your ass kicked by some big monsters if you do not have them.

The levels, or should I say worlds, are huge and absolutely beautiful. Everything is so detailed that it is unbelievable. You feel like you are actually experiencing the game in a way. Anyways, all of the worlds are very different. For example, the Phenandra Drifts is a huge, icy world while the Tallon Overworld is full of vegetation and looks as if you are in a jungle. Most of the worlds have a few creatures that are ''exclusive'' to it. Throughout the game, you will be going through the same rooms a lot for once you gain new abilities, you can access new things. Overall, the worlds are awesome looking and really cool.

For your weapon, Samus has a arm cannon where her right hand should be on her suit. She can shoot beams with it and charge the beams for a more powerful shot. The beam can also be upgraded to carry missiles and have different beams. You can also get special missile things for each beam. The weapons are overall sweet.

The puzzles in the game are generally pretty hard. For example, to get to your desired destination, you might have to shoot a missile into a hallow point of a wall or you might have to scan something to open a door. Keep in mind that these are not the only ways to solve puzzles too. Overall, the puzzles are great and some real thinking is actually involved in them.

Rolling into a ball is pretty sweet. When you do, Samus rolls into the morph ball that looks like a yo-yo in a way. This can also be upgraded to have bombs, power bombs, be a speed ball, and be able to go on rail things. The morph ball is one of my favorite things in the game. It just looks cool. Also, this is like the only time you will ever play the game in third person.

Your visor is the thing that you are looking out of. You have your Combat Visor, Scan Visor, X-Ray Visor, and Thermal Visor. The only ones you start out with are the Scan and Combat visors. The Combat Visor is the visor you would want to use when you are going to shoot something. The X-Ray and Thermal visors can also be used to shoot stuff except they are either show heat in the enemy (Thermal) or show the bones in the enemy (X-Ray). Each visor has a purpose and you need each one.

Throughout the game, you will have to scan things to get entries in your data log book. Some of the things that can be scanned are Chozo Lores, creatures, new equipment, and any other crap you see. If you scan enough things, you can get art galleries from the game. Throughout the game, you will also have to get Chozo Artifacts. These artifacts lets you enter the last parts of the game so they are necessary. There are 12 in all.

The creatures in the game are designed very well. There are around 100 or so different ones throughout the game. They are all pretty deadly no matter how big or small. They are all designed well. There aren't that many similarities between them really. They are all of like, alien life forms or something. One thing I don't like about the creatures is this. Say you kill all of the creatures in a level. Now, you go into the room right next to it for five seconds. Now, you go into that room again. Guess what?! All of those creatures you killed have now regenerated. This can get aggravating and make you want to just run past them at times. Oh well. Maybe this can be fixed in the next Metroid. Overall, I would say that the creature designs are fantastic.

While we are on the subject of creatures, I will now talk a little about the bosses. The bosses are generally pretty hard and very fun to battle even though they can get aggravating at times. The bosses are designed a lot better than the regular enemies in my opinion. On a whole, it seems as if they are all pretty huge in size. The thing I like most about the Metroid games is the fact that not all of the enemies have the same weakness. For example, maybe one boss has to be shot in the mouth while one needs to be shot in the stomach when it is opened or something. This is a really great aspect of the game. Everything needs strategy which is cool in my opinion. The only thing I wish that was in the game was a mode where you could go back and fight any bosses that you had already defeated. Oh well. Overall, I would say the boss fights are wonderful.

The replayability in the game isn't going to be that great for some. If you have the Game Boy Advance version of Metroid Fusion, you can link your GameCube to it and get some bonuses like the NES version of Metroid on your GameCube and you can play the full game or you could get the Fusion suit in Metroid Prime. This is pretty awesome. To add some replayability without Metroid Fusion, there are art galleries that can be obtained by doing certain objectives like getting so many logs in your log book or getting so much of the upgrades. There is also a Hard mode where you can have the harder version of this very hard game. Besides that, all you can do is play the game over from the start. Overall, the replayability is average but things could be added to improve it like the thing I mentioned where I talked about the bosses. Overall, the gameplay is top notch.

The graphics are the best graphics I have ever seen. Period. Everything looks so beautiful and alive. The lighting effects are done wonderfully. One of the things that shows the beauty of the game is that when you go under a waterfall in the Tallon Overworld, some water will get on the screen and it looks so beautiful. The graphics are truly stunning. Overall, the graphics are the awesome.

The sound is great. I like the music in the game. It really gives it a dramatic feel. For example, when the beat starts getting a little faster in the music, it gets you kind of nervous and asking yourself which bad ass thing is going to kill you. The arm cannon sounds pretty cool I guess. Overall, great sound.

To buy or to rent you ask? Well, I would say this is a definite buy for any and all GameCube owners. This is one of the best games ever made and should be experienced by all gamers alike. Actually, this is one of the few games that you should buy a console for. Overall, the game is one of the best ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/14/03, Updated 02/14/03

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