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"A very good game, not perfect but good"


First off Id like to state that 10 does not mean perfect to me because there has never been a perfect game will never be. So because of this I decided to not include perfection in my ratings, 10 just means really good, and thats what Metroid Prime is.
Metroid Prime is the first 3d game in the Metroid series. This next part just explains that this game is an FPA, if you dont feel like reading it skip to the next section. It is an adventure game which is in the first person so it was dubbed a First Person Adventure (FPA).People argue that its a first person shooter, in fact you yourself might be thinking “This is an FPS only Nintendo fan boys would call it an FPA, I mean you are in the first person mode and you shoot things, Nintendo cant make its own genres the people just lied to get the stupid fans who dislike FPS to buy this game” this of course is very flawed logic. By this thought this game and every other First Person game are RPGs I mean you play the role of a character, in fact you are literally inside of the characters head. Another reason why this is an FPA is because if it was in the third person, people would not be calling this a third person shooter they would call it an adventure game.

Story 9/10
The game starts off with Samus answering a distress call from a space station, she enters to find out that it is run by the space pirates whom she fought on planet Zebes not too long ago (this game takes place in between Metroid 1 and Metroid 2). The space station has been damaged and is about to explode, while she is escaping she is caught up in an smaller explosion and her suite is damaged and she looses a lot of power, all she can do now is use her plain old power beam and do a regular jump. She makes it to her ship in time but while escaping in her ship she sees a familiar enemy who she thought she had killed, Ridley, it seems he was revived by the space pirates, and even has so upgrades. He doesnt stay to fight though, instead he leaves to the planet the station was orbiting. Knowing that Ridley is trouble Samus follows him to the planets surface, but she looses him. The quest starts out as a search for this enemy but as she keeps going it becomes more than that. This game has one of the best stories in all of the Metroid series, but it is attained by scanning (more on this latter) a method which makes it optional, so if you read a review that said there was no story, they were very wrong. It isnt the most deep story but it really lets you know about the Chozo (a race of aliens in the game) who lived on that planet as well as a lot on space pirates. Samus doesnt speak and she is not really the focus of the story (if you want that get Metroid fusion, I think they made this game to tell the story of the space pirates and Metroid Fusion to tell Samus story) but its not bad.

Game play 9.9/10
This is what makes this game so great, and when you get down to it this is all that matters, a game can have bad sound, be but ugly have a bad story and yet if the game play is good enough it will be good (unless the sound is so bad that you cant take it, or if the graphics hurt your eyes). This game I can say is good in every one of those categories but Ill get to the others latter right now Im going to talk about the game play. The controls are good, it can be awkward at first but then once you get used to it seems right, A to shoot your beam weapons, B to jump, Y button to fire missiles, X button switch into morph ball (and while in morph ball A button to use morph ball bombs), C stick to switch Beams, d pad to switch visors, analogue stick to move, L trigger to lock on to enemies, R to freely more your gun (while not moving), and Z button to switch to the map.
Fighting is simple you uses a few weapons which is what Ill be discussing now.
First are the missiles they are more powerful than the power beam and use ammo, over all the beams will be used more, I know I used it more to break obstacles and solve puzzles rather than for fighting, now super missiles I used almost only for fighting (though do to ammo, only when it was needed) but they are tied to beams in this game so Ill talk about it in that section.
Next are the beams there are four in all and they are used differently than in the 2d Metroids. For one you are able to switch between them, next you use them for different reasons, while in the 2d Metroid games the new beams are a lot better than the one before, in this game while the newer beam is use usually stronger than the other there are times when the different beams will be needed (even the weakest, beam which you most likely like I did stop using will be needed later on in the game). You will eventually get an upgrade called the charge beam which (as its name states) charges the beams and makes them shoot out one powerful blast. It works on every beam you get, and you usually get it before you get the other beams. When you get the super missile (or any of the other add-ons to the other beams) you charge up your weapon and then press the missile button to use it.
The power beam is the beam you start out with, I believe it is the weakest of all the other beams, but it makes up for this fact by being able to fire at the fastest rate, still, you will most likely stop using it for most battles once you get another beam. The wave beam fires three waves of energy (Im pretty sure its electrical) which also home on to targets, it is powerful and has a decent fire rate, it can be useful for its electrical properties and homing ability. The ice beam is a beam which fires a cold beam which can freeze enemies and kill weaker enemies. It can be real affective against some, and once you freeze your enemy all it takes is a missile to blow them to pieces literally. A big problem with this beam is that it has a slow rate of fire. The plasma beam is my favorite one, it is a beam of extremely hot energy which can burn some enemies and even melt ice. It is the most powerful beam and it has a decent firing rate.
Now onto the basics of the game, moving around is simple but plat forming can be difficult, but once you figure out how to jump platform to platform in an area you never forget its like riding a bike but it can be frustrating to learn how to platform jump because of this I lowered the score a bit. Next is the morph ball, basically Samus rolls into a ball, this can be used to dodge, fit into tight spaces or solve puzzles, in my opinion very well used, much better than in the 2d games.
Next we have the visors, with them you can see different things and different ways.
First the regular visor, basically you see things as you would if you normally would you can do everything but scan in this mode.
Now for the scan visor, scanning is how you learn the story, its an action button, and even gives you hints and info on enemies. I like scanning a lot but some hate it, why? Because it takes a few seconds of time.
Now for the thermal visor, this makes you see heat signatures only (and the ground) this is great for night vision and dark places as well as fighting some invisible foes.
The x ray visor allows you to see x rays which allows you to see some invisible objects that dont give off heat. Its not as used as much as the other visors. Over all the visors are well implemented, sometimes, you see a lot of times there will be just one area were its truly needed and after that (other than bosses) for just one enemy.The thermal visor was better used as it was used to find areas which must be shot with the wave beam to recharge the door, but other than that and bosses, it wasnt really used.
My only real problems with this game is I would sometimes corner myself in because I can only see in front of me, but this can be a problem for all first person games and you can learn not to do it. Another problem is that in order to get 100% ending you have to scan everything, now I dont mind scanning, in fact its I actually enjoy it, but in areas like the action packed phason mines were the save stations are far and few and the enemies are many and difficult scanning things over and over again becomes a chore, while it does only take a few seconds, it gets annoying when you miss 1 thing and cant get 100% its annoying when you are frustrated because of dieing and then you have to scan the same thing youve scanned many times. Next os
Graphics/ Sounds 8
The graphics are beautiful and very detailed. There is a lot of detail, when you shoot the power beam a lot, heat comes out of the front and it gives off an illusion effect (like on a road on a hot day) when you shoot shallow snow with the plasma beam it melts, if a flash hits you, you can see Samuses reflection in the visor, and there are a lot more that I cant remember right now. The worlds are beautiful and the atmosphere is very well done. The only problem are the textures, when you get close up they dont look so good. In fact they look plain bad they look really zoomed up close. As for sound the music is good, it has some remade versions of songs from Super Metroid so its good. The special effect are also pretty good they help give the feeling of being in the game . This is one of the best looking games ever made (not the best but its up there) it is June of 2004 btw incase you are reading this in the future when graphics are better (hey Ive read some n64 reviews which say “this game is the best looking games ever“ so a date will). It gives off a good environment, everything looks the way it should the ruins look old, magmor cavern looks like its deep in the planet, very well done .

Replay ability
With the ability to find all sorts of upgrades you missed as well as et the 100% ending there is a lot of replay ability.

Rent or buy?
Definitely buy this game, it is really good and takes a lot of time I mean you can rent it but unless you play this a lot of hours a day then chances are you wont beat it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/24/04

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