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Reviewed: 08/15/04

I hated it I hated it I hated it!!!!!!!

I received this game the Christmas of the year it came out. I had heard a lot of this game and saw that it received countless Game of the Year awards from some of my favorite magazines and websites, everyone was praising it so I of course wanted to get it, and therefore Metroid Prime was my first introduction to the Metroid Series. The first day I played it I made it through the first section, I thought it was pretty cool and was hoping that this game would be this action packed, I continued to play when I reached Tallon IV and from the getgo I had no Idea what to do. I continued playing, but was just perplexed with what to do. I put the game down, I game back to it a few days later I went exploring found a few things, put the game down came back a week or two later and found more things, mostly by just exploring. I thought this game was boring and left it collecting dust only picking it up once in a while just to try and figure out the big deal over this game was. I eventually left my copy of Metroid prime sitting untouched for months and months considering it a complete waste of money. Then one day I just looked at the case and decided to pick up and start playing it again to give it another try. I got to chozo ruins much quicker than I did the first time because I decided to actually listen to the hints, and then I stopped playing after a while and I found out that my uncle also found his old copy and started playing it too, we were relatively in the same place, soon I just kept playing and playing the game and neither of us could stop, and I just loved the entire experience it provided, yesterday I finished this game after having it in my possesion for nearly two years, and I have to say that I had a great time playing this awesome game, and to think that the only thing I had to do was sit down and give it a chance.

Gameplay 9.75/10

The controls are perfect the button placement is great and everything work really well, but really people have to come in this realizing that it is not a First Person Shooter entirely, yes it does share the elements of having a weapon that shoots to kill enemies and it is in the first person perspective, it doesn't control like a first person shooter normally does, this is because of the lock on button. you press the left shoulder button to lock onto to your enemy and you can shoot them and guarantee they will be hit. Normally in a First Person Shooter you'd have to aim, but since Metroid Prime focuses more on exploration it eliminates this method of combat. Therefore Metroid Prime focuses more on puzzle solving and exploration, while traditional First Person Shooters focus more on combat, reflexes and aiming skills, the only reason the game is in First Person Perspective it seems to me is just because of the scanning ability which I think is great. Many people hate the scanning but I think its great to uncover the story through the readings, it gives a real sense that Samus is discovering the mysteries instead of the story being told to her, and being able to scan the enemies also allowed the developers to create different ways to kill the creatures, normally in an FPS or action game defeating an enemy would be the same as the other enemies, but in metroid prime some enemies are only able to be defeated by certain weapons or they are invulnerable to other weapons, and this addition is great. My only peeves about the gameplay were the grapple hook. The grapple hook controlled well for the most part but sometimes it was difficult to use and to jump from grapple to grapple was at times difficult, and also I felt that some of the mechanics in the game should have been used more often like the grapple hook or maybe or the power bombs, they could have been used more often to solve some puzzles instead of just being used to open up a way to a missile expansion.The other minor annoyance I had with the game was that I don't think I would have completed the game without the hints, I know Metroid games are all about exploring, but Tallon IV is a huge world, and figuring out what to do next would be complete guess work without the hints, and there is too much distance between areas for any guesswork on my part, I think that for the next installment that the hints should be included but maybe in riddles like the did for the Chozo artifacts so there would still be a sense of exploration, but mind you there is still tons of exploring in Metroid Prime with or without the hints searching for different power ups and going back to different rooms to get power ups you couldn't get before, yes exploration is integral.

Graphics 10/10

Beautiful period end of sentence. This is one gorgeous game everything is so beautifully detailed and the environments are so diverse that they kind of make you want to explore more in order to see every marvelous piece of visual splendor, there is so much detail to everything in this game from the beam weapons effects to the water splashing on Samus's visor its all gorgeous, and props to the thermal visor which is an awesome effect. My only dissapointments visually were that they made the water effect on the visor extremely realistic, but the pools of water seem very bland and undetailed, and same goes with the lava in Magmoor Caverns, but these are minor flaws in a visually outstanding game.

Fun Factor 10/10

With the exploring and puzzle solving, and enemy fighting you will surely always find something to do in this game, but the highlights for me were the bossfights, while none of them ever do get insanely difficult they were all fun bosses, and required different techniques to kill them they were all cleverly done, I do wish that they had included another boss in Magmoor Caverns instead of leaving that area boss free. Though while the bosses are fun so are the enemies, especially the space pirates, but for the next game I would suggest that there would be more enemies at the same league of the space pirates in difficulty, and also up the AI in the enemies a bit more, because while they did provide some difficulty they were mostly fairly easy, but I do have to say that the variety in the enemies is fantastic and that being able or having to utilize all your different beam weapons for the enemies was also a great idea.

Sound 10/10

The sound effects in this game were all great from the screeching of the monsters to the sound of your beam cannons these all provided to the atmosphere, but what really blew me away was the phenomenal music. The music is just fantastic. It is all beautifully composed and it really adds mystery to the game and really makes the game that more realistic and engrossing. The music is a highlight of this game and I loved every bit of it, but I have to say that I was partial to the music in Phendrana drift, what a phenomenal composition.

Replay Value 8.75/10

This game was so much fun I could see myself playing it again 2 or 3 times more, just because it was that much fun. Also not everyone will find everything in the game the first time through, so I would definitely go back to be able to pick up all the missile expansions and all the energy tanks, and all the powerbomb expansions, also after finishing the game the first time through you receive a hard mode which should be a nice challenge and provide for more replay value. There is also an inclusion of the original Metroid game in the disk, but a GBA a GBA link and a copy of Metroid Fusion is necessary to unlock it, while I myself don not possess any of these things necessary, those who do would find more value in this game, I would also like to try the original Metroid game seeing as Metroid Prime was my first introduction to the series, which is most likely why I didn't enjoy the game at first, but overall I'm sure that these additions to the game and the overall fantastic experience the first run through provided I'd see myself playing this game over and over.
Overall 10/10

I absolutely loved this game from beginning to end. There was the awesome music that provided memorable tunes and added alot to the atmosphere while still being some of the most beautifull composed video game music I've ever heard. To the beautiful environments that are rich with so much detail and just beg to be explored in order to open up bigger environments, everything in this game is visually outstanding. To the fantastic controls that might take some getting used to but soon become second nature and work so well, and to the wonderful exploration and puzzle solving that provided hours of fun. This game was just fantastic, I say that this does deserve all the praise its gotten, and to those who disagree don't come into this expecting it to be an FPS and you'll be fine. When I first got this game I was excited but soon I became disappointed and I actually hated the game , but I took this game up and gave it a chance , and I do not regret it at all, this might have been the best gaming experience I've ever had, and I must say that I am impressed with this relatively new studio Retro and their collaboration with Nintendo in creating this wonderful game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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